Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 912 We Have No Evidence

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On the surface, Xia Hanmo's interaction with Zhou Qing decreased. After all, they had to avoid rumors. But, in secret, she actually met up with him more than before.

In Xia Hanmo's heart, Zhou Qing was responsible, cultured and barely got angry at others.

So, thinking about the way that Lin Qian tried to keep them apart, she instead became more cautious of Lin Qian.

Lin Qian could obviously feel that Xia Hanmo had become very insincere towards her.

The relations.h.i.+p between women was sometimes fragile like that. Especially when up against love.

Lin Qian was anxious, but no one could find any evidence on Zhou Qing's secret. Even if Hai Rui was to make a move, they couldn't find his faults. What was she to do?

Meanwhile, Xia Hanmo was already knee deep...

At first, the two women still had things between them that Zhou Qing would never find out about. But, now that Lin Qian had to avoid Zhou Qing, her opinions towards Xia Hanmo increased. "Qian Qian, I feel like you've been acting a bit strange lately. What's wrong with you? Tell me."

Lin Qian shook her head. Her words stuck to the back of her throat, but nothing came out.

"If you're tired, then go home and get some rest."

Lin Qian felt overcome with anxiety, so she avoided the conflict with Xia Hanmo and walked off to the parking lot to fetch a jacket for her. At this time, Zhou Qing appeared from the shadows and said to her, "Lin Qian, I don't know how I've offended you. Why did you reveal mine and Xia Hanmo's relations.h.i.+p to the public?"

"Hanmo really cherishes you. I don't want you to hurt her."

Zhou Qing was still Zhou Qing, he was perfect without a flaw. Lin Qian a.s.sumed that even if Tangning was here, she wouldn't be able to do anything about him.

"You guys misunderstood, I really didn't do anything," Lin Qian did not act impulsively just in case Xia Hanmo was nearby.

"I simply hope that Hanmo will be happy. I also hope that you'll be happy too."

After speaking, Zhou Qing left, leaving Lin Qian behind, weak at the knees.

If she had not heard Zhou Qing's phone call that night, she may have also developed feelings for a man like this.

Lin Qian simply felt like there were a lot of things that she couldn't clarify. After all, they had no evidence.

In the following days, Xia Hanmo's att.i.tude towards Lin Qian turned extremely cold. Lin Qian couldn't understand why, because of a man, their relations.h.i.+p would become like this.

Lin Qian hated this kind of torture. But she knew that Xia Hanmo would not believe anything she'd say.

"Ning Jie, I can't stand it anymore, Hanmo's become so foreign that she doesn't like anything I say."

After hearing this, Tangning had a feeling that she was about to lose an artist. After all, if she was to say anything, Xia Hanmo would simply feel like the entire Superstar Media was scheming against her. If that was to happen, there would be no chance of redemption.

"Qian Qian, we can't control what people think. We've already done everything we can. Be responsible and tell her the truth. If she refuses to turn back, what can we do? We have no evidence."

Zhou Qing kept applying pressure because he wanted Xia Hanmo to get rid of Lin Qian.

Their relations.h.i.+p had already turned so sour that it was only a matter of time.

"Is there really no way? Hanmo is in danger..."

"Hanmo will be fine for now. The person that's truly in danger is you," Tangning warned. "From now on, even if you are with Hanmo, you need to make sure that you can be contacted."

After all, love could make one blind and easily misled.


After giving Tangning a phone call, Lin Qian called Li Jin to complain. She could no longer think of what she could do for Xia Hanmo. All she could do was watch as Xia Hanmo jumped into the fire pit.

Li Jin comforted her and persuaded her to move in with his parents. However, Lin Qian still had a lot of worries. But, it wouldn't take long before she'd completely accept Li Jin's suggestion.

As 'Late Night 8pm' was a nighttime program, all the activities took part at night. This time, filming was to take place inside an abandoned amus.e.m.e.nt park. So, the staff were extremely alert.

Lin Qian was currently in a dilemma with Xia Hanmo, so all she could do was watch from afar as Xia Hanmo interacted with her guests. After all, Xia Hanmo did not require her help.

Soon, because of a mission, Xia Hanmo disappeared from Lin Qian's sight. Some of the staff followed behind as Lin Qian remained in the waiting room with a small number of remaining people. Soon, a member of staff returned anxiously and said to Lin Qian, "Hanmo's gone missing."

Lin Qian was a little surprised as she immediately sat up in her seat, "What's wrong?"

"She ran off during the mission and we lost track of her. There are dog kennels next door..."

After Lin Qian heard this, she had no choice but to run around and look for Xia Hanmo. She was so unsettled that she even gave Li Jin a phone call.

But, while running around, she didn't see a single person in sight. At this moment, Lin Qian turned around, but before she could a.n.a.lyze her surroundings, a pack of black dogs suddenly pounced at her.

Lin Qian had nowhere to run as she fell to the ground. The dogs all pounced at her and began to tear at her flesh. Lin Qian thought she was going to die. Luckily, an attendant at the kennels ended up saving her.

"Miss, are you OK?"

Lin Qian tried to catch her breath. All she felt was pain all over her body as tears began to roll down her cheeks.

"Why did you come into the kennels all on your own?"

After hearing the old man's question, Lin Qian suddenly realized what had happened...

Xia Hanmo had not gone missing, she had simply fallen into someone's trap.

"Thank you uncle, can you help me back to where I came from?"

"Of course."

Lin Qian did this so the old man could be her witness.

Soon, the old man helped Lin Qian back to where they were filming. However, the entire crew had moved locations without notifying her.

"Haha," Lin Qian laughed to herself.

Lin Qian held onto the phone that she so desperately salvaged and gave Tangning a phone call. She then called Xia Hanmo. This time, she did not hold back as she spoke to her. But, of course, Xia Hanmo was happily filming her program and had completely forgotten about her.

"Miss, your injuries aren't light. Luckily, our dogs have all been immunized. But, you will still need to get treatment and keep an eye on your wounds."

The old man escorted Lin Qian to the exit of the amus.e.m.e.nt park and Li Jin quickly arrived to pick her up.

As soon as he saw Lin Qian's helpless expression, he thanked the old man and immediately carried her into his car.

His original intention was to take Lin Qian straight to the hospital. But, Lin Qian told him, "Go to the museum...Xia Hanmo is currently there."

"Qian Qian..."

"I need to go!" Lin Qian's voice was slightly shaky.

Meanwhile, at Hyatt Regency, Tangning threw on her jacket and said to Mo Ting, "Ting, I have a matter to attend to. Can you drive me?"

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 912 We Have No Evidence

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