Carefree Path Of Dreams 685 Disposition

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Inside Hess Church, nearly hysterical howls were heard. "This is the power of the Evil G.o.ds!"

"Sir!" The colors on the faces of the few knights kneeling changed greatly. "We can swear that our belief toward Hess has never wavered!"

Being the ones who fought the Evil Demons on the frontline, they were naturally infected with the demonic illness. After discovering abnormalities in their bodies, they instantly reported to the Church.

However, what they received was this kind of treatment.

Instantly, a slight unwillingness immediately spread in their hearts.

"Purify them," said a bishop wearing a black gryphon robe..

At the side, many church warriors instantly walked forward to tie the knights' hands behind their backs, pus.h.i.+ng them outside.

After a while, shrill cries were heard.

Seeing this, the bishop murmured and made a praying gesture. "May your souls return to the kingdom of the Lord to rest in peace, not stolen by the diabolic Master of the Nine Tier Purgatory…"

The Purgatory was rooted in the Netherworld, and even contended for souls with the Death G.o.d. Naturally, it became the nemesis of Hess.

Even if he had suffered ma.s.sive injuries during the completion of the Nine Tier Purgatory, before he fell into a deep slumber, he still released an oracle to all his pastors to block the Nine Tier Purgatory at all costs!

After waiting for the 'purification' to complete, the bishop's face was as stoic as an iceberg. "Inform the other churches that this demonic illness is an infection of the Evil Demons. Those who obtain power from the Evil Demons are abnormalities and should be burned alive!"

In the spread of faith, there would always be violence and the suppression of heresy.

An Inquisition was what every church needed to have. Of course, perhaps it was not named as such, but the responsibilities of the holy warriors were the same.

"I believe that the other churches will also approve of this act," the bishop said gravely. "After all, Evil Demons are the nemesis of our entire world!"

Of course, the necessary preventative measures and treatment methods had to be quickly developed, but that was not needed to be said now.

Unfortunately, this bishop did not know about the infection speed of the power of the Evil Demons and the characteristic that it could not be eradicated, which would later bring despair to him.

Out of the necessity of containing the Purgatory, the order for purification obtained the silent consent of many churches and was immediately implemented.

The craziest one among them was naturally the Church of Death!

As for the supreme Sun G.o.d? He seldom pa.s.sed down oracles and did not seem to greatly need the Main World's power of faith. Thus, the power of the main continent churches was very weak, only having a stronghold.

However, even if it was just the Church of Death, the consequences it could bring about was also very horrifying.

Having undergone b.l.o.o.d.y battles with the Evil Demons, those soldiers fighting on the frontline returned from the battlefield to be greeted with not fresh flowers and applause, but incarceration and burnings!

In an area of the battlefield.

Jay wore his armor and commanded a wave of fighting spirit.


The strong fighting spirit was like a horse and penetrated an Evil Demon.

That plentiful feeling came immediately, making him realize that his own power was further enhanced. This clear transformation made him couldn't help but be obsessed with it.

"The more I kill, the greater the power. Before long, I'll exceed my bottleneck of fighting spirit and ascend into a high-level professional."

Jay clenched his fist tightly, his eyes full of excitement.

High-level professional, what did this mean? … Wealth, authority, status, and beautiful women would be easily obtainable.

For an average professional, this was the dream. This was everything!

However, he was somewhat scheming and always concealed his abilities. He did not tell anyone in order to shock them all.

"Relieve the garrison!"

Another day pa.s.sed and the late reinforcements finally arrived.

Seeing this, even Jay unconsciously released a deep breath, his entire person relaxing.

Even he was unable to withstand such a fierce combat.

After returning from the line of defense, a military judge came over and said in a stern voice, "Come. Queue up one by one to receive the treatment of the pastors!"

"Which era is this that the country has become so generous? Even average soldiers can receive treatment from a pastor?"

Jay blinked and suddenly felt that something was not right.

Seeing the orderly soldiers queuing up and pa.s.sing through a bright aperture, he a.s.sociated it with a check and not a treatment.

"Could it be…"

An ominous possibility suddenly spread in his heart, making his hands and feet cold.


Unfortunately, the professionals were being monitored closely by the pastors and could not escape.

Jay braced himself and came before the pastor.

He glanced and found the other wearing a black robe with a gryphon embroidered on it. It was a Pastor of Death.

"Detection Halo!"

The pastor raised his hand and emitted the ray of a spell.

If only discernment was required, it was much easier than healing, and the corresponding magic spell could be quickly developed.

The aperture landed onto Jay's body and immediately became fuchsia.

"Oh? Warrior Jay, you need treatment. Follow me!"

