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In the world of Da Qian.

Highland City, within a hidden residence on the outskirts.

The air vibrated, and Fang Yuan suddenly opened his eyes and looked at his palm.

In his hand was a piece of wriggling meat. It was like a placenta, its life force hidden.

"This is the root of all Evil Demons, an extraordinary object created by a world. It has the blood of every Evil Demon, and it could be referred to as the placenta of Evil Demons!"

This extraordinary object was created by the will of the Alcala Realm, and it was what the creation of original energy depended on.

Fang Yuan obtained it for his own research.

"The power of reproduction and the power of creation are similar in too many ways. The promotion of profession changing in the Alcala Realm was, in actual fact, constantly adding on to my path of creation."

Originally, he was still slightly unstable and wasn't able to reveal the children of the swords.

However, now there were no obstacles at all.

"With the placenta of Evil Demons, I can start trying to refine and harness original power. Of course… there's still a missing entry requirement—the state of a Dream Master Sage!"

In order to refine and harness original energy, the cultivation of the original Dream Master Sage was the most basic requirement.

However, when it was placed before Fang Yuan's cultivation, it was only a layer of protective paper for windows.

After all, he had had already borrowed the Sage body, Dante, and had broken through the state of a Sage.

Even if it was only an incarnation, it was also everlasting. His original body's upper limit also rose. All he needed now was the resources in order to break through.

And the power of the world that he blackmailed was prepared just for this.

"Creation Sword Array!"

As he wavered, a large amount of the world's power was consumed within the dreamland. The seventh sword began to gather, bringing about a stable spirit; shockingly, it was a mountain sword!

"The sword array that I created used the power of a demon heart as its foundation. The door swords are comparable to the former 7th Tier Illusionary Divine, and the seven swords would then be comparable to the original Dream Master Sage!"

"In actual truth, the so-called 'sage' was also exaggerated by the few Ancient Ones. From what I can see, it's more suitable to be called 'Creator'!"


The seven swords roared, transforming into seven youths. They kneeled down on one knee and said in unison, "Greetings, master!"

"Creation of 7th tier Sword Array… state of Creator!"

Fang Yuan could sense clearly that the heart of his materialized dreamland had an unknown form that was gradually acc.u.mulating.

"The 7th Tier Illusionary Divine could open up prosperous lands when the Sages obtained the Heavenly Abode. I'm now a.s.sembling the seeds of the Heavenly Abode?"

Of course, compared to this, what made him even happier was the transformation of the seven sword children.

Accompanied by his breakthrough of becoming a creator, the children transformed into youths, and they even had physical bodies.

Fang Yuan could tell that if they were let out, then they could completely combine their chromosomes to produce offsprings!

This was the power of a Dream Master Sage—creating something out of nothing, and they could even create an intelligent bunch!

Moreover, Fang Yuan's power wasn't obtained from the Demonic Heart Realm, but from his own research, so no one could take it away!

"This is…. the state of the previous Sages?"

Fang Yuan looked at both his hands, and then he looked at his attributes board:

"Name: Fang Yuan

Essence: 200

Spirit: 200

Magic: 200

Profession: Dream Master

Cultivation: Illusionary Divine (7th Tier), True Divine, Creator

Technique: Pangu Eagle Body [Strengthened bloodline of a Fire Witch (Level 1)], Creation Sword Array [Seven Sword (100%)]

Skill: [Medicine (Level 3)], [Botany (Level 6)(Peak)], [Fiery Golden Eyes (Level 3)], [Body Seal (Ultimate form)]"

"I didn't expect the achievements from the Alcala World to be so great!"

Fang Yuan was over the moon.

Accompanied by the deprivation of the pathway for all the Da Qian Empire's Dream Masters, the heavens had also taken back the positions. Currently, there were no longer any Sages in the entire Da Qian Empire.

Until now, he had finally reclaimed the position!

"The path of a Sage has unlimited potential, but it's also the same for a creator!"

In addition to the seeds of the Heavenly Abode, he also had the ability to produce intelligent beings. What kind of concept was this?

This was basically a miniaturized version of a creator G.o.d!

Especially since he could completely sweep through the entire Da Qian Empire, and no one would be able to resist him!

"The plan… needs to be changed!"

Before this, he had a plan where, as a third party, he would benefit if two parties fought against each other whilst he considered his own ability.

However, he didn't need to consider much now. The power of a Sage could suppress everything. He would be able to deal with anyone that was unsatisfied. Even if the collective power of the 9 Extremes Mountain wasn't enough, there was no need to fear!

"Because the people in the Da Qian Empire know how frightening a Sage is, I'll just need to reveal my cultivation, without saying too much, and it would be enough to make many of them waver and even submit!"

The more that one knows, then the more they will fear; those that don't know anything wouldn't feel fear at all, this was also a conclusion that Fang Yuan had obtained after traveling to many worlds.

Within a secret state.

Countless Dream Masters gathered together, and their leaders were, unexpectedly, Baize and the Evil Divine.

They had a deep obscure aura filled with power. Shockingly, their cultivation advanced by leaps and bounds as they arrived at an unpredictable state.

