Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 1051

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Chapter 1051: Making Things Difficult

“It's true that most things don't go according to plan in life!” Fang Yuan sighed as he left the Myriad Symbols Palace.

Although there was a staggeringly vast amount of magical powers and mystic techniques in the palace, it did not have what he wanted the most.

“I didn't even find anything that was remotely related to a clone mystic technique. But there were three time-type magical powers. Unfortunately, not only are they prohibitively expensive, but they're even more unsuitable for inscribing on the Clam Dragon…

“But I still need to exchange for these magical powers as a reserve! I can't let s.p.a.ce-type magical powers slip by either.”

Fang Yuan was determined.

However, you still needed to have contribution points to exchange for magical powers in the Myriad Symbols Palace.

These contributions naturally referred to contributions to the barbarians and the Holy Mountain, and you could only obtain them by doing missions.

Of course, he could also turn in some magical powers, magic artifacts, information, and so on to exchange for them. However, he could only do it a few times. If he tried to turn in all the magical powers and cultivation techniques from the Pantheon Palace, the Holy Mountain would inevitably become suspicious.

“Robbing them won't work either. Looks like I will have to do missions.”

Fang Yuan's eyes were still burning with determination. “After all, there are Immortal Patriarchs on Holy Mountain, so I can't be too presumptuous. At least, I'll have to wait until I have some certainty of success!”

This did not mean fighting the Immortals. As long as they could not do anything about it, it would be a success!

In this regard, even the Pantheon Palace was somewhat powerless.

After all, even if an Immortal's spiritual will did not detect it, as long as they saw Fang Yuan hiding in the immortal abode, they could quickly conclude what Fang Yuan was up to. By then, they could just scan the place inch by inch to find the Pantheon Pantheon, and then Fang Yuan would only be able to pa.s.sively withstand attacks.

“I'll at least have to wait until the Illusion Realm's nomological laws reach large success if I want to do as I please in the Hundred Thousand Mountains.”

The large success in the Illusion Realm's nomological laws was just one step shy of complete comprehension.

When the Nomological Laws of Saber achieved large success, it would produce Saber Realm.

And the Illusion Realm's nomological laws reaching large success had to be even more terrifying!

After all, the harder the nomological laws were to comprehend, the more powerful they were! If he could completely comprehend the Illusion Realm's nomological laws, then its power might rival some lesser Great Daos!

“The Dao of s.p.a.ce is the best for mobility and saving myself. By that time, even Immortals can't do anything to me, and then I'll be able to do many things. ”

This was the bar Fang Yuan set for himself before he would venture outside the Hundred Thousand Mountain.

“Master!” He returned to the residence and saw Saber King Mo He.

“Hmm, how's your saber practice coming along?”

“I drew my saber ten thousand times and seemed to have gained something!” Fang Yuan waved his hand and unleashed Saber Qi that was stronger than yesterday.

“Nice, really nice!” Mo He was dumbfounded for a moment and then became speechless.

Such a strong disciple learns anything incredibly quickly. It's quite a blow to the master… he thought resignedly.

However, he put on a smile on his face. “There's indeed quite some improvement. Oh right, I heard that you were gathering the blood of nine types of mutated beasts and a thousand-year Blue Heart Fruit?”

He tossed over a few gourds.

“Blood of the lavheart snake, infinite-strength heaven azure bull, and flying heaven thunder beast?” Fang Yuan checked the contents and was slightly shocked. “Thank you, Master!”

“There are plenty of mutated beasts in the Hundred Thousand Mountains, and obtaining some blood is easy. But that isn't the case for the thousand-year Blue Heart Fruit. It's at the level of heavenly materials and earthly treasures and is a little troublesome…”

Mo He was slightly puzzled. “What do you need them for?”

“I had a fateful encounter and obtained a body refining technique. I need these things for that,” Fang Yuan answered half truthfully.

“I see. Indeed, a powerful body is very compatible with the Nomological Laws of Saber!” Mo He exclaimed. “As for this thousand-year Blue Heart Fruit, there's an elder on the Holy Mountain, but… I have a grudge with him.”

Fang Yuan rolled his eyes inside his mind when he heard this.

It seemed all of the Apotheosis realm elders on the Holy Mountain had some sort of enmity with Saber King Mo He. This kind of enemy-making ability was also remarkable.

He wondered if Mo He's other in-name disciple had the feeling that they had been conned.

“Oh well. I'll put down my pride and go see Wu Qi!” Mo He gritted his teeth, and Fang Yuan began feeling hopeful.

It seemed like it was just a small grudge.

He eagerly wanted the thousand-year Blue Heart Fruit. If he managed to gather all the materials, he would be able to immediately reach the second level of the Hundred Physical Forging Technique, which also meant the fifth star of the Nine Star Pearl Mystic Technique!

He had already unlocked four stars and was comparable to the peak of the Primordial Core realm. If he could unlock the fifth star, even if his advantage in comprehending nomological laws would be overtaken by Apotheosis realm powerhouses, he would at least be able to use his own strength to stay alive in front of them.

Wu Qi's residence was higher up the Holy Mountain, letting Fang Yuan know that his power and status were obviously a level higher than Mo He.

“Wu Qi!” Mo He entered the door directly after reaching the place.

There were singing and dancing in the great hall, and a fat and bald barbarian sat on the main seat enjoying himself. His eyes suddenly widened when he saw Mo He. “Mo He!? Why are you here?”

