Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 518: Taking Advantage Of His Drunken State To Act Recklessly?

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"You...don't come any closer..."

Tang Xuan took a couple of steps back as her lips began to tremble. For a second, she even thought that she was having hallucinations.

How was it possible that Xia Yuling was fine?

"Father... I'm home," Xia Yuling walked over to Elder Tang and stretched out her arms to hug Tangning along the way. "I did indeed get kidnapped in Switzerland. But, fortunately, I have an amazing son-in-law. He descended from the heavens and saved me. That's how I returned safely."

All those that were seated did not make a sound, they simply watched the show that was playing out.

After Xia Yuling released Tangning from her embrace, she walked over to Tang Xuan's side. Before she could respond, Xia Yuling threw a slap across Tang Xuan's face, "I've treated you well over the years, yet you were heartless and ungrateful! Tang Xuan, if not for the child in your stomach, I wouldn't simply end things with giving you a face slap."

Tang Xuan fell to her knees in disbelief. The focus in her eyes had disappeared.

She finally realized, from the moment that Xia Yuling left for Switzerland to her appearance today, they had all just been playing along with her act. The aim? To make her lose everything.

"You all lied to me?"

They had already reached this point where she had already signed the transfer certificate for her shares. It was already too late for her to do anything.

Elder Tang turned and said to the housekeeper, "Escort the Big Miss back to her room and make sure she doesn't do anything stupid."

"Grandfather, you knew all along too, didn't you?"

Tang Xuan stood up and glared at Elder Tang, "So you teamed up with them to trick me? You tricked your own granddaughter?"

"Yet, even to this point, you won't admit that you were wrong," Elder Tang said as he slammed his walking stick on the floor. "Housekeeper, take her away..."

"Grandfather, I never expected that even you would lie to me."

"Even you...would lie..."

This was the most surprising thing for Tang Xuan. Her pride and arrogance was all because she thought that Elder Tang doted on her. Yet, the only person she thought she could rely on, had never been reliable to begin with.

It didn't take long before Tang Xuan was escorted out of the dining room. But, surrounding the large feast, only Tangning dared to move her chopsticks.

Perhaps, these shareholders would forever remember everything that had happened at the Tang Household today...

Although they were used to seeing the highs and lows of life...they were still intimidated by Tangning's calculative response. Especially since she still had a man behind her, who remained unfazed from beginning to end.

So, it didn't take long before the shareholders claimed they weren't feeling well and excused themselves one at a time from the dinner.

Since Tangning had already achieved her motive, she did not hold them back as she waved them off casually. A moment later, only the Tang Family members remained in the dining room.

"Hmmph, what a bunch of rats," Elder Tang scoffed. After everything that happened today, he had a feeling Tang Corps was going to be peaceful for a good while.

"Luckily nothing bad happened," Xia Yuling sat down beside Elder Tang and pinched Tang Jingxuan's cheek.

"Yuling, you have suffered. The Tang Family owes you too much."

"Father, don't say that," Xia Yuling responded gently, "We are a family. You don't need to speak to me like an outsider. After all, everything that happened was a part of Xiao Ning and Mo Ting's plan. Now that Tang Corps is back on the right path, everything I went through was worth it."

"Tang Xuan no longer has any means of endangering Tang Corps."

"This point alone is enough for us to celebrate. Cheers to that..."

Unable to control their joy, Elder Tang and Tang Jingxuan ended up drinking a little too much. On the contrary, for the sake of Tangning, Mo Ting did not drink a drop of alcohol. However, if he wanted to take care of Tangning, it was impossible to take care of another Tang Jingxuan - who had an event the next day - so he instructed the housekeeper to give Song Yanshu a phone call.

Elder Tang caught onto Mo Ting's intention quickly, so he did not keep Tang Jingxuan at the Tang Household to sleep. As soon as Song Yanshu arrived, he quickly waved his hands, "Young people should have their own lives...You guys leave, I want some peace and quiet."

Song Yanshu looked at Tang Jingxuan awkwardly. But, because they had an event the next day, she had no choice but to take Tang Jingxuan back to his apartment. Otherwise, things would not be convenient the next day.

Tang Jingxuan leaned into Song Yanshu's shoulder. His every breath emanated the scent of trust. So, he gave a silly smile as he placed all his weight on her body.

"Luo Xing, will you be able to bathe yourself?"

"You help me!" Tang Jingxuan said as he fell onto his bed. "Yanshu, you help me!"

"Forget it, you can deal with it when you wake up. We need to leave for the event at 4am. You have 3 hours to rest." After speaking, Song Yanshu covered Tang Jingxuan with a blanket. But, Tang Jingxuan suddenly grabbed onto her wrist and pulled her into his embrace.

"Yanshu...don't go."

"Luo Xing!" Song Yanshu tried her best to push him away, but his grip got tighter and tighter. Did he perhaps want to take advantage of his drunken state to act recklessly?

Song Yanshu immediately sensed danger. the mellow fragrance of red wine entered her mouth...she felt her entire body and heart being carried away. She knew this wasn't something she should do; it was forbidden.

What did it mean for a manager to sleep with her own artist?

They weren't in the same situation as Tangning and Mo Ting. How was she to face Tang Jingxuan the next day?

With this thought, Song Yanshu eventually freed her naked body from Tang Jingxuan's embrace.

This was a common accident, she thought. It shouldn't be something she felt strange about. Tomorrow, all she had to do was pretend that nothing happened...

But, although Tang Jingxuan was drunk, he did not lose his memory. He was well aware of who he had embraced and who he had been intimate with.

The next morning at 3am, Song Yanshu woke Tang Jingxuan up like nothing had happened, "Hurry, wake up and have a shower. We need to leave at 4."


"Don't say anything. I just rushed over from home and I'm too tired to talk to you!"

Tang Jingxuan was a little surprised; he didn't understand what she meant by these words. She had obviously never left, how could she have rushed over from her home?

"Last night..."

"You drank too much last night so I brought you home. Don't worry, the media did not get any photos," Song Yanshu explained casually.

"What about afterwards..."

"I went home." After speaking, Song Yanshu handed the outfit that she had prepared to Tang Jingxuan, "Stop fiddling around, we are in a hurry!"

Tang Jingxuan did not look happy. He didn't understand why Song Yanshu was denying what had happened the night before. Did she perhaps think of it as an accident?

It was indeed an accident, but...

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 518: Taking Advantage Of His Drunken State To Act Recklessly?

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