Carefree Path Of Dreams 654 Secret Consumption

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Kun Wu mountain.

Fang Yuan transformed into the Holy Man of Beginnings and appeared on a cloud bed. "Only I will know who the true master of the dream is…"

Ding! Ding!

Accompanying his appearance, all the chimes in the hall rang out simultaneously, and the sounds of drums manifested on their own, drifting far and wide in a 10-mile radius.

"Holy Elder!"

Three boys and girls, who were still busy with other odd jobs, immediately came to the hall and paid their respects. "We welcome the arrival of the Holy Elder!"

"Hmm, how long have I meditated in isolation for this time…"

Fang Yuan stroked his beard and portrayed the appearance of a Celestial Sage.

"If we count it with human years, it's already been twenty years!"

Yuan Hong was a burly elder who does things without hesitation—one who immediately came forward and made his report.

In reality, Fang Yuan stayed in the Da Qian Realm for only around twenty days, yet the entire Mountain Hollow had already undergone many profound changes.

At this moment, a thought popped up in his mind. He felt that the entire Kun Wu mountain was still in the state of having an abundant spiritual aura, and even more so, under the management of the three children and the countless Yellow Turban warriors, they opened up many spiritual fields and even planted many exotic plants and magical fruits. In front of the hall, they even had a pond with a few red herrings that occasionally let out air bubbles whilst looking relaxed.

"It seems that all of you were diligent in your management of Kun Wu mountain."

Fang Yuan's gaze seemed to penetrate through the sky and reached the human's realm.

At this moment, the first generation king of the Xuan Nation, Xuan, had already entered into old age and didn't have many years left to live. As a result of him pa.s.sing down his techniques, his human disciples also faced various circ.u.mstances.

Instead, the other disciples from other species were silently cultivating within the deep mountain forests. They haven't revealed their abilities yet, but they would definitely unleash a strong power that could influence the mainland in the future.

"In order to improve the Mountain Hollow, we must take into account both individual prowess and group sublimation… Quant.i.ty and quality are both necessary…"

He silently thought in his heart and had a premonition that the Five Elements Continent was on the brink of a catastrophe.

In terms of countries, the Xuan Nation had already controlled half of the mainland and were investigating the gifts left behind by the giant beast civilization.

The internal state, however, was turbulent with dark undercurrents.

In terms of extraordinary abilities, Celestial Sages are gradually becoming more abundant. Many disciples are pa.s.sing on their skills by accepting apprentices, and various martial art techniques are constantly replaced by newer ones. The three thousand paths that Fang Yuan casually fabricated actually had some hope of being completed.

"The successor of the dynasty is adding fuel to fire…"

Fang Yuan sighed as he walked to the outside of the hall.

A few red herrings swam over and kissed the water surface, as if they were waiting for food to be thrown.

"Holy Elder…"

A younger sister rubbed her skirt hemline and walked up anxiously. "I saw that this entire mountain only had us three people—while the rest were dumb Yellow Turban warriors, and the whole place was lifeless—so I specially caught and brought back a few fishes…"

"It's alright. It's also their fate if they're able to obtain cultivation from my Kun Wu mountain spiritual pond!"

Fang Yuan grinned and said, "Just let it be."

"Thank you, Holy Elder! Thank you, Holy Elder!"

The sister jubilantly bowed.

"Go gather some spiritual medicine. I want to start the furnace to refine a lot of Nine Transference Golden Pills to enhance magical techniques!"

Fang Yuan waved and walked to the alchemy room on his own.

Instead, it was the three children who looked at one another after Fang Yuan left, with the younger sister beating her chest with her small hands and letting out a long breath, seemingly more relaxed as she rejoiced. "You're lucky that the Holy Elder didn't chase you away. From now on, you can enjoy the spiritual pond and spiritual air, and you can definitely cultivate results."


Seeing this, Yuan Hong instantly snorted coldly, "Younger sister, I know you had history with these red herrings, but what is your rank? To make a mistake just for these imbeciles, it's just not worth it! Today the Holy Elder didn't investigate further, or otherwise, not only would he punish you, he would banish you from this spiritual mountain. Although the heavens and the earth are vast, where would you reside?"

