Carefree Path Of Dreams 743 Mount Huo

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Mount Huo stretched long and was endlessly deep.

The nearby nations and a few famous mountains and large rivers formed a topography of three mountains and five rivers, completely enveloping this large region and various nations.

Surging Waves River was one of the five rivers.

"In fact… this isn't only a saying, but there's true fate inside…"

Fang Yuan was currently wearing a moon-white long gown, just like a common scholar, and trekking up the mountain range of Mount Huo.

"Three Mountains and Five Rivers… their area of influence is over five thousand kilometers and contains nine kingdoms. Even for humans, it's considered the core essence of the region…

"The territory is vast, and most importantly, the mountains and rivers subtly enhance each other's beauty, bringing an indescribable flavor…"

Fang Yuan's cultivation was on par with a Golden Immortal and an Ancient G.o.d and had a unique view.

At the moment, he could immediately discover what was different when he looked from high above and compiled a map.

When the Three Mountains and Five Rivers were combined, they made him feel it was similar to the Six Extremes Earth Shattering Array.

"The mountains, rivers, soil, and land are the foundations of a country… If they're linked by these G.o.ds, they might really be able to accomplish many things… Unfortunately, it's impossible to combine them without a powerful method. Furthermore, the Mountain and River G.o.ds previously still lacked me, River Earl Surging Waves…"

Lord Bright Jade had used tremendous effort in arranging the River Earl Surging Waves not only for a Deity Position.

Behind, there were still many hidden motives. The final aim was mysterious and difficult to guess.

"Even if they're Earthly G.o.ds, there's also the existence of a true almighty being who won't even be bothered about the Heavenly Court… For example, Excellency Mount Mang!"

Mount Mang!

The first mountain of the Spiritual Realm. It had the highest peak in the mortal world, magnificent and majestic.

Most importantly, it was rumored that this leader of mountains could communicate with both Yin and Yang, and all life and souls in the mortal world had to pa.s.s through once before they could reincarnate.

In other words, it was the Netherworld!

As the Mountain G.o.d, Excellency Mount Mang was an existence akin to King Yama. Throughout all of the Spiritual Realm, he was widely wors.h.i.+ped by humanity.

Excellency Mount Mang is just a Heavenly Court t.i.tle… His true Deity Position is at least a Duke or King Ancient G.o.d, maybe even at the Emperor level… He can also be considered the ruler of the myriad mountains! The grandmaster of Earthly G.o.ds!

Under Excellency Mount Mang, there were also the G.o.ds of the High Mountains supporting him. It was like an earthly Heavenly Court. Within the Divine Dao, this meant that there was enough strength to rebel.

Although the Divine Dao's rankings were strict, its situation was much better compared to the divisive immortal sects. However, if the Celestial Therach really wanted to flatten the mountains, it would not be a simple and relaxing matter either.

The G.o.ds of the Three Mountains and Five Rivers also have some structure if they stick together, having the potential to rebel…

Fang Yuan flicked his fingers.

The initial plan of Lord Bright Jade was like this…

He would use River Earl Surging Waves as a spy to control the G.o.ds of the Three Mountains and Five Rivers, creating an iron board before commanding them.

In such a situation, with power on the ground, backers in the Heavenly Court, and the ability to pull the wool over the eyes of everyone, it would be very difficult to foil his plans.

Also… although Lord Bright Jade was a heavenly n.o.ble, he wasn't a Stellar G.o.d and couldn't borrow the power of the stars. He also didn't have a true position of authority nor a powerful backer. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been sent to the Mental Demon Battlefield and eventually die… His previous arrangements were all to strengthen his foundation!

In the Three Mountains and Five Rivers, how much power was there? Countries? Population and belief?

If they truly united, even the G.o.ds of the Heavenly Court would be jealous.

Unfortunately, Lord Bright Jade could calculate for others but not for himself. He died before his plans were fully carried out, making Fang Yuan's current situation much more convenient.

This G.o.d's calculation ability wasn't bad and was logical… He understood that even in the Heavenly Court, he would be floating around if he didn't have any foundation in the mortal world or the support of a strong backer. Thus, he wanted to create one on his own. Let me complete his layout and inheritance.

Fang Yuan himself was already at the origin power realm, similar to an Ancient G.o.d.

Furthermore, in the lower realms, there was the legacy of Sage Changli, so he had a certain understanding toward the Six Extremes Earth Shattering and other worldly spiritual arrays.

Not to mention, half of his Creation Sword Array was the Dao of Array!

What Lord Bright Jade wanted to do was to unite the Three Rivers and Five Mountains and form a force to support him. This still isn't impressive enough… What should really be done is to settle it in one go. To combine the fate and belief into one and birth a Deity Position that is similar to Excellency Mount Mang!

Although Excellency Mount Mang corresponded to Mount Mang, he was actually the head of the entire realm's mountains. Theoretically, all Mountain G.o.ds had to accept his command, allowing him to possess remarkable power and boundless magical strength.

Fang Yuan naturally did not have such extravagant hopes, but he was very confident that he could establish a true alliance leader for the G.o.ds of the Three Rivers and Five Mountains.

Lord Bright Jade had planted many spies, especially the River Earls of the other four rivers. They were all secretly forced into submission. Only the three Mountain G.o.ds require some tricks.

Although the Mountain G.o.ds in the mortal world were each a small leader, they had to first listen to the command of the Heavenly Court and were secondly under the jurisdiction of Excellency Mount Mang.

How difficult would it be to subdue them?

Lord Bright Jade was also troubled at this step. In addition, the position of River Earl Surging Waves had not been born yet; thus, he had stopped temporarily.

