Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 44

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"After the downfall of the Zhou Family, two families rose to power, the Zhang Family, and the Guo Family... I've heard of the Zhang Family before, and they used to have some popularity before. This time, they only brought out a small part of their savings... The actions of Zhang Han revealed how scheming the Zhang Family was... And as for the Guo Family, their influence had been growing, but it remained unclear as to how they did it."

Within the forest.

Fang Yuan was sprinting, and at the same time, his thoughts ran through his mind.

After breaking the 6th Gate, and with the birth of inner strength in his Eagle Claws, every aspect of him improved.

For instance, he could naturally concentrate his inner strength to his legs and ran faster than the average person. This was not lightness skill but was the simplest use of inner force.

With the help of his inner strength, Fang Yuan could traverse the forest as though there were nothing.


As he approached the entrance to the valley, he realised a black figure kneeling down.

"Master Zhou, what's the matter?"

Fang Yuan went up to him and saw his s.h.a.ggered look. It was a young man, and if it wasn't Zhou Wenwu, who else could it be?

"Doctor Fang? You... You are not in the valley?"

After seeing Fang Yuan, Zhou Wenwu's eyes lit up and gave him a kowtow. His forehead was bleeding profusely. "Thank you, master, for taking revenge on behalf of my family!"

The destruction of the Zhou Family was entirely due to Song Zhong.

Fang Yuan saved Zhou Wenwu's life before and even escorted him to Qinghe County to testify against Song Zhong. In the end, he even killed Song Zhong.

Fang Yuan earned his respects.

He frowned and left Zhou Wenwu alone. "Let's forget about what happened in the past, what plans do you have for the future?"

"I shall not hide my plans!"

Zhou Wenwu straightened his back and showed a stubborn look. "I am useless, but the sect has decided to pa.s.s on my father's role of a deacon to me!"

In actual fact, Zhou Wenwu's was much less skilful than Zhou Tong, but this was the Sect's way of compensating for his loss.

"I have decided to return to Qingye City!"

Zhou Wenwu clenched his fist. "I must rebuild my family's business here!"

"I see!"

Fang Yuan nodded his head, as this move of Zhou Wenwu was good.

The next step would be hard. How would it be possible to get Lin Family, Zhang Family and Guo Family to take a step back for the rise of Zhou Family?

Especially since these few families did gain from the downfall of Zhou Family, and they had their own plans up their sleeves.

Fang Yuan calculated that there wouldn't be much peace in Qingye City from now on.

"Then I shall wish Master Zhou all the best!"


Zhou Wenwu gave another kowtow. "Master Fang is my benefactor, and also my family's benefactor! If you need a favour in the future, just inform me and I will see to it, regardless what it takes!"

Fang Yuan smiled. "It's alright, take care Master Zhou, I won't send you off, please return!"

He entered the valley, ignoring Zhou Wenwu.

Seeing Fang Yuan's silhouette disappear, Zhou Wenwu seemed disappointed and continued to kneel.

'Zhou Wenwu... He is indeed sincere!'

Fang Yuan returned to the pavilion, placed his goods, called the Flower Fox Ferret to check on Zhou Wenwu, and then continued to mind his own business.

Zhou Wenwu knew how powerful Fang Yuan was, and therefore did not dare to offend him.

Those words which Zhou Wenwu said actually meant that if one day the Zhou Family rose to power again, they would still be willing to obey Fang Yuan.

"Get help from other influential families? Zhou Family... It seems too big of a price to pay for them to start from scratch."

Fang Yuan shook his head.

He had the ability to help Zhou Family recover, but he felt that it was not worth the effort.

If he really needed the help of influential families, why would he need to look for the Zhou Family?

The Zhang Family seemed impressive, and he could become polite and ask them for help anytime.

"Mmm... After considering all the factors, I have to sacrifice too much, to gain too little. It doesn't make sense!"

Fang Yuan shook his head, continued to prepare his 'Still Fire Liquid', and took a stroll in his farm.

It was dusk.

A chill wind blew across the mountains, and the cold from the icy ground was biting.

Zhou Wenwu stubbornly continued to kneel on the ground, and his mind was lost as he stared at the flickering candle in the valley.

He was confident that by presenting even himself Fang Yuan would help him. However, Fang Yuan totally ignored his nonsense and closed the door on him, his mindset.

Fang Yuan wouldn't frown a bit even if he froze to death out here.

Being a son of the Zhou Family, Zhou Wenwu had the responsibility to carry on the family line, and if he really died kneeling out here, he would cease the family line.

The moon slowly rose higher and higher.

Zhou Wenwen took a long sigh as his entire body became stiff. After a long while, he finally stood up, gazed at the Secluded Valley for a long while, before taking his leave by limping towards the forest.

What he didn't know was that two men in black were observing him the whole while within the bushes nearby.

