Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 966 You're The Last Person To Believe In Fate

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"Qian Qian, errr..."

"What is it, mom? I'm still on set and I'm not sure what time I'll be home. Li Jin will be home later, could you please..."

"Qian Qian, listen to me, Li Jin won't be coming home," Mother Li suddenly cut in with a sob.

Lin Qian froze for a second. She was holding a gla.s.s of red wine in her left hand, but when she heard this news from Mother Li, she was so shocked that she couldn't focus on anything else.

"Mom, are you trying to say that he won't be home tonight...?"

"No. I'm saying that he might never come home."

After hearing this, Lin Qian immediately dropped the gla.s.s in her hand and ran out of the filming studio. Tangning noticed Lin Qian's sudden reaction, but she was 7-8 months pregnant and couldn't possibly chase after her, so she asked Long Jie to check on her.

Long Jie immediately rushed out and grabbed onto Lin Qian's arm, "What happened?"

"Don't stop me, I need to go home right away."

"I'll drive you. How are you supposed to go home on yourself in this state?" Long Jie immediately dragged her to the car and tried to calm her down. But, just as the two women boarded the car, Lin Qian fainted in the pa.s.senger's seat.

Long Jie was so shocked that she immediately notified Tangning and they quickly delivered Lin Qian to a doctor. It didn't take long before they found out that Lin Qian was actually pregnant.

It turned out, she had fainted from shock.

"Didn't Lin Qian know that she was pregnant?" Long Jie asked Tangning. Tangning shook her head and immediately told Lu Che to contact the Li Family. As soon Mother Li received the news, she immediately rushed over to the hospital.

It was obvious that Mother Li was anxious. But, it appeared as though she had been crying because her eyes were red.

"Silly Qian Qian, how could she not know that she was pregnant? Li Jin can't even return now..."

After everyone heard this, they realized what Mother Li was trying to say.

"Why can't Li Jin return?" Long Jie asked.

"He was attacked by the enemy during a mission and his plane crashed..." Mother Li did not dare to explain further.

No wonder Lin Qian was so emotional...

"It's all my fault..."

Mother Li was a lively and cheerful person, yet she was now covered in tears. Even Tangning felt emotional just looking at her.

Lin Qian soon woke up, but the first thing she did was sit up before she ran for the hospital room door.

"Qian Qian..." Mother Li quickly ran over to help her stand, "Silly girl, you're pregnant. You can't throw yourself around like this."

As soon as Lin Qian heard that she was pregnant, she froze in shock...

She couldn't believe it.

However, after multiple confirmations, Lin Qian finally accepted that she was pregnant. But, what about Li Jin?

"The base is currently searching for Jin Er. Before we receive definitive information, we can't give up hope," Mother Li comforted. "Even if it's not for yourself, you should do it for the child in your stomach. This is yours and Jin Er's child and also a Li Family descendant; our flesh and blood! It would also break our hearts if anything happens to it, Qian Qian..."

As she looked at Mother Li's crying face, Lin Qian finally calmed down.

"Let's wait...Let's wait for a bit."

Lin Qian was dumbfounded. To be exact, her heart was so bitter that she couldn't say a word. She now had a child, but...what about her husband?

Although she always knew that Li Jin's ident.i.ty meant that his every mission was a gamble, she couldn't accept it now that it actually happened.

Tangning looked at Lin Qian's expression and rushed over to hug her, placing Lin Qian's head against her stomach so she could experience the miracle of life.

"I have faith that he will be found. Do you have faith?"

Lin Qian stared blankly at Tangning, but Tangning remained patient as she asked again, "Do you have faith?"

In the end, Lin Qian nodded her head lifelessly.

She didn't believe in miracles, but she believed in Tangning because she was able to create miracles.

In that instant, Lin Qian calmed down and was finally able to converse like normal again. She wanted to remain optimistic...even though she sneakily cried at night when no one was around.


"A normal celebration dinner was somehow overtaken by grief. Sometimes, it's hard not to believe in fate."

"You're the last person to believe in fate," Mo Ting said as he drove. "Just like you said earlier, we will definitely find Li Jin. If you don't believe it anymore, Lin Qian's going to lose her determination as well."

"Out of all of us, she attracts the most misfortune. Why can't life be easier on her?"

"Losing one's other half is the cruelest thing to happen to a person," Tangning said before she looked at Mo Ting, "It's not just Lin Qian. If the same thing happened to me, I would also breakdown."

"I can lose anything except you."

"If you got into an accident, I wouldn't know how to continue living."

Mo Ting stretched out his hand and rubbed the back of Tangning's neck before he continued to drive, "Stop thinking about weird things."

Either way, Lin Qian's incident ended up making everyone at Superstar Media suffer.

At this time, the restless President Fan found out that Lin Qian was at the hospital. After further investigations, he realized that she was not only pregnant, but, it was also possible that her husband would never return.

"The timing is perfect. Lin Qian must be really weak at the moment. It's going to be easy to use her."

"Didn't Tangning say that she's not afraid of me causing trouble? This time, I'm going to see how she competes against my shamelessness."

It was time for a huge scheme to begin...


3 days later, Lin Qian and Mother Li received news that Li Jin was still not found yet. When it came to search and rescue, the faster they found a person, the higher their chances of survival were. But...the longer it took...

"Qian Qian, let's keep waiting."

Lin Qian looked at Mother Li and did not say a word. She simply smiled weakly.

"Don't worry, Jin Er will definitely return. He's so capable."

"Yes, I know he will," Lin Qian persisted. After all, Tangning had rea.s.sured her that Li Jin would come back.

But, the next morning, Mother Li gave Tangning a phone call, "Xiao Ning, Qian Qian's missing...I'm afraid she may have gone to the military base to look for him. What should I do? How could I not worry when she's pregnant?"

"Auntie, if you don't let her go, she is going to break down. Let her try, I will send someone to protect her."

"Haiz..." Mother Li had no idea what to do. "In that case, Xiao Ning, I'll leave her with you..."

Tangning could understand how Lin Qian was feeling. If she was in her position, she would do the same thing too. But, of course, she would keep her own safety in mind when doing it.

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 966 You're The Last Person To Believe In Fate

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