Carefree Path Of Dreams 651 The Beginning

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After Fang Yuan mischievously threw out a small stone and dominated the 5 States Mainland, the Giant Beast Kingdom, with its unique civilization, disappeared just like that.

In front of the creator, even a king of the mainland was as insignificant as dust.

"However, there was some good from the sea beasts that came ash.o.r.e…"

Fang Yuan's magical abilities spread and instantly found a lot of descendants from the giant beasts on the two mainlands.

These descendants underwent degeneration and already lacked the huge body structure and appet.i.te that their ancestors had, and their temperament was much gentler. To the various species on the mainland, this was a huge boon.

On the 5 States Mainland.

After eradicating the nearby giant beasts, Xuan used his mighty force and immense prestige to directly integrate all of the human tribes. He built a giant tribe that constantly spread outwards to its surroundings, with the Giant River valley as its core. He called this a "nation."

This newly-developed country half focused on plantations and the other half on herding, and they've already started to discover fallowing and other techniques. Even slaves have begun to appear.

Many newly-discovered tribes were called "barbarians," and compared to the "countrymen" of the Giant River tribe, the barbarians didn't have much political authority, and they had to occasionally pay tribute to Xuan in order to obtain recognition. If they couldn't pay enough tributes, everything would be taken away from them, and they had to bear the risk of being demoted to being a slave.

Xuan and the earliest royal slave owners enjoyed an extremely lavish lifestyle under the hard labor of the slaves while the entire country was also steadily developing.

During this period, traces of the Giant Beast Kingdom was also discovered, especially those mysterious hedge stone words that, to the human tribes, appeared to be for wors.h.i.+pping the G.o.ds.

The priests of the Xuan Nation obtained some revelations from the hedge stones and discovered the mystery hidden within. They constantly improved their own country's words and other aspects.

An emerging human country was progressively improving on the 5 States Mainland.

In an instant, decades pa.s.sed.

Xuan also gradually entered old age and caught a common illness that all ancient feudal kings suffered from—Skepticism, fear!

Always worrying that a stronger replacement would appear and rob them of their authority!

As such, he started finding excuses and excluded outsiders, wanting to support his own son to rise and become the leader of the Xuan nation.

Very evidently, this worsening change initially faced a lot of resistance, and various open and hidden obstacles gave Xuan no choice but to implement more drastic measures in order to oppress them. This brought about turmoil for the entire country.

Peng was a barbarian of the Xuan Nation.

In reality, in his knowledge, he himself was still a tribal member.

It was only a situation where the tribe was conquered by a larger tribe. Hence, they themselves must diligently pay tribute, or they would be subjugated.

Hence, within this small tribe, they had a sense of envy and animosity towards the countrymen that were rumored to live within the high walls and drive slaves to farm for them while they enjoyed the fruits of their labor, without putting in any effort.

However, Peng didn't think about it that much.

As a woodsman, his goal today was to gather sufficient firewood to exchange for food.

Why did he gather and not chop them?

It really is too wasteful to use stone knives to chop firewood.

Although he heard that there are many more cost-efficient, uncomparably sharp bronze tools and farming equipment that could be exchanged within the city walls, those were evidently too extravagant for him.

Unknowingly, he went deep into the mountains.

White clouds permeated, and unnamed wild flowers were rampant, carrying a sweet fragrance.

However, Peng had a look of wariness in his eyes.

Although there were many fruits that could cause people to obtain special abilities in the wilderness, many more were still poisonous!

The number of unlucky people who died from poisoning every year far exceeded those who obtained abilities. The more brightly-colored the wild flowers and fruits were, the higher the probability was that it could result in death!

Hence, cowardly Peng had always stayed far away from such things.

"High up in the clouds lies a bed of truth. Other than the heavens and the earth, the person to be revered the most is one's master…"

Accompanying the crisp sound of a bell, a dimly distinct sound burrowed into his ears and made his entire body extremely spirited. He could hear and see better, as though all of his pores opened up, and he quickly ran towards the source of the sound as if he was possessed.

The source of the sound was in a small valley blooming with hundreds of flowers.

Peng looked around and saw that, next to the murmuring stream in front of him, there was a large stone with a white rush cus.h.i.+on placed on top of it. A celestial old man, wearing both black and white clothes, was stroking his beard as his gentle eyes looked down.

Peng, at that moment, was completely unaware that the clothes on the old man's body were a Taoist robe and Tai Chi, and he simply felt that his temperament was even more distinct than the tribal leaders.

At that moment, in the surrounding area, a few barbarian woodsmen were evidently attracted here, just like him.

What frightened them further was the fact that humans were a minority amongst them. There were more wild mountain wolves, deers, rabbits, mice, and a pack of larks; there was even a large colorful snake settling in the tree at the side.

Various mountain creatures flocked together at this very moment, without a hint of panic, causing Peng to be amazed as he looked on.

"May I dare inquire as to your ident.i.ty, old man?"

At this moment, a brave woodsman walked forward and cupped his hands before his chest as he asked respectfully.

"I'm not a person. I'm an immortal!"

The old man in the Taoist robe, who could be referred to as Fang Yuan's avatar, stroked his beard and spoke indifferently.

"What's an immortal?"

At this moment, these people evidently had no concept of a spiritual deity, and their gaze looked clueless.

"I do not die from old age, and I have limitless magical powers. That is an 'immortal'!"

Fang Yuan smiled slightly. "Riding the righteousness of heaven and earth, but resisting the six energies; someone who endlessly explores is an immortal!"

