Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 1039

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Chapter 1039: Greenwood Dragon

There aren't any carvings on the Dao Comprehension Cliff about illusions… After all, illusion experts among the barbarians… haha… are no different from a joke. There was only one Chihun before, but unfortunately, he didn't live long!

There naturally aren't any cultivation techniques without experts. I'll only be able to cultivate water element techniques if I stay in the Barbarian Palace…

Not to mention, I have to exchange materials or complete missions if I want to obtain more since I've used up my benefits.

Therefore, I should accept some missions first, and it would be best if they're near the Beichen tribe. That way, I can explore the land of inheritance in pa.s.sing.

Fang Yuan held more speculations about that place currently. Even Apotheosis cultivators could not move in the void or arrange various energies. That must have been the inheritance of an Immortal.

The inheritance of an Immortal would be enough to make all lower-level cultivators go crazy!

“Master Nine Leave, I would like to take on a few missions to train outside,” Fang Yuan said immediately.

“Hmm, barbarians truly need to grow through battles. You will become the Saber King's disciple if you can comprehend Saber Qi… Unfortunately…” Nine Leave sighed. “I actually recommended you to the old patriarch, but your totem…”

The one who gets me is lucky, while the one who loses me is his fate. It's nothing much… Fang Yuan smiled but was secretly grumbling. It seems like this Saber King doesn't have too high a position on the Holy Mountain. I wouldn't be able to enter the core even if I became his disciple.

“All right. The missions are all here. Take a look!” Nine Leave took out a stack of beast skins, and Fang Yuan glanced over them carefully.

“Hunting mission—Can exchange three mutated beasts for one combat skill. Five mutated beasts for a magical power!”

“Patrol mission—Patrol the borders of East Li for a year. Can choose any two magical powers afterward.”

“Hunting mission—kill any subordinate at the Materialization realm of Great Fey Pengze. Can choose any three magical powers and three combat skills!”

“Hunting the subordinates of Great Fey Pengze?” Fang Yuan's eyebrows arched. “This is it!”

“Hunting mission? This mission is rather dangerous. Even though the compensation is good… it's extremely difficult!” Nine Leave shook his head. “This Pengze is extremely cunning. Even those at the Primordial Core realm will face a period of being hunted down after they complete this mission.”

It was easy for those at the Primordial Core realm to kill Fey at the Materialization realm. The difficult part was Great Fey Pengze's retaliation.

This Great Fey was quite cunning. He would hide in his lake when he met an Apotheosis expert, but his strength was among the best in the Primordial Core realm. He was rather difficult to deal with.

Of course, he also knew his place and did not anger the Immortal Patriarchs. Otherwise, he would not have survived until now.

“This is it.” Fang Yuan pursued adamantly.

Pengze was within range of the Beichen tribe, and this mission had a term of one year, enough for him to explore the land of inheritance.

“All right. But I recommend you try after you break through to the Materialization realm. Don't hesitate to ask for help from the Beichen tribe if you meet any danger!”

Nine Leave sighed, but he did not have the power to restrict missions. His job was merely to help register.

Fang Yuan frowned after leaving the Barbarian Hall.

A group of youths cornered him. “You are the Fang Yuan who comprehended Saber Intent? You also defeated many seniors yesterday. So prestigious?”

“Yes…” Fang Yuan sighed. “Who is here to challenge?”

“Me… The top in the Barbarian Palace, Dongmu Cai!” A young girl in green walked out with a sweet smile. “n.o.body else in the Barbarian Palace will find trouble with you as long as you defeat me.”

“Well then, please!” Fang Yuan agreed.

Dongmu Cai released her materialization, a green dragon entwined with vines.

Second-grade totem greenwood dragon!

Not only that, but the horror of a third-grade and above totem would only appear when it reached the Materialization realm.

The greenwood dragon's eye shone, and a complete magical power symbol emerged on its body.

“Magical power—Greenwood Realm!”

Bang! Bang!

The ground cracked, and numerous vines poured forth, forming a huge cage.

“Dongmu Cai is going all out. This Greenwood Realm is a great magical power. Not only is it powerful, but it also brings it the power of a domain. She'll reach large success in the Nomological Laws of Wood if she can comprehend a little bit more.”

Nine Leave stood at the door of the hall with admiration in his eyes. “These seniors couldn't take it after losing, so they sent out their strongest. Unfortunately, Fang Yuan is going to lose!”


Many vines flew, and each one was not inferior to a steel whip.

The vines went straight for Fang Yuan but instead stirred up layers of water, turning them into nothingness.

“Illusion body? Useless,” Dongmu Cai said lightly. “Even if I haven't comprehended the nomological laws of the Greenwood Realm, I still have the power of the domain. Everything is clear in the domain! Moreover, my defense and vine armor are also top-notch. Let's see how you crack it!”


The vines rolled around on the ground like poisonous snakes, wrapping two Fang Yuans and bursting them like soap bubbles.

“Fake again?” Dongmu Cai frowned prettily and suddenly raised her head.

A huge clam appeared in the air, spitting out fog that engulfed the entire battlefield. Nothing was visible.

