Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 133

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Fang Yuan guessed that since the demise of Lu Renjia, Liu Yan's ego began to inflate.

At the rock bottom, the only way was up.

Lu Renjia's betrayal was a hard hit on the Secluded Mountain Prefecture, but was that really the case? When the rebels had gathered together, Fang Yuan's tactic to strike the leader had helped the Secluded Mountain Prefecture alliance to remove Lu Renjia and two Sect Masters, banis.h.i.+ng them into defeat. There were no other consequences for the Secluded Mountain Prefecture, and so there was no destruction or consequence to speak of.

Needless to say, Liu Yan took the opportunity to cleanse out the rebels and destroyed the opposing Sects and powers. The split of power among the 6 counties were re-gathered and the power was concentrated in the Secluded Mountain Prefecture. Therefore, this incident was a big growth to his power.

At least there was no such nonsense in the other two Prefecture in Xia Country.

Based on Fang Yuan's thoughts, he was removing all those that might challenge his power and concentrate his influence.

Such a growth in power would undoubtedly lead to wild thoughts.

Furthermore, Liu Yan was a spiritual knight at the peak of the Elemental Gathering Realm, and was just a step away from touching the Elemental Opening Realm!

"Based on the report from Chen Family, Liu Yan only took a short break before coming up with all these tricks. In this half a year, he had the intention to extend his power out of the Secluded Mountain Prefecture….. He might have even done it already!"

Previously during the chaos by Lu Renjia, Fang Yuan had already guessed that external powers would get involved. With Liu Yan's standing now, he would only take revenge on them.

As Fang Yuan knew that in the previous year, the Secluded Mountain Prefecture Armed Forces recruited more and more people. For this, they willingly lowered their standards in recruitment and even allowed [Martial Artists (3rd Gate)] to join. With this move, they had more than 30,000 troops!

"With all these indications, it isn't hard to guess Liu Yan's intention..."

Fang Yuan sighed. "Furthermore... Even the royal family is unsettled! Why did they look for me instead of the Secluded Mountain Prefecture? Trying to get me involved?"

He felt depressed after thinking about it.

"Let the messenger see me!"

Fang Yuan arrived at the main hall and waved.

As a person who cultivates both spiritual techniques and martial arts, and a talent who harnesses elemental force, especially since he was only 20 and had a bright future, he could afford to have such airs.

"Yes, sir!"

Zhou Wenwu did not feel that anything was wrong when Fang Yuan instructed a messenger from the royal family, bowed and made way.

No long after, a few ladies entered the door and greeted Fang Yuan. "I am Xie Lingyun, please accept my greetings!"

The lady in front was tall and fair. She had a flower petal on her forehead and long black hair. She had a simple hairpin and allowed her hair to drape over her shoulders. She had the vibes of generosity, a different vibe from s.h.i.+ Yutong.

"Your surname is Xie?"

Fang Yuan twitched his eyebrows. "What is your relations.h.i.+p with Xie Quan?"

Xie Quan was the current emperor of Xia Country!

Alas, his name was not feared enough. As a spiritual knight c.u.m Wu Zong, Fang Yuan could call his full name without his t.i.tle and no one would dare to question him.

At first, this was not his att.i.tude. However, as this lady directly approached him as though she wanted to involve him in this, he would naturally not show any sign of respect.

"That's my father!"

Xie Lingyun forced a smile and looked at Fang Yuan. His eyes was filled with surprise.

"Oh, you're the princess, my apologies! Don't put it to heart!"

Fang Yuan casually apologised, and did not have a sense of respect.

The two servants beside Xie Lingyun were fuming, and only Xie Lingyun was calm and composed. "I am only a humble citizen, how would I dare to accept the t.i.tle of princess?"

Her att.i.tude impressed Fang Yuan. "May I enquire the purpose of your visit, princess?"

"To eliminate the impending disaster!"

Xie Lingyun maintained her straight face. "I have news that the Secluded Mountain Prefecture City Master Liu Yan has intentions to expand his control and invade Summer Sun Prefecture. Regardless of who prevailing in the invasion, the damage in the Prefecture City would be folds of that in the Secluded Mountain Prefecture City, therefore I am here to make peace of the situation..."

"You should be looking for the Secluded Mountain Prefecture City Master for this, why me?"

Fang Yuan touched his chin, confused.

"My words carry no weight, therefore I am here to ask for grandmaster's favour!"

Xie Lingyun bowed. "In the previous internal conflict, grandmaster's quick thinking and actions prevented chaos in the Secluded Mountain Prefecture, and is all your merit. This time, the danger is much more than before, and I hope grandmaster will help me!"

Her sincere words touched Fang Yuan. "Please recover!"

As he waved, he released his elemental force, and a gentle force supported Xie Lingyun up.

