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"Are you saying that I'm not allowed to get revenge?" President Fan asked unhappily, "That's completely unfair!"

Luckily, Lin Qian had already headed into the gorge and Tangning couldn't possibly locate her any time soon. This was his only consolation.

However, he had no idea that Lin Qian had already returned to the village on her own.

After returning to the village, the first thing that Lin Qian heard was that Lu Che had been looking everywhere for her. She knew that she had done something wrong by Tangning, but she didn't want to share her unhappiness.

However, Lu Che quickly received news that Lin Qian had returned to the hostel. As soon as he saw her again, he finally relaxed.

"Did you know that you caused us to go on quite a search? Because of you, the Madam and President Fan were one step away from pointing guns at each other."

"So, the two brothers that were following me were sent by President Fan?" Lin Qian finally understood why she had been lured into the gorge.

"What do you think? At least you didn't disappoint us and still maintained your sense of judgment. The Madam didn't waste her time protecting you in the end..."

"So, have you guys caught the two men yet?" Lin Qian asked.

"We've already pinpointed their location. Do you want to play with them?" Lu Che asked as he raised an eyebrow.

"Of course," Lin Qian replied as she raised her head. She would never let go of an opportunity like this. Especially since these guys tried to trick her with Li Jin's name.

"As for Li Jin, you shouldn't worry too much, we will definitely hear from him."

"I know," Lin Qian replied confidently. "I can feel that he's still alive. He's definitely still alive."

"Great, let's go then. The two men are currently eating in the dining room," Lu Che said as he glanced towards the dining room.

"Go greet them first. I'll be right over."

Lu Che nodded his head and led his men towards the dining room. He then sat down right beside the two men, "According to the hostel owner, the two of you have been trailing Lin Qian for a good few days now."

As soon as the two men saw Lu Che, they immediately recognized him, so they began to avoid his gaze...

"Are you speaking to the wrong people?"

"Weren't you the ones that lured Lin Qian into the gorge? And weren't you the ones that pretended to be shepherds?" Lu Che laughed as he crossed his arms. "President Fan's men don't seem very smart."

Realizing that their ident.i.ties had been exposed, the two men did not hide anymore as they straightforwardly replied, "There's no point mocking us, we each work for our own bosses. Lin Qian has already headed into the gorge. If you are capable, you should go bring her back. Who knows, she might have already been eaten up by a wild animal by now."

"Do you really think that Superstar Media's people would be as brainless as the two of you?" Lu Che laughed as he pointed to their heads.

"What are you trying to say?"

Lu Che looked behind the two men and pointed his chin towards the distance, "Have a look for yourself..."

The two men turned around at the same time and saw Lin Qian walking towards them, unscathed.

The two men were so shocked that their eyes nearly popped out of their sockets...

"'s this possible?"

"I saw her walk towards the gorge with my own two eyes."

At this moment, without hesitation, Lin Qian walked over to the two men and emptied a cup of boiling hot coffee onto one of the men's head, "Rubbish..."


Bloodcurdling cries echoed through the hostel as everyone turned their attention towards Lin Qian and the two men. However, Lu Che blocked their view while the hostel owner told his guests, "Those men tried to sell someone's child and was caught red-handed."

As soon as the guests heard this, they gritted their teeth and agreed, "People like that deserve to be punished!"

Therefore, the two men were burnt by scorching coffee, but no one came to their aid.

Meanwhile, Lu Che waited until Lin Qian completely released her anger before he called the hospital.

"Now that you've released your anger, do you feel a lot better?"

Lin Qian lowered her head and​ suddenly thought of Li Jin, "Better does not exist in my dictionary at the moment. I simply want to see him alive..."

"You will," Lu Che said as he patted Lin Qian on the shoulder. At this moment, just as Lin Qian turned on her phone, she suddenly received a phone call from an anonymous number.

As soon as Lin Qian saw this, she emotionally picked up the call, "Li Jin, is that you? Li Jin?"

"Sister-in-law, I'm not the chief, but I can tell you a piece of good news. The chief is fine, he was saved last night and is currently back in Beijing. They transferred him overnight."

"Is he really fine?" Lin Qian confirmed.

"Yes, he's fine. But...he won't be able to return home for a little while."

"Where is he? I'll come look for him..."

"You'll find out when you get back," the man mumbled, not quite clarifying things properly. However, knowing that Li Jin was still alive was already the best news for Lin Qian.

Beside her, Lu Che had overheard her conversation and discovered that Li Jin was still alive. So, he naturally felt happy for her, "Every cloud has a silver lining. You see, G.o.d still watches over good people in the end."

"Since that's the case, let's immediately return to Beijing."

"OK, I'll organize it right now." After speaking, Lu Che turned around and left, leaving Lin Qian behind to bid farewell to the hostel owner.

However, the hostel owner looked at Lin Qian and smiled, "I never imagined that you were the a.s.sistant of a big celebrity. I heard from my daughter that your artist is her favorite actress. What's her name again? Tangning?"

"Thank you."

"If you really want to thank me, then get an autograph from Tangning and give it to my daughter as a token of grat.i.tude for risking her life with you."

"Don't worry, that's easy."


Tangning quickly heard about Lin Qian and successfully got in contact with her.

"Ning Jie, I'm so sorry...I seem to always create trouble for you."

"You are a part of Superstar Media, so you are like a family member to me. It's no trouble at all," Tangning replied. "As long as you're OK, that's all that matters."

"After the way that you've offended President Fan, will he use even harsher methods on you?" Lin Qian was worried. Since President Fan was evil enough to lure her into the gorge, it was highly possible that he could do something even worse.

"We will deal with it when the time comes. But for now, I don't think he will have the energy to deal with me. That's enough, let's continue our conversation for when you get back."

After a short chat, the two women hung up their phones.

At that moment, Lin Qian was anxious to return home.


President Fan soon received news that Lin Qian had not fallen for his trick. As soon as he heard this news, he was so angry that he almost smashed everything in his house.

He never imagined that the people at Superstar Media were so smart to see through his lies.

However, he was still worried whether his wife had revealed anything to Tangning.

But, he couldn't do a thing. He could only sit back and wait for his grandfather to deal with it.

"Just this once, I will meet with the young woman, but never again!" the old man scoffed. "How did the Fan Family produce someone like you?!"

"But, she's not going to accept your invite!"

"I have my ways...I can't wait to see how powerful this woman is."

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 970 How Powerful

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