"Hey, he is just one person himself, how can he rebuild his family? Does he not know that the Zhou Family is history now?"

"Although the Zhou Family is destroyed, it only took a short span of a few weeks, and many relations.h.i.+ps were established from the incident, especially how the Sect still acknowledged the family is one of their own, and that is the crucial part!"

The other person reb.u.t.ted. "If they are not afraid of the Zhou Family's comeback, then why would master send us out to spy on him?"

"You're right about that too, but I'm wondering why can't we take things into our own hands and settle him once and for all in the forest!"

The first guy had a malicious look in his eyes.

"Are you crazy?"

The other man in black was shocked. "This person is now the deacon of Spirit Returning Sect. Even Song Zhong couldn't cover up the death of Zhou Tong, and he himself died in the end. Do you think you are more capable than Song Zhong? And you still want to kill another one?"

When he said this, the other guy remained speechless.

After half a day, he said, "We were lucky the owner of the valley did not promise to help him, otherwise, by his reputation and ability, our Guo Family will be in trouble."

"That's right... Zhang Family's actions were a joke. He is just an ordinary doctor with little martial arts, and they gave him so much respect, what a joke!"

"He was after all from a business family, and all they talk about is having peace and prosperity. But our family is different! We are based on our skilled martial arts! Every child at the age of 9 in our family will have to start picking up martial arts, and we have quite a number of Martial Artist in the 4th or 5th Gate. In addition... We still have Old Master!"

At the last few words, both of them softened, and they appeared respectful.

"As long as Old Master is around, our Guo Family will rise and become the number one family in Qingye City, or even number one in Jinjun County!"

"Hmph, if we were not that afraid of being at the top, our family could have ruled over Qingye City easily!"

The man in black announced proudly.

"There are many powerful people in the martial arts world, Take for example this secluded valley, once is was Master Wenxin, and now Doctor Fang Yuan with impeccable healing powers and unparalleled martial arts. If we treat him as our enemy, it would be a large obstacle for our family to progress!"

The other person sighed, and both men in black looked at each other, both wanting to find out how powerful he was. "Why not... Let's test him out first?"

Although it was just a thought, they unknowingly took a step forward.

"Both of us are going to ambush him, and since both of us are strong martial artists who have broken through the 2 Peaceful Gates, surely we can escape if we are no match for him..."


Two shadows entered the valley and arrived at the pavilion.

'This legendary Secluded Valley looks normal...'

One of them appeared unsatisfied and mumbled under his breath.

The moment he spoke, a white flash appeared in front of them.



A piercing scream was heard and echoed throughout the valley.

"What is this... creature!"

The other man in black retreated quickly, as he saw his companion fell to the floor with an arm detached, as blood spurted out.


In front of them was a white and large dog... white ferret?

"Mutated... Mutated beast?!"

The voice of the man in black trembled, as though he regretted his actions.

'The valley is indeed mysterious and scary, as they have a mutated beast to look after the living quarters?'

On the other hand, the Flower Fox Ferret was calmly stroking its own fur, and from time to time made some noise.


The door to the pavilion opened, and as Fang Yuan yawned he looked at both of the men in black. "More spies? I think my luck isn't too good these few days... I must warn those who might possibly do foolish things again, otherwise, it will be rather troublesome for me..."

"You are Fang Yuan!"

One of them said, "Why did you let the beast attack us?"

"Attack you? Haha..."

Fang Yuan laughed as though he had heard a good joke. "You two trespa.s.sed my valley, with ill intentions, and yet you dare accuse me? Both of you are indeed idi*ts!"


Both men in black looked at each other and did not quite seem to understand, but knew it should not be something good. Both of them stared fiercely at Fang Yuan.

They knew that the white ferret was extremely fast and they could never outrun it if they attempted to escape to the forest.

The only way out was to defeat its owner, Fang Yuan!

Even though they have heard of Fang Yuan's heroics, they have not personally seen it before and had a glimmer of hope in defeating him.

"To stay alive, it seems I have to personally fight my way out!"

Fang Yuan did not take them seriously. "Come, don't complain that I didn't give you the chance to strike first!"


Both guys looked at each other as both of them, even the one with a broken arm, shouted and pounced upon him. His legs struck rapidly, so quick that there wasn't any shadow.

"Ferocious Tiger Palm!"

"Shadowless Legs!"

Palms and kicks flew in quick succession, but Fang Yuan did not dodge. He took in a deep breath, and his skin became a greenish-black.

"Ping! Ping!"

It was like raindrops. .h.i.tting a banana leaf, continuous and distinct.

When everything was over, and both of them were exhausted, they were surprised to see Fang Yuan still standing. Fear was written all over their faces. "Eagle Claw Iron Skin Technique at Grade 6 - A professional!!! Who knew such a level could be attained?"

Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 44

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