In fact… the Water G.o.ds of the Five Lakes and Four Oceans are also under the jurisdiction of the Dragon Kings of the Four Oceans . And above the Dragon Kings is the Heavenly Court! However, it's slightly loose in this aspect because their forces are dispersed without a warlord like Excellency Mount Mang, so they could be infiltrated by Lord Bright Jade.

It could be said that Fang Yuan had fully understood the Divine Dao situation with a glance. This was all thanks to Lord Bright Jade.

However, no matter how dispersed and messy the Divine Dao was, it was still ultimately controlled by the Heavenly Court. Their structure was also much more strict. The Immortal Dao was a sheet of loose sand with 33 large sects and 72 immortal sects, each with their own ways of doing things.

Unfortunately, no matter how powerful the Divine Dao was, even if it was united, it could only be a meek outsider even though it was a tyrant internally.

Due to the particularity of belief and the Ancient G.o.ds, it was impossible for them to battle outside.

Just like in the hunting of the Terra World, only the Immortal Dao took action.

As he was thinking, Fang Yuan unknowingly arrived at the main peak of Mount Huo.

He saw that the green-black peak was as straight as a sword, so tall it went through the clouds. It had a vast and majestic presence.

Mountain G.o.d Huo is also an Earl-rank Deity Position, comparable to my Surging Waves River!

Fang Yuan nodded. He casually grabbed and a ray of magical power was released. Instantly, a small squirrel rolled over.

This squirrel had been hiding closeby on a big pine tree. Its pupils were jet black but sparkly and bright, and appeared to be spying.

It landed on his hands and its tail coiled, rustling as it s.h.i.+vered.

"Haha… You don't have to act!"

Seeing this, Fang Yuan laughed out loud and flicked the small squirrel's nose.

"Ouch… so painful!" said the small squirrel immediately, having the voice of an around ten year old child. "Where are you from? Why did you come to Mount Huo?"

"I am River Earl Surging Waves. I received a congratulatory gift from your Mountain G.o.d and have specially come to visit! Quickly notify him!"

Mountain G.o.d Huo was the monarch of this mountain. Logically, all of the mountain spirits and demons had to listen to his dispatch.

And although this small demon did not have much Demonic Qi, and was smart to hide itself, Fang Yuan knew that it had been transformed by the Mountain G.o.d.

"So you're River Earl Surging Waves! The time Master Mountain G.o.d went to congratulate you, he gave 12 whole Big Reinstated Pill! This Big Reinstated Pill contains the essence of the heavens and the earth, capable of saving us over ten years of cultivation hards.h.i.+ps. If one pill was given to me, I would be able to change form immediately!"

Both of its eyes brightened instantly. After all, the small squirrel had just gained intelligence.

"Haha… you little imp spirit." This amused Fang Yuan. "With your cultivation, refining the Big Reinstated Pill is harmful and provides no advantages to you, but I'm also not a petty person. Although this Small Reinstated Pill's effect is not as wonderful as the big one, it's also very beneficial to your cultivation. Take it!"

With a flick of his wrist, a fragrant aquamarine pill appeared.

"Ok, ok… River Earl is truly a very nice person!"

Small squirrel hugged the pill with both paws. It ate it like it was munching on a peanut before swallowing it. With a wag of its tail, it quickly disappeared into the forest.

Not long after, a few deer with huge antlers leaped out from the forest. "River Earl Surging Waves's arrival bring radiance to the humble house! Master Mountain G.o.d has already prepared a banquet and instructed us to welcome Lord to the cave abode for a gathering!"


Fang Yuan nodded. He saw a sledge-like tool with a hint of magical strength behind the few deer. It was obviously a magic artifact.

Appearing highly skilled and bold, he directly sat on it. The few deer with huge antlers looked between themselves before galloping into the mountain forest.

They were quick and able to leap over any mountain streams, precipice, cliffs, and large rocks. The magic sledge was also very stable, much more comfortable than a horse carriage.

This Mountain G.o.d Huo is able to manage this Mount Huo without a flaw…

While Fang Yuan was resting, he saw a lot of things.

G.o.ds had immortality. Given an acc.u.mulation of time, their foundation would continuously pile up and finally be very terrifying.

"We're here. Please, G.o.d!"

After awhile, the deer carriage stopped before a mountain stream.

This was somewhere on the highest peak of Mount Huo. There was hazy mist, but an unusual fragrance traveled into his nose as well. He could indistinctly see Vermillion Fruits, Cloud Ganoderma, and other spiritual plants. It was clear that it was not a layman living here.

A few deer with large antlers respectfully tilted their heads and invited Fang Yuan off the carriage.

"This Mountain G.o.d Huo has managed this place for so long and with such great effort… the ambiance is much better than my River Earl Palace…"

Fang Yuan placed both hands behind his back and looked around. He silently nodded.

"Haha… My distinguished guest from faraway, I hope you'll forgive me for not welcoming you first-hand!"

As the mist rose, a palace door was revealed.

The palace door opened and two rows of G.o.d functionaries stood solemnly. The G.o.d at the center came forward to welcome Fang Yuan. His gait was majestic, the land seemingly adding radiance and beauty to his aura.

This was naturally the Mountain G.o.d of Mount Huo.

Sure enough, he fully-fledged and has many G.o.d functionaries…

Seeing this, a golden brilliance flashed through Fang Yuan's eyes.

River Earls and Mountain G.o.ds were all masters of an area. Naturally, they could appoint many G.o.d functionaries and even small G.o.ds under their commands.

For example, under his command, he could set up a few turtle ministers, watershed generals, a River G.o.d for a branch of the river, and so on! However, Fang Yuan had started from scratch. Aside from two mounts, he was currently all alone.

He had even left Green Mountain and Black Water protecting the River Palace for this journey. His imposing manner was far from Mountain G.o.d Huo.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Carefree Path Of Dreams 743 Mount Huo

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