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Zhou Qing took special care of Xia Hanmo, guiding his junior with all his heart. But, even though he became extremely famous after the flood incident, it did not change the television station's plan.

They still planned to replace Zhou Qing.

Xia Hanmo was oblivious to this decision. All she knew was, Zhou Qing was a good host that treated people with sincerity. But, she never imagined that the mentor she just accepted - the man that made her a part of the cast - was about to leave.

On the broadcast night of 'The Big Adventure', Xia Hanmo was extremely nervous. These days, whenever she had questions about work, she no longer searched for Tangning because she knew that Tangning had never been on a variety program. Instead, she turned to Zhou Qing.

But, the next time that she turned up at the television station, someone told her that Zhou Qing was in the Station Manager's office. A little while later, Zhou Qing stepped out followed by another man. It appeared, they were having a discussion about something.

And from the look in Zhou Qing's eyes, their discussion did not end well.

Xia Hanmo immediately ran over and questioned Zhou Qing, "Zhou Ge, what happened?"

"It's nothing," Zhou Qing shook his head. To prevent Xia Hanmo from asking further, he quickly changed the subject, "What are you doing at the television station so late at night?"

"Tonight is the first broadcast of 'The Big Adventure', so I was feeling a little nervous..."

"Are you here to see the audience's reaction?" Zhou Qing returned to his usual calmness as he led Xia Hanmo to an office with a television. Inside this office were other members of staff. "This way, people won't misunderstand us. I don't want to prevent you from ever finding a boyfriend."

Xia Hanmo did not say a word. She simply felt that Zhou Qing was very thoughtful.

"Looking at the numbers right now, 'The Big Adventure' seems to be doing fine. I'm sure the viewers.h.i.+p ratings won't be a problem..."

"With you around, the ratings couldn't possibly be low. I actually want to know what the public thinks about me," Xia Hanmo smiled self consciously.

"You are one of Tangning's artists, so I can tell that you don't want to fall too far behind Luo Sheng and Xing Lan. But, Hanmo, you've already done really well, don't be too concerned by public opinion. As long as you stick to the right methods, the results will never be too bad."

Zhou Qing felt that this would be the last time he'd be able to give her such sincere and earnest advice.

"You need to trust in Tangning, you need to trust in me and you need to trust in yourself."

"From now on, you need to focus on creating a good program. Regardless of whether I am around our not, you need to maintain your initial enthusiasm."

Xia Hanmo simply felt these words were a little strange, but she did not think further into it. After all, Zhou Qing had always been a sensitive man.

His gentleness made people around him naturally feel comfortable.

That night, Xia Hanmo returned home late, but she slept peacefully. The next morning, she woke up to good news from Lin Qian: 'The Big Adventure' had the number one ratings in the variety category. In fact, reviews were great and the audience accepted seeing Xia Hanmo's face in variety.

Because, in the program, Xia Hanmo was honestly someone that knew a lot and didn't have a fake personality.

For example, while overseas, one of the guests' lightbulbs broke. In response, not only did Xia Hanmo replace it, she even fixed the wiring.

Also, during their missions, Xia Hanmo was smart but she was considerate to not make her guests lose face.

"Xia Hanmo was honestly in the wrong field before. I finally feel like she's taken a proper step into the entertainment industry."

"Tangning's honestly great at guiding newcomers."

"So this is how Xia Hanmo's personality is really like. Her previous manager was sucking her dry with fake rumors. Most of the netizens were fooled."

The comments weren't completely great, but they were extremely honest.

But, just as 'The Big Adventure' became a trending topic, another piece of shocking news burst out onto the scene: the internet was claiming that Zhou Qing would be leaving the show!

In an instant, fans began to complain.

Everyone clearly saw how great of a host Zhou Qing was. Plus, 'The Big Adventure' was a huge hit. So, why was he leaving?

This piece of news was much too shocking, not only for the fans, but also for Xia Hanmo.

She finally understood what Zhou Qing meant by his words the previous night.

In fact, her guess was that Zhou Qing wasn't leaving 'The Big Adventure' at his own will.

But, she wasn't about to impulsively go look for the head of the television station, this would only make matters worse for Zhou Qing. So, instead, she gave Long Jie a phone call. She wanted Long Jie to investigate the reason behind this decision.

After receiving Xia Hanmo's phone call, Long Jie was quite proud of her. It seemed, Xia Hanmo was finally thinking logically.

"Don't worry, I will give you an answer soon."

Long Jie knew that Zhou Qing's stability was a direct impact on Xia Hanmo's future prospects.


Apart from Zhou Qing's matter, the entertainment industry was also fairly occupied with the announcement of the evilly charming Quan Ziye's retreat from the industry and the announcement of his engagement.

Previously, there were rumors about the incestual relations.h.i.+p between him and his sister, but now, he was planning to marry a government official's daughter. So, it was time for the old rumors to be forgotten.

"I can't believe this evilly charming man is suddenly getting engaged. I used to be obsessed with him."

"I know, right? Quan Ziye is a rare find in the industry. He was born with a pair of amorous eyes that drive women crazy. It's a shame that he now belongs to someone else."

"Even if he didn't marry a socialite heiress, none of you would have stood a chance. After all, isn't his sister his most loved?"

"What do you mean love? Wasn't he just playing around with her? With the Quan Family's status, they would never allow an adopted daughter to become their daughter-in-law. That's way too embarra.s.sing."

"Then Lin Qian must be really pitiful."

"The rich socialite circles are claiming that Lin Qian has broken all ties with the Quan Family..."

"The Quan Family brought her up, so she can't return their kindness with ingrat.i.tude!"

Netizens began discussing the matter at hand. Some felt that Lin Qian was pitiful, while others felt that she was cheap.

But, most importantly, Lin Qian was about to lose Quan Ziye as a s.h.i.+eld. After all, no wife would ever allow their husband to be attracted to their own sister. So, everyone a.s.sumed that Lin Qian's life was about to be very tough.

It was only normal for the public to think this way.

After all, this was based off the previous rumors about the two.

Quan Ziye was about to marry and settle down and was throwing Lin Qian aside. All of a sudden, Lin Qian sounded like an unwanted toy.

Seeing these insults, Li Jin sat in his office without a word.

The only thing he wanted to do now, was to clarify everything for Lin Qian!

Of course, Tangning was amongst the people that were waiting to watch a good show. As Lin Qian's friend and boss, she refused to see her being bullied.

But, it was no longer her responsibilty to stand up for her!

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 893 No Longer Her Responsibilty To Stand Up For Her!

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