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It was early autumn, the morning breeze was chilly.

Many youths were gathered on the training ground. They wore simple clothing and were well built. Their faces were flushed and they had a fiery look in their eyes.

In front of them, an eagle-eyed tall instructor was in the midst of lecturing.

"The Yang Family was able to have a position in the Da Qian due to our martial arts and spiritual techniques. Those from the Yang Family would need to undergo tests and train their martial arts skills since they were eight... all of you were less gifted and veered from the paths of cultivation. However, you all can still hone your martial arts! As long as you have broken through the 12 Golden Locks and rise to become a Wu Zong, there is still hope!"

"Of course, being a Wu Zong is not easy. If you are successful, you can minimally become a clan elder and improve the standing of your clan. You will not have anything to worry about!"

The Yang Family was a large clan with strict rules.

The family members were treated very differently depending on their status.

The youths' eyes shone and they stood up straight when they heard that such a path was open for them.

The instructor looked at this scene but secretly sighed to himself. 'I should at least give them some hope!'

It was extremely difficult to undergo cultivation. In his eyes, only a few of the youths standing in front of him would reach the 4 Heavenly Gates. As for being the clan's deacon, it was already impossible for them.

'How are they able to break through the Gates without the resources?'

The instructor was also a member of the Yang Family. After many years, his mind had become clear.

No matter how gifted or talented one is, without the proper guidance and the resources, one would still achieve nothing. He did not understand this when he was young and had slogged away half his life without being able to break through the 9th Gate. When he was finally accepted into the family of the eldest son, he received a 'Limit Breaker Pill' which enabled him to concentrate his Yin energy and become the instructor of the family clan. Every month, he would have spiritual food. His days were finally becoming better.

'My hards.h.i.+p today is nothing. The quality food I received can be used to give to my beloved son so that he would have a strong foundation and would not have to walk down the same path as me...'

'Speaking of which, even the life of a member of the eldest son's family might not necessarily be smooth-sailing!'

The instructor looked towards the side of the training ground where a thin and weak youth was standing. The youth looked envious.

The instructor sighed before raising his voice, "I will be teaching you the Qian Kun Giant Spiritual Technique today. This technique possesses a strong foundation and dense inner power. When one breaks through the Pain Gate, it will strengthen his inner power beyond ordinary levels. After breaking through to Wu Zong, he would be able to harness Giant Spiritual Strength. It is a first grade technique in Da Qian! This opportunity is hard to come by! All of you should cherish it!"


The youths shouted. Even their voices were full of vigour.

Outside the training ground, the youth witnessed the scene and clenched his fists.

His name was Yang Fan. He was also a member of the eldest son's branch of Yang Family. It was a shame that he was a b*astard child.

For the Yang Family clan, the first wife and the concubines were treated very differently. The children of the first wife were adored and nurtured to take over the family career and lead a luxurious life.

As for the children of the concubines, they had to see if their father was fond of them. If the maternal side of the family was strong and influential, they would be unfortunate as their lives would be made difficult by their maternal side of the family and at the same time, received no love from the father.

It was unfortunate but Yang Fan had experienced such ill-treatment.

His father was not fond of him and his mother's side of the family made things difficult for him. Even his servant dared to bully him.

When he was 8 and had to take the apt.i.tude test, he was given the wrong timing and missed the test. This caused his father to become enraged. From then on, he was not able to train his martial arts and could only study.

In the Da Qian Empire, those who do well in their studies can become officials. For a commoner, it was not a bad pathway. However, in the Yang Family, without the ability to protect himself, how could he fend off the outsiders?

"I must become outstanding!"

Yang Fan clenched his fists. 'If there is no one to teach me spiritual techniques, I will train my martial arts! Every clan has their own rules. I am also a member of the Yang Family and it makes no sense for me not to learn the moves. The only problem would be that I would not have the resources and the food!'

Practising martial arts consumed a lot of energy. As such, the disciples of the clan would receive a generous portion of money to buy meat and tonic to nourish their bodies.

In addition, those who ranked the top few would be rewarded with spiritual rice every month.

If they were spiritual disciples, alchemy disciples or dream disciples, they would be treated better and would be provided with spiritual food every day.

It was a pity that he hardly see meat on the table. Spiritual food and wine for nourishment were out of the question.

"The Qian Kun Giant Spiritual Technique focus on the foundation. Consume more food every day to strengthen the body and the blood! After you all go home today, eat more meat. Spiritual meat is even better! Of course, eating the spiritual pill is a must..."

On the training ground, the instructor's words flowed without stopping.

At this moment, even the youths on the training ground could only laugh bitterly.

They would be able to consume spiritual rice and meat every day for a while if their families become more prudent. But consuming a spiritual pill every day?

Only a member of the eldest son's family would be able to have that thought.

The instructor sighed as he looked on.

