Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 9

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Chapter Nine: I Will Never Apologize to You!

The scent in the hospital was as horrible as always, so Tang Ning entered the hospital alone undercover, while Han Yu Fan’s a.s.sistant remained outside.

After finding Mo Yu Rou’s ward, Tang Ning saw her a.s.sistant standing at the doorway. It was the same man who was at the crown star runway affair, the very same person who persuaded Han Yu Fan that her wearing the jewelry on the ankle was done on her own initiative.

He put all responsibility on her shoulders.

“Come here,” her a.s.sistant arrogantly looked at Tang Ning, deliberately making things difficult for her, “and wait, Mo Yu Rou is still resting.”

Tang Ning gripped her handbag with both of her hands and then gave Mo Yu Rou’s a.s.sistant a sweeping glance. In a soft, low voice, she drawled, “do you know my surname?”

“Nonsense, who doesn’t know your surname Tang?”

“Then, as you know that my name is Tang, you should know about my family background, and yours as a small a.s.sistant, acting arrogant in front of me.”


“Is Tang Ning here? Come on in,” Mo Yu Rou heard Tang Ning’s voice. She was secretly unhappy that she had such a stupid a.s.sistant, who tried to blatantly bully Tang Ning. After all, Tang Ning still had the backing of the Tang family, and even if they didn’t care much for her, she was still well-off.

Tang Ning raised her chin, ignoring Mo Yu Rou’s angry a.s.sistant as she came into the ward. Upon seeing Mo Yu Rou sitting pitifully on the bed, with an emphasis on her hurt leg, she exposed a touch of a smile.

“Yu Rou, how are you?

Tang Ning knew Mo Yu Rou deliberately hurt her legs in order to prevent her and Han Yu Fan from filling out the marriage registration, this woman was also hard on herself.

“Han told me what to do, we have to record a three minute live video, right? We’re good sisters, Tang Ning, I’m willing to help you reduce the misunderstanding the people have.”

Tang Ning was surprised for a moment. She did not think that Mo Yu Rou’s shamelessness was to this degree, it was quite on par with Han Yu Fan’s.

Tang Ning’s face became ugly and her voice trembled, full of anger. “I just came to see you…”

“Truly, well then, please don’t stand on ceremony with me.”

“Right, ah! The scenes are ready. The doctor will come and dress Mo Yu Rou’s wounds, after a while, in order to highlight your sincerity, we have prepared a scene where you will wipe Mo Yu Rou’s feet, so they can feel how sorry you are.”

“That’s enough…” Tang Ning’s angry voice interrupted the two. “Mo Yu Rou, that scandal with me replacing you on the catwalk, we both know the truth, and yet this isn’t enough for you?”

“Tang Ning, what do you mean? I don’t understand.”

“Do you have to be so black and white?” Tang Ning’s voice carried some grievances, “If not for Yu Fan, I wouldn’t have endured so many times, haven’t I helped you enough?”

“Tang Ning, you don’t want to apologize? Why? You yourself admitted that what you did was just speculation,” Mo Yu Rou was also an expert in drama, her words were watertight1, from beginning to end she seemed innocent.

“I will never apologize to you!” Tang Ning said quite seriously. 

She was taken a picture of by Mo Yu Rou’s a.s.sistant, and it was immediately published on the network, with the t.i.tle: “Speculating Green Tea b.i.t.c.h Declared She Would Never Apologize!”

After a while, there were many winds and waves online. Once again, the campaign was set off. Reporters flocked to the, but they did not intercept Tang Ning but instead Mo Yu Rou, who began to cry in front of the cameras.

“Originally, because we were peers, I didn’t intend to pursue this matter, but Tang Ning was really too much. She refused to apologize, and insulted me as well.”

The war had taken off, the two opposite enemies were models. It was like a drama, and there was so much unknown in the fight that many pa.s.serby began to watch the fight. Day Arts Entertainment also immediately issued a press release response. They called the public, and said that they would seriously deal with Tang Ning, that they would renounce Tang Ning’s position.

At this time, Tang Ning’s, ‘I will never apologize to you’ was ridiculed by the netizens into becoming a catchphrase. Everyone continued bombing Tang Ning, when suddenly…

On the network a group of photos was suddenly posted, with the t.i.tle: ‘Tang Ning did not apologize, because there is nothing to apologize for!”

There was a set of photos where Mo Yu Rou and Han Yu Fan was intimately close to each other. Those pictures were taken in the hospital, where Mo Yu Rou was wearing a hospital gown and Han Yu Fan was pressing down on her body.

An internet user named Eye did not have time to reverse it, and quickly enough a well-known website posted: “The Truth Of Tang Ning’s Scandal!’

