Carefree Path Of Dreams 645 The Sweep

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"Ever since I saw the peach blossoms, my doubts till now have all disappeared."

Seeing the powerful ent.i.ty being vanquished in front of his eyes, even Fang Yuan developed a different type of emotion.

This move by Zhang Tianling was used to annihilate the true spirit itself, completely removing every trace of it from the realm forever.

Not even Fang Yuan could imagine that this ex-alchemist's personality was so intense to this extent!

However, this feeling of regret was only temporary.

"Wait… Whoever is willing to accompany Zhang Tianling on his journey, this Sage can send him there at once!"

Fang Yuan looked around once, and he realized that even the powerful beings that were originally from the Heavenly Spirit a.s.sociation suddenly became afraid and cowardly muttered, "I wouldn't dare to oppose the Sage!"

"Alright! From today onwards, the East Ocean Prefectures will be governed by me, the 9 Extremes Mountain!" Fang Yuan bowed. "My 9 Extremes Mountain doesn't discriminate against any cla.s.s. If you're unrelated to Dream Masters, you can still similarly enter the gates as a Spiritual Knight or Wu Zong. In addition, even though there was room for discussion in regards to the distribution of the different schools before, the general direction is still the same!"


Many small and medium sect gate guardians couldn't believe what he had just said, and their eyes twinkled. They immediately and hurriedly stood up slightly. "I've been impolite. Sage, please forgive my sins."

"It's really true! The sage never lies!"

Fang Yuan smiled reservedly.

In reality, this was in accordance to the cake-sharing plan by the Heavenly Spirit a.s.sociation. However, the largest piece, that should've originally been taken by the Heavenly Spirit a.s.sociation, was taken away by Fang Yuan instead.

Just this by itself was already sufficient enough for the 9 Extremes Mountain to take. Therefore, Fang Yuan had to separate them in order to appease the people.

"If that's the case, I'll wait for to see how you intend to decide!"

At this moment, many sect leaders bowed one by one.

Instead, it was the Spiritual Knights of the Heavenly Spirit a.s.sociation who were speechless after seeing this scene, and they found it difficult to accept.


Finally, one of the higher beings transformed into a light streak and instantly shot up towards the sky with an astounding escape technique.

In the next moment, Fang Yuan snapped his fingers.


A large green hand appeared in the sky and directly grabbed the light streak and rubbed it. A loud scream was heard and then there was silence.

Simply snapping one's finger could result in a ma.s.sive downfall!

This fierceness immediately caused the other remaining Spiritual Knights of the Heavenly Spirit a.s.sociation to be afraid of having anymore thoughts about trying their luck. They bowed in quick succession. "Mighty Sage, I'm willing to submit."

The higher the being, the more he would value his life.

Conceding to a Sage isn't humiliating at all.

"That person…"

Among all the people on the ground, the Red Cotton Sect was considered the most cowardly of them all.

"That person, isn't he the lecher I previously saw at the pier?"

A loud noise rang in their hearts, and they immediately felt relieved and fortunate!

They were relieved that they previously didn't attack this person, or they would have to suffer the horrendous consequences.


Fang Yuan's attention focused on the bodies of these ants at all.

He turned his line of sight and saw two waves of people who were previously chased out. "G.o.d Seeking Palace and the Martial Alliance?!"

Qian Huanyi and Superior Wu Zun gave two dry laughs and walked out to bow. "I've seen you, Sage!"

"Martial Alliance Martial G.o.d Master, I've seen you, Sage!"

The leader of the Martial Alliance was an actual Sage and higher being. His whole body was masculine and wasn't under the control of Superior Wu Zun.

Of course at this moment, all of them bowed respectfully with an anxious look on their faces.

"There's a great deal of unrest that has been occurring for far too long. People are being plunged into an abyss of misery, and I cannot bear to see this any more. I need the Qian Kun!"

Fang Yuan spoke of his desired plans without being reserved.

Since he had already reached the position of Sage first, he would be a fool if he didn't make use of this opportunity to rule all the land.

