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Lin Qian wanted to invite Tangning and Mo Ting to be witnesses at her wedding.

So, as soon as Mother Li realized this, she personally gave Tangning a phone call. Ever since deciding on Lin Qian as her daughter-in-law, she represented both sides of the family perfectly. As long as Lin Qian wanted something, she would try her best to satisfy her.

Tangning and Mother Li were the type of people that didn't appear like they were meeting for the first time because they were similar in a lot of ways. For example, they both s.h.i.+elded the shortcomings of their own people. So, this time, at Lin Qian's wedding, Tangning was prepared to help her throw a big party.

As soon as the two women started talking, they ended up chatting for an entire hour. If it wasn't because President Mo was getting impatient, Tangning would have continued.

"It's already late at night. How could you leave your husband to the side while you keep an old lady company. Have you considered my feelings? Huh?"

Tangning put down her phone and pounced into Mo Ting's arms as she felt his firm chest muscles, "We had a lot in common so we chatted a little longer than expected."

Tangning was currently four months pregnant, so her stomach was already showing. Hence, Mo Ting was too afraid to carry her recklessly. All he could do was watch as she clung to him like a koala.

"Ting, I'm tired."

"Get some rest if you're tired," Mo Ting said as he ran his fingers through her hair. "Since you're pregnant, everyone around you will do whatever they can to satisfy you."

"What about you?" Tangning lifted her head and looked at Mo Ting. "I heard that Li Jin personally took part in the design of Lin Qian's wedding dress. I find it quite admirable."

"Do you want it?"

"Uh huh," Tangning nodded.

"OK..." After speaking, Mo Ting carried Tangning off the sofa and headed into the bedroom.

Tangning was a little surprised before she quickly realized what Mo Ting was referring to. This man was becoming more and more black-bellied.

A few moments later, Mo Ting placed Tangning gently on the soft bed and undid the b.u.t.tons on his s.h.i.+rt. He then hooked his hand under her chin.

Tangning had already gotten used to Mo Ting's naked body, so she no longer blushed when she saw it, instead a look of infatuation appeared on her face. He was already 35, but there wasn't any trace of fat on his body. As Tangning ran her fingers across his body, his muscles were smooth and defined. This was all thanks to his persistence in the gym.

Closely afterwards, Tangning's​ nightgown also found its way onto the floor. As she was pregnant, Tangning looked a little helplessly at Mo Ting. But, before she could say a word, her mouth was enveloped by his kiss.

The couples' body heat continued to rise as Tangning's body rocked like a boat floating in the ocean, unable to find the sh.o.r.e. Only after she was filled with Mo Ting's love did she feel steady and satisfied...

The temperature in the room was heated as the two perfect bodies intertwined pa.s.sionately. It seemed, no matter how much time pa.s.sed, their souls still matched up perfectly...

Afterwards, Tangning lay atop Mo Ting's chest and fell asleep. However, her words stuck to Mo Ting's head.

A little while later, Mo Ting got up out of bed, put on his black robe and went to check on the kids.

As the couple had a flash marriage, Mo Ting had always felt guilty about not giving Tangning a grand wedding. However, he trusted that Tangning wasn't interested in superficial things like that anyway. She was more fond of the way he doted on her, accompanied her and the way that he'd take care of her for the rest of her life.

No two marriages were ever the same. Li Jin treated Lin Qian wholeheartedly, but it didn't mean that he had to follow suit.

Because he had his own way of loving Tangning...

In fact, Tangning was indeed just playing around. Although never having a proper wedding was one of her regrets in life, but, just as Mo Ting expected, she was already the mother of three children and no longer cared about superficial things like that.

Besides, Mo Ting gave her whatever she wanted anyway.

He was even aiding her with pursuing her dream. With a man like that, how could she not be satisfied?

Even in her dreams she was worried that she may have said something wrong. So, as soon as she woke up, she immediately went to look for Mo Ting. She eventually found him in the nursery. Tangning immediately walked over and hugged him, burying her head into the curves of his back, "It didn't feel right to wake up without you by my side."

Mo Ting continued to coax his son to sleep as he allowed Tangning to hug him.

A short moment later, Mo Ting finally turned his head and asked, "Aren't you tired?"

"I can go for another round..." Tangning whispered from behind.

As soon as Mo Ting heard this, the corners of his lips slowly curved upwards...

Mo Ting had done so much for Tangning and given her so much in secret.

So much so that her heart ached when she thought about it...

"Be good, go to bed. I have an early shoot tomorrow."

No matter how dirty the outside world was, this home would forever be filled with warmth. This was the way that Tangning expressed her love for her family


As the wedding day approached, Lin Qian officially went on leave and handed Luo Yinghong temporarily to Tangning.

But, the truth was, ever since Luo Yinghong's successful interview, plenty of offers came looking for her themselves without anyone needing to do anything.

Tangning placed the scripts she received to the side because she didn't think it was time for Luo Yinghong to return to acting just yet. Luo Yinghong also knew where she stood and actually enjoyed designing and the freedom she was currently experiencing. So, she had no objections towards the exhibitions and design collaborations that Tangning ended up accepting for her.

"You have officially stepped foot into the fas.h.i.+on industry now, so the t.i.tle I'm giving you is fas.h.i.+on stylist."

Luo Yinghong didn't question Tangning's decision because she was once a model and was only one step away from being an international supermodel.

"Don't worry, I'm confident with this t.i.tle. Because, compared to acting, I am actually more interested in this field. More importantly, it gives me the opportunity to avoid Feng Jing. I doubt she'll get the chance to s.n.a.t.c.h away my position this time."

"Great!" Tangning smiled.

"I've checked the date and time of Lin Qian's wedding and noticed that I'd be working that day, so help me congratulate her on my behalf."


"Also, keep an eye out for Feng Jing. She may try to seek revenge on her own daughter. She loves doing stuff like that."

Tangning looked at Luo Yinghong rea.s.suringly. She was already prepared. If Feng Jing dared to show up, she was going to destroy her beyond redemption!


One week before the wedding. Lin Qian received a s.h.i.+pment with her wedding dress. Although Li Jin wasn't by her side, she was emotionally moved as she put on the dress that was personally designed by her lover.

Tangning looked at Lin Qian as she wore the starry mermaid style dress and couldn't help but sigh. She was indeed getting married...

"When is Li Jin back?""

"Tonight," Lin Qian replied as she looked at herself in the mirror. "Does this look good?"

"Even if it doesn't, you're still going to wear it..." Tangning teased. "You look beautiful..."

Lin Qian revealed a rarely seen sweet smile; she truly felt happy this time.

However, Li Jin did not arrive home that night as expected. Mother Li had already grown accustomed to it, hence Lin Qian told herself that she too should get used to it.

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 943 Another Round

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