Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 225: An Encounter

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In Dongyi County, within the Qin Family Mansion.

Lady Xu had a gentle look and was clad in jade jewelry. She was a totally different woman compared to Lady w.a.n.g, the stepmother of Yang Fan.

However, in terms of their power and standing in the family, both of them were equally powerful and influential.

Lady Xu closed her eyes as she recited a mantra. The servants and housekeepers around her remained silent and were all afraid to let out a sound.

Since the death of her son, Lady Xu had cried many times. From then on, she was devastated and all she did every day was to recite her mantra and pray for the soul of her late son. No one else outside the family knew what happened.

However, in reality, only the few servants closer to Lady Xu would know that she was aware of the movement of every other wife in the family.

After an hour, the entire was recited to completion.

Lady Xu stood up. Her face was filled with sorrow and compa.s.sion, which was an expression only possible after finis.h.i.+ng the mantra.

"Master has been eating lesser and lesser these days and has started to sleep later and later. The Frog Roe and Lotus Chicken are ready in the kitchen. Qinghe! Serve it to Master!"

"Yes My Lady!"

A servant acknowledged and dismissed herself.

"Also... Take care of the few young master and mistress under me. Send someone to check on them every day and replenish anything that they might need..."

"Yes, My Lady! My Lady, you are indeed caring!"

A housekeeper bowed and left.

As he walked out of the door, the housekeeper stroked his beard. "The death of old master and her few sons meant that she had to decide on an heir. Since she is not willing to let Qin Yun and her sister be the heir, she could only choose among the children from the other wives and establish good relations with them!"


At this point in time, a man in black flashed past, bringing with him a gush of wind, which made the housekeeper shudder.

'This person...'

As he shuddered, he recalled that Lady Xu had many untold secrets. With this, he kept his head low and acted as though he didn't see anything.

"Greetings, My Lady!"

As the man in black saw Lady Xu, he knelt down on one knee and appeared solemn.

The compa.s.sionate-looking Lady Xu slowly put her mantra scroll down and waved to the servants, dismissing them. "How are my master and mistress?"

Keeping her head down, she spoke. There was a chill vibe from her gentle voice.

"Qin Qing and Qin Yun are untraceable. We are suspecting that they have already pa.s.sed Three World Mountain, but our spies in the Ten Extremes have yet to receive any news about them..."

The spy was from the Qin Family too. He seemed to be helping the Qin Siblings but in reality, he was the killer move arranged by Lady Xu.

If the siblings were to contact him, he would immediately betray them and activate the guards in the Ten Extremes to take them down as fugitives. This move would wipe them out once and for all.

But now, how could there be no news?

"One Elder Zhou would not be enough to protect them from the dangers in Three World Mountain. All of them could have died... or perhaps, the Qin Siblings have already settled down in the plains and are no longer interested in returning to Da Qian..."

The man in black too a guess.

"That's not alright. I am still not sure about this!"

Lady Xu shook her head as she toyed around with her meditation beads.

"The 15th of this month would be the gathering of the Qin Family. I intend to let Qin Lei be the heir... By then, as long as we get the approval from Old Master, we'll record it down in the family books. There should be no issue about this. Even if Qin Yun and his sister were to come by then, they would not be able to do anything!"

"That is a good move, My Lady! Do you have any instructions for me?"

The man in black asked, still kneeling down.

"Return home and invite Grandmaster Xu!"

Lady Xu gritted her teeth and her face was filled with determination. "It is unfilial of me to have to trouble Grandmaster Xu. However, after this, when I have control over the family, I would reward you greatly!"

Grandmaster Xu was a spiritual array master and was highly skilled in his profession.

"Yes My Lady!"

The man in black had a bad feeling about this.

"Very well. By then, I will need you to do this..."

Lady Xu lowered her voice and whispered.

"Yes My Lady!"

The man in black shuddered and his eyes were filled with a burning pa.s.sion. This was an ultimatum.

"The 15th of this month would be the gathering of the Qin Family. Every time an heir is chosen, if the records would have to be re-written, they must be a ceremony. Members of the family would get to recommend the next heir, at least officially..."

In a secluded inn in Dongyi County, Qin Qing lowered the window shades as she described to Qin Yun and Fang Yuan.

"Brother Qin Yun ranks in front and has the purest blood of them all! His appearance would be able to change everything!"

Qin Qing exclaimed with confidence.

"Purity of blood?!"

Fang Yuan was skeptical. "You are intending to change everything just because his blood is purer?"

He couldn't feel any power or influence from Qin Yun.

"Wait up. Come here!"

As he called Qin Yun over, Fang Yuan used his nails to scratch in Qin Yun's arm, opening a red wound.

As the blood flowed out, it condensed into a bubble in mid-air.


As Fang Yuan executed his technique, a silver mirror appeared. The bubble of blood slowly crept up the mirror before exploding. The thick red blood swirled about, and in it, there were hints of gold.

"Eh? There's a little power in here... However, the power in his blood is not from your family!"

