Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 8

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Chapter Eight: The Pictures and the Videos


In any case, Tang Ning took the initiative to admit her fault, and Day Arts Entertainment’s reputation was wiped clean. On another side, HF and Day Arts finally communicated smoothly, and they accepted Han Yu Fan’s apology. The endors.e.m.e.nt was meant for Mo Yu Rou after all. She had been cast as a victim, and due to this incident, she became more well-known in the industry.

Day Arts Entertainment and Mo Yu Rou suffered no loss, but as for Tang Ning, her reputation was destroyed.

On the internet, searches like “promoting days”, “scheming model replacement” and “green tea b.i.t.c.h Tang Ning”[^1], as well as other topics became popular all of a sudden, and the comments related to this topic were also unsightly.

Tang Ning sat in her own lounge watching the news, looking as thin as possible. She bore the stress, however, she decided in her heart to make Han Yu Fan and Mo Yu Rou pay her back ten times over!

But she was now in everyone’s eyes, and her image was at the very bottom. Even the company’s cleaners could not help but look down at her and mock her.

“Miss Tang, could I trouble you to lift your n.o.ble legs – can’t you see I’m cleaning? It’s not as if you’re partic.i.p.ating in any fas.h.i.+on show, yet you still come in everyday, forcing this poor woman to clean and cause pain to her lower back.”

Tang Ning’s face grew cold. She was currently in a tough spot, but that didn’t mean that just anyone could come and bully her, so… she took out her cellphone, and placed a phone call to connect her to Han Yu Fan, and in front of the cleaner’s face, she pressed the loudspeaker key.

“Han Yu Fan, is my position in this company so low that even the janitors dare to humiliate me?”

“Tell me the personnel’s name, and I’ll deal with them,” Han Yu Fan said without any hesitation.

Tang Ning hanged up the phone, and looked up, her face showing nothing but indifference to the woman. Her voice was incredibly cold. “I am an easy-going person, however that does not mean you can just bully me. Even if I am not currently modeling, I am Miss Tang. Letting you, a mere janitor, be fired, is still very easy for me.”

The woman paled and cold sweat poured from her. She really did not expect Tang Ning to be so angry, however she did not want to be fired, so she quickly bowed in apology. “Please forgive me, Miss Tang… I will not do it again.”

“Of course, there are a lot of people that can replace you at your job, after all,” Tang Ning replied. She did not want to make it hard for the employees, however, she had to give them a reminder. Tang Ning got up and, after receiving Han Yu Fan’s message, went into his office.

“Tang Ning, ah… your image has now fallen into the bottom, so… I arranged for you some activities, as much as I could in order to restore your reputation to the public. Since Mo Yu Rou is still hurt, go see her and take care of her, ask for an apology… show the public that you are set on correcting your mistakes.”

Tang Ning looked at Han Yu Fan’s face, it was still as calm as ever even when he had said something so shameful! It was obvious that Mo Yu Rou just wanted to humiliate her even further with this opportunity, and Han Yu Fan actually a.s.sisted her!

“Is that so… then in a few minutes, on a broadcast software, I…”

Han Yu Fan originally thought that Tang Ning would certainly not agree, as Mo Yu Rou’s demands were actually in fact unreasonable, so he did not expect her to actually acquiesce.

“… alright.”

“You are willing to go?”

“I haven’t visited Mo Yu Rou since I heard about her injury, so you can take this opportunity,” Tang Ning graciously promised. “I’ll cover for you, since there are a lot of reporters.”

Tang Ning now seemed completely quiet and obedient, because she knew in her heart, that by doing this she would help Mo Yu Rou fall further… the more she became arrogant, after her public image falls, the more miserable would she be.

The person who had the last laugh… was still unknown.

After a while, Tang Ning took Han Yu Fan’s a.s.sistant’s car to the hospital. Halfway there, she sent Mo Ting a message.

“Lao… gong, don’t worry about the news, I’ll deal with it, and… when I want to go home later, can you send someone to Trinity Hospital to pick me up? I can’t find your home address…”

The meeting was half-way done when Mo Ting received a text message, and for the first time ever pause the meeting. Everyone in the meeting was surprised by this, what kind of was there in Mo Ting’s life to influence him to take a break in the middle of a meeting?

Mo Ting did not care about other people’s eyes. He replied immediately, “good. I’ll pick you up later.”

Tang Ning smiled when she saw Mo Ting’s message, and thought that he really did look after her wellbeing.  Her eyes curved like the crescent moons[^2]. Han Yu Fan’s a.s.sistant, upon seeing her smile from the rearview mirror, sneered. Tang Ning, how happy you appear to be right now, just wait until later!

Tang Ning knew that almost everyone was currently hostile to her, but she forced herself to be indifferent about the eyes of those people. She sent a text message to her agent after she texted Mo Ting.

“Sister Long, Han Yu Fan let me go to the hospital to take care of Mo Yu Rou. I am coming there right now, where are you currently?”

“Anyone who has eyes can see that Mo Yu Rou is taking this opportunity to humiliate you, she thought that she could just do that? I have long been ready, what I have is wonderful… there are pictures and videos.”

“Don’t just take the material out, give Han Yu Fan and Mo Yu Rou time to quibble.”

“I understand, I’ll wait for things to become ugly, and then, after that, I’ll stamp their faces on the evidence!” Sister Long was quite excited.

“I want Mo Yu Rou to be at the moment where she is proudest of herself and complacent… and then make her fall. Futhermore,” Tang Ning added, “even if there will be a lot of people trying to curse you, I’ll be there to say something, that is, sadly, I found out the real nature of their relations.h.i.+p!”

“Sister Long, we can only be careful…”

Having issued this information, Tang Ning and her agent quieted down, their mouths slowly raising into a smile.

In the private ward, Mo Yu Rou at that moment was weakly sitting on the bed, but as long as the thought of humiliating Tang Ning came to her mind, her eyes would release an intense light.

She really did not expect that Tang Ning, that idiot, would actually really help her, not only raise her reputation, but also win her back HF’s endors.e.m.e.nt.

“Yu Rou, Tang Ning will be coming, you have to record live for three minutes long. I will help the doctor with your dressing, and then let Tang Ning take care of your feet…”

“Finally the day I waited for has come…” Mo Yu Rou softly said, she had been pressuring Tang Ning for a long time, after she would climb higher and higher, and Tang Ning would be like the soles on shoes. She wanted to be famous and together with Han Yu Fan, the president of the company.

“In the future you will get more, and will soon partic.i.p.ate in the annual top ten models selection.”

A trace of a smile could be seen on Mo Yu Rou’s face, apparently even the heavens was now helping her. Her arrogance was rising and rising.

[^1]: a close meaning to green tea b.i.t.c.h is someone being two-faced. Specifically, someone who acts cute and innocent but is actually a scheming b.i.t.c.h.

[^2]: a common description in chinese stories. Just imagine anime happy closed eyes, or search it up.


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Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 8

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