“This is…” Nine Leave's eyes grew wide. “Materialization? Good lad. It hasn't been long, yet he's succeeded in ascending to the Materialization realm! No wonder he dared to take on that mission!”


The crisp sound of a saber echoed within the fog.

A shadow burst out of the fog. It was Dongmu Cai!

Her vine armor had suffered a large cut, and she could barely stand. “Thank you for showing mercy. I lost.”

The whole place fell silent before bursting into life.

Dongmu Cai, number one in the Barbarian Palace… actually lost?

“What happened exactly?”

“How did Senior Sister lose?”

The dense fog had blocked everyone's view. Even Nine Leave was at a loss. He could not help but extend an ear when he heard someone ask.

“I don't… know either…” Dongmu Cai seemed puzzled. “Anyway, he's strong! Very much so!”


Just then, some applause came. “Junior Brother, such a great illusion technique is pretty rare!”

A young man in red drifted over. “Junior Sister Dongmu, are you all right?”

Everyone went silent again before someone recognized him and said with obvious admiration, “He is a core disciple of the Holy Mountain, Xu Lie!”

Dongmu Cai was just number one in the Barbarian Palace at the bottom of the mountain. She would also be expelled if she could not reach the Primordial Core realm within three years.

The disciples on the Holy Mountain were at the Primordial Core realm at the very least! There was no comparison!

This Xu Lie was not only a disciple of the Holy Mountain, but he was also the top disciple for the past decade. This was because his totem was a rare first-grade one that had not appeared for ten thousand years—Phoenix!

Unlike the horned dragon and the greenwood dragon totems, which had a dragon bloodline, Xu Lie's Phoenix had the pure bloodline of a divine beast. His Materialization realm's peerless magical power had unlimited prospects. He was even directly taken in as a disciple by an Immortal Patriarch.

“Thank you for the concern, Senior Brother. I'm all right!” Dongmu Cai replied stubbornly.

“This boy's illusion wasn't bad, but how dare he hurt you. Do you want me to teach him a lesson for you?” Xu Lie pointed at Fang Yuan with a slight smile and a hint of frivolousness between his eyebrows.

“No need!” Dongmu Cai's face was suddenly as cold as ice.

Xu Lie's eyes flashed when he was rejected, but he still asked kindly, “I'm going down the mountain for a great opportunity. Do you want to go with me? You might obtain quite a bit of benefits.”

“How would I dare take away Senior Brother's opportunity?” Dongmu Cai bowed slightly. “I still have something to do and will take my leave.”

“Ah…” Xu Lie sighed. “Seems like Junior Sister is still very resistant to my previous proposal. But no matter. I'll ask Master when I'm back…”

“You…” Dongmu Cai's body stiffened. She turned back with her eyes as sharp as a knife. “I won't agree, never!”

“Haha… That's what I like about you, your stubborn eyes!” Xu Lie laughed loudly. A pair of splendid golden flame wings sprouted from his back, and he soared into the sky.

“It's a flying magical power!” The others looked on enviously. “These magical powers are very demanding. Ordinary disciples don't even have a chance to see them, let alone learn to inscribe them.”

Only when they cultivated to the Apotheosis realm would they possess the ability to fly.

Before this, ordinary cultivators like Yan Luo could only take flying mutated beasts.

However, there was an exception, the flying magical powers.

“Xu Lie?” Fang Yuan looked at the disappearing flame in the sky and sneered. “Borrowing wood to burn fire. He must fancy the greenwood dragon totem from the way he is so persistent about Dongmu Cai. If it were ordinary Dao Companions, she probably wouldn't be so resistant. He'd probably use her as a furnace…

“But what does this have to do with me?”

He shook his head and walked toward the jungle outside the Barbarian Palace. “I have to pay with a mutated beast if I want to use a four-winged griffin, so I'll go hunting first.”

Outside the Barbarian Palace was a primitive jungle with more mutated beasts than the Endless Mountains.

It was also the intention of the Holy Mountain to leave a training ground for the juniors in the Barbarian Palace.

Nine days later, Endless Mountains.

“Finally back!”

Fang Yuan arrived at the cave in the land of inheritance and stroked the stone talisman in his hand.

He did not want to notify the Flybarb tribe so that it would not alarm the Beichen tribe that he was back.

“The land of inheritance where Immortal Hong Chen selects his disciple!”

He walked into the cave, activated the stone talisman, and was teleported to a stone platform, exactly where he left before on the second level.

“The Barbarian Palace might have Immortal Patriarchs, but those patriarchs are still alive, and there were many geniuses as well, so they must exchange materials, complete missions, and make contributions.

On the other hand, this Immortal Hong Chen has probably died, and a dead Immortal is very generous. How much stronger have I grown since the last time? I can make a fortune! Fang Yuan thought excitedly but was not foolish enough to voice his thoughts.

After all, he had guessed that there might be a spirit beast with intellect or a magic treasure's spirit guarding here.

Wouldn't he be on the short end of the stick if he happened to be heard and hated?

Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 1039

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