Fang Yuan was shocked.

"It seems that Sir, you are aware of it!"

Qin Qing chuckled. "The power of the people in Qin Family is not from our own people! To think about it, it is more closely related to dream masters!"

At this point, she raised her chest like a proud c.o.c.kerel.

"Oh? Tell me more!"

Fang Yuan forced a look of interest.

"Sir, you may be unaware, but there are many valuable and mysterious beasts in Da Qian Empire. They do not originate from our world, and the beasts native to Da Qian are incapable of harnessing the power from blood."

Qin Qing continued. "However, a dream master is able to communicate with other worlds and create objects out of nothing. They can create a whole new species!"

"The Yang Xuan blood in our Qin Family originates from a dream master and has been pa.s.sed down from a long time ago. Although little, this blood would give us fire-resistant properties and would also accelerate our cultivation if it is fire-type."

"Dream master..."

As soon as Fang Yuan heard it, his eyes glittered. "The Qin Family is related to dream masters?"

"I am not sure about this."

Qin Qing shook her head. "Dream masters live for a long time, and this is especially so for those who are able to gather energy from heaven and earth and absorb essence from living things. They can live for a very long period of time and it would even be possible for them to be surviving until today. However, I am unsure of his relations.h.i.+p with the Qin Family."

'It seems that the status of dream masters in Da Qian is beyond my expectations...'

As he thought about it himself, Fang Yuan changed the topic. "It is not enough for Qin Yun to become heir just because his blood is purer. The crucial thing will be the Xu Family's involvement in this, and the few stubborn elders in the Qin Family. I can help you 'convince' them, but what can you offer me?"


Qin Qing clenched her teeth and pulled Qin Yun along to kneel down. "Since you are a spiritual knight, you must have some technique to take owners.h.i.+p of other people's soul. As long as we succeed, after Qin Yun has become the rightful heir, I would be willing to sacrifice my soul to you and be your slave for eternity. Other than that, the Qin Family would be willing to accede to any of your requests!"


Qin Yun was shocked at the conditions she laid out. His eyes popped out and he did not dare to say another word.

"That's not enough!"

Fang Yuan shook his head. "If you throw in your brother's soul for me to control, then only we have room for discussion."


Qin Qing suddenly rejected him. "My brother is about to become the master of the Qin Family. If anything weird happens to him, don't you think the elders in the family would find out?"

"That is why I don't want his soul. I only want something that would allow me to control him."

Fang Yuan replied with a straight face.

"Alright, I'll agree!"

Qin Yun bit his teeth and agreed.

"What are you doing?"

Qin Qing was infuriated.

"I am the master of the family, and I'll have the final say!"

Qin Yun had an expression of determination never seen before."Sister, you have always been the one sacrificing for us. Now, it is my turn to do so."

'I am only offering to help them take revenge. Why does it sound like I am taking their lives!'

Fang Yuan was unable to stand their squabbling and left the room. He started to roam the streets casually.

As the capital of the county, the county city was extremely lively. It was much more prosperous than his own Secluded Country.

'To think about it, I am still unfamiliar with the powerful people in Da Qian Empire and even more so for the information regarding dream masters...'

Fang Yuan subconsciously recalled Qing Gui, the dream master which appeared the previous time he accessed Yang Fan's dream.

He seemed like the leader among the evil dream masters, and it was as though he had a huge sect under him.

Of course, in reality, Fang Yuan did not become a dream master. He destroyed one of Qing Gui's incarnations.

On the contrary, Yang Fan was likely to have been taken in by Qing Gui as his disciple. He could have even cut all ties with his family and destroyed the entire Yang Family.

Afterward, Yang Fan became highly skilled, but no one knew if he had taken in disciples.

"The qualifications to become a dream master is too high. I'm afraid that it is a rare profession even in Da Qian Empire and is not common..."

Fang Yuan entered a tea house and ordered a few snacks.

Not long after, the dishes were served and the fragrance filled the entire room. The tea was spiritual tea and the snacks were creatively made from spiritual ingredients.


At this point in time, a caravan slowly entered the city. Among the caravan was a horse carriage. As a pair of white hands peeled open the curtains, a glittery pair of eyes were revealed as it scanned around.

As their eyes met, both of them were in shock.

"This feeling... Dream master!"

Fang Yuan sipped a mouthful of spiritual tea. "What a coincidence? Could this dream master be arriving for the Qin Family gathering? If that is so, it seems like they indeed have relations with the dream masters in Da Qian..."

"Young mistress?"

In front of the carriage, an old man enquired, confused.

He had big hands that were extremely steady, and he was a Wu Zong. However, he was treating this lady as though she was a G.o.d.

"Nothing much. Let's go!"

A gentle voice was heard from the carriage.

As the carriage continued along its way, the person in the carriage was confused as well. "Dream master? Could he be an ally of the Qin Family? Who would've thought that such a boring mission would have such an unexpected finding!"

Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 225: An Encounter

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