Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 693 - Death

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Chapter 693: Death

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

"The Half-G.o.d Son of Purgatory? Jay, right?"

The Pope of Death, Garrett, was while everyone was watching, and even had his artifact taken away, causing the entire scene to instantly descend into a deathly stillness.

Especially the final glow that took away the artifact; it was unquestionably a G.o.d's power!

Seeing this, many death priests were nearly devastated. The archbishops ran for their lives, while the death knights were even more so at a loss.

Fang Yuan looked on indifferently but clearly knew everything that had happened. "Part of the reason for this is revenge. The most important reason is to apotheosize!"

Garrett, being the Pope appointed by the Death G.o.d, with the flesh, blood, and soul of his body, coupled with that artifact, was in fact a key!

A True G.o.d's G.o.d Nation naturally resisted all external powers. Even a strong G.o.d entering a nation with a weak G.o.d would suffer confinement and weakening.

Obviously, even though Jay had already become a Half-G.o.d, wanting to fight with Hess in his homefield was courting death.

Thus, he needed to obtain the jurisdiction of part of the G.o.d Nation!

The Pope on the ground with that artifact had become this criteria.

Only… just with this is still not sufficient! Even without a favorable geographical position, a Half-G.o.d would be unable to break through the encirclement and kill Hess… Therefore, he needs to make use of this one in a million opportunity!

Momentarily, Fang Yuan felt that the Ice Purgatory was cracking, and a bizarre smile appeared. "In order to attack the Purgatory, Hess has already dispatched all of his men. He even incarnated and descended as a Saint without caring about his serious injuries. At this moment, it is the period when the Death Nation is weakest!

"A Son of Purgatory is about to apotheosize!"

Seeming to have felt the joy of Fang Yuan, the entire Nine Tier Purgatory roared inside the Netherworld, and the ability of many Evil Demons instantly doubled.


The will of the G.o.ds gathered to become a beacon.

Large numbers of G.o.d Nation soldiers fought while drenched in blood and risking their lives. Together with the Saints, they finally killed an ice worm that was as large as a mountain.

Crack! Crack!

After this Evil Demon grand duke died, innumerable spiderweb-like cracks appeared on an iceberg beside it before instantly exploding, revealing a pa.s.sageway leading to the third level of Purgatory.

"Next, it's the third level, the Poison Purgatory!"

The Saint that Hess incarnated into said loudly, "Here, we need the a.s.sistance of the poison women and large numbers of detoxification pastors!"

"No problem!"

All the G.o.ds agreed. They had to admit that the preparations Hess did in order to destroy the Purgatory were very complete.


At this moment, the entire Purgatory suddenly roared with a formidable increase in power.

"This… is the joy of the Purgatory? Is Apophis crazy?"

The Saints were at a slight loss. "He still feels joyful seeing all the G.o.ds attacking him?"

"Everyone, attack quickly!" Hess frowned, and without knowing why, a chilling, ominous premonition coursed through his body, even making him seemingly smell the scent of death.

As the Death G.o.d, he was naturally very sensitive to this.

In the next moment, Hess' face changed greatly. "My agent in the mortal world encountered an! The killer was a Son of Purgatory!!!"


Before all the G.o.ds could even react, they saw Hess stunned for a moment before his incarnation started fluctuating.

Time moved slightly forward.

Similarly in the Netherworld, in the G.o.d Nation of the Death G.o.d.

To his own nest, Hess was naturally very attentive. The location of the G.o.d Nation was known as the Plains of Peace to his believers.

On the plains, many tall pyramids were erected, and there were even large lifelike demon G.o.d statues in front of the pyramids.

This was a large divine soldier, the main defender of the Death G.o.d Nation.

Furthermore, there was also a crystal that was as large as a human head on top of the pyramids, and the pyramids were intertwined to form a large, beautiful web.

When encountering the enemy invasions, these pyramids would instantly become horrifying weapons of death.

With the firepower of the web of pyramids and the large divine soldiers, even if the Evil Demons appeared in full force, the Death G.o.d Nation could withstand for a very long time.

However, at this moment, it could be clearly seen that many bright glows in the pyramids had been extinguished and a large number of large divine soldiers were vacant. Even the number of pet.i.tioners in the G.o.d Nation was extremely few.

For this mission, Hess had already done all he could, causing to strength of the G.o.d Nation to descend into the abyss.

Of course, in his opinion, there would be nothing alarming about it.

Although the strength of the G.o.d Nation was at a low point, it was not something that could be coveted by an ordinary Legend.

Furthermore, the G.o.ds and Evil Demons who truly had the ability to attack a G.o.d Nation were currently in an utterly chaotic battle in the Nine Tier Purgatory. Who could possibly pull out?

Thus, his situation seemed to be dangerous but was actually safe.

However, no matter how many considerations a wise person had, there would definitely be something he overlooked. Hess would have never thought that the order to chase down a Son of Purgatory that he casually issued in the beginning not only caused the church's strength in the mortal world to suffer a major setback, it further brought him great danger!