Even if one was a genius, it would be because he had a lot of resources.

The second young master of the eldest branch of the family Yang Hu was born gifted. When he was just 100 days old, he was given a 'Tiger Meridian Giant Spiritual Pill' which gave him a strong foundation. There was no question that his inner power was unbelievable as a Martial Artist (8th Gate). He had once defeated 10 martial artists of the Yin and Yang Gates, and after that took on a martial artist (11th gate) without signs of fatigue. He was known as the number 1 martial artist of the younger generation of the Yang Family.

However, he was not truly number 1 in ranking as there were still cultivators!

The eldest young master of the eldest branch of the family and the third missy were extremely gifted. They had already broken through the spiritual disciple realm when they were 15 to 16 years old. This was especially so for the young master who was rumoured to attack a spiritual knight and was on the verge of reaching the status of a spiritual knight!

'The eldest branch of the family produced many talents. As compared to them, the fourth young master is very, insignificant....since I have chosen to be with them, I should be loyal, this Yang Fan...'

The instructor glanced at Yang Fan and saw that he had not left. He gave a sigh. He purposely raised his voice and explained the Qian Kun Giant Spiritual Technique much more meticulously than before.

'Hmmm? He does not have good intention!?'

If he was an ordinary youth, he would think that the instructor was sincerely imparting the knowledge and would feel grateful.

However, Yang Fan did not know why, but he was more sensitive to the moods of people as compared to other people and could tell that the instructor was harbouring some ill-intent. It was as if Yang Fan could hear the voice in his heart.

'Practicing of martial arts require resources! If I rashly practice, I would only harm my body! Furthermore...while the clan does not prohibit people from practising, my father only allowed me to study. What if he realized that I was secretly training? I am afraid that I will receive another beating!'

Yang Fan turned and left the training ground after he thought about it.

"Hmmm? This is strange!"

The instructor lowered his voice and smirked as he saw Yang Fan left.

So what if there were consequences? He just wanted to show that he was loyal!

Yang Fan returned to his room. He looked at the bleak walls and laughed bitterly.

His other brothers had their own yards and servants to tend to them even though they were b*astard children as well. As for him, he even had to make his own curtains.

"At least my fifth and sixth brother knew who their mother was, but me..."

Yang Fan was silent.

While his two younger brothers were born to a servant, the servant was promoted and became a concubine of his father.

As for his own mother, she was...missing!

Truth be told, it was a very odd and disgraceful matter, especially for his father who was the eldest son of the family.

It was precisely because of this that he received no love from his relatives. If not for the ranking, no one would realise that the eldest branch of the family had a fourth young master.

The run downed room was cold as there was nothing to block the autumn breeze.

Yang Fan flipped open the book on the table and glanced at it before closing it and sighed, "6 years of studying. It would be great if I can take the exams and become an official after 3 years. Maybe I would be able to achieve some glory and help with the family affairs. I would marry a virtuous wife and just like that, half my life would pa.s.s...but I am not willing!"

He was angry and his eyes flashed. "Why is it that we are all part of the Yang family but are treated so differently? When I was young, I was even bullied by the servants and when I grow up, I would have to beg my brothers and mother[1]. What kind of joke is this?"

"I want to practice martial arts, I want to undergo cultivation. One day, I will overpower the Yang Family, question my father why I was treated like this and find out my mother's location!"

In the run-downed house, the youth clench his fists with a determined look.


At this moment, the door was pushed open and a lady walked in.

This lady was around 40 years old. She was elegant and wore a lot of jewellery. Next to her stood a large servant who was carrying a blue-eyed Golden Silk Cat. The material of the clothes she wore was much better than Yang Fan.

"I have met Mother before!"

Yang Fan's heart dropped as he bowed.

This lady was his father's rightful wife, Lady w.a.n.g, who had given birth to 2 boys and 1 girl. Her position in the house was firm and she grasped the power to execute people.

"You unfilial son, what have you done today? Do dare to not listen to your father's teaching? Hmm?"

Lady w.a.n.g said with a murderous aura.

Yang Fan quivered. It was as if he saw the silhouette of the instructor and could only admit, "I was walking past the training ground where I stopped for a while out of curiosity. Please forgive me, mother!"

"Very well, you admit? Housekeeper, give him 10 whips as a warning to the others!"

After Lady w.a.n.g gave the order, she turned around to walk out of the door.

She could deal with this b*astard child with just a word.

Behind her, the sound of the leather whip rang, leaving a b.l.o.o.d.y wound on Yang Fan's back.

In the midst of fiery pain, his magical will started to return. 'This must be avenged...wait a minute, who am I? Why am I here?'

With this thought, he had a sudden realization. "I am not Yang Fan, I am Fang Yuan!"

[1]He is not referring to the person that give birth to him but his father's first wife.

Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 163

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