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"That time, I had just succeeded the Deity Position and was going to consolidate. Mountain G.o.d had come to congratulate me and gave such expensive gifts, but I didn't welcome you. That was very impolite of me… Today, I have specially visited."

In a nine-story palace.

The palace was very magnificent. It was heavy with earthly energy and had a different demeanor compared to his river palace.

The banquet started with Fang Yuan and Mountain G.o.d Huo each sitting at a table. Fang Yuan smiled and said, "Please accept this gift as a small token of appreciation."

As he spoke, Fang Yuan took out a box from inside his sleeve.

He had received many congratulatory gifts after becoming a River Earl. Among them, there were many good materials, and just by casually choosing and refining a few, they could become a good magic artifact.

"This is… a flying sword?"

Mountain G.o.d Huo opened the box, and his somewhat indifferent expression instantly became grave.


A sound similar to a dragon's cry traveled from the sword's case, bringing a dazzling light all over.

He steadied his nerves before grabbing the flying sword.

This sword was only one feet long. Its handle was a ball with profound chill, appearing to be a flying sword that could only be driven with magical power.

"Good sword!" The Mountain G.o.d looked at it for a long time before closing his eyes. "This sword is great. Within the sword's blade, there's Ten Thousand Year Cold Iron and Profound Water Essence mixed in. I wonder which famous master made it?"

"I'm not someone famous!" Fang Yuan smiled as he waved his arm.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Oh? It was actually personally made by you!" A brilliance flashed in the eyes of Mountain G.o.d Huo. "Could you have been a swordsman before obtaining the River Earl position? From looking at the craftsmans.h.i.+p, it seems to be related to the Spiritual Flying Sword Sect…"

This would be him beating around the bush to probe Fang Yuan's information.

"Hehe… I'm not from the Spiritual Flying Sword Sect!" Fang Yuan answered with a smile but did not continue speaking, causing Mountain G.o.d Huo to feel slightly gloomy.

In truth, if Fang Yuan really made a move, it would be an Ancient G.o.d refined treasure. How could he produce such trash?

However, his true ability could not be leaked. Thus, he casually used some of the sword art concept that Wan Sanqian had revealed.

As a River G.o.d, I am so impoverished. My storehouse is empty, and even the materials used to refine this flying sword were taken from the congratulatory gifts… Fang Yuan thought silently, but did not look one bit ashamed.

"The Spiritual Flying Sword Sect is one of the 72 immortal sects and has three Heaven Immortal Patriarches looking over it, but they're much more despicable than us!"

Seeing how he could not ask about the origins, Mountain G.o.d Huo took an indirect approach.

"Oh? Did the Spiritual Flying Sword Sect do something to our Divine Dao?" Fang Yuan asked with great interest.

"That's right… The land of the Three Mountains and Five Rivers has abundant Spiritual Energy and a multiplying population, so which force wouldn't desire it? Disregarding the mortal nations, those immortal cultivation sects have gained a liking for our secured and settled life!" Mountain G.o.d Huo was gloomy.

Although the Divine Dao and the Immortal Dao seemed entirely different, they actually had conflicts.

Putting other things aside, the G.o.ds could not possible easily yield the Spiritual Energy nodes of each mountain range and water vein.

There were also the heavenly materials and earthly treasures. The G.o.ds also had a superiority in this as they could easily pocket them one by one, causing the immortal sects to be very jealous.

Seems like… if I want to unite the Three Mountains and Five Rivers, aside from the pressure of the Divine Dao, the key is the immortal sects in this region! Fang Yuan inwardly muttered to himself before suddenly flas.h.i.+ng a smile. "I didn't mean to hide anything but… aside from returning a gift today, I have a matter that I'd like to discuss with Mountain G.o.d Huo!"

"What matter?" Mountain G.o.d Huo was a little curious, but also alert.

"It's naturally that object that you previously obtained!"

Fang Yuan faintly smiled as he recalled a memory of Lord Bright Jade's.

At that time, he had wanted to subdue the Three Mountains and Five Rivers and started by first planting spies. During this process, he had also discovered Mountain G.o.d Huo's little secret.

He was initially merely a mortal, but he was lucky enough to find the Mountain G.o.d Huo seal, thus succeeding the Deity Position. His luck could be considered heaven-defying.

However, this was not the end of his good luck. This G.o.d had also somehow managed to pick up a fragment of the Heaven Ritual Altar.

In the ancient past, what was wors.h.i.+ped was not the Heavenly Court, but the realm's Heavenly Dao! Or it could also be called heaven's will!

Even the Heavenly Court's Celestial Thearch and the Immortal Dao's almighty beings had to bow down to the Spiritual Realm's heaven's will!

"What object?" Mountain G.o.d Huo's face changed, his smile rapidly shrinking. He then clapped his hands.

Immediately, all of the G.o.d functionaries, as well as the dancers and musicians, rose. The main hall that was once filled with laughter only had Fang Yuan and him remaining.

A silence hung in the air, creating a cold and lifeless atmosphere.

"Naturally, it's that Heaven Ritual Altar fragment!"

Fang Yuan flicked his fingers, his words like swords pointing at the other's heart. "Don't worry, I'm not here to s.n.a.t.c.h your treasure. However, that object is broken. But with my help, it may be able to be used!"

Although it was rare to see the Heaven Ritual Altar, it would not attract any envious eyes. Furthermore, it was only a fragment.

