Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 67

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"I'm here to see you, sir!"

Zhou Wenwu bowed respectfully and was also relieved to see Fang Yuan.

Previously, when Fang Yuan went out on a trip, Zhou Wenwu would feel unsafe. However, with Fang Yuan back, he felt much safer.


Fang Yuan crossed his knees and sat down. He then waved his hand and said, "How is everything in Lieyang County?"

He had about 10 days left before he had to go back to the sect. With the daily cultivations of body and soul, Fang Yuan's [Martial Artist (8th Gate)] was much more stable than before. With the intake of the Yin, he had improved tremendously.

Zhou Wenwu was affected the most by his improvement.

To him, Fang Yuan was way more superior than the dead Elder Song!

Upon hearing what Fang Yuan asked, he then answered immediately, "Ever since the news of the injured Five Ghosts Sect Sect Master spread, there was chaos everywhere in Lieyang County. Everyone in the Five Ghosts Sect were panicking and some of the disciples had decided to defect. Some of the elders stayed indoors while some went missing. Meanwhile, there were other forces getting ready to join in this mess….."

The situation was expected.

Without the suppression of the Five Ghosts Sect, the sect was already considered well organised if the sect did not split.

Also, there were loyal disciples who were still there, but there was a possibility that they might change their mindset as well.

"Is there any movement made from the Spirit Returning Sect?"

Logically speaking, s.h.i.+ Yutong did not gain anything through this expedition and wouldn't go back to the sect so easily before she gained anything.

If there was the help of the mysterious spiritual knight, there would be a possibility of losing the two counties.

"Under the leaders.h.i.+p of Spirit Returning Sect Sect Master, Spirit Returning Sect controls Shaoyang City and two of the quarries in Lieyang County. After which, there is not much movement from them….."

Zhou Wenwu was really telling everything that he knew about the sect.

"Really? It looks like the sect is confident in its preparation for its next move!"

Fang Yuan nodded his head upon hearing what Zhou Wenwu said. However, it was not an easy task for the sect take over the

whole of Lieyang County. "But the sect only controls the two quarries…..but this should be sufficient for the sect to show its power. Very well!"

The more chaotic Lieyang County was, the more problematic it would become for the Spirit Returning Sect. However, to Fang Yuan, it would be more advantageous.

"Also, the Spirit Returning Sect incurred a big loss this time and even the Second Elder Han Yan was also injured badly and was currently recovering back in the sect. The sect was also on a lookout for any good doctors to help in the recovery and Master, please be extra careful!"

"One final thing….."

Zhou Wenwu hesitated for a while before he continued, "The sect secretly ordered for me to collect intelligence about you…..and it seemed like it was an order given by a series of Sect Masters!"

"A series of Sect Masters….if it was s.h.i.+ Yutong, she wouldn't be so secretive about it. That means a certain person is very interested in me now?"

Fang Yuan stroked his chin and dismissed Zhou Wenwu. He then sighed and said, "Being too handsome is also a problem for me now…."

Jokes aside, he could sort of guess that this order was initiated by Lin Leiyue but it had nothing to do with the possibility that both of them still had feelings for each other.

Even if Fang Yuan had revealed a part of his ability, she would be very surprised by it and this would make her even more curious to find out more about Fang Yuan.

Outsiders wouldn't know how Fang Yuan was like in the past and would only know there was someone powerful in the secluded valley.

However, Lin Leiyue knew the background of Fang Yuan.

Since she knew Fang Yuan was also a normal person in the past, she would then be even more surprised with the improvements Fang Yuan had in his abilities and skills.

Fang Yuan had expected this to happen but didn't expect the other party to be so secretive in finding out more about himself. It seemed like Lin Leiyue was hiding a secret or something.

"Never mind…..I shall think of a solution on the spot when the time comes. I should get back to farming! And this….."

Fang Yuan flipped his hands and an emerald green jade appeared.

He looked at the golden textures on the piece of jade was mesmerised by it.

Spring had arrived in March. Birds were flying and chirping everywhere.

Winter had pa.s.sed and the flowers were blooming. Fang Yuan came to the Vermilion Jade Rice farm specially during this time.

Looking at the consolidated Emerald Gra.s.s, the farm hadn't become a waste as the colour of the soil remained pure black and it was still in good condition.

"This fertiliser…..has a beneficial effect on the farm!"

Fang Yuan wore a thick clothing. He carried a hoe and started to cultivate the Vermillion Jade Rice.

The seeds that were planted were chosen by him and were of high quality. The condition of the seeds remained well for a long period of time.

"I think there is no need for further expansion of the spiritual farm. The current size of the farm is sufficient….."

Beside him, the Flower Fox Ferret and the Iron-tailed Black Eagle were also helping out in the farming.

After a busy morning, Fang Yuan then made a pot of tea and enjoyed the tea with the other 2 spiritual beasts beside the spiritual farm.

"All the spiritual tea leaves have been picked. The bamboos are growing fast. I have also just planted the seeds for the spiritual rice and with the spiritual fertiliser added, this year's harvest should be a big one…."

Fang Yuan couldn't help but think of the Red-eyed White King Bird when he thought of the spiritual fertiliser.