Even though his skills were lacking, he still needed the G.o.d Seeking Palace and Martial Alliance to submit to him. Despite this only being a facade, at least he could build up his reputation, and he'll have the capital to send an army of armed forces in the future.


Martial G.o.d Master and Superior Wu Zun instantly fell into silence.

"When you get back, please tell the Martial Alliance and G.o.d Seeking Palace about this main issue, as I need to control the entire Da Qian area. This Sage will be eliminating demons and disasters later. Hopefully, you'll submit to me before that, or don't say words that you're not prepared to. Go!"

After saying that, Fang Yuan flicked his sleeve indifferently.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

A strong wind blew, and Superior Wu Zun and Martial G.o.d Master unleashed their elemental forces to resist.

When they regained their focus, they immediately realized that they were suddenly already ten miles away from the Hailan city.

"Sigh… Let's go…"

Qian Huanyi interlocked both his hands and suddenly sighed.

After seeing Fang Yuan, he suddenly seemed to become disillusioned. "If he relies on the quality of the Sage and then retroacts to the displeasure of the G.o.ds, maybe… I might have some hope in becoming a Sage again. However, he deals with matters at an appropriate pace and views the Spiritual Knights and Wu Zongs as equals. He also complies with the wishes of the people and the heavens, so how am I supposed to rob him of this position? It's really difficult! Difficult! Difficult!!!"

Previously, he and Superior Wu Zun used a "Destiny's child" that was born in the Da Qian realm to specially combat against the 5 Dream Master Sages.

However, at this moment, there's only one Sage who doesn't do things that are too extreme.

What is the problem with wanting a deeply troubled will to deposit more resources?

Additionally, the other party would probably also provide resources to aid Fang Yuan to unite the realm. This reduces internal friction to a large extent, and without any divine favors, it poses a dead-end to all the Spiritual Knights and Sages!

Fang Yuan didn't even bother about the reactions of the G.o.d Seeking Palace and the Martial Alliance.

After all, their most powerful remaining form of resistance wasn't able to leave much of an impact, regardless of how much trouble they tried to create.

Making use of this good opportunity, where many forces were submitting to him, he first gave orders to the 9 Extremes Mountain, dispatching a large number of elites to come forward and accept this territory. The 9 Extremes Mountain will remain as the headquarters, but the East Ocean Prefectures was starting to form.

As he had allocated the largest slice of cake to himself, he believed that the development of the 9 Extremes Mountain would be very smooth.

Immediately, he allocated the territory to the people from the other sects in order to win over their hearts.

Once everything was finished, the responses from the G.o.d Seeking Palace and the Martial Alliance also arrived around that time. They congratulated Fang Yuan for being the new Sage, but with a look of endless conflict, they evaded questions on whether or not they wanted to submit.

Fang Yuan only laughed when he saw this, and he immediately made his decision—to eliminate all demons and disasters by going on a northern expedition to Zhongzhou.

"The plague of demon spirits is a disaster in the Demonic Heart Realm… It's not very beneficial to the Da Qian realm. First, I'll promote various spiritual energies to restore the vitality in the realm and immediately extract this cancerous tumour. This will be in accordance to the wishes of the people and the heavens! Without a doubt, I'd obtain much favor from the will of the realm.

He naturally had his own intentions when he does things, and he definitely didn't get devoured by pride when he levelled up to a Sage.

There were actually nine Sages during the zenith of the Da Qian realm, but where are they today?

Hence, it's still better to act in accordance to the heavenly will and refrain from fighting.

It's not smart to anger and spark the animosity of a realm for no reason at all.

At this moment, Fang Yuan wanted to make use of this victory to launch an attack. He first wanted to make use of his new authority as a Sage, to eliminate demons and disasters, while immediately forcing the G.o.d Seeking Palace and Martial Alliance to surrender to him.

Anyway, these two powers are native and only consist of Spiritual Knights and Wu Zongs, which he had never bothered to consider.

Accompanying the army in moving out, Fang Yuan instead sat in a magical flying carriage and flipped over numerous jade scrolls.

