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Howl Manor.

Fang Yuan and Knight Gray stood together and looked at the manor not far away.

Although Frey had constructed a huge villa as a governing symbol, he only came over occasionally when collecting taxes or on vacation. Usually, he would pa.s.s the responsibilities to a few subordinates like tax collectors and constables to take care of it.

"I've already inquired. The person in charge of this area for Knight Frey is tax collector Jamal," Gray slowly said. "He was an adventurer before but was recruited by Frey afterwards. His profession should be an"


Fang Yuan was slightly surprised, as this was far higher level profession than an ordinary Although it was greatly inferior to a Disaster Knight, it was still regarded as highly talented.

Being able to be discovered by Frey indeed showcased his ability.

"However, an's best ability is to rely on the environment to, but right now, it's an open war."

Knight Gray laughed, not the least bit worried.

Indeed, with the righteousness of the duchy and nearly a hundred soldiers under the leaders.h.i.+p of two knights, if they were still unable to take down the manor, that would be a joke.

"Okay, let's begin!"

He waved and fifty soldiers under his command immediately arranged themselves neatly, directly advancing toward the manor.

"Let's go too"

Fang Yuan nodded. Grace promptly brought along the twenty people he had urgently gathered from the territory.

"Who?" This scene instantly attracted the attention of the manor. Not long later, a person ran over and loudly shouted, "These are the territorial lands of Knight Frey. Visitors, please declare your name! If not, this will be seen as a provocation!"

"Name?" Gray laughed menacingly. "Under the leaders.h.i.+p of Baron Shawshank, Knight Gray, carrying the grand duke's orders, comes to suppress Frey. Is this clear enough?"

Clearly, this response caused the other side to descend into huge shock.

The messenger tumbled back into the territory, and after a short while, a hurried bell chime rang out.

"Knight Luhn, how should we deal with this mob?"

Gray looked at the militia that was converging in the distance. Most of them were farmers holding onto pitchforks. The corners of their mouths unwittingly carried a playful smile.

In any case, these were people were going to be under Fang Yuan's command later, and he naturally had to give them some dignity.

Of course, using the word mob had already revealed his inclination.

"I heard… this Knight Frey is very proficient at tugging the people's heartstrings, and his reputation among the lower cla.s.s citizens is very good?" Fang Yuan suddenly asked.

"Yep. Due to his implementation of the 50-50 split policy without additional taxes, he was even praised by bards to be the wisest lord of Stan," Gray replied.

"I understand. Please order the suppression." Fang Yuan nodded. "I once heard of a proverb. If you give someone a gold coin daily, once you stop, you will be hated. But if you give someone a slap daily, once you stop, you will be appreciated."

Regarding trying to win popular opinion from the people, he could not match up to Knight Frey, who had already been deliberately doing it for a long time.

That being the case, only blood and metal could inform these citizens who the actual leader here was.

With the sn.o.bbishness of the citizens, how long would they even remember the person who was a benefactor at all?

What was known as a benevolent government could be implemented later. At the moment, if they wanted to conquer this land, only ma.s.sacre and rendering fear could gain their loyalty.

"A wise decision and an intelligent proverb."

Gray laughed out loud and whipped his horse. "Charge!"

Reality had proven that a crowd of farmers holding pitchforks, no matter how many, were completely useless in front of trained soldiers.

Needless to say, once Gray casually charged and knocked down a few of the farmers in front, the others were instantly horrified, throwing down their pitchforks and escaping, leaving behind a disorderly battlefield.

"The ancient feudal kings always thought that their destinies belonged to them, and the people under them had to endlessly express their loyalty. In reality, they were all dreaming! Such a naive emperor usually would not have a good outcome."

Wearing light armor, Fang Yuan similarly charged forward.

Under a strong military force, the small bit of resistance remaining was snapped like dry weeds and smashed like rotten wood.

"How much of the previous kindness and favor will remain in front of the sword?"

Seeing the militia collapse with one strike, Fang Yuan sighed silently and went to the villa with Knight Gray.

This was the sanctuary of Knight Frey. When he was not around, it was used by tax collector Jamal and was the governing core of this land.

At the moment, it was tightly surrounded by tens of people.

"Sir Knights, Jamal is just inside," a few soldiers said ingratiatingly.

"Pa.s.s down the orders. We'll begin the general attack. Whoever captures him will be rewarded ten gold coins!"

Knight Gray inattentively waved his hand, and the soldiers instantly charged in with reddened eyes.

Looking at the villa, Fang Yuan had a sense of foreboding and waved his hands. "Garce, don't contend with the guests for honor!"

At the moment, the majesty of a lord and the prestige that he had built in the previous battles instantly unleashed their effect.