Even though he already had plans to raid the nest once more, but with the Yin Yang Jade in his hands currently, he decided to postpone that plan and prepare himself for further improvements.

If he could break through the 4 Heavenly Gates, he would have no problem in dealing with the Red-eyed White King Bird.

Also, with the current happenings around him, he was not thinking about expanding outwards.

There were dark clouds everywhere in the afternoon and it looked like it was about to rain. It was also humid and this made it easier to fall asleep.

Back in his home, Fang Yuan sat down and ordered the 2 spiritual beasts to keep a lookout outside. He looked at the emerald green jade and was mesmerised even further.

There was a cool stream flowing down his fingers as he touched the piece of jade and this made him alert and not sleepy anymore.

During this period of time, Fang Yuan had been searching for the secret of this piece of jade and now he had managed to learn something about this piece of jade.

"The main criteria for being a spiritual knight was one's magical energy…..Hence, one should start by improving the magical energy…..This piece of jade is indestructible and inner force cannot even destroy it. However….."

Fang Yuan took a copper basin and it contained a red liquid. The liquid gave off a fishy smell and it was actually blood.

actually blood.

"This Blood Killer is so secretive in his movements. He is slightly evil and now even the things that he brought along with is also slightly evil in nature….."

He came to this conclusion about the piece of jade that the Blood Killer had hidden in his body after many rounds of unsuccessful experiments with it.


He was expressionless and he dropped the piece of jade into the basin.

Fang Yuan then stared at the basin.

Not long after, there was a change in the basin.

The golden textures on the jade seemed to be moving about and absorbing the blood as the colour of the liquid started to turn gold. Finally, the colour was back to blood red.

After a period of time, the emerald green piece of jade became red and the golden textures had become blood red in colour as well, which looked like the blood vessels of a person. The jade seemed evil.

"Are all spiritual knights…..that evil in nature?"

Fang Yuan then picked up the b.l.o.o.d.y jade and washed it with clean water.

The b.l.o.o.d.y jade was fine and glossy. The red textures in it were slightly moving and that made it a special jade.

"There is not much change!"

Fang Yuan placed the jade under the sun and couldn't find any handwriting or symbols. Even his inner force couldn't be s.h.i.+pped into the piece of jade.

He experimented for quite a while and then placed it on his forehead, in between his eyebrows while biting his teeth.

The position he placed the jade was called Yintang in traditional Chinese medicine. That position was also called Mind Palace in the world of inner power. This was an important acupuncture point as this was where one's essence, spirit and magic met. One who was highly skilled in medicine could decipher how strong a person is from his or her Yintang.

In this world, there was also another name for it, called 'Heaven's Eye'!

This name originated from an old anecdote. The anecdote stated that in the past, there was an immortal person who had three eyes. After generations, the Heaven's Eye closed gradually.

Whether the anecdote was real or fake, Fang Yuan was not really bothered by it. However, with his magical energy being concentrated between his eyebrows, he could observe his surroundings and hide.


The position where he placed the b.l.o.o.d.y jade gave off a cooling sensation.

Fang Yuan concentrated his magical energy from the Mind Palace and started to explore the secrets of the b.l.o.o.d.y jade.


A loud noise then came from his mind.

There were no obstructions this time and his spiritual mind managed to reach into the jade.

Fang Yuan felt as if he reached a chaotic s.p.a.ce and there were numerous red handwriting appearing right in front of him. The handwritings were about a form of technique.

"It's the Blood Magic Technique; Focused Magic Returning Scroll!"

At the start, a few of the handwritings were big in size, which made it very visible. The handwritings brought about a tense atmosphere and this caused Fang Yuan to be in shock.

He continued on looking at the handwriting and realised that the Blood Magic Technique taught one on how to concentrate one's magical energy and attained the level of a spiritual knight!

However, it was not easy to attain it as the criteria required one to have magical energy that was beyond a normal human being. Furthermore, it was almost impossible for one to have such great amount of magical energy.

Also, the training process was gory. One example would be the 'Blood Elemental Force'. One would have to concentrate 3 Yang and 7 Yin as a blood sacrifice. 10 sets of blood from 10 different people would be needed to build the foundations. The entire process was extremely cruel and the crueler the victims were treated, the higher the probability of success.

Seeing this, Fang Yuan frowned.

He knew that his character was not good in nature but if he were to execute this process, it would not do any good to his morals anyway.

After a long while, Fang Yuan then placed the b.l.o.o.d.y jade down and his face was pale white. He then shook his head and said, "Blood Magic Technique is way too evil and cruel. The risks are too high….."

Even though this technique was very cruel, there were recordings at the back of the scroll which stated some tips used by different spiritual knights and disciples of different magical energy. The tips were also used along with other medicine and tools. The scroll also mentioned the formula on how to make the Crazy Blood Pill. This caused Fang Yuan to be interested in the scroll again.

Without knowing it, he had almost exhausted his magical energy and knew the hards.h.i.+ps of a spiritual knight.

With his current level, he had already exhausted his elemental energy. Under normal circ.u.mstances, normal people would not have been able to discover the secrets of this jade, not to mention about using it for training.

Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 67

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