He also said, "Herbivores die foolishly, carnivores bravely defend, granivores smartly die at a young age, energy-consumers admirably live a long life, while those who do not eat become immortal G.o.ds. Consuming energy but not eating a majority of the time in order to cultivate immortality!"

The atmosphere in the surroundings changed as he spoke.

The ground gushed with golden light as Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water appeared, magically transforming into limitless magical powers.



Peng roughly understood. A person is referred to as an immortal if he uses his own cultivation to obtain abilities similar to what a mutant gets after consuming the exotic flowers and magical fruits, and they even have a life-prolonging effect.

He kneeled down with the rest of the people without hesitation.

After all, the prolonging of one's life was something that not even Xuan could do!

"Mutant, please teach me!"

Amidst the chorus of numerous humans, those Simian Spirits and mountain river deers similarly kneeled and bowed with their hands clasped in front of them in a humble manner.

"You should wait to enter my door. If it's fated, you can call me Master and learn my magical technique!"

Fang Yuan's laughed.

Didn't he make this claim because that was the case?

Anyway, the Dream Masters have done a lot of research. There are those that are suitable for humans, and there are also those that are suitable for other species to cultivate and can be fully practiced by everyone.


Peng didn't know what this term meant, but this didn't deter him from shouting the same thing as the others.

"Students, so I'll preach, teach, and clear your doubts! I have many roads that can each be proven… Today, I'll begin by talking about the Energy Consumption Inner Refinement technique. As the saying goes, the ethics of Taoism contains the spirit of struggles. Although the concepts of 'no action, no dispute' is often discussed in doctrines, its essence is that this is only its means and form, and the root of its purpose lies within having positive progress."

This was evidently the Human Refinement technique and coupled with Fang Yuan using an enlightening teaching method to demonstrate this secret technique, even an uneducated illiterate Joe will listen with relish.

In addition, a few white monkeys at the side had already displayed their stance, faced the sky, and entered the realm of cultivation.

Peng didn't have the innate talent of attaining pure innocence in his heart, but he still tried his best to remember each sentence and word with his heart.

Along with Fang Yuan's preaching, the life forms that gathered outside were also increasing, and everyone became intoxicated by his words.

Fang Yuan silently laughed internally upon realizing this scene, and he continued talking constantly.

By the second day, there were already white monkeys contributing fruits, red-crowned cranes contributing flowers, and a few people—including Peng—randomly digging out some mountain herbs and Solomon's seals to fill their stomachs as they continued to listen.

Fang Yuan talked about the Golden Pill technique yesterday, so he didn't mention it this time. He directly taught them the Divine Spirit refinement, the out-of-body experience, and the method of absorbing spiritual energy from nature.

This was greatly beneficial, regardless of whether the audience was a human or a beast, especially the technique of absorbing the essence of the sun and the moon. The energy of the sun was much more beneficial to the other species.

"What I'm learning from the teacher is literally all-inclusive…"

Peng kept listening for seven consecutive days and nights. During this period, Fang Yuan casually described tens of refinement techniques. Each of them was profound and subtle, and he explained these deep topics with basic terminology as if there were still endless mysteries that could be unearthed.


Until the seventh day, Fang Yuan stroked his sleeve once he finished speaking about the technique of Incense Faith.

Buzz buzz!

The sky trembled like a huge bell, causing many of the humans and beasts with a dazed expression to jolt up with a start.


Many people bowed successively and instantly heard a voice that made them extremely frightened.

"I've finished the seven-day preach. Our relations.h.i.+p has come to an end. Go and rest!" Fang Yuan smiled as he ordered the people to leave.

"Benevolent Master, I, your disciple, am willing to serve you! Don't abandon me…"

Immediately, Peng's ancestors and the white monkeys beside him constantly kowtowed, and huge traces of blood appeared on their foreheads.

"Immortal! Carefree! Why do you possess such a childlike att.i.tude?"

Fang Yuan indifferently said, "Relations.h.i.+ps are built, and relations.h.i.+ps are destroyed or come to an end. Nature is the true law… You await my presence and hope to carry forward the legacy, praise me as a deity, and do not allow my hard work to go to waste."


The people, including Peng, prayed while holding in their tears and were unwilling to part.

"Thank you, Master!"

At this moment, a forthright sound rang out nearby.

Peng looked over and was instantly shocked.

That was because the source of that voice wasn't actually a person, but a huge Pengornis with golden wings!

Its innate talent was remarkably shocking. Just by listening to Fang Yuan's preaching and refinement for a short few days, it could actually refine its trabecular bones and speak the human language!

"Thanks a lot, Master. If this huge Pengornis has any achievements in the future, it was all because of the Master!"

The huge golden-winged pengornis ascended in a whirlwind and created vigorous winds.

"Thank you, Master. I will take my leave!"

At this moment while Peng was still a little dazed, a nine-tailed white fox stood up while being accompanied by a puff of fragrances, and it bowed towards Fang Yuan before walking away slowly.

"Is the refinement of the other species so fast?"

Peng was shocked with amazement and felt that this universe was seemingly about to have a huge transformation.

"Forget it!"

At this moment, Fang Yuan waved his hand on the stage, and his entire body was enveloped by a cloud and mist. He instantly disappeared.

"Master… I still hope that you will tell me your revered name," Peng seemed to wake up suddenly and hurriedly asked loudly.

"I call myself… The Holy Man of Beginnings!"

Fang Yuan's silhouette disappeared, and only a dimly discernible voice consistently resounded and was imprinted onto the hearts of all the disciples.

Carefree Path Of Dreams 651 The Beginning

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