The post clearly detailed the whole event of Tang Ning subst.i.tuting for Mo Yu Rou, the tone implying a relations.h.i.+p between Han Yu Fan and Mo Yu Rou. Tang Ning was described to a martyr. She was a.n.a.lyzed and declared to be suppressed, until in the end, she angrily forced out her voice. She was often made to be the one shouldering the scandals, but for a mistress to come in and ‘from the main room, enter the inner chamber’2 was truly an insult.

The topic was loudly argued, and the photos of Mo Yu Rou and Han Yu Fan were quickly pa.s.sed around. Netizens at that moment knew about Tang Ning’s lack of black material. Even if they were dug out, what happened three years ago, and in the photos of her as a top model, she was still one of the most beautiful locally.

For such a woman to give up because of love, and never fight for themselves for even a second. That even if it escalated into becoming a scandal, they immediately apologized instead, committed to all responsibility… they all misunderstood Tang Ning! Mo Yu Rou and Day Arts actually did such a thing and suppressed the poor woman.

The situation once again began to reverse… countless users who denounced Tang Ning began to feel guilty and decided to firmly stick by her side regardless of the black powder3.

At that moment, Mo Yu Rou was still in the middle of another interview.

“What can you a.s.sess about her shamelessness…”  The reporter asked, but suddenly, her companion handed her her phone. The reporter who saw it, quickly held the phone high enough and asked Mo Yu Rou, “Miss Mo Yu Rou, is this photo true?”

“What is this?” Mo Yu Rou’s face suddenly became pale.

“This is a photo of you and the president of Day Arts Entertainment being intimate, can I ask you what you are doing inside that photo?”

Mo Yu Rou was frozen… in front of the camera, the poor, crying lady suddenly turned into a seductive mistress, one who hurled false accusations at other people. Someone who had an exterior of depending on people occupying high seats, a delicate model, they were actually the same.

More importantly, she could not say anything! The reporters saw her frozen, pained face. “So this photo is true, you are only falsely crying, while grabbing someone else’s boyfriend, right?” The female reporter suddenly sharply asked her.

“No… not…”

“This photo is crystal clear, do you still deny its validity?”

“Really it’s not, not… this is Tang Ning’s plot,” Mo Yu Rou blocked the reporter’s lens, suddenly becoming embarra.s.sed. “Don’t film this anymore, leave already, I won’t accept anymore interviews, so go!”

The reporter coldly snorted and continued questioning Mo Yu Rou with her voice full of scorn, “Miss Mo, although everyone in this industry is used to it, I would just like to say something. People accept Heaven’s law, that is, the natural order of things. Even if Tang Ning stood up and took all the blame, after this news has gotten out, I will have revealed your true nature.”

Mo Yu Rou was now trembling.  As soon as the reporter left, she immediately called Han Yu Fan.

“Yu Fan, did you see the photos? What do we do?”

“It’s just a photo, why are you panicking? The company’s PR…” Han Yu Fan said calmly, but… he did not imagine that his heart could not be calm because of this. Because of the exposure, not only would it affect Mo Yu Rou’s future, but also the future of Day Arts Entertainment, and let him lose Tang Ning. After all, suppressing Tang Ning, and his infidelity, for him, was usually two different concepts.

“It’s definitely Tang Ning tricking everyone behind this.”

“If you didn’t bully her, would these things happen now?” With that, Han Yu Fan angrily hung up the phone, and dialed Tang Ning’s number. If it was in the past, then no doubt, Tang Ning would answer the phone. In fact, Tang Ning was currently holding her phone, but… when she imagined Han Yu Fan looking anxious, she decided not to answer the phone.

When Mo Yu Rou rushed out of the ward, Tang Ning quietly hid in a corner waiting for Mo Ting’s people to pick her up. However, she did not expect Mo Ting to come get her in person.

“Tang Ning, let’s go on the train.”

When Tang Ning heard the low voice,  her uneasy heart was quickly calmed down. The phone was still vibrating, but she was already in the back of Mo Ting’s sedan.

“You’re not going to take the call?” Mo Ting asked, showing a glimpse of his good nature.

“You already know the answer,” Tang Ning laughed. Her purpose was to make Han Yu Fan look for her all night, and have a taste of her suffering.


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this means that her words were well guarded, that you couldn’t find any fault within them etc. ↩

this is a chinese idiom, but… I’m… not that sure about its meaning. I mean, when I searched it up it said it was something like going to a higher position or something. ↩

… I don’t know what this means. I think it might be embara.s.sment, etc. but I’m not too sure… ↩

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 9

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