'This force... Indeed a spiritual knight Wu Zong, incredible! And he is exactly same as in the legends, young and skilled!'

Xie Lingyun looked at Fang Yuan and blushed.

To establish relations with such a talented person, why would her emperor father care about a daughter? His purpose of sending her here might just be to offer her to Fang Yuan.

To give up a daughter and gain a strong ally would be common sense to those who do business.

Fang Yuan was not a l.u.s.tful person, and there were many who would want to sleep with him; he did not have to choose a hard one.

"If you think I have much influence over the Prefecture Master, then you are wrong! I am not the person you are looking for!"

Fang Yuan shook his head and his words were direct, as though they could freeze Xie Lingyun's blood.

"Furthermore, the purpose of your visit is to find out more about me. Since you harbour ill intentions, why must I help you?"

He probed further and his words were like knives.

Xie Lingyun was shocked.

She detoured to here with this intention indeed but thought that this young Wu Zong could be easily taken advantage of. Even if she could not convince him, it was also alright to try her luck.

Never would she have thought that Fang Yuan would not react normally, and did not respond how a normal person would respond.

'This person has no regard for pride and honour like a young man, and only cares about physical rewards!'

Xie Lingyun was sorely disappointed. She knew that she had little to no chance of achieving her goal.

"All the land belongs to the emperor, and all that lives on this land are the emperor's citizens!"

She took in a deep breath, and her att.i.tude took a 180 degrees change. "Grandmaster Fang is also a citizen of Xia County, and yet you have no loyalty to the country? Furthermore... You have already seen me, so how can you expect others to not suspect you?"

As Xie Lingyun said these words, her heart was pounding. She thought that Fang Yuan would be angered, but he froze and started clapping.

"Haha... Well said!"

Fang Yuan praised her. "Finally princess, you are showing your true colours!"

"Will grandmaster be willing to help?"

Xie Lingyun's eyes glittered in antic.i.p.ation.

"I live in seclusion and is not willing to partake in any of these matters. I only know that there is a Secluded Mountain Prefecture above me, and as for the royal family of the Xia Country, although powerful, will have difficulties controlling those on the ground..."

Fang Yuan sighed, and Xie Lingyun blushed in embarra.s.sment.

The lack of full control was always a contentious part of the royal family's power, and now Fang Yuan had to remind her of it.

"Furthermore, it's really simple to bridge the gap!"

Fang Yuan revealed a suspicious smile. "Think about it... If I killed you and brought your head to the Secluded Mountain Prefecture City Master, do you think I can gain his trust?"


Xie Lingyun shuddered and the two servants behind her stood up, as though they were ready to fight for their lives.

Even if twenty more servants came forward, they would only die in Fang Yuan's hands.

"You are very lucky. Although you offended me, I am very gracious and will not kill you just because of our differences of opinion. Take your leave!"

Fang Yuan waved his hands. "Go where you should go, and don't stay in Qingye City!"


Xie Lingyun bit her lip and did not forget her objective.

"The collaboration?"

Fang Yuan laughed sarcastically. "I never work with people who try to dig information from me!"

Hearing this reply, Xie Lingyun sighed, bowed and retreated with her servants.

"Master Fang! Master Fang!"

Not long after Xie Lingyun left, gongs were heard and Leader Niu rushed into the Prefecture City in a hurry.

"Niu Dingtian?"

"What are you doing here?" Fang Yuan asked while he was coaching Chen Ziying in the backyard.

"After receiving news of the princess making a detour, I rushed here and tired out a horse before reaching!"

Leader Niu scratched his head and laughed. "I'm here to remind you that the lady is trouble, don't get involved with her!"

"Thank you, Brother Niu!"

Hearing how he rushed here to deliver news, albeit late, Fang Yuan was still full of grat.i.tude.

"Ah….. If it was last time, this issue would be nothing. But now, City Master's temper is getting worse. Just last month, he lectured Xiang Zilong and his brother over a small issue, causing them to lose face in front of the capital leaders..."

Niu Dingtian sighed.

Fang Yuan's eyes flashed as he heard the news.

Before the destruction of the world, something crazy would happen first; it seemed that this was applicable to Liu Yan too.


In the royal carriage escort, in the largest carriage, a lady servant angrily commented. "That Fang Yuan was too much, how dare he insult you!"

"I don't have enough power, who can I blame?"

Xie Lingyun did not put that to heart but instead laughed. "Furthermore... We have gained something. At least we now know that Fang Yuan is together with Liu Yan. Isn't this a piece of valuable information?"

"I was tasked with an important mission on this trip to the Secluded Mountain Prefecture, so a little unjust wouldn't matter!"

Looking in the direction of the Secluded Mountain Prefecture, Xie Lingyun was filled with worry.

She was a messenger and brought the royal's family final condition with her.

If Liu Yan decided to do whatever he wanted, a war would break out!

Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 133

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