Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 523: This Was All Because Of That One Night

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"To be honest sis, I've been thinking about something over the past few days." After a short pause, Tang Jingxuan continued, "Perhaps, I am better suited to doing something that makes more money. That's why I've decided, after your film is released and I hold my last fan concert on December the 8th, I will announce my retreat from the entertainment industry."

Tangning had actually known from the start that Tang Jingxuan was not suited for the entertainment industry. This was because he was unwilling to let go of his kind nature, even though he kept encountering darkness.

"Are you certain? I'm sure you know how badly Yanshu wants to see you become an evergreen of the music world."

"I'm 100% certain."

One Xia Jingyi and one Song Yanshu was enough for him. He didn't want his love life to be filled with lies and deceit within this materialistic industry.

"If you've chosen a path - whether it's right or wrong - you should continue it until the end."

This was Tangning's best advice. In this world, making a decision wasn't​ the difficult part, making a decision and accepting the consequences was where the true difficulty stood.

"I will arrive on time for the premiere of 'W.H.'. Let me wish you all the best in advance." After speaking, Tang Jingxuan hung up the phone. He felt a lot more relaxed now that he had made a decision. It was like he had been drowning under water for quite some time and could finally come to the surface to take a deep breath...

Song Yanshu was also expected to show her support at the premiere of 'W.H.' as well as the man from earlier.

That night, Tangning leaned into Mo Ting's embrace as they read through a book about parenting. At this time, Tangning suddenly said, "Jingxuan has decided to retreat from the entertainment industry."

"He's persisted for long enough," Mo Ting wasn't surprised at all. "He doesn't know how to socialize with others, nor can he let go of his kind nature. There's no suitable path for him in the industry."

"More importantly, if he returns to Tang Corps, he can help mom reduce her burden."

"It appears you're hoping for that last part the most so I don't have to work so hard..."

"You could say that," Mo Ting nodded straightforwardly. "He picked his own path, so let him walk it himself. Wait until he is covered in injuries and has worn himself out. He will know what to do to protect himself."

"OK," Tangning was convinced by Mo Ting because this had always been the path destined for Tang Jingxuan.

"So, when do you plan to announce that I am pregnant?"

Mo Ting put down the parenting book and hugged Tangning, "If I had a choice, I wouldn't want anyone to know. That way, neither you nor the baby would be hara.s.sed by others."

"That's not very realistic though..." Tangning couldn't help but laugh. "After all, there are so many eyes on my stomach since it's rumored that I can't fall pregnant."

"Don't talk nonsense. Get some sleep," Mo Ting hugged Tangning tightly. Although they had been married for quite some time, his hug was no different from when they first got married.

He would never change, nor did he dare to change.

Because in this lifetime, his life would only be complete if Tangning stayed by his side.

Meanwhile, after Tang Jingxuan decided he'd retreat from the industry, even his footsteps became a lot lighter. After all, the weight on his shoulders had now been removed.

He had once strived for the singing career that he dreamed of. But, from now on, he had to take on his true responsibilities and make sacrifices like a man.

Apart from Tangning, he hadn't told anyone about his decision to retreat. But, he was certain that Mo Ting would support his decision and not use his contract against him.

The entertainment industry had once been paradise to him, but it was now a place that he desperately wanted to free himself from.

A few days later, the premiere for 'W.H.' was to take place and plenty of friends within the industry were invited.

As a highly antic.i.p.ated film, plenty of theatres scheduled it for a midnight release. After all, a big film like this had the ability to perform well even at midnight.

The weird thing was, out of the entire cast and crew, only a few supporting actors appeared at the premiere. Neither the male lead nor the female lead had the intention to make an appearance.

"Entering now is our prince of popularity, Luo Xing. It seems he has come to show his support and is getting more handsome by the day..."

The host outside the venue was using all his enthusiasm to welcome the guests. However, Tang Jingxuan had arrived on his own and was rumored to have his job s.n.a.t.c.hed from him after his manager was replaced. On top of that, the car accident had greatly damaged his reputation. Luckily, he was Tangning's brother.

Even if the sky was falling, no one dared to be disrespectful towards Tang Jingxuan because of Tangning.

Tang Jingxuan entered the VIP theatre on his own and sat down on the seat labeled with his name. But, what made him uncomfortable was the fact that Song Yanshu was also seated on the same row and there were only two people seated between them.

Song Yanshu appeared to have been expecting him, so she wasn't surprised. But, there was a darkness in her gaze like she had a lot to say to Tang Jingxuan, yet it was too difficult for her to do so.

Tang Jingxuan acted like he hadn't seen Song Yanshu. Before the film started, he either played with his phone or chatted to other singers.

But, because of their awkward relations.h.i.+p, those sitting in the back row couldn't help but gossip, "Hey, do you guys know the man and woman seated over there? It seems the rumors are correct and they have gone their separate ways."

"Men can change at the blink of an eye. Look at everything that Song Yanshu had done for Luo Xing, yet what did she receive in the end?"

"Forget it. If I was Song Yanshu, I would be so frustrated right now. Why doesn't she take this opportunity to release her anger?"

"Regardless, for them to get to this point is such a joke..."

The observers seated in the back row began to point and whisper at them. As they weren't all from Hai Rui, there was no way that Tang Jingxuan could deal with all of them, so he had no choice but to sit still and listen to their gossip.

A moment later, Tang Jingxuan received a text message from Song Yanshu. It simply read: "Let's chat."

"What do you want to chat about? Your compensation or your contract cancellation?"

"Luo Xing, can you not give up on yourself? I don't like seeing you like this."

"How do you like seeing me then?" Tang Jingxuan asked shamelessly. But, before Song Yanshu gave a response, he answered his own question, "I think we already discussed things clearly before. I suppose your 11 years of persistence has nothing to do with me. So, it was just my own unrequited love."

Song Yanshu froze. All of a sudden, she didn't know how to respond.

This was all because of that one night...

If what had happened had not been exposed, her and Tang Jingxuan may have not had the same ending...

But, from now on, was this the only fate that she could share with Luo Xing?

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 523: This Was All Because Of That One Night

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