“I heard you have a thousand-year Blue Heart Fruit. I am willing to trade for it with five dao talismans. What do you think?” Mo He tried his best to sound humble.

“Thousand-year Blue Heart Fruit? Mo He… are you… are you pleading with me?”

Wu Qi was taken aback and immediately touched the scar on his bald head.

“That's right!” Mo He said through gritted teeth.

“Haha… Who would have thought that the proud Saber King Mo He would one day have to plead with others? But… no!” Wu Qi squinted his small eyes. “I won't let you have your way!”

“I'm not doing this for myself. It's for my disciple.” Mo He frowned.

“This doesn't change anything. He can only blame himself for choosing the wrong master!” Wu Qi looked at Fang Yuan and s.h.i.+fted his eyes. “Little fellow, you're rather unlucky, but that's not a problem. I will put this thousand-year Blue Heart Fruit up as a mission reward. If you want it, go do my mission. Haha…”

“In that case, we're leaving!” Mo He turned around and left with Fang Yuan.

“I keep feeling… he still hates you…” On the way, Fang Yuan asked doubtfully, “What grudge does he have with you?”

“Oh!” Mo He turned around and answered nonchalantly, “That scar on his head… I made it!”

Fang Yuan had nothing to say.

He knew long beforehand that Saber King Mo He had offended many people on the Holy Mountain and had bad relations.h.i.+ps.

However, only after a detailed investigation did he know exactly how 'bad' it was.

According to Mo He himself, the grudge between him and the fatso Wu Qi was on the more trivial side. After all, it was only a single strike in a duel.

“The Mission Hall refreshed the list today. That Wu Qi has indeed published a mission to investigate the borders, and the thousand-year Blue Heart Fruit is part of the reward.”

Fang Yuan put the cards on the table with Mo He. “Master seems to have had some profound intentions with your actions yesterday.”

“You found out?” Mo He smiled slightly. “Of course, it would have been best if Wu Qi agreed, but since he didn't, I used the moral high ground of training a new disciple to pressure him. I offered something that far exceeded the value of the thousand-year Blue Heart Fruit. As a result, he had to do something. Otherwise, I wouldn't have minded debating with him over it at the patriarch's place.”

Fang Yuan was a new disciple, and for his first time asking, he needed a thousand-year Blue Heart Fruit. If Wu Qi kept it at all costs, he would damage his reputation. It also would not be in line with some of the unspoken rules of the Holy Mountain.

As such, Wu Qi put it up as a mission reward, a way making things difficult that was allowed within the unspoken rules.

“However, the Mission Hall likely won't publish missions that will certainly kill you. As long as it's published, the rewards will scale proportionally with the difficulty. Just go and accept the mission!” Mo He said. “This is also some training for you. Although the journey will surely be arduous, you won't be qualified to obtain the thousand-year Blue Heart Fruit if you can't overcome the hards.h.i.+ps and obstacles on the way!”


Fang Yuan had a rough understanding of Mo He's character now.

Although he taught his disciples diligently, he did not mind putting them in dangers that were not guaranteed to kill them.

According to him, the moment when life-and-death hung in the balance was the best opportunity for sudden enlightenment.

Sigh… He's truly a saber maniac that loves to take risks. Although rewards are great, he would lose everything with one wrong step… He was lucky to have returned to the Holy Mountain alive and live out his last years in peace.

Fang Yuan rolled his eyes. “In that case, I'll go and accept the mission.”

“Okay, go!” Mo He smiled. “Don't forget to cultivate on the road and reach the Primordial Core realm as soon as you can!”

This seems… rather interesting.

Fang Yuan's lips immediately curled up as he stepped out of the courtyard.

As a Demon G.o.d, even if he was still in the dormant phase, he had many tricks up his sleeve. It was good enough that he was not giving anyone trouble. But others wanted to give him trouble?

Mo He wants to temper me, and his enemy wants to kill me. But at the beginning, the most he would send are some people at Primordial Core. What do I have to be scared of?

Even if Apotheosis realm powerhouses came after him, as long as Fang Yuan hid in the Pantheon Palace, he would not have to worry about a thing.

With this trump card, he naturally had nothing to fear.

“Anyway, I'll finish this mission as soon as possible and obtain the thousand-year Blue Heart Fruit!”

Inside a palace's secret room.

Wu Qi caressed the saber scar on his head with a gloomy expression.

He would never forget the man that made him suffer a horrible defeat, let alone forget that saber strike that nearly took his life.

“Mo He, oh Mo He… I can't do anything to you if you hide on the Holy Mountain, but plenty of Apotheosis realm experts on the Holy Mountain wish for your death. And there are even more outside the Holy Mountain…

“Since you want to help your disciple, I won't let you have your way!

“Not only that, I will kill him and end your line of succession!”

For some masters, their disciples were even closer to them than their own children.

Seeing how Saber King Mo He was even willing to act humble before him for Fang Yuan's sake, this disciple had to be extremely important to him. Killing him would certainly make Mo He miserable.

Wu Qi rubbed his thick chin, and his small eyes glowed with viscousness. “The Mission Hall won't publish missions that will definitely kill the mission-taker, and the corresponding difficulty for the thousand-year Blue Heart Fruit isn't too high either. However, I don't need to do this myself. As long as I let the word out, haha…”

The Holy Mountain forbade internecine strife, and Wu Qi did not have the courage to do it either.

However, he did have the courage to spread the word and let others deal with Fang Yuan!

“Boy who made Mo He your master, you're out of luck this time!”

Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 1051

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