"Elder brother Yuan, it's okay… Anyway, isn't the Holy Elder also quite fond of these herrings?"

s.h.i.+ Sheng instantly took on the shape of a seven to eight-year-old child, and he came over with a smile in order to mediate.


The younger sister heard this and instead laughed coldly. "Last time, weren't we in the age of the humidogene hatchings and people donning fur and wearing horns? n.o.body is superior to anyone!

"How can this be compared?"

Yuan Hong raised his chin and said, "I have the roots of a deity and had the potential to become a deity once I was revealed by the elder. Becoming so carefree… what abilities and morals do they have that allows them to receive this type of treatment?"

He had cultivated hard for many years and, at this moment, has shown slight improvements. A surge of power and influence caused him to charge towards the sky, scaring the herrings in the pond who, one after the other, hid under the lotus leaves, afraid to move.


The younger sister was so angry that her face flushed red, and she suddenly flicked her sleeve. "I won't talk to you anymore. Just remember, since the Holy Elder has already accepted them, if you continue to trouble them, beware of me reporting it to the elder!"

"Great! This is great!"

Yuan Hong was so angry that his eyes were completely red. "We have twenty years of mutual affection, and you're flipping out at me because of these fishes… Sister, you're not even comparable to…"

"Cough cough…"

s.h.i.+ Sheng's eyes turned and let out an innocent smile. "You two siblings, why bother about such a small thing? If you delay the elder's process of refining the pills, how will we explain this to him?"

"It won't delay him."

Yuan Hong repressed his anger, immediately stopped talking, and went to the spiritual garden on his own.

The younger sister, however, whisked the surface of the water and called out to a few herrings. "You have to cultivate properly and quickly transform into the form of a human, and then I'll plead with the elder to let you enter the gate and infuriate the big monkey!"


s.h.i.+ Sheng looked at this scene and kept sighing.

Although his appearance was immature, he was the oldest there and he coldly stood on the sidelines as he witnessed this scene. He already knew that Yuan Hong had some affection towards the younger sister, yet she had no feelings for him.

As this continued, he often felt that it would spark some trouble.

"Sigh… Difficult! Difficult! Difficult! Who cares if I pointed this out in that moment—n.o.body would listen to me… Being a person is difficult, and it's not even comparable to my previous form as a stone…"

Looking at both of them leave, he shook his head and sighed. Like a small adult, he murmured to himself endlessly and walked away.

Inside the pond, the red herrings gazed at each other with an innocent expression that conveyed a sense of hurt from being blamed while they weren't even involved. They simply wanted to cry but had no tears.

"The pill path's method is one branch of the three thousand paths, and it can include the whole Creation pathway…"

Three huge pairs of ears stood in front of the bronze tripod while huge flames billowed. Fang Yuan sat cross-legged, yet his body had no sense of heat as he performed his hand techniques while in deep thought instead.

The three thousand paths all converged at the same destination. At his current state, regardless of how many spiritual pills he wanted, he can materialize them directly.

Even bestowing life to the spiritual pills to transform them into humans was free of any problems.

Requiring so many procedures at this exact moment was only used to deceive outsiders.

Accompanying Fang Yuan act of randomly throwing medicinal materials into the furnace, a wave of wondrous medicinal fragrance diffused everywhere.

Outside the alchemy room, the celestial phenomena suddenly congregated and the five spiritual colors took on various shapes like clouds.

"The martial prowess of the Holy Elder!"

Yuan Hong saw this scene, and a bright light inadvertently shone from his eyes as he deeply inhaled whilst being in a state of intoxication.

Just by smelling the fragrance of the pill, he actually felt that some pores in his body were beginning to move, and he inadvertently boasted, "There's such an effect just from taking a whiff. I wonder how magical Holy Elder's Nine Transference Golden Pills are…"

s.h.i.+ Sheng and the younger sister at the side were instantly silent, and they quietly practised their skills while sitting cross-legged.


