Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 926 You Might Be The Daughter Of A Rich Family

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The only thing that was keeping Xia Hanmo going was her hatred towards Zhou Qing.

President Liu was indeed nice to her. It was almost like he was trying to make up for the way he disrespected her. But, she wanted to forget about that night, even though some things couldn't easily be forgotten.

Apart from working, Xia Hanmo often pa.s.sed by Superstar Media. She knew she'd never receive Lin Qian's forgiveness, but simply seeing her was enough to ease her troubles.

While there, she noticed that Li Jin had been dropping Lin Qian off at work a lot more often. Did this mean that Lin Qian was about to get married?

Xia Hanmo was right. Because, that day, when Lin Qian arrived at the office, she immediately told Tangning and Long Jie the good news.

As soon as Long Jie heard it, a huge grin appeared on her face, "It's been a long time since we've had something worth celebrating at Superstar Media. Hurry up and do it."

"Has everything been decided?" Tangning was also happy for Lin Qian. After all, she had met a man that truly treated her well and was willing to give her everything.

"Yes," Lin Qian nodded, "The Li Family are really nice to me. I think getting married isn't a bad idea."

"As long as you're happy."

"Are the Li Family happy for you to continue working?" Long Jie still had her uncertainties.

"Yes. I've already spoken to them about it. They are very supportive." Lin Qian said before she fell into deep thought. "However, I've been investigating my background lately..."

"Haha. Who knows, you might be the daughter of a rich family. Don't worry about it too much."

Long Jie had always been this optimistic. So, Tangning and Lin Qian ended up laughing because of her response.

"President Tang, Ms Luo is here," the secretary said as she knocked on the office door. Tangning nodded and said to Lin Qian, "Let's go. Your artist has arrived."

Lin Qian nodded her head and followed Tangning out of the office. As they reached the meeting room and saw Luo Yinghong, they quickly exchanged greetings.

This was Lin Qian and Long Jie's first time seeing this woman in real life. From her appearance, she looked like a kind and gentle woman. She had long wavy hair and a beautiful pair of eyes that resembled a phoenix. Unfortunately, there was a long and thin scar that ran down the left side of her face.

This was likely the scar that was left by Feng Jing.

"Tangning, you already know about my situation. After all these years, I've already stopped competing with her. But, that woman is frightening. Do you know what she's been doing lately? She's been getting close to my son!"

"My son's only 22-years-old. He's in the prime of his youth, yet he told me that he's in love with a 40-year-old actress."

"How am I supposed to accept this? Doesn't Feng Jing think her actions are disgusting? She's already stolen everything from me, yet she's trying to steal my son as well!"

"She practically plays with my life like a hobby. What am I to do?"

"I'm completely helpless at the moment. All I can do is return to the entertainment industry and retrieve the motherly admiration that my son feels for that woman. I want to save my family, so I came to look for you."

After hearing Luo Yinghong's story, everyone fell silent. They never imagined that the story was even more complex than they originally thought.

Parents of the world deserved sympathy, yet Luo Yinghong's son was siding with an enemy...

No wonder Luo Yinghong wanted to make a comeback after disappearing for so long.

"I know that the world now belongs to the young people. It's practically impossible for someone at my age to make a comeback. But, for the sake of my son, I am willing to do anything."

Words probably couldn't explain how frightening Feng Jing was.

But, when one thought about how she stole another person's life and was now trying to steal their most loved, it wouldn't be hard to see that she was a despicable person...

Tangning remained silent for a few seconds as she scanned Luo Yinghong from top to bottom.

"You can still be saved."

"Huh?" Luo Yinghong was in disbelief. Did Tangning actually say that she could be saved?

"But, if you want things to change, you need to try something new. It won't be easy."

"I've already gotten to this point and experienced everything I could possibly experience. I'm ready to give my all," Luo Yinghong smiled bitterly. "What's your plan? As long as you think I stand a chance, then let's do it. I can handle anything."

"I feel a.s.sured with these words."

The meeting with Luo Yinghong filled Tangning with a million emotions. It turned out, there were so many people in this world that were​ just like her in the past: working hard for someone else's benefit. But, not everyone fought back like she did.

Luo Yinghong had endured dozens of years, but she didn't receive the peace she wanted. Even now, she was still being humiliated by Feng Jing.

To even target a person's son was proof of how evil this woman was.

"My eyes have been opened. There's actually women in this world that would look for younger men to please them," Long Jie sighed. Of course, she said this after Luo Yinghong had left. "How badly must Feng Jing hate Hong Jie for her to even target her son?"

"It might not be related to hatred. She might simply find pleasure in it," Tangning replied.

"What do you plan to do?"

They were finally discussing the main issue at hand. Tangning looked at Lin Qian and said, "Go look for a fitness teacher and a personal trainer. Hong Jie needs to change the way that her son views her. She also needs to change her public image."

"She is currently worse than a newcomer because everyone is waiting to treat her as a joke."

"What do you view her as?" Lin Qian asked.

"I view her as an inspirational and elegant woman that's willing to sacrifice and try anything for her son," Tangning explained. "Of course, this has the potential of being skewed by the media, so you need to control the timing well. Most importantly, Feng Jing will definitely cause trouble and fight back..."

"This time, we are not making Luo Yinghong into an actress again. It's no use, Feng Jing won't lose to that. We need to do something more shocking!"

This time, it wasn't just Luo Yinghong's battle. It was also Superstar Media's chance to take a big leap forward, because everyone felt that Luo Yinghong's chance of making a comeback was too unlikely.

All eyes were on them!

What PR tactics could Tangning produce?

Feng Jing thought that Tangning would put her up against Luo Yinghong. But in reality, this was not the case. Luo Yinghong was born into a prestigious background and had been talented since a young age. Meanwhile, Feng Jing simply started off as an insignificant a.s.sistant. Even though she had experienced a lot in the industry, some things couldn't be learned on the spot; they required proper training.

So, Tangning wanted Luo Yinghong to play to that advantage...

No matter how impressive Feng Jing currently was, she would always mind her family background. This was what Tangning wanted to use against her.

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 926 You Might Be The Daughter Of A Rich Family

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