Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 1160

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Chapter 1160: Planning

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Astral magic, seal Outer G.o.d!”

Above the ocean, Fang Yuan stood with his hands behind his back, looking at the universe.

From his perspective, he could see countless planets rotating and revolving in orbit according to specific rules, forming a huge star chart and projecting a portion of its energy down.

Planet Stael was at the core of the entire star chart, and its node landed on an array eye.

“Although there are many flaws, it can indeed seal a Dao Ancestor… even if it's a half-crazed one…”

After completing the seal, Fang Yuan was still quite shocked.

Of course, the main reason why he could accomplish this was because of his outstanding strength, enough to suppress an ordinary Dao Ancestor.

And Omar clearly only had the strength of an ordinary Dao Fruit, and it was unable to display its full strength. Naturally, it was ruthlessly suppressed without being able to do anything.

“Although I've sealed it, it will still leak out every now and then, especially when the celestial bodies move to certain positions…”

Fang Yuan calculated. “Normally, it can still be connected to through summoning incantations or rituals. However, 128,000 years later, there will be flaws within the astral magic, allowing Omar to break through the seal. The very fundamental rules of this universe determine this and can't be changed…”

As for Planet Stael, there were bound to be changes after sealing an Outer G.o.d here.

If 128,000 years later, when Omar broke free from the seal, and there was no second Outer G.o.d to stop it, it would mean that it was this planet's destiny to be destroyed.

Even during this time, it was hard to say that the entire planet, especially the ecology of the ocean, would not be affected somehow.

“Perhaps… this is also an opportunity for the planet to become stronger!”

Fang Yuan's figure flashed back to Kimbert City.

The place had already turned into a ma.s.sive pit with some remnant swamps and seawater in the surrounding. However, he could not find anything living except for Nietzsche.

“Boss Andy… are you actually an Outer G.o.d as well?” Nietzsche stood up blankly. “Dealing with that Outer G.o.d was your ultimate goal?”

After all, he was no longer a youth, so he could think deeply about many things and see Fang Yuan's plan.

“That's right… And I have to thank you for your help. Of course, the larger end of this is still from the Lord of War!”

A battle between two Outer G.o.ds was rare throughout the entire universe.

Fang Yuan's spiritual will could currently detect the gazes of many Elder G.o.ds and Outer G.o.ds, among which two were the warmest.

One was the Lord of War who lived above the Jade Star, while the second should be the source of the Son of the Deep Sea.

However, with Fang Yuan keeping watch here, these Outer G.o.ds wisely chose to retreat instead of coming here.

“So, everything on our planet, the destruction of half the White Continent, and the deaths and injuries of millions of people are all just a game to you?” Nietzsche clenched his teeth and stubbornly raised his head. “What do you treat human lives as?”

“What do I treat them as?” Fang Yuan chuckled. “Have you ever come across any Outer G.o.d or Elder G.o.d before? In their eyes, human lives are essentially no different from the dust of the universe. The truly powerful existences are all chaotic by nature and make no distinction between good and evil… The more you look into this, the easier it is to touch the abyss and suffer terror! I am the same as well! As Omar's archenemy, is it not normal for me to plot against it?”

“Omar's archenemy… So you're the serpent from the Astral World, the legendary Rainbow Snake? Haha. I am a complete idiot!”

After several shocks, Nietzsche finally crumbled.

He laughed frantically while tearing his clothes apart. Finally, his clothes turned ragged, and he fainted.

“Has the force sustaining your hasty growth mostly disappeared?” Fang Yuan contemplated. “When you previously came into contact with Omar's gaze, you almost lost your consciousness. Although I pulled you back at the very last second, you still fell into a state of madness and chaos since your willpower wasn't strong enough…”

Fang Yuan waved his hands lightly, and Nietzsche disappeared from the ground.

On Planet Stael, there was no longer a Nietzsche above the abyss, but a lunatic who compared himself to the sun!

“After being so busy for such a long time, I've finally caught Omar…”

After completing this, Fang Yuan went far into the ocean and casually found a barren island to live in seclusion.

The reason why he had planned this for such a long time was ultimately to deal with Omar. However, this was not a personal grievance. On the contrary, his main purpose was to study a living Dao Fruit and why the power of an Outer G.o.d was of interest to the Eyeball of Destruction.

“One is an Outer G.o.d of this universe, while the other is the Primordial Chaos Holy Fiend's strongest magical eye. Just what is the relations.h.i.+p between these two?” Fang Yuan pondered, and time pa.s.sed by gradually.

On the White Continent, all sorts of waves subsided. Arkham had been completely destroyed, and the Carls Federation had suffered severe losses. As a result, Holy Celbera launched an offensive to conquer the other countries, wanting to reproduce the glory of the former empire. The other forces naturally resisted with all their might.

