Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 90

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Chapter 90: Did You Get Hai Rui to Voice Their Opinion?

"However, before I go to see Han Yufan, the first thing you need to do..."

"The first thing I need to do is get Long Jie to accompany me to the police station. I will also ask my lawyer to release a statement on my behalf," Tangning understood what Mo Ting wanted her to do. With the words 'bed-climbing Tangning' growing ever more vicious, the only people that could deter them were the police.

"You need to be firm with your position. Following on, we will slowly clear your name. Don't be afraid..." Mo Ting gently stroked Tangning's hair. "No matter what happens, I'll be right here by your side."

"I know," Tangning looked at Mo Ting with an a.s.sured smile. Compared to being blacklisted by Star King 3 years ago and going from a famous model to nothing in one day, how could this small incident compare?

She had pulled through such difficult times. This incident was nothing, especially since she had Mo Ting by her side.

"Tianyi has really gone too far this time. Both their bed-climbing models aren't stepping out to respond, seems it must be true. Cheap sl*ts!"

"Tangning, I am only 17-years-old and am about to compete in a modeling compet.i.tion. You were originally my role model, but I never expected you would do something like this; you are disgusting. You should leave the industry and not continue to set a bad example for the youth."

"Ehhh...I told you guys ages ago, Tangning is an outdated model. To be able to get to where she is today, she must have had her methods!"

"Stop talking rubbish. The contract that was exposed only mentioned Tangning's name. I believe in her, she couldn't have done something to disappoint us."

"Are you a worm in her stomach? It is because both her EQ and IQ are too high that she has you all consumed in her lies. Grow up, child."

"You moronic fans should go die..."

After Tianyi's scandal spread through all forms of media, all the discussions online were filled with hatred. Random people made accusations, using sharp and vicious comments. Meanwhile, loyal fans were too afraid to say anything; worried they would attract even more insults. All they could do was sigh and not let the negativity get to them.

It had only been 1-2 hours since the scandal was exposed and people were already using the term 'bed-climbing Tangning' for profit; claiming they had a video of Tangning in bed with someone.

The scandal became more and more vicious and had already started to tarnish Tangning's reputation. However, neither Tianyi nor Li Yu stepped out to clear the matter nor apologize; there were zero PR efforts. There was only one simple statement released on the Annual Model Awards website: "We will do an internal investigation and give the public an answer as soon as possible."

At this point, no one that had worked with or were about to work with Tangning stepped out to speak for her. Even when they were faced with discussions involving Tangning, they would quickly avoid it.

In reality, most people didn't even care about the truth.

How could an outdated model become famous throughout the US? And what right did she have to become the spokesperson for an International French brand? Isn't it all because she slept with someone?

No one cared about how much hard work was put in and how much suffering it took to get to where she was.

This was the cruel reality of the world; especially the entertainment industry.

Popularity is a double-edged sword: it can help one overcome obstacles, but at the same time it can stab them until they are dripping in blood.

Under such bad circ.u.mstances, Lin Weisen made a phone call to Tangning to check on her; proving he was a person with nothing to hide.

"Tangning, are you OK?"

"I'm fine, thank you, Mr. Lin," Tangning was both thankful and apologetic towards him, "I am so sorry to have implicated you and TQ."

"I am confident I have not judged you incor

rectly. If you need any help, let me know."

"Your trust is already the biggest help," Tangning sighed. Adding to the situation right now wasn't hard, but how many people could offer a.s.sistance at a time like this?

Lin Weisen expressed that he would not be canceling her magazine front cover and would instead wait for her to clear her name to the public.

Tangning hung up the phone feeling grateful before turning to Mo Ting, who had stayed at home to keep her company. The couple's relations.h.i.+p was strong and they understood each other.

Afterwards, Tangning swiftly started making a move as she asked her lawyer to release a statement on her behalf, "The 'bed-climbing' scandal was completely fabricated and Tangning has never undertaken in any abnormal activities in the industry. Her relations.h.i.+p with Mr. Li Yu is purely one of pa.s.sing and has never gone any further than a simple exchange of greetings. Could all those involved please clarify these false rumors or else legal action will be taken against them."

Apart from this, Tangning also asked her lawyer to release her schedule from the past half a month online. This meant the netizens could examine the schedule and do their own research on her whereabouts.

With the release of her statement, the fans that supported her immediately came back alive as they left comments of support under the lawyer's statement. The fans were well aware of their idol's schedule, so they knew all along - there was no way she could do anything with the despicable Mr. Li.

Tangning was a model that stayed at home whenever she wasn't working; she barely even attended private events, nor did she ever hang out with friends or go out to dinner.

So, Tangning's gentle-toned statement and the release of her schedule created a gradual turn of events.

However, this wasn't all...

At this time, the upright man, Lin Weisen expressed his thoughts in an interview, "Tangning sleeping with people? Everyone in the industry knows how I am, I detest those that are dishonest and dirty. If she was such a person, I would not be friends with her."

"The Tangning I know is extremely professional and thoughtful with a cool personality. She is exceptionally clear where her bottom line stands. If she was really to do such a thing, she would have so much more; why would she need to go look for a disgusting old man?"

"Don't forget, previously someone framed her for creating hype with the CEO of Hai Rui...and the result? They were blacklisted by Hai Rui. From this, we can see, there is nothing wrong with Tangning's character."

"As for the agreement, I also read it. I think we are all clear about how Tianyi has treated Tangning in the past, need I say more?"

With Lin Weisen's words, all the people that were insulting Tangning were furious...

They refused to accept his words as they claimed Lin Weisen was a pretentious person.

Lin Weisen's response was that he didn't care. To be able to stick up for a friend was worth it.

Meanwhile, Hai Rui Entertainment's Artists Director was also in the middle of an interview. Since Hai Rui had previously stepped out to clear Tangning's name in another incident, the media wanted to know their thoughts about Tangning this time. At first, everyone thought the director would ignore any questions about Tangning, but instead, he smiled mysteriously before responding to the reporters, "You should never look at things from the surface. Just like if one day, you find your name on a suspects list, does that mean you are a murderer?"

"Isn't it possible you could also be a victim?"

Upon seeing the interview, Tangning was stunned for a moment before turning to Mo Ting, "Did you get Hai Rui to voice their opinion?"

"Even Lin Weisen has stepped out to defend you. Did you think I could just watch on without doing anything when my heart is in so much pain?" Mo Ting placed a kiss on Tangning's forehead.

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 90

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