Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 58

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"She can't continue working in the US, so of course she will try to use you to make a comeback. Plus, her dream is to control you and make you surrender to her..." Mo Ting gazed at Tangning with a serious expression as he a.n.a.lyzed what Han Ruoxue was thinking. "Of course, it's not hard for you to shake her off."

Tangning smiled slightly, she already had everything thought out. Upon seeing her expression, Long Jie knew a small obstacle like this wouldn't be able to stand in Tangning's way; she felt a sense of relief.

Tangning's plan was to take place after The Top Ten Model Awards. So anything that was to happen between now and then, she already took into consideration. The only thing Long Jie could do for her now, was to comfort Lin Wei.

After Long Jie left, the couple entered the bedroom together and changed into home clothes. Mo Ting hugged Tangning in front of the wardrobe mirror as he asked in her ear, "You still don't plan on leaving Tianyi?"

"It's not time yet..." She only needed one final step to completely destroy Mo Yurou; there was no way she would let the two off so easily.

"But, you should decide on your next goal." Mo Ting knew Tangning didn't like to take shortcuts, so he didn't mention signing with Hai Rui. "Now that you have popularity and people are talking about you, your next goal should be..."

"I need a notable award," Tangning replied gently. She understood where she stood and she understood the entertainment industry was like a pool of deep water; today she could still keep people talking about her, but tomorrow, the attention could easily be s.n.a.t.c.hed away by some new entertainer. So, by obtaining a notable award, she would be able to establish a status in the industry, "However, Ting...I am already 26 years old. I can no longer act like I am 17 and compete in a modeling compet.i.tion. And the awards I received in the past have lost their value ever since Star King Entertainment blacklisted me...back then, I retreated too desperately and burnt my own bridges."

In the past, she really did everything she could for Han Yufan...

A model's best years, their most glorious years...she had selflessly given them all to Han Yufan. But in the end, what did she get in return?

However, Tangning did not regret. After all, it was the road that she chose. It's just, now she had to face the consequences of her silly mistakes.

After hearing her, Mo Ting's heart ached for her. If he had met her earlier, maybe she wouldn't have had to go through all this pain. He planted a kiss on Tangning's neck and comforted her with a gentle voice, "It doesn't matter...If you can't enter a compet.i.tion, it doesn't matter, just work hard as a model. If you need to attend shows or appear in magazines, I will accompany you...We can make use of good exposure. After all, the industry is where the true battle is. Honey, don't give yourself too much pressure..."

Tangning took a deep breath as she turned around and wrapped her arms around Mo Ting's waist. She buried her head in his chest and sighed, "Don't worry, with you as my goal, I won't be easily destroyed."

Mo Ting took a deep breath as he lifted Tangning in his arms. After returning to the bedroom, he placed her on the bed and gently pressed his body on top of her, "I think, the best way to make you forget about the past, is you deeply."

After hearing this, Tangning's ears flushed red. She could tell his words contained two meanings, "You haven't eaten yet. After working hard all day, do you still have the energy?"

"I guess the only way to find out, is if I prove it..." After speaking, Mo Ting's kiss lowered onto her lips...

Because of Tangning's popularity, Mo Yurou became the target of everyone's hatred. So, Tianyi's celebration dinner, Han Yufan was not going to allow her to attend. It was exactly at this time, that Mo Yurou a chance to meet with the judges for the awards. Research into the judges was done behind Tianyi's back by Mo Yurou's a.s.sistant. In total, there were 7 people: 3 females, 4 males. Mo Yurou quickly brushed the 3 females aside and placed her focus on a 40-something-year-old male judge. He had a dark history which always seemed to be covered up.

"Yurou..." Mo Yurou's a.s.sistant watched as she picked up the male's photo; his heart was racing, "You..."

"You Lin, help me find out when I can meet with this judge."


"I know what you are thinking. If I don't take this step, I will lose Han Yufan, and not only this, I will have nothing left," Mo Yurou spoke in a cruel manner. Right now, she had no way to survive in Beijing. If she didn't help herself find another way out, she didn't know how much lower Tangning would push her, "I definitely need to get the award, at all costs!"

Mo Yurou's a.s.sistant had no choice but to pull out his phone and stand to one side as he phoned the man with respect. At first, the man on the other side didn't plan on answering, but, after You Lin called three times in a row, he finally picked up.

Mo Yurou's a.s.sistant expressed his thoughts in a simple manner and the man understood their intention. In the end, he requested to speak to Mo Yurou personally.


Mo Yurou reached out her hand and grabbed the phone. With a smile she answered, "Mr. Li" As he was a high-profile artist, she lowered herself when talking to him.

"So, you are Mo Yurou? I've watched your shows. aren't that bad, but as I'm sure you are aware, your reputation hasn't been very good about tomorrow at 7pm, you come to Hong Fan Hotel, we can have a chat."

" this what you want? You are pregnant and that old man is despicable..."

"Do I have another choice?" Mo Yurou turned her head and questioned her a.s.sistant, "Tangning has pushed me into a corner, I can't let her succeed. If she wants me to surrender, she must be dreaming!"

The a.s.sistant was helpless. All he could do was grind his teeth, "Then tomorrow I will help you take some photos for evidence, in case that old man gets what he wants and leaves."

Han Yufan had no idea, Mo Yurou had already made such a filthy decision. While he was desperately trying to fix things on the outside, he lost Mo Yurou's vain heart. Of course, this was all karma; like the way he betrayed Tangning, Mo Yurou was now betraying him in the same way.

On the same day, early in the morning, Han Ruoxue had already dealt with her contract in America and had returned to Beijing. Han Yufan went to the airport on his own to pick her up. As soon as Han Ruoxue entered Han Yufan's apartment, she asked about where Tangning was living.

"Jie...Yurou hasn't been in a good mood the past few days. Don't provoke her...keep your voice down."

"She didn't live up to expectations, she can't blame others," Han Ruoxue responded coldly.

"Tangning lives in Hyatt Regency," Han Yufan replied impatiently.

"How does she live in such a good place? In that case, I will move to her place tomorrow. It will make work more convenient." Han Ruoxue had no intention of living in Han Yufan's apartments and didn't want to see Mo Yurou.

But, Hyatt Regency was not the type of place a person like her could live!

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 58

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