Because divinity could be merged through slaughter, a Son of Purgatory's improvement speed was beyond the imagination of the G.o.ds.

A period of four years was already sufficient to cause an Extraordinary to reach a state close to apotheosis!


In the Plains of Peace, a door of light opened up and Jay walked out slowly.

Looking into the distance at that largest black pyramid, he took a deep breath. "I've arrived!"

Breaking into a G.o.d Nation was definitely very dazzling to the eyes of the True G.o.ds, as obvious as a sun barging into the darkness.

However, by relying on the Pope's golden crown in his hand, Jay continued to walk to the bottom of the pyramid before being discovered by pet.i.tioners guarding the place. "You… aren't a believer of the Lord!"

Some of these guards were golems, while some had the appearance of a person with a dog head. They glared at Jay with red light instantly emitting from their eyes. "Heresy!!!"

"This term again!"

Jay frowned with irritation and ceased to conceal himself. The bright glow only possessed by a Half-G.o.d was released and instantly enveloped the entire area.


Before the guards could even utter half a sentence, they were transformed into ashes under the bright glow.

Furthermore, even the large black pyramid was constantly disintegrating under this bright glow.

"Hess! I'm here!"

A vengeful flame danced about in Jay's eyes as his Half-G.o.d body walked forward one step and flung the Pope's golden crown.


Amid the blast, this artifact became fragments and destroyed the pyramid, causing a pa.s.sageway to appear.

Without hesitation, Jay strode in with one step.

In an instant, the s.p.a.ce changed and became a magnificent black palace.

The entire palace was decorated in dark golden ornaments, giving off a calm feeling. The lifelike sculptures on both sides seemed to come to life.

In fact, they were alive.

On top of the stone walls, many flowing sculptures sang in a chanting voice, "Praise the Lord Hess, you are the Master of Death!

"Lord… your G.o.d Nation is the home of souls!

"You distinguish good and evil. Good and evil, they must be judged by you…"

These pet.i.tioners had already fused together into with the sculptures, and a large black throne lay in the center.

A figure that was around ten meters tall was now sitting on top calmly, his eyes slightly closed, as if he was in a deep sleep.

In comparison to this giant, Jay was an insignificant small dot.

"This is the true body of Death G.o.d Hess? It is truly sufficiently majestic. If not for him suffering heavy injuries and dispatching his incarnation and many G.o.d Nation pet.i.tioners, I definitely wouldn't have any chance of arriving here!"

Jay sighed and then silently employed what he relied on.


Instantanly, he transformed into an Evil Demon. Dark golden lines coursed through his entire body, giving a luxurious flavor.

A rich divinity nearly completely filled up his body, and at the most core position, a flame with the size of a broad bean appeared.

This was the divine fire! Along with the acc.u.mulation of highly refined divinity, this was also what a Legend relied on to ascend into a Half-G.o.d!

In reality, before Fang Yuan spread divinity, there was no Half-G.o.d in this world.

Although the Legends and True G.o.ds were Domainers, the difference of a G.o.dhood was like the chasm of a moat.

Now, the appearance of the divine fire greatly supplemented the combat prowess of the Legends and allowed them to be able to match up to a G.o.d's true bodies!

"Even though the divine fire is lit, I am not a True G.o.d. As a Son of Purgatory, the only way to become a True G.o.d is to seize a G.o.dhood!"

The Evil Demon's body instantly grew until it became giant. Large flames burned on the claws of the Evil Demon.

"Son of Purgatory!"

At this moment, the giant Hess sitting on the Death Throne similarly opened his eyes, his voice carrying a little annoyance. "You dare offend a True G.o.d?"

"Haha… when you were cleansing us, did you think that this day would come? Not only do I want to offend you, I want to steal everything you have!"

Jay distinctly felt the fierce demeanor of the giant and directly leaped forward to kill.


A horrifying vibration instantly came out from the pyramid.

In the Nine Tier Purgatory, within the third level, the Poison Purgatory.

"Hess… you!"

All the Saints looked at Hess with suspicion in their eyes.

"A Son of Purgatory barged into my G.o.d Nation and is attacking my true body…"

The incarnation of Hess displayed an unpleasant look. "I need to go back immediately and resummon all of the Armies of Death… Hmm?"

Suddenly, his eyes widened as if he saw something unbelievable.

This incarnation exploded like fireworks, not leaving behind a single trace.

At the scene, tears of blood flowed down the eyes of many death knights and pet.i.tioners as they shouted loudly, "Lord…!"

Unfortunately, the sky was completely silent and had no trace of a response.

Instantly, tens of thousands of death knights, with a few exceptions, turned into ashes.


The G.o.ds' gazes were all filled with apprehension. "Hess… died?"

Once a G.o.d died, the pet.i.tioners attached to the G.o.d Nation would directly perish.

And that huge widespread undulation that pervaded the entire Netherworld was basically unable to be faked.

Everything indicated that Hess, this Death G.o.d, had actually perished…

All the Saints were speechless for a long time as they looked toward the Purgatory, in a dilemma of what they should do now.

Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 693 - Death

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