Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 86

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Chapter 86: Mo Yurou is Pregnant

Hearing the host announce her name, Tangning stood up out of her seat. Holding the recipient list in her hand, she approached the stage elegantly as everyone watched. She deliberately avoided Li Yu as they made their way behind the microphone and stood in front of the screen.

Below the stage, there was an ocean of stars; Beijing's hottest models had all gathered. As she had the opportunity to stand at such a high position, Tangning realized, as a model, she still had a long way to go.

Close by, Mo Yurou's gaze was sharp and proud, containing a sense of disdain and ridicule. She had been looking forward to this day for too long. She was going to take the trophy from Tangning's hands; the hands of a woman who always seemed to fight over everything with her. Once she had this trophy in her hands, it would signify the start of her road to glory.

"Miss Tang has been very famous in both Europe and the US lately because of the Oriental Trend. She is also a model with an extremely promising future, I am truly impressed with your professionalism," Li Yu said before he started presenting the award. "I hope you can continue to work hard."

"Thank you, Mr. Li," Tangning replied in a calm and polite tone; she had her guard up around Li Yu.

"You are a miracle. Believe me, luck is on your side..." Li Yu said, hiding a deeper meaning as he gestured for her to announce the recipient list. By allowing her to make the announcement, he was satisfying Mo Yurou's request as well as displaying his respect towards Tangning.

Tangning smiled as she opened the envelope in her hands. She pulled out the recipient list and announced, "The 7th Annual Model Awards Top Ten Model recipients are..."

One after another, model's photos and their names appeared on the big screen showing off some of their best works. Mo Yurou was the last one. From the looks of it, it was obvious she had been forcefully squeezed in. She had crawled her way up and amongst her works on display was the Oriental Trend's magazine cover.

Below the stage, everyone giggled. At the sight of the cover, she was once again a joke as everyone was reminded of how she had received no mentions.

Tangning looked so alive, while she became a human backdrop.

Under the spotlight, the Top Ten Models made their way on stage in the order their names were announced. Meanwhile, ten beautiful female a.s.sistants walked out with the ten trophies and flowers. Tangning followed the order and presented the trophies one at a time, from left to right. Mo Yurou was last in line and her heart felt like it was about to stop.

She was about to succeed...

She was about to succeed really soon...

Seeing Tangning stepping closer and closer and hearing the applause of the audience, Mo Yurou felt a little nauseous as her mind became blank. An extreme sense of joy swept over her like a hurricane knocking over everything in its path...

Finally, Tangning stood before Mo Yurou. After smiling at her gently, she stretched out her hand, "Congratulations."

Afterwards, Tangning handed her a bunch of flowers before presenting the trophy to her. However, just as Mo Yurou stretched out her hand and got a touch of the trophy, a young man urgently ran onto the stage and whispered something into Tangning's ear. Tangning immediately pulled the trophy away from Mo Yurou.

Seeing this scene unfold, the audience was stunned...

What happened? Why isn't she presenting the award? Why did Tangning take back the award? Isn't Mo Yurou supposed to receive the award?

Could it be that Tangning is jealous of Mo Yurou for both receiving an award and signing on with a new company?

She can't be that stupid right?

Mo Yurou looked at the uproar happening below the stage before looking at Tangning with a cold and frustrated expression, "Tangning, what is the meaning of this?"

"Do you really not understand what this means? This award...wi

ll not be presented to you," Tangning smirked as she replied softly in a definitive manner.

Will not be presented...

Will not be presented to you...

Everyone watched on, confused as to what was happening. Most people were just watching the two put on a show.

What exactly happened?

While everyone questioned the situation and Mo Yurou looked on in frustration, the man that had whispered something to Tangning, once again approached the stage holding some doc.u.ments. Rather than presenting the information first, he turned to the audience and announced, "Mo Yurou is disqualified from receiving the award!"

Mo Yurou was stunned, what was all this?

The trophy was already in her hands, why was she disqualified?

Subconsciously, Mo Yurou focused her hatred onto Tangning as she accused in a loud voice, "Tangning, was it you? Did you do something behind-the-scenes? What kind of a rubbish award is this? How can you just disqualify me like that? Where are the judges?"

Mo Yurou released her temper on stage in front of everyone because she couldn't believe the award she had wanted for so long; the award that she had given up so much for; the award she almost had in her hands, was gone, just like that. She wasn't willing to accept it, she couldn't believe it! She reached out her hand and shook Tangning's arm, "Tangning, did you do this to me? Was it you?"

Tangning let her shake her without retaliation; her arm was starting to get bruised, yet she didn't fight back. Mo Yurou eventually tripped on her own dress and fell to the ground, but no one came to her aid as she was too emotional, "What is this Annual Model Awards, it has no authority at all, how can they just disqualify someone like this?"

"I want to sue you, I want you to apologize to me!"

Apologize? Most of the people below the stage looked at her in amus.e.m.e.nt; she was way too arrogant.

"I will sue you!" Mo Yurou's sharp voice echoed through the hall.

"Before Miss Mo sues us, I would like to make an announcement on behalf of the Annual Model Awards. On the screen behind me are the rules for the awards selection: pregnant models are not allowed to compete. However, I would like everyone to look at the pregnancy report in my hand. It is clearly stated here that Miss Mo Yurou has been pregnant since July. Which means, she applied for consideration even though she knew she was pregnant; this is what you call lying!"

"So, after discussions with the organizing committee, we have decided to disqualify Miss Mo Yurou and will be strictly dealing with this shocking behavior," the man announced loudly. "She will become the Annual Model Awards' first blacklisted model. After all this, we will release an official other words, Miss Mo Yurou should no longer dream of being a model. This lousy artist has not upheld her responsibility to the public."

Just a few short words was like a rain of grenades; there was no way of avoiding its power.

Everyone quickly realized what had happened...Mo Yurou was pregnant...

Stealing another person's man and being pregnant before marriage was bad enough, yet she even tried to lie her way into receiving an award!

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 86

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