Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 750 Don't Be Impatient, There's A Good Show Coming Your Way

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Chapter 750: Don't Be Impatient, There's A Good Show Coming Your Way
Translator: Yunyi Editor: Yunyi

The atmosphere at lunch was extremely harmonious. Of course, when the time arrived to roll the cameras, there was going to be a good show.

Did they think that An Zihao wasn't good with people?

What a joke! Did he need to bribe the average person? By doing that, he would be devaluing himself!

More importantly, the director knew how to weigh the pros and cons. No matter how capable Bai Yu was, her influence mainly existed in the US. Whereas, if someone wanted to survive in Beijing, they naturally didn't want to offend the Big Boss of Entertainment, Mo Ting, nor his sister.

But, what was the public currently saying?

They were saying that Bai Yu's acting was top-notch, her EQ was admirable and that an actress like her was a rare find. In fact, even Tangning couldn't compare to her perfection because, every now and then, Tangning would at least show a bit of att.i.tude, whereas Bai Yu had no faults whatsoever. She was like a perfect dream girl in their eyes.

Moreover, the thing that made her even more likable was the fact that during the filming of 'Concubine Ning', she got injured multiple times, but she remained persistent and didn't delay filming just because she was a superstar.

As Bai Yu's fans watched the behind-the-scenes footage, their hearts ached as they called out for the director to protect the nation's dream girl!

She was the nation's dream girl!

All of a sudden, the spotlight shone brighter on Bai Yu than on the 'bloated' Tangning because Bai Yu appeared closer to perfection.


"Ridiculous! This Bai Yu is disgusting," Long Jie was overflowing with anger as she read the comments online. Even though she was pregnant, she still rushed over to Hyatt Regency.

"You're pregnant. Can't you remain calm?" Tangning said in a strict tone. "Do you want your child to have a short temper like you?"

"Is that hereditary?" Long Jie was stunned.

"It's been so many years. Haven't you gotten used to comments like this?" Tangning helped Long Jie sit down.

"But it's never been this disgusting...You should have a look. Everyone's been saying that her acting and EQ is better than yours, and now, they're even saying her figure is better than yours. Are these people blind?"

"It's normal for them to have their doubts since they haven't seen me in my current state. Can you calm down?"

Tangning's EQ has always been used against people; she never sucked up to anyone. So, it was reasonable for people to say that Bai Yu was better with people than her.

As for their other claims, she was bound to find a chance to prove them wrong. What was the rush?

"But, I'm angry."

Tangning always appeared unfazed, making her hard to predict. But, her counterattack was always beautiful.

"Don't be impatient. There's a good show coming your way. Calm down!" Tangning comforted.


Bai Yu experienced glory in Beijing, so her sister, Bai Linlin, naturally received a lot more attention. But, at this time, Bai Linlin was already filming on set. Although she couldn't flaunt around in public, she could still hold her head high on set.

Chen Xingyan was the type of person that enjoyed reading the script. So, even though the staff ignored her and no one spoke to her, it was actually a good thing because she could spend more time perfecting the script.

Ever since An Zihao was insulted because of her, she promised that she'd make a name for herself so An Zihao could receive respect.

Bai Linlin watched as Chen Xingyan sat in the corner. There were many times when she wanted to walk up and insult her. But, knowing she was a stunt double and skilled in martial arts, Bai Linlin did not dare to to make a move like she did in the past.

She could only play small tricks to make things difficult for her.

"Bai Linlin, it's your turn. Get ready to go on set."

The director's filming today wasn't running very smoothly. By this point, he had already yelled at quite a few people. Even the two lead actors had suffered the director's scolding, let alone someone inexperienced like Bai Linlin.

"Do you know how to act?"

"Are you a wooden puppet? Has your face been injected with too much Botox? Why do you look so emotionless?!"

"You're good at bullying people, by why aren't you up to standard when it comes to acting?"

"I don't want to film you anymore. Bai Linlin, take two days off to get into the right mindframe."

Bai Linlin's face turned red from the scolding; she was too embarra.s.sed. At this time, the staff tried to comfort her. They pointed to Chen Xingyan with their chins and said, "Just wait, that one's going to have it even worse."

Bai Linlin noticed Chen Xingyan was about to start filming and calmed down a little. At least, she was the secondary lead and the director had to show her a little bit of respect. She couldn't wait to watch Chen Xingyan being humiliated by the entire crew.

"Everyone on set, ready!"

Chen Xingyan was dressed in a t-s.h.i.+rt and jeans. For the sake of her character, she had cut her hair short and got a few tattoos. From the outside, she looked like she had quite a unique personality.

The exciting scene they were shooting involved Chen Xingyan racing in a car.

Director w.a.n.g's films were famous for being nonsensical. So, in this comedy film, Chen Xingyan's character was an extremely exaggerated tomboy. She smoked, drank, raced cars and fought with people. Anything that men enjoyed doing, she would know how to do it too.

In reality, the director wasn't entirely satisfied with Chen Xingyan's performance. In fact, whilst filming, the director jumped out of his seat at one point and furrowed his brows...

"The director's about to explode!"

"Haha, Chen Xingyan's going to receive a scolding."

But, contrary to everyone's expectations, the director simply said, "Xingyan, take note of the position of your left hand. You're doing OK, keep up the hard work."


Everyone had been yelled at, but, not only did Chen Xingyan not get yelled at, the director even spoke to her in an extremely gentle voice.

"What's going on with the director?"

"Why isn't he yelling at Chen Xingyan?"

Bai Linlin's chest heaved in anger. Things did not pan out the way she had expected.

Not only did the director praise Chen Xingyan, he even said to everyone after she was done, "If I yelled at you today, it is because you didn't have your mind in the right place. What's so good about being a bully? As for certain members of the staff, don't ignore your responsibilities because of a few benefits and look down on other people."

"You best watch yourselves from now on. If I discover you doing it again, I will ask you to immediately leave!"

As soon as Director w.a.n.g finished speaking, he announced that everyone was dismissed.

However, the staff's cheeks burned red in humiliation.

"Why is Director w.a.n.g being bias towards Chen Xingyan?" Bai Linlin asked the people around her confusedly.

"It's probably because he saw her being bullied too much," a staff member shrugged.

Bai Linlin wasn't pleased. Although the entire crew welcomed her, the director disliked her...

Chen Xingyan sure had a good run of luck.

But, was it simply luck?

Perhaps, for the rest of her life, Bai Linlin would never understand the true reason. Just like her sister only knew how to do things on the surface and there were certain things that she couldn't control.

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 750 Don't Be Impatient, There's A Good Show Coming Your Way

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