In this process, affected by wars and calamities, many of the residents of the White Continent migrated to the Black and Yellow continents. At the same time, they brought advanced technology and knowledge to these two continents. The flames of civilization began expanding and exchanging between these three continents.


Who knew how long later, Fang Yuan shook, and the dust on his body fell off. “Ran out of experimental materials?”

He waved his hand lightly, and a faint roar came from the bottomless marine trench. Shortly afterward, yet another dark red tentacle was dragged out.

During this process, a drop of blood landed on a shark.

Its eyes turned red, and the spot where the drop of blood landed corroded a large hole. Its blood vessels suddenly burst, spreading throughout its entire body.

Within seconds, this shark turned into a lump of flesh and died. A blood-red, muscular monster shark was reborn from the flesh and swam swiftly toward a whale.

Hiss Hiss!

Like a water cannon, it shot through the whale's body and started vigorously absorbing the blood.

It did not take long before the mountain-sized whale turned into a dried-up corpse. Even so, this shark was not yet full and started looking for more prey…

“The blood of an Outer G.o.d, even a drop of the diluted remnant, is enough to create such a terrifying monster…” Fang Yuan said. “From today onward, the deep sea will have one more horrifying life form. The original extraordinary creatures won't be able to compete with it at all. In fact, with that blood shark as the primogenitor, this ocean is bound to produce even more contaminated monsters as its guards…”

As for how immoral it was to create so many terrifying monsters and what kind of earth-shaking impact these monsters would have on the nautical industries of the humans? Haha… Fang Yuan truly did not care at all.

After so much time in this universe, he felt like he had acquired a bit of the characteristics of the Elder G.o.ds and Outer G.o.ds—not distinguis.h.i.+ng between good and evil but only following his heart.

As for whether such behavior would bring suffering and pain to lower life forms, what did this have to do with a biased Outer G.o.d?

Bloop! Bloop!

Fang Yuan looked at his hand, and the Eyeball of Destruction appeared to have grown a sharp mouth as it started gobbling Omar's tentacle.

It seemed like after feeding on this flesh, there was finally a qualitative change to it. The entire eyeball was continuously rumbling as it transformed into a somewhat incomplete Dao Fruit.

“Destruction Dao Fruit? This is a power greater than the Connate Destruction Great Dao, and it can even destroy the universe…” Fang Yuan obtained a lot of information at once. “Of course… this Dao Fruit isn't really incomplete but merely not mature yet. Is this because we took the initiative to a.s.sault the Primordial Chaos Holy Fiend?”

This Destruction Dao Fruit had astonis.h.i.+ng might, capable of harming others as well as itself. After the awakening of the Primordial Chaos Holy Fiend, it had even shown signs of destruction, so Fang Yuan had to be extremely cautious with it.

“However… perhaps I can use this as a model to forge an impressive war weapon?” This marvelous thought suddenly appeared in Fang Yuan's heart. “Also… I can develop some techniques to explore my original home universe!”

The universe that he had lived in had inevitably suffered a great calamity, as even Dao Ancestor Heaven Rise had perished and had to ask for help from the outside wanderers.

However, without reconnaissance or proper planning, heading into a universe like this was obviously extremely dangerous.

“Should I find some cannon fodder to explore the way? I can also perfect my strength on the way…”

Fang Yuan had planned this out long ago, and with the maturing of his various research, it was a good time to use them.


“Great Master!” A jade Uyguklai appeared behind Fang Yuan. When no one was around, Morigu Tata was used to using her true body.

“Gather all the technologies involving the Dream World, especially regarding intergalactic communications!”

Fang Yuan smiled.

Within this period of time, the Uyguklais, this group of technological fanatics, had finally made a breakthrough in this obstacle, making virtual reality technology across the entire universe possible.

“Of course, this technology still has limitations. The requirements are having to be a believer of the Astral Serpent and being capable of controlling their own Dream World…”

He thought about it for a while, and the half Heaven Rise Dao Fruit appeared on his hand. “But if I were to add this as a central processor, it would be different immediately… Maybe I could start a virtual universe company? But among the galaxies, the degree of civilizations is uneven and can't possibly be all understood. In that case, let's just change it to a magical context instead, for example… G.o.d of Realm Traversing?”

The Heaven Rise Dao Fruit possessed frightening calculation power, and with the Dream World, it fully had the position of a Creator's light ball.

Moreover, this was only the first step. Once the number of 'chosen ones' in the universe was sufficient, Fang Yuan could add some Dream Master cultivation techniques into the virtual world to strengthen these cannon fodder and have them explore many worlds.

And after selecting the best of the best, the true elites could perhaps be thrown into the Huaxia Universe to explore it.

“Of course… there's still the need to resolve the technique of traveling across the Great Cosmological Abyss. The easiest way to travel in the Great Cosmological Abyss is to achieve Dao Fruit. Otherwise, prominent achievements in science and technology are required. For example, that ark I saw before…”

Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 1160

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