Grace and ten guards did not move, and the soldiers gathered from the other territories did not dare to move, as they watched Gray's subordinates charge into the villa.

"Haha… why bother? We need to let the lads train more…"

Knight Gray smiled and said, "However, in the end, the person who achieves victory will definitely be my squire Arnold. He's a small, burly fellow, and previously…"


Just as he was halfway through his words, a loud earth-shattering sound suddenly appeared.

Large flames erupted from the villa and instantly devoured everything.

Even the surrounding soldiers were affected, their ears in great pain. They collapsed onto the ground while wailing painfully.


Knight Gray was thrown off his horse, his beloved mount running away, but he was completely not bothered about it, instead looking at the scene in front of him with a dazed expression. "What in the world is going on?"

"It's a trap!"

Fang Yuan's face turned dark. "They long knew our information and had organized a trigger spell, which should be a simultaneous release of the Fireball spell and the Explosion spell. To cause such ma.s.sive damage also requires a huge amount of explosive crystals, this forbidden item!"

After absorbing the memories of the sorcerer, he was very familiar with these things.

The retaliation by Knight Frey was actually this forceful and horrifying! This even displayed a dismaying truth: the opponent had long known about the mission and specially arranged a trap.

Furthermore, there were also other forces a.s.sisting them secretly.

"With just a business territory, it's definitely impossible to acc.u.mulate so many magical scrolls," Fang Yuan said resolutely.

Of course, just with this, the effect was unusually good.

Other than the twenty people under his command with small injuries, Knight Gray's subordinates were mostly exterminated.

Death came like a tsunami and annihilated many souls.

"It was definitely a church! Other than them, n.o.body can use so many Fireball scrolls and forbidden items!"

Knight Gray's eye were completely red.

Looking at this, Fang Yuan was slightly in a daze.

Suddenly, a mysterious halo automatically emitted outwards and engulfed the grievances and dead spirits within the billowing flame, and a transformation rapidly happened.

A halo with a dark color slowly materialized in his sea of consciousness, even becoming runes that had the power of magical skills.

So originally, the cursed halo ability of the Disaster Halo was enhanced by large amounts of death and feelings of resentment!

Therefore, Disaster Knights always loved battlefields, and in that year, Glendon even had the prestigious name of 'Death Hands'! Nearly every place they went to was full of wailing and despair.

Curse? Fang Yuan's mind was slightly distracted and immersed in a special insight.


At this moment, a silhouette suddenly appeared from the surrounding shadows. The dagger in his hand was like a poisonous snake striking toward Gray's neck.

The Jamal!

Caught off guard, Knight Gray did everything he could.


A torrent of fighting spirit rays emitted from his body, and his shoulders bent to one side. His body instantly seemed to become shorter by a head, and even his stance had a transformation.

However, in front of the's sharp blade, this was all insignificant.

The black dagger seemed to be able to swallow all the rays, and a mere light stab caused the fighting spirit defenses to be in complete disarray.

Furthermore, the opponent's arm seemed to be able to twist like a boneless snake and instantly change its position. The tip of the dagger continued to directly aim at the knight's heart from various directions.

An immense feeling of fear appeared in Gray..

No matter what, he could not imagine that Jamal's technique was actually this horrifying.

Furthermore, he had no doubt that the opponent could destroy him.


The dagger penetrated his skin, but did not strike his heart. Instead, it opened a wound on Gray's shoulder.

The surprised came to a stop while maintaining a charging stance.

"Disaster Halo: Weaken! It's able to add additional negative statuses to selected enemies. Seems like the effect is decent."

Fang Yuan nodded and instantly snapped his fingers. "Slow down!"

A faint, yellow halo expanded and immediately enveloped Jamal's body.

"Kill him!"

An who had no speed, was stuck in a weakened state, and most importantly surrounded was simply a huge tragedy.

After opening the enhancement halo, Grace and the rest were comparable to elite soldiers.

After a simple round of fighting, Jamal was immediately penetrated by two giant swords and collapsed dead onto the ground.

"Thank you, Knight Luhn!" Gray hurriedly thanked.

"Wait up!" Fang Yuan stared at his wound. "His dagger was poisoned."


Gray looked at his wound and found that it had started to turn black and rot. More importantly, he actually did not feel a thing and became frightened. "Help me!"

"I know little about herbs…" Fang Yuan blinked. "I'll give you a suggestion: pray."

"Pray that the G.o.ds heal me?" Knight Gray was a little dazed.

"No… Pray that this has the antidote on him," Fang Yuan replied with a straight face.

Carefree Path Of Dreams 679 Trap

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