Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 66

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Chapter 66: Prevent Tangning

"What will Tangning be doing tomorrow night?" Mo Yurou asked her a.s.sistant after she tried on her dress.

"I heard she will be shooting Secret's October front cover," her a.s.sistant adjusted the sitting on his nose bridge; he was certain he knew Tangning's every move.

"I refuse to believe she won't react at all," Mo Yurou said suspiciously; just the thought of the humiliation Tangning had put her through, made her want to tear Tangning into a million pieces. "Find out the location of her shoot. As a safety net, organize someone to keep her busy; only then will I be rest a.s.sured."

"Don't worry, I know what to do," her a.s.sistant's words seemed to hide a deeper meaning; when it came to bullying Tangning, he was well experienced. After all, Tangning had previously been Mo Yurou's subst.i.tute and he had secretly caused a lot of trouble for her.

"While you're at it, help me contact the hospital in secret. After the awards ceremony is over, I am going to go get rid of this child..."

Even though he knew her dream in life was to chase fame, after hearing Mo Yurou's plan, her a.s.sistant still felt, giving up on her own child was taking things a step too far. At the same time, he was worried, if Han Yufan was to find out, what would be the consequences for Mo Yurou?

Look at Tangning and how much effort she put in to get to where she is today.

Even though her a.s.sistant didn't say it, inside he knew, if Mo Yurou was to go against Han Yufan, there was no way she would be able to follow in the footsteps of Tangning. No matter if it was professionalism or people skills - Tangning was well ahead of Mo Yurou.

Of course, Mo Yurou did not think this way...

The next morning. Tianyi Entertainment, CEO's office.

Han Ruoxue had always been a woman of action: only yesterday, they were discussing finding a newcomer and straight away she started considering suitable candidates. So, early in the morning, she sent someone to go pick them up - there were a total of three girls.

They were all roughly 16 years old, tall with long legs, young, beautiful and vibrant.

Han Ruoxue looked at the three girls as she sat on Han Yufan's table. She lifted her eyebrows and asked, "What do you think? I happened to come across a model search compet.i.tion; this here is Lan Yu, she is at least 70% similar to Tangning."

Han Yufan looked at the three girls and took particular notice of the tallest one in the middle. On the outside, she indeed looked similar to Tangning; especially her nose, that was tall and straight. However, her temperament was incomparable.

"I know, compared to Tangning she is still miles apart, but she is young, whereas Tangning is already 26 years old. How much success do you think Tangning can achieve at her age? Look at her right now; how much energy has she wasted just to get this far?"

"Have you already done a background check?" Han Yufan still had a lot of questions.

"Of course. Although Lan Yu's family isn't extremely rich, they are well educated; they aren't too bad." Han Ruoxue placed Lan Yu's information in front of Han Yufan.

"I am confident I can make Lan Yu appear on the biggest international runway."

The siblings continued their heated discussion in the office, while Tangning stood outside listening to the whole conversation. She had dropped by the building because she had been asked to come pick up some gifts left by her fans. However, never would she have expected to find, her gifts had been torn open and thrown everywhere by the staff.

A moment later, the office room opened; three beautiful young girls walked out. They all started sizing up Tangning with their eyes - especially the girl named Lan Yu.

Tangning sneered inside. There were times when she couldn't help but admit, there was no limit to how sinister these siblings could be.

"Oh, it's you!" Upon seeing Tangning, Han Ruoxue immediately looke

d disgusted.

Tangning threw her torn up gifts in front of Han Ruoxue, "After paying your compensation, were you so poor that you had to tear up my gifts?"

"Tangning, watch your att.i.tude," Han Ruoxue pointed at Tangning as she yelled. "Even though you have a bit of fame now, you are still the company's artist, and I am the Artists Director. Plus, if a model hasn't been invited to the Bright Night Gala it means they aren't being acknowledged as part of the industry, so what right do you have to speak loudly to the company's higher-ups?"

"Did I really...not get invited?" Tangning looked at Han Ruoxue; her eyes were filled with ridicule and disdain.

Han Yufan's heart skipped a beat; he was becoming more and more certain that Tangning knew what had happened... was just that she was too good at enduring and too good at controlling her emotions; pretty much no one could tell what she was thinking.

"Of course not..." Han Ruoxue replied in certainty. "What? You can't accept the truth? Do you want to go as well? Too bad, you won't have the chance..."

"Tangning, tonight just focus on your magazine shoot. Stop thinking about the Bright Night Gala. You don't want to be easily distracted," Han Yufan gripped onto the pen in his hand as he tried to convince Tangning. "The Bright Night Gala definitely did not invite you, so stop wasting your time doing useless things."

Tangning gently laughed; she wasn't angered by Han Ruoxue at all. In fact, just the thought of what was to happen soon...she was extremely amused.

"I will definitely play my part as a model, but, next time someone tears apart my gifts, they should expect a letter from my lawyer!"

"I never thought, the daughter of a perfume empire would fancy a few simple gifts."

"The gifts are not the main issue...the main issue is, when it comes to Tianyi, I won't allow you to reap any benefits..." After speaking, Tangning was ready to leave, but Han Yufan stopped her.

"Have you already finalized TQ's contract?"

"Of course," Tangning responded.

"It's rumored TQ aren't easy to deal with, how did you manage to do it?"

"You don't need to worry about that," Tangning's voice was calm and contained a sense of pride.

After all...Mo Ting's abilities were beyond what Han Yufan could achieve in a lifetime.

Han Yufan stopped responding because everything he said was to test Tangning, but looking at her back as it got smaller and smaller, he still could not figure what she was thinking.

"Jie, I suspect Tangning already knows about...the Bright Night Gala."

After hearing this, Han Ruoxue paused for a moment before speaking, "It doesn't matter if she knows or not; I will not allow her to appear at the scene. Yufan, keep her busy; I don't care if you make her shoot a magazine or anything else you can think of, we need to watch over her carefully. We can't allow anything to go wrong."

"Otherwise, we can only watch as her threat towards us grows stronger and stronger."

"Understood," Han Yufan responded sincerely, "I will definitely not repeat the same mistakes."

They couldn't allow Tangning to have the opportunity to scheme against Tianyi again!

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 66

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