Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 213

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Standing tall on the land of green was Desert City. Under the brilliance of the sunlight, the city was coated in gold.

It was like a compa.s.sionate mother; with open arms, it was as though it was welcoming the tired traveller.

The buildings in Desert City were mostly one storey high. They were built of wood and the windows were small. Most of the people on the streets were escorts wearing their martial artist suit.

Of course, there were also caravans from all around, and dancing ladies who were dressed beautifully.

"Sir! This is the headquarters of the White Camel Caravan."

As the caravan trotted ahead, they arrived at an octagonal-shaped building which appeared luxurious.

A Xiuda ran into the building. Not long after, an old man with treasures in his hands slowly walked out under the escort of 8 servants.

In front of him, several child servants in white were laying out a golden-coloured wool carpet.

"Welcome, our guest from afar!"

The old man with a white beard welcomed Fang Yuan with open hands, as though he had heard of him before. "I am the leader of White Camel Business Council, Bai Santong. Greetings, Fang Yuan Sir!"


Fang Yuan felt weird. "You are... a migrant from Da Qian?"

"My ancestors are indeed from Da Qian Empire!"

Bai Santong laughed. "In fact, most of the dwellers in Desert City have made it through the Three World. However, most of them have started a family with people of different backgrounds, resulting in our unique culture..."

"I see!"

Fang Yuan nodded his head without saying more.

Bai Santong, on the other hand, did not dare to let his guard down.

Since he was able to traverse through the White Desert, he must be a highly skilled Wu Zong!

Furthermore, he was here to continue his journey through the h.e.l.lish environments after the White Desert. He must be someone powerful!

"May I know if you need any help? If we can help, we will surely do so!"

Bai Santong placed his fists together and enquired respectfully.

"Very simple... I want information regarding the Three World Mountain! Of course, I will reward you!"

Fang Yuan waved his hands. A jade bottle flew across and landed on Bai Santong's hands.

"This is... spiritual pill?"

Bai Santong took out a pill and was left stunned.

Fang Yuan was secretly laughing inside.

Alchemy masters and spiritual array masters were not common, and even more so for rural areas like these. With their limited resources, the price of spiritual pills would soar.

This would worth more than even gold outside.

"Don't worry, Sir!"

Bai Santong kept the spiritual pills properly. With added respect, he continued. "I will gather all information regarding Three World Mountain and present it to you!"

I was already worth it for him to risk his life for the spiritual pills! Gathering information was an easy task, and one would be stupid to not do it for the pills.

If not for the fact that he was a respectable person here, Fang Yuan wouldn't have let him have such a good deal.

'I only have to... gather information regarding the Three World Mountain...'

Bai Santong dismissed himself and invited Fang Yuan to join his business council, and his mind was filled with curiosity. "To gather information regarding Three World Mountain. Could this person have the intention to entire Da Qian Empire? Seriously..."

He did not know what to say.

They escaped out of Da Qian and were fugitives. As long as their enemies were inside Da Qian Empire, they would not dare to return.

Needless to say, to enter Three World Mountain from the other way would be much harder than any normal human could do.

Because of these two reasons, even though they were the closest city, no one in Desert City would have such a crazy thought.

But now, there was such a person!

'Regardless, as long as I keep him happy and keep the spiritual pills coming, that is enough...'

As Bai Santong thought to himself, there was a look of determination in his eyes.

Three days later.

In the headquarters of White Camel Business Council, within a luxurious room.

The floor was covered in golden wool carpet. A concubine was dancing on the carpet barefooted.

Fang Yuan leaned against the silk cloth lazily.

In front of him were a few concubines revealing their white arms. They were fighting for the chance to serve him wine and other delicacies.

"Wine made from grapes served in a wine gla.s.s! This life... it's not too bad!"

Fang Yuan gulp down a cup of red wine as his face began to flush.

Within the grapes, there was a mixture of spiritual fruits. The taste was refres.h.i.+ng and most importantly, he could enjoy being a little tipsy.


As the door opened, A Xiuda walked in humbly. He presented a few doc.u.ments to him. "This is the relevant information regarding Three World Mountain..."

"Mm. All of you, take your leave!"

Fang Yuan waved his hands. The concubines and musician bowed in respect as they took their leave.

"Three World Mountain!"

Fang Yuan knew what his priorities were.

As his eyes glittered, he looked through the information.

"Three World Mountain! This is the area connecting this place to Da Qian Empire. It is divided into three portions, and two of it are the Da Qian World and Man Huang World. The other portion is the Illusionary World!"

"Rumour has it that... the Illusionary World is a land actualised by a highly skilled dream master on his deathbed... but the catch is... that place is not a spiritual land, but a perilous land!"

