Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 913 This Slap Is Not For Nothing

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Xia Hanmo probably never imagined that she'd hurt Lin Qian so badly this time.

No matter how conflicting their thoughts were, she shouldn't have ignored Lin Qian. Especially since Lin Qian ended up with such a serious injury because of her.

The entire drive to the museum, Li Jin's eyebrows scrunched up tightly. This man was obviously angry...because to him, nothing was more important than Lin Qian; she was his precious gem. Yet, the person he treasured was being treated by Xia Hanmo in this way...

Worst of all, he couldn't take her to the hospital because he knew that if he didn't let her say what she wanted to say...she would regret it for the rest of her life.

So, before they arrived at the museum, Li Jin used the medicine chest in his car to help her briefly sterilize her wounds before he helped her over to the crew.

As she approached, the guests were resting. Seeing that Lin Qian was injured, they quickly gathered around her. Of course, this included Xia Hanmo.

"Lin Qian, what happened to you?"

"Lin Qian?"

Lin Qian looked at everyone before her eyes turned to Xia Hanmo, "Did you consider giving me a call when you decided to change locations? Others may not mind, but I'm your manager. Did you not worry when you didn't see me?"

"I thought you had something to handle, so I left first..."

"I don't think I've ever left without telling you, have I, Miss Xia?"

Xia Hanmo suddenly looked away.

Seeing this, Lin Qian couldn't help but sneer.

"Xia Hanmo, I've never​ done anything wrong by you. I have something to say to you in private. Could everyone please step aside and give us some s.p.a.ce? I'm currently hurt and can't move around," Lin Qian looked at everyone with anger and hatred, so everyone subconsciously moved away.

Lin Qian looked at Xia Hanmo and scoffed, "Hasn't the recent problem between us been obvious? Haven't you been curious about what I heard in the parking lot? I heard Zhou Qing talking to his friends. It was his idea to get rid of the Station Manager's son's arm."

"This is why I don't want you guys to have any contact."

"Because of a man, you actually forgot what we went through together. What ulterior motive do you think I could possibly have with you?"

"Just a moment ago, someone told me you were missing and told me to go look for you. Next thing I know, I was at the kennels being rescued by the a.s.sistant there. While I was being torn apart by dogs, what were you doing? Even if you couldn't find me, you should have at least made a phone call..."

"As your manager, I've already done what I should..."

"Xia Hanmo, you can start looking for a new manager tomorrow. After all, you already had that intention."

After saying this, Lin Qian turned to leave. But, the quiet Xia Hanmo suddenly spoke up, "Zhou Ge has already told me everything you said to me today. Lin Qian, is it because you can't control me that you've decided to put on a pity act?"

"You were the one that exposed Zhou Ge and I, weren't you?"

"If you want to leave, then go ahead. I already had plans to replace you...I will explain everything to Ning Jie."

Only after hearing this did Lin Qian come to her senses. It turned out, they had already drifted so far apart.

Before Lin Qian turned around, Xia Hanmo added, "Just like Zhou Ge said, you are just a rookie manager and I am a famous artist. Who do you think Ning Jie would choose?"

Just as Lin Qian stopped in her track and was about to turn around, a resounding voice echoed from behind them, "Let me tell you right now who I'd choose."

"It's Tangning..."

"Why's Tangning here?"


Everyone was surprised by the appearance of Tangning and Mo Ting. Soon, Tangning arrived in front of the two women.

Xia Hanmo looked at Tangning before glancing at Lin Qian. The answer was obvious...

However, just as Xia Hanmo was feeling smug, Tangning threw a hard slap across her face.

The slap was extremely loud...

"I can't stand people that are ungrateful. We are obviously not on the same page. So, Xia Hanmo, remember that this slap is not for nothing."

After speaking, Tangning helped Li Jin as he walked Lin Qian out, "Let's go..."

Xia Hanmo was shocked; extremely shocked. She thought Tangning would choose her...

"Tangning...why? I'm famous..."

"I can make you famous and I can also drag you back down to h.e.l.l! You actually gave up on someone that protects you for the sake of a man you don't even truly understand. Xia Hanmo, you are no longer worth our efforts. I will send you a contract cancelation tomorrow. Since someone is taking care of your brother now, it's no longer my concern."

After speaking, Tangning began to lead Lin Qian out. However, Zhou Qing witnessed what happened and quickly stepped out to help his girlfriend, "Tangning, I think we may have a misunderstanding."

Tangning turned around and smirked at Zhou Qing, "Zhou Qing, look at everyone before you: you have the CEO of Hai Rui, the boss of Superstar Media and an officer from the Air Force...but you placed all your bets on Xia Hanmo. You obviously made a very illogical decision."

"I don't understand what you're saying. Why are you giving up on your artist? What has Hanmo done wrong?"

"She hasn't done anything wrong, she's simply being ungrateful," Tangning was firm. "Superstar Media doesn't support those that are disloyal."

After speaking, Tangning turned back around, "Lin Qian is seriously injured, so I'm not going to stick around and argue with you. Next time we meet again, we can see whose one step ahead of the other. Zhou Qing, if I don't destroy you, my surname isn't Tang!"

After speaking, Tangning and the others left the set, leaving everyone behind with a blank look on their face.

Xia Hanmo had been revived by Tangning, yet their relations.h.i.+p fell apart right in front of everyone. And the thing that ignited their disagreement was Xia Hanmo's manager, Lin Qian!

Above all, the most confusing thing was why Tangning also hated Zhou Qing.

"What exactly happened?"

"Has Superstar Media given up on Xia Hanmo? Is filming going to continue?"

"Who knows?"

After hearing everyone's discussions, Xia Hanmo did not give a reaction. To be exact, she never expected that Tangning's reaction would be so extreme.

Zhou Qing's a.n.a.lysis of Tangning was completely wrong because Tangning was not one that cared about self benefits.

"Hanmo, are you OK?" Zhou Qing saw that Xia Hanmo had no response, so he quickly ran over to support her.

Xia Hanmo did not say a word. She thought that Tangning's seriousness was a joke...

If Lin Qian didn't do anything wrong, then what did she do wrong?

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 913 This Slap Is Not For Nothing

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