Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 957 Are We Going To Continue Filming?

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Tangning and Qiao Sen were good friends. When she thought about the man that loved sci-fi film more than she did and how he would no longer appear in front of her, she couldn't help but cry.

Qiao Sen's daughter was influenced by Tangning's emotions and began to cry as well. Even when Mo Ting arrived at the hospital, Tangning was still crying.

As soon as he saw his woman covered in tears, Mo Ting's heart broke. He quickly walked over to her and swept her off the floor into his arms.

Qiao Sen had left too suddenly; no one expected it. The most important part of the film still needed to be shot before they headed into post-production, but Qiao Sen was no longer around.

"Tangning, you're pregnant, don't let yourself get too sad. All I hope for now is to see 'The Ant Queen' on the big screen. That is the best consolation for my father."

Tangning did not say a word. She simply turned to Qiao Sen's daughter and gave her three sincere bows.

Afterwards, Mo Ting lifted Tangning in his arms and took her home. But, she remained silent for the entire trip.

Mo Ting understood that she needed time to accept the truth, so he called Lu Che, told him to put filming for 'The Ant Queen' on hold and instructed him to comfort the staff.

Tangning leaned against the bed as she listened to Mo Ting's phone call, unable to draw her mind away from Qiao Sen's death.

Mo Ting noticed this and his heart broke as he sat on the edge of the bed and held onto Tangning's hand, "The only thing you can do for him now is to complete 'The Ant Queen' because it was his biggest dream. Ning...I know your heart is broken, but the dead can not be brought back to life. Compose yourself. The entire crew is waiting for you to lead them."

Tangning lifted her head and looked at Mo Ting. As she felt herself overflow with sadness, she replied to Mo Ting with a sob, "I'm fine. I've always known that life is fragile, but I've never experienced it before. So, now that I've witnessed a man leave this world when he was just laughing and talking to me yesterday..." 

"...I'm surprised by how sudden it happened and I'm struggling to come to terms with it," Tangning cried as tears once again rolled out of her eyes.

"As a result, I began to think about you and how you've been going back and forth between the set, the office and our home - all because you made a promise to me. You're practically like a spinning top. It makes me afraid..."

After hearing Tangning's thoughts, he understood her fears. It was hard for anyone to accept the sudden loss of a life, let alone someone that was as sensitive as Tangning. So, it was in her nature to think about the people around her and begin to feel guilty.

Therefore, Mo Ting pulled Tangning into his arms again and gently patted her back, "You, when you're strong, even men can't compete against you. Yet, you choose to torment yourself. Why should you shoulder responsibility that you shouldn't?"

"Stay strong, OK?"

After hearing these words, Tangning felt a lot better, and after another round of crying, her emotions finally stabilized.

She rested a bit before she pushed herself to return to the set. Mo Ting understood that she needed to vent her feelings, so he decided to accompany her.

Meanwhile, as soon as everyone on set found out about Qiao Sen's pa.s.sing, they were overcome with grief. Some people even felt that 'The Ant Queen' wouldn't be the same without Qiao Sen because no one was as pa.s.sionate as him.

So, after Tangning arrived on set, everyone looked at her and asked, "President Tang, are we going to continue filming? How are we to continue?"

Tangning held back her tears and replied, "Filming will definitely continue. I've already contacted Director An Zihao. After he settles down, he will take over from Qiao Sen."

The staff weren't particularly excited by this.

So, Tangning added, "I know that it's hard for you guys to accept Director Qiao Sen's death. I can't accept it either, but the director's biggest dream was to see 'The Ant Queen' make its way onto the big screen. That's why, from now on, I hope everyone can put in their best efforts and continue to work hard for the film. The day that it finally gets released, I will remember each and every one of your names and faces."

After hearing these words from Tangning, all the staff on set were moved to tears, "OK, since President Tang isn't giving up, then we have no reason to give up either!"

"We will persist until the end and help the new director settle in as soon as possible!"

"Thank you." Although Tangning was in Mo Ting's embrace, they all understood that the woman that appeared weak actually had a very strong spirit. 

Her confidence and pa.s.sion quickly united everyone. 

"Everyone on set will receive double their income from now on."

Mo Ting said this last sentence because he understood that compensation was an important means of comfort for the staff.

This was the only way to make the staff work harder and wholeheartedly invest their efforts into the film...

Soon, An Zihao returned from overseas. As soon as he stepped foot in China, the first thing he did was go to Superstar Media to see Tangning. When he arrived, Tangning was in the process of releasing an announcement for Qiao Sen's death.

"I'm sorry for calling you with such short notice..."

"Sorry isn't necessary between us. Leave it with me," An Zihao a.s.sured. "I may not be good at other things, but when it comes to helping a friend, I am more than capable. What's more, I'm really happy that I can still be of use to you."

"What about Xing Lan..."

"She is attending an audition overseas. She has an a.s.sistant accompanying her, so I don't need to worry for the time being."

As a result, An Zihao took all the information that Qiao Sen left behind and decided to a.n.a.lyze his style of filming so he could reduce the difference between their footage.

As for Qiao Sen's death announcement, An Zihao decided to give Tangning some words of advice.

"President Mo didn't try to stop you?"

"If you make the announcement now, you will give everyone another reason to slander you. I heard that you've already created a lot of enemies because of Luo Sheng."

"What do I have to fear?" Tangning asked. "If they want to slander me, then go ahead. If they want to ridicule me, I don't care. But, if someone tries to provoke me head on, I won't hold back."

"Qiao Sen has spent his whole life trying to perfect sci-fi. I don't want him to leave quietly."

"Fine. Since so many people are supporting you, you can do whatever makes you happy."

After speaking, An Zihao left with all of Qiao Sen's ma.n.u.scripts and notes. He needed to immediately focus on the film.

Soon thereafter, Tangning released an announcement for Qiao Sen's death on behalf of Superstar Media.

She was going to fulfill the wish that Qiao Sen couldn't complete.

It didn't take long before everyone heard of Qiao Sen's death. At the same time, the cause of death was confirmed as a sudden brain hemorrhage from overworking on the set of Tangning's new film, 'The Ant Queen'...

This news made President Fan extremely happy...

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 957 Are We Going To Continue Filming?

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