Jay could evidently detect the coldness in the bottom of the other's eyes and s.h.i.+vered. "I… What's wrong with me? I am very good…"

"Hehe… This is a method specially used by the Evil Demons to transmit a plague using a concealment technique! Please believe us!"

The pastor waved and two military judges directly walked over.

I don't believe you! Inside Jay's heart, he rolled his eyes, but outwardly, he merely shrugged his shoulders. "Where do I go to be treated?"

"Go to the white tent at the periphery. Please relax. It's just a simple treatment and very quick," the pastor said smilingly, but his expression instead made Jay a.s.sociate it with a viper.

He reluctantly shuffled his feet over to outside the tent.

Whoosh whoos.h.!.+

Suddenly, a breeze pa.s.sed by and lifted a corner of the tent.

His sharp eyesight instantly revealed a soldier's corpse collapsing in pain.

"This is a trap!!!"

The hairs on Jay's back stood, and he subconsciously wanted to escape.

Unfortunately, a magic spell landed on his body, immediately making him powerless and collapse onto the ground weakly before he was carried into the tent.

Shackles, axes, and the pungent smell of blood made the entire place look like a ma.s.sive slaughterhouse.

Many soldiers were tied to the pillars and seemed like lambs waiting to be slaughtered.

Jay looked around and saw many familiar faces. They were comrades who had previously fought alongside him, and he squeezed out a voice from the gaps of his teeth, "Why… Why…"

"Heresy!" The pastor glanced at him disgustedly. "A heretic must be purified! You should be grateful. Even though you have accepted the power of the Evil G.o.ds, the Lord is still willing to accept your dirty soul!"

"Heresy? It's because of… that power?"

Jay had always thought that he had concealed it very well, but at the moment, he was devastated.

"Yes… Any person who accepts the power of the Evil G.o.ds is committing heresy, regardless of whether they're an average soldier, professional, or even n.o.bles, and must accept 'purification'!"

The pastor waved a sickle with a cold face and cut off the head of the captive nearest the front.


The head rolled onto the floor and fresh blood spurted like a fountain.

Does that mean that my ambitions… will end here?

Jay's heart filled with desolation. Suddenly, he felt the power of the Evil Demon stirring in his body, as if it saw the most delicious prey.

The tent was opened and another knight was escorted in. The feeling of power made him salivate.

Take away everything he has and I can break through to a completely new level.

A thought suddenly occupied Jay's mind.

"This is a knight?"

The pastor executing looked at the newly arrived people and raised his eyebrows. "You are capturing the n.o.bles?"

"He is the most obvious heresy!"

Two crazed believers said directly, "According to the orders of the Church, all heresy must undergo judgment!"

"Heresy? Haha… can't believe that Knight Frain was devout in his beliefs towards Hess but, in the end, actually met with such an end!"

The restrained knight let out a cold laugh, and suddenly his body shook.


The ropes and curse were instantly shaken off, and like a vicious tiger, he jumped onto the leading pastor.

"d.a.m.n it!"

The pastor's face changed as he retreated back. The guards at his side shouted loudly and brandished their weapons, swooping in to block.


After a few clashes, many warriors had collapsed onto the floor, and Frain also had two long swords embedded in his body, causing fresh blood to constantly flow out.


He looked at Jay, his eyes suddenly filling with bizarre colors. "I can't live anymore… You really want it, right? I'll give everything to you!"

After saying this, Frain walked forward with large steps and clutched Jay's palm, violently pus.h.i.+ng the sword handle.


The sword blade penetrated his heart, and this knight's corpse collapsed weakly.

As the knight was dying, Jay had already forgotten about everything happening in his surroundings as a mystical transformation was generated in his body.

A strong power surged over and combined with the acc.u.mulation in his body, causing him to instantly exceed that bottleneck.

A trace of actual power encircled his body and carried a little inheritance knowledge, making him understand everything in a flash.

"So this is divinity? Now, I can be considered a Deity who can actually stimulate divinity! Son of Purgatory… I like this name!"

While he was speaking, flames raged, burning Jay's body and causing his physique to undergo a ma.s.sive transformation.

A pair of wings protruded out, and he instantly transformed into an Evil Demon!

Accompanying this change, the original restraints and magic curse also immediately disappeared.


Seeing that pastor, he directly swung a torrent of flames. The scorching glow and temperature rapidly swallowed him.


Wild winds blew and caused the tent to be blown to pieces. The human-shaped Evil Demon flew upward into the sky and looked down on the dazed army. "From today onwards, my name is Jay! The Son of Purgatory, Jay!!!

"Church of Death, wait for pain and suffering to descend!"

After saying this, he flapped his wings and disappeared into the horizon.

Carefree Path Of Dreams 685 Disposition

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