However, at Mountain G.o.d Huo's rank, it was slightly mismatched if he truly viewed it as an important treasure. It should at least be Marquis-rank for him to feel secure.

"That object…" Mountain G.o.d Huo's expression changed numerous times, but he did not deny it. Instead, he said slowly, "After obtaining it, I kept it in a secret place. I only had some guesses about what it was after reading many ancient books, but I'm not as sure as you are."

This was also his doubt. Fang Yuan was only a recently promoted River Earl, so where and how would he know about this?

"You don't need to know…" Fang Yuan smiled slightly with a mysterious air. "Aside from helping you completely refine the Heaven Ritual Altar fragment, I can also help you to recover part of its function. How about it? We're both straightforward people. Yes or no, decide with a word!"

"Such confidence!" Mountain G.o.d Huo was indecisive. Suddenly, he laughed out loud. "Alright… if you want to help me to refine the Heaven Ritual Altar, you also need to reveal some of your abilities. I will offer you a cup of wine. If you can drink it, I will agree!"

Without caring if Fang Yuan agreed or not, he directly made his move.


A small, bronze wine goblet flew up from the table in front of Mountain G.o.d Huo and zoomed toward Fang Yuan.

Such 'pressure'!


Fang Yuan suddenly saw the illusion of a mountain range gathering above the bronze wine goblet. It had the imposing manner of Mount Tai bearing down.

This weight was like the Mountain G.o.d transferring all of Mount Huo to press on the small wine goblet!

This Deity Position in Mount Huo was similar to River Earl Surging Waves in Surging Waves River. He could borrow the Spiritual Energy of the entire mountain, enough to go against a Heaven Immortal!

However, Fang Yuan was far from the Surging Waves River, like a tiger that had entered a plain or a dragon that had dove into shallow water.


Looking at this scene, he was unhurried as his right hand stretched out and grabbed the wine goblet like he was holding up the heavens.

He held the mountain with a single palm!

In fact, this wine goblet only has the meaning of Mount Huo at most. If it was really Mount Huo, even Heaven Immortals would become meat paste!


After a dull thud, the wine goblet was stably held in Fang Yuan's hand. He drank to the last drop in a single gulp. "Really great wine!"

Mountain G.o.d Huo went silent after witnessing this.

After a while, he finally said, "Even if it's a Heaven Immortal, they would have difficulty dealing with the attack that easily. Who exactly are you?"

His tone was even more respectful than before, obviously having realized many things.

"Do you remember the white dressed G.o.d you met during your calamity…" Fang Yuan laughed.

"You're… the benefactor from before?" Mountain G.o.d Huo's eyes widened.

In order to subdue the G.o.ds of the Three Mountains and Five Rivers, Lord Bright Jade had really arranged many things. It was actually a self-directed and acted show when Mountain G.o.d Huo had met danger.

However, he was met with mishap after subduing four of the River G.o.ds and did not continue his plan.

"No, no!" Fang Yuan shook his head. "We're only related!"

"Since you're an old friend of the benefactor, you're also my benefactor. Alright… I agree to refining the Heaven Ritual Altar fragment together!"

Mountain G.o.d Huo made up his mind.

This G.o.d was finally subdued. Although it appeared it was because of the arrangements of Lord Bright Jade, a large part was also because Fang Yuan revealed his strength.

Otherwise, no one would care about someone with moral character but no power!

"Okay, let's immediately begin!" Fang Yuan nodded.


SInce he had already agreed, the straightforward Mountain G.o.d Huo waved his hand and the fragment appeared at the center of the palace.

It was a large piece of broken jade. There seemed to be golden words etched into the jade. Unfortunately, it was broken and only a few complete characters could be seen.

Even so, an ancient, grand dignity hit them directly in the face.

"It's really a Heaven Ritual Altar fragment!"

Seeing it, Fang Yuan's eyes lit up.

This treasure had even slightly shaken Lord Bright Jade back then, having thought of plotting to s.n.a.t.c.h it.

Unfortunately, his chance did not arrive, and he had let this G.o.d off temporarily.

And right now, it was his turn to harvest it.

Repairing the Heaven Ritual Altar is courting death! After all, I'm not a person of this realm. Wors.h.i.+ping heaven's will, do I want a quicker death?

To Fang Yuan, the Spiritual Realm heaven's will was ten times, a hundred times, more dangerous than the Heavenly Court.

Of course, with just a mere Heaven Ritual Altar fragment, the chance of communicating with heaven's will was the same as a normal person being struck by a meteor while walking on the streets.

However, this fragment also had other uses even if it didn't connect with heaven's will.

In Lord Bright Jade's memory, there were a few ways to refine this fragment into other treasures.

One way is currently the most suitable. Of course, it also tests my technique!

As Fang Yuan reflected, he could hear the voice of the Mountain G.o.d Huo by his ear. "After I obtained this object, I also had many ideas, but in the end I still couldn't do anything with it. If you can a.s.sist me in refining this, I'll definitely repay you!"

"Of course!"

Fang Yuan gently stretched his hands a little and a golden ray landed on the jade piece.

The light circulated, and the golden words inside came alive, moving about freely. Seeing this, Mountain G.o.d Huo's eyes palpitated.


At this time, a sword radiance was flying past the sky of Mount Huo. It was a Heaven Immortal. "This is… the sign of an unusual treasure being born?!"

Carefree Path Of Dreams 744 Refining Treasure

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