When highly skilled dream masters die, they would be able to actualise their dream world to pa.s.s in on to their descendants.

Take for instance, Master Heartless, who had left behind Green Peak spiritual land and an inheritance for Fang Yuan.

However, there were exceptions. For those that would be seeking revenge, they would surely not leave behind a spiritual land, but a perilous land that would kill any life!

That dream master was not only highly skilled but was also affected by an unknown factor before his death. This resulted in the perilous land which was actualised to evolve and combine with the two other worlds. Therefore, it was left in an unusual state of coexistence with the other worlds, illusionary and fleeting.

If someone were to travel from Da Qian World to Man Huang World, they might have a slight chance of entering the perilous land, but the risks were not high.

But if someone were to go in the opposite direction, they would surely encounter the perilous land. Not only was it dangerous, but unpredictable too!

Normal Wu Zongs, spiritual knights or even dream masters might not make it out of there alive!

Soon, no one in Desert City ever had the thoughts of going back anymore.

"The land left there by a dream master would appear randomly and it would bring danger with it..."

Fang Yuan touched his chin and revealed a smile. "I must take a look for myself!"

At the same time, within Desert City, in a secret room.

"Young master, young mistress, the latest secret news!"

An escort with a strong spiritual aura pa.s.sed through many layers of security checks and entered a room. He took out a letter.

"Secret letter? The seal of chicken feather and blood arrow? Is this from Da Qian?"

Both the young master and mistress had weird expressions.

"It must be a serious incident for our family to use this method of delivering the letter!"

The mistress appeared older and commanded, "Brother Yun, open it!"

There was a unique seal on the letter. Without opening it with the correct method, the letter would self-destruct.


Qin Yun took out a small knife, cut his thumb, and dripped his blood over the seal of a chicken feather.


At that moment, a red light flashed.

A proud looking c.o.c.kerel appeared and cawed loudly before pecking the seal.


The seal was broken.

Only a certain blood type could open the seal on the letter.

The young Qin Yun took the letter out, but it was a plain sheet of paper.

"It is indeed plain. Give it to me!"

As the young mistress saw the letter, she was excited. "It must be someone close to us who delivered this letter!"

Qin Yun laid the letter on the table. The young mistress took out an emerald ring from her finger and poured out a black powder. Mixing it with water, a black paste was formed and they applied it to the surface of the letter. Afterwards, they placed it in the furnace.

As the letter dried up, red words began to appear on the letter.


As he scratched his head, there was a look of excitement on his face. "Qin Fengyu... is dead?"

This was the legitimate son and grandson of the Qin Family and was favoured by many. He was about to take over the establishments of the Qin Family.

The two of them were merely b*stards.

The Qin Family had a huge establishment and were also in control of a county. Naturally, there would be compet.i.tion among the children to be the rightful heir to the family's inheritance.

Although both of them were b*stards, their bloods were extremely pure. Therefore, they were considered a sore eye to many and were therefore involved in the fight. For their survival, they had to escape the Qin Family and even out of Da Qian.

But now, it was a moment of joy for them.

The family had suffered an attack and the main family was killed. Not just Qin Fengyu, but the other legitimate children all died or were handicapped. Instead, the two of them were the most appropriate of all the children to be heirs now.

Therefore, their family had sent them this letter to recall them back.

"Sister... Are we going back?"

Qin Yun was excited and anxious.

"We must!"

The young mistress clenched her teeth. "Have you forgotten what Mother has instructed us with at her deathbed?"

"Of course I didn't forget, but Aunt is there..."

Qing Yun stumbled on his words.

"Why are you calling that evil woman Aunt?"

The young mistress frowned.

"I'm too used to it..."

Qin Yun shrugged his shoulders. This aunt was the legitimate first wife of their father and had the greatest power. It was her who chased both of them out of Da Qian Empire.

If they were to return, the greatest threat would still be from this woman!

"No! Not just her! We have to go past the Three World Mountain as well!"

The young mistress clenched her teeth and called for a person. "Uncle Zhou, do you have any method to go through the Three World Mountain safely?"

Uncle Zhou had a tall build and a cold look. He had big bones and his skin was extremely tanned. "Young mistress, young master... It is easy to come out of the Three World Mountain, but hard to enter. If you are travelling from Da Qian to where we are now, it would be quite safe. But if you are going against the flow and entering Da Qian, you will be met with the perilous land! I am only a 12th Gate martial artist and cannot protect you there! We need to seek help!"

"I know!"

The young mistress clenched her teeth. "For revenge, we will pay any price!"

Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 213

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