"Hehe… a mere Realm Alliance traitor dares to insult us, he's really courting death…"

Evil Divine smiled coldly. "Although the world had changed and my path's foundation was s.n.a.t.c.hed away, how can he compare to the united power of so many Dream Masters? Moreover, we captured many demon generals and demon chiefs in secret, and we've also confirmed part of the Demonic Heart Realm's inheritance. Based on this, with time it's possible to recover the prestige of the Dream Masters!"

Within the state, many True Elementals and True Sacred Dream Masters gathered, bringing a routed quality.

These were the elites of Baize Mountain and the Evil Divine Sect. After the nurturing of the original 7th Tier Illusionary Divine's power again, they had recovered their positions—despite not being Dream Masters!

However, this type of power was enough to scare the world!

"Evil Divine please wait a moment before losing your temper…"

Sage Baize was unperturbed. "Since this child was named as the best person in the Da Qian Empire, he would naturally possess some capabilities… It would also be pretty good to turn him into a slave for us first… More importantly, it would be impossible for the teachings from a mere Heartless to produce such a disciple!"

"Not bad, this child must be hiding a huge secret!"

A flash of greed flashed past Evil Divine's eyes as he said, "Only us Sages can enjoy this secret alone."

"That's a good suggestion!"

Sage Baize stroke his beard.

Although the Baize Mountain he had led was always seen as the true path of the Dream Masters before the collapse of the 5 Grand Organisations, only he himself knew the true situation.

Especially when dealing with such problems that didn't seem to be serious, any sense of justice and humanity ought to make a detour.

He would think about it.

What kind of secrets could allow an average Dream Master to leap up and dominate the Da Qian Empire within such a short period of time?

What would happen if they got their hands on this secret?

Even Sages couldn't reject lures such as this.

"A mere Dream Master should just hand over the secret and allow us to recover our sacred quality!"

"Such an arrogant and domineering person, he'll be punished!"

The two Sages quickly came to a consensus.

Clap! Clap!

At this moment, the sound of applause suddenly traveled from one side of the room. "Wonderful! Really wonderful!"

Fang Yuan walked out and applauded. "This is a concept from you, the higher authorities. Sages are high up in the hierarchy, and the Dream Masters below you will have to give up everything? Hmph… this really broadened my horizons."

"It's you?! Fang Yuan!!!"

The eyes of the two Sages, that had pa.s.sed their primes, contracted to the size of a needle tip. "How did you get in?"

This was a deep part of the state, its protection was strict. It not only had different types of detection and protective arrays, but it also had many True Sacred Martial Masters and True Elemental Spiritual Knights outside!

Even if the other party was named as the strongest being after the Sages, and the best in Da Qian today, he definitely wouldn't have been able to do this.

"Of course I walked in."

Fang Yuan smiled. Both his arms spread open, and a layer of the field opened up automatically. "The protections outside… is quite similar to paper and glue."

"Power of field? No… Heavenly Abode! This is the power of Heavenly Abode! You've become sacred!!!"

Evil Divine almost said this whilst clenching his teeth. Sage Baize, on the other hand, didn't say anything, but he turned around and ran, very frightened.

He had to run!

As an ex-sage, they knew how frightening a Sage was. His power was just like chopping melons and cutting vegetables—he had the power to choose who to kill and who will live.

Otherwise, the Dream Masters of the 5 Grand Organisations wouldn't have been so obedient, being at their service and not resisting at all—even though they were treated like pigs and dogs.

The definitive answer for everything was still the vast difference in suppressive power!

It was similar to the current situation.

"The other end of the world is very close, and lives are on the frontline!"

The escape of Sages was naturally not a trivial matter, even if they used to be one.

Baize's figure flashed by and had already become a white line stream. Within a split-second, he had traveled a hundred miles away, his figure lingered at the horizon for a while before vanis.h.i.+ng in the next moment.

As for Evil Divine?

He had long disappeared, and there was only an embodiment of heavenly evil at his original location. This was his way of subst.i.tuting death—with a puppet to represent death!

Unfortunately, Fang Yuan had determined long ago to leave none of the original Sages, even if he had to incorporate the remaining Dream Masters.

Different from Qian Huanyi and Superior Wu Zun, the Dream Master Sages had cultivated their abilities themselves. Once they were given time and information, it was hard to say that they might be able to return back to their old ways. This was the biggest reason why Fang Yuan was unsettled!

"If we suddenly met, both of you might've really been able to escape, but now… I've concentrated and set this up for a long time. If I let you off, what sort of dream path will I be cultivating!"

Fang Yuan smiled, his hands lightly clenched.


As if he had burst a formless bubble, the surrounding scene vanished into thin air. The two ex-sages, that had run far away, shockingly found themselves standing in front of Fang Yuan.

"Pangu Eagle Body, power of creation… receive my blow, Chaos Creation Divine Fist!"

Power furiously surged out from Fang Yuan's body.

At that moment, his true sacred body suddenly evolved again, and transformed into the body of a Sage!

The Chaos Divine Fist that he released had an incomparable, terrifying power.


The s.p.a.ce shattered, and Earth, Fire, Wind, as well as Water, could be seen indistinctly.

Without any cries, the two ex-sages in the middle of it were erased from the surging powerful current without even leaving a hint of their true spirits.

"How is it? Anyone who wants to join the two of them?"

After getting rid of the two Sages, Fang Yuan looked back. Many Dream Masters that were clamped down by the seven sword children had deathly pale faces.

Suddenly, someone kneeled down without making any sound, surrendering.

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