All these were naturally the research and fruits of labor from Baize Mountain and the Evil Divine Sect, and he gained a great advantage from them at this moment.

"Not bad… It's really not bad. The collective knowledge of the Dream Masters—combined with usage of demon general inheritances as a reference—is pus.h.i.+ng us closer to the brink of recovering our abilities…"

Fang Yuan instantly felt elated after reading this.

If it wasn't for him making the first move and not giving any opportunities, those two Sages could've really re-ascended to this rank and cause trouble in the future.

"Shen Tao, you did well this time!"

Looking at this expert with a higher being status in front of him, Fang Yuan's facial expressions relaxed. "I've decided to appoint you as the vice-mountain leader of the 9 Extremes Mountain. From today onwards, you'll be higher than everyone in the hierarchy!"

"Thank you, Sage!"

Shen Tao bowed without any trace of emotion on his face.

In reality, Fang Yuan had some feelings of resignation when he chose him.

After all, he was the first higher being to surrender in the Evil Divine Sect, and he had to focus on finding the one with the most potential. Additionally, the 9 Extremes Mountain, at this moment, urgently needed a high-level military to perform suppression, and the Extreme Darkness and Mengmei were fundamentally not up to standard.

Ado, however, has enough ability but is unfortunately a demon spirit….

Anyway to this extent, he was completely fearless of whatever conspiracies there were to revolt under his watch, and he could delegate power to the lower tiers.

"However, this type of technique is the cultivating method of the Demonic Heart Realm, and it has already conflicted with the methods of the Dream Masters…"

With one look, Fang Yuan found a loophole.

How can a deprived pa.s.sageway be rebuilt? Those Dream Masters don't have golden fingers like he does.

Hence, they could only choose to learn the cultivation techniques of the Demonic Heart Realm as its origin was similar to the pa.s.sageway that could be quickly recovered, and they could even be promoted to a Sage. This was already superior to the power of this realm.

"Not bad, not bad….."

At this moment, after witnessing this, Fang Yuan immediately decided to refine this cultivation technique and practice it.

Although this technique is suitable to be learned by a Dream Master, this is ultimately not the original pathway. As time goes by, none of them would become superior to him, as he has already achieved much advantage.

However, the Dream Masters wouldn't be useless anymore or have the embarra.s.sing cultivation level of a Spiritual Knight and Wu Zong.

At this moment, Fang Yuan's eyebrows rose as he looked ahead, smiling silently.


After a short while, the magic artifact stopped, and a Dream Master reverently said from the outside, "There's a huge army of demons in front, and there appears to be the outline of a demon general?"

"Forget it, I'll go and meet them!"

Fang Yuan disappeared into the carriage with fast movements.

The next time he appeared, he was floating high up in the sky and looking down at the dark ma.s.s of the demon army.

"Demon general?"

He looked around at the surroundings and laughed. "3-tailed… no, two-tailed Scorpion Lion, haven't you learned your lesson?"

"Human… You're too presumptuous. In the Demonic Heart Realm, there are many of us who are similar to you, and there are also those who were attacked and overthrown by us who are of the same kind!"

The Scorpion Lion, who broke a tail, shouted angrily, "This realm has already become a part of the Demonic Heart Realm, and you can only choose to concede! Transform into the most supreme demon spirit and become a proud member of the Demonic Heart Realm."

"Get lost!"

It was answered by Fang Yuan's punch.


With just one punch, the Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water—everything was reconfigured.


Fang Yuan looked around at his surroundings. "It seems… to have some impact."

"Keke… We've gathered all of the demon generals and have employed this array in order to kill capable people like you!"

Ripples vibrated in the sky, and the image of a 3-tailed Scorpion Lion reappeared.


Fang Yuan could only laugh at this. With a flick of his hand, seven sword-wielding teenagers appeared. They all emitted the aura of a higher being, causing the demon general to change its expression. "The seven demon generals?"

Carefree Path Of Dreams 645 The Sweep

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