Suddenly, accompanied by a shrill sound, the alchemy refinement room opened up with a loud crash, and a plethora of colors erupted brightly and colorfully.


Amidst the thunder-like explosion sound, thirty-six rays of golden light suddenly appeared and flashed past into the five-colored pill clouds, instantly transforming into a flying shooting star.

The wondrous medicinal fragrance permeated in the air, it even caused the three children to become speechless and start drooling from their mouths. A warm feeling coursed through the entirety of their arms, legs, and bones while their pores opened up, as if they were undergoing another round of complete metamorphosis.

Only s.h.i.+ Sheng, with a superior temperament, shouted helplessly, "We need to run away from this pill!"

"Get back!"

Amidst the golden rays permeating the sky, Fang Yuan's shout could be heard.


At that moment, a cuff appeared and a magical atmosphere enveloped Qian Kun, absorbing all of the golden rays.

"Thousands of years worth of spirits was created within a day. The treasures of the mountains and rivers was formed within a week. The Golden Pills Nine Transference needs to create…"

Fang Yuan slowly walked out and readily flung his hand as a red gourd landed in the hands of the younger sister.

"Congratulations to the Holy Elder for refining the Nine Transference Golden Pills!"

Yuan Hong instantly congratulated him and bowed.

"Its alright… After successfully refining these Golden Pills, I need to retreat for a few days to test the medicinal efficiency of this pill. Younger sister, there's a golden pill inside the gourd that I bestowed upon you. Obtain the water from the jade spring in the east and place it inside to create a medicinal spring in preparation for the future.


The younger sister bowed and looked at the gourd in her hands in deep thought.


She held the gourd and came to the river.

"Ah Da and Ah Er… This Nine Transference Golden Pill has endless creation potential. It was personally refined by the Holy Elder, and simply inhaling the fragrance would result in a few days worth of cultivation. I'll let you have a taste. Don't waste my efforts and hard work; you must cultivate and bear results soon!"

The younger sister opened the stopper in the gourd, and a wave of wondrous medicinal fragrance was instantly emitted from the gourd.

The herrings in the pond immediately started stirring and, one after the other, kissed the surface of the water.

"What are you doing?"

Suddenly, a voice rang out from behind her. Yuan Hong jumped out and said, "Clearly, you dare to move for your own profit at the expense of public interests, and you dare to go against the orders of the elder. Shouldn't you quickly accompany me to go meet the Holy Elder?"


The younger sister was shocked, and the gourd in her hand slipped, instantly dropping into the pond.

A golden pill erupted and emitted an unparalleled brightness, just like a small sun.


In a very short period of time.

A herring rushed in a straight line towards the golden pill, just like an arrow, and opened its mouth, swallowing the Nine Transference Golden Pill in one go.

Roar! Roar!

Golden rays shot out everywhere, causing the entire pond to be dyed, becoming a golden yellow area.

Afterwards, a dragon with a completely fire-red body leaped out. It had four claws, the face of a horse, horns of a deer, body of a snake, the tail of a fish, and its spirituality was extremely magnificent. With a wag of its tail, it instantly destroyed the constraints and flew into the mountains, disappearing without a trace.


The younger sister saw this scene and seemed as though she had forgotten how to move.

Even Yuan Hong widened his eyes and repeatedly murmured, "Trouble! Trouble! The Nine Transference Golden Pill from the Holy Elder was actually secretly eaten by a herring. What should we do? What should we do…"

"Since it's my mistake, I'll find Holy Elder to confess my sins!"

Although the younger sister's face was dreadfully pale and her voice trembled, she was still extremely resolute. "I won't implicate you."

"Don't spout nonsense!"

Yuan Hong scolded out loud, "How precious is this Golden Pill? It's entirely possible that the elder would be infuriated and chase both of us down the mountain and even take away our spiritual roots. But the most urgent matter right now is to quickly catch that evil dragon!!!"

Carefree Path Of Dreams 654 Secret Consumption

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