Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: Wedding Night

The media could not offend Hai Rui, although they did not know why Hai Rui would help Tang Ning.

Even Sister Long did not understand how their plan could be so smooth, she thought about it for many days, “Tang Ning, you tell me, is there any other company that scooped you?”1

“No,” said Tang Ning, glancing at Mo Ting’s side, “but, indeed, someone is secretly helping me, as to who, it is not convenient for me to say.”

“Ha ha ha… okay, tell me later, when I just think of Han Yu Fan’s fl.u.s.tered face, I feel that it is very much fun!” Sister Long thought, Tang Ning really knew how to exploit her powerful backer.

Simply could not think, that Tang Ning was the entertainment industry emperor Mo Ting’s flash marriage wife..

“Do you want to use this opportunity, and leave Day Arts?” Mo Ting, elegantly cutting the steak, asked Tang Ning.

“No…  leave it be, it’s too easy for those two people, I want them to fall from the highest place,” Tang Ning said calmly, “and, I have intended to return to the model circle, but my popularity is much worse than before, Day Arts Entertainment has some value.”

“You think that now because of anger, if someday, you no longer hate them…”

“Now that I’ve decided to settle this affair, I won’t regret it, it’s impossible to go back,”  Tang Ning firmly told Mo Ting, if she loved someone, she would do it wholeheartedly, if she hated someone, she would use her own hands to destroy them.

Now, with how the affair just now was exposed, Han Yu Fan did not get even one call expressing sympathy or a hint of goodwill. There was also her press release that made them lose their reputation, that made them fall from grace. She could not give him a chance to hurt her.

Mo Ting did not speak, however, he was really interested in Tang Ning.

Tang Ning was not too stupid, but in fact clever, knowing not to lie in front of him, whether the truth was something light or dark. It was also a show of trust on her part.2

“My a.s.sistant arranged for a suite in this hotel, tonight, we’ll stay here, returning home doesn’t appeal to me right now.”

Tang Ning’s face reddened, but she still nodded her head, “I will listen to you…”

Han Yu Fan was busy dealing with the media and the company’s partners, as well as knowing that Mo Yu Rou was pregnant, he simply could not remember to call Tang Ning’s number anymore, of course, now he didn’t know her whereabouts.

After a romantic dinner, Tang Ning followed behind Mo Ting, the two entering the presidential suite, which was also actually a wedding suite.

She was in such a rush to get married, and yet Mo Ting was already taking care of her for her, so her heart warmed up to Mo Ting’s actions.

Mo Ting, who sensed that Tang Ning was becoming more and more tense, took off his suit, and said to Tang Ning, “I am going to go take a bath to give you time to prepare, and if you still have any worries… then we can delay our wedding night indefinitely.”

Tang Ning was grateful for his thoughtfulness, watching him enter the bathroom, but… obviously, they had been married already, she shouldn’t be so capricious now!

With these thoughts, Tang Ning pushed open the bathroom door, and meeting Mo Ting’s surprised eyes, she reached out to hold him.

“I won’t regret it!”

“You should be sure, because once I start, I won’t give you a chance to struggle,” Mo Ting said, restraint evident in his low, bewitching voice, as if the sound of it could move people, making them extremely fascinated.

“I am certain.”

Her words fell, and Mo Ting let go of his restraint, and with one hand on Tang Ning’s waist he kissed her lips, his other hand lifting her wet skirt.

Tang Ning’s head blanked out in bliss, she never knew that there would be such a kiss with a magic so powerful she almost became irrational.

Under the shower, Tang Ning gave Mo Ting a bedazzled look. She looked into his eyes, full of pa.s.sion, and watched him slowly eat her up.

But even in the heat of the moment, Mo Ting did not rush taking her, but instead wrapped her in a white towel, and gently placed her on the bed covered with roses. Mo Ting then took contraceptive measures, but when he really entered her, he felt some sort of obstruction…

Tang Ning cried out in pain, and Mo Ting quickly held her hand. He thought that since Tang Ning was in the entertainment circle, and was in a relations.h.i.+p with Han Yu Fan, it would not be her first time, but… from what he felt just now, she was inexperienced in that area.

“What happened?” Tang Ning asked, feeling Mo Ting suddenly stop. She looked up, her cheeks crimson red, making her look quite attractive.

“Maybe next time,” Mo Ting said, feeling pleasantly surprised, but also bad for Tang Ning.

“Were you dissatisfied with me?”

“If I had just gone in… it would have been painful for you.”

Mo Ting put on his bathrobes, and then went back to the bed, trying to quell his desire, he did not want Tang Ning’s first experience to be unpleasant. “Why did you not tell me, you did not have any experience?”

“This kind of thing, how can I just say it?” Tang Ning replied, resting her head on Mo Ting’s shoulders, “anyway, eventually, you will know.”

“Moreover, what happened just now? Are we doing it in the end, or not?”

“No matter what you do, you are my wife, and cannot get away…” Mo Ting finished, getting up, he carried Tang Ning into the bathroom.

“Let me see if there is any injury.”

Tang Ning, noticing his nervous look, suddenly felt the urge to laugh. “You, you’re simply not like how you are outside.”

“What do you think am I like?” Mo Ting put her in the bathtub, and turned on the faucet. “To dictate an artist’s life or death like a monarch, attacking without any hesitation, or consideration of human nature, to others I am so!” Mo Ting said seriously. “But you… since you became my wife, and are willing to trust me, then… I will also show my real side to you.”

“But Tang Ning, I want to warn you. For me, with infidelity, over a hundred times, any deceit or betrayal, I never forgive it.”

Tang Ning was comfortably held up, her nose almost touching Mo Ting’s, “Really clever, I am the same.”

That night, the two’s physical relations.h.i.+p only progressed halfway, but their hearts were quickly joined together, the next morning, Tang Ning woke up, only to find the other position of the bed cold and empty.

Tang Ning thought that Mo Ting had left, but… he was in the living room elegantly looking at information, waiting for her.

“There are new clothes prepared for you in the bathroom, clean up, then we will leave.”


… is this late? Yes, yes it is… and I’m sort of sorry for that. Sort of, because I didn’t expect the story to have mentions of, well, that, so early on in the story, so i kept on getting fl.u.s.tered and hesitating to translate those parts, lol. Well, anyway in the end I decided to add those parts as well, seeing as if I’m translating the story, I might as well do the whole thing, I suppose.

Well I still hope you enjoy it. I’m not sure whether I’ll be able to get Chapter 6 tomorrow or what, since I updated this as soon as I was done.

She’s asking if another company gave her an opportunity to work of them, I think. ↩

Light, dark, whether they’re meaningless, or trivial, or something heavy and serious. ↩

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 5

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