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Whoosh whoos.h.!.+

Fang Yuan flew away in strong gusts of wind without looking back, even when the channel was sealed again and the Demon G.o.ds launched a destructive attack.

"Dream Demon…" He suddenly heard a soft voice. "What is your real ident.i.ty?"

"Erag, what do you think?"

Fang Yuan's expression remained unchanged as he flew onward at lightning speed.

"We kept an eye on all the Demon Spirits and Demon Generals on the Mental Demon Battlefield who had a chance to advance to Demon Master… but none of them looked like you… Therefore, you must be a traitor from the G.o.ds!"

Erag was sure of her deduction.


As a Demon Master, it was obviously peculiar of Fang Yuan to head for the Spiritual Realm when he could have gone to the Mental Demon Realm, so he remained silent.

"All of this doesn't matter. What matters is… whether you can give us what we want!" The voices of Nine Heads and the Life-and-Death Crow were also heard in the wind.

"Freedom?" Fang Yuan let out a sigh.

Demon Masters had definitely hated being confined to the Mental Demon Battlefield, and the freedom they desired was to roam in the Mental Demon Realm.

At the very least, they had to leave this secluded Mental Demon Battlefield and enjoy the freedom of going anywhere in the Spiritual Realm.

"If you want to break free, seize the only chance now!" Fang Yuan laughed out loud. "The Emperors are busy suppressing the Demon G.o.ds, leaving behind loopholes in the Ma.s.sive Heavenly Cycle Stellar Array… When will we have a better chance than now to break through the barrier?"

From the beginning, he had been rus.h.i.+ng toward the Realm Gates.

"Break through the barrier? All right!" Erag gazed at Fang Yuan. "Your realm is infinitely close to 10-Essence, isn't it? It's said that Demon Masters at 10-Essence can see their Dao clearly and make up for their deficiencies to progress to the Demon G.o.d realm! And the 11-Essence and 12-Essence realms afterward are no longer predictable by us common Demon Masters…"

"That's nothing more than a problem about the foundation's perfection!" Fang Yuan curled his lips.

The advancement to Demon G.o.d was only related to the completeness of their Dao path and did not have much to do with a Demon Master's strength.

That was a.n.a.logous to the difference in foundation between advancing to a Sage from Seventh Tier Illusionary Divine as opposed to Ninth Tier Illusionary Divine.

Zap! Zap!

The Demon Masters arrived at the Realm Gates, disregarding the place's horrible aura.

They would have encountered the defenses from the Heaven Palace on any other day.

However, the most powerful G.o.ds of each military division who were supposed to be guarding the gates were now fighting on the Myriad Thunder Plain. A few of them had been badly injured by Fang Yuan, and it was hard for them even to catch up with the Demon Masters.

"The Mental Demon channel has been suppressed by the Emperors, so there's no hope for us to escape. The only chance for us to survive is to hide in the Spiritual Realm!"

If they did not run away while the Emperors were busy with the battle, they would probably never escape.

All the Demon Masters reached an agreement within a moment.

Fang Yuan immediately punched the giant Realm Gates with his Chaos Divine Fist.


The gates shook; numerous cracks emerged on the gates and began to spread.

"Indeed… Not only is the Celestial Thearch absent from the heart of the array, but many Ancient G.o.ds were deployed to a.s.sist the Emperors in the battle as well. How much power could be left in this Ma.s.sive Heavenly Cycle Stellar Array?"

The Life-and-Death Crow laughed, sending two powerful waves. .h.i.tting the gates. At the same time, Nine Heads and Erag each launched an attack as well.


The Realm Gates entirely opened up in the deafening noise.

At this moment, many cultivators in the Spiritual Realm looked up at the sky.

All of them saw that a purple star, for unknown reasons, suddenly shone so brightly that the green star beside it became almost invisible, stirring up ominous feelings in every cultivator.

The Heavenly Court.

Palaces had collapsed and scared spiritual cranes flew off into the sky.

"What happened?"

Heavenly Consort Yun Xiang went outside her palace. A suspicious glow flashed in her eyes as she gazed at the continuously changing stellar array.

"Some Demon Masters forcibly broke through the Realm Gates… They escaped from the battlefield and seem to be heading toward the lower realm!"

The few Ancient G.o.ds left behind in the Heavenly Court were startled by the scene and frozen in fear.

"Where's the Emperor? How could this happen?"

The Heavenly Consort was secretly pleased, but acted as though she was filled with anger and astonishment.

"The Emperor is collaborating with other Ancient G.o.ds to seal the Demon G.o.ds… A Mental Demon channel has somehow been opened on the Mental Demon Battlefield… What the…"

The expression of the Heavenly Consort changed constantly when she received the large amount of information.

The chaos on the Mental Demon Battlefield could help Ancient Netherworld escape, but what about the arrival of beings from the Mental Demon Realm?

That was not necessarily good news to a sealed Demon G.o.d.


The Heavenly Court shook again, and the ground cracked.

The purple silhouettes of a few beings emerged from the sky and immediately turned into giant purple meteors that shot down toward the lower realm.

All the Heavenly G.o.ds witnessing this scene turned pale. "Demon stars are arriving in the lower realm. Isn't this the sign of an imminent apocalypse?"

But there was no time for them to lament.

Aw! Aw!

Roar! Roar!

With the roaring of beasts, an increasing number of Demon Spirits broke through the Realm Gates and began wreaking havoc in the Heavenly Court.

A common Demon Spirit army would not have been astute enough to seize the chance to start a battle.

However, the Demon Spirits on the Mental Demon Battlefield were different now!

The demonic thoughts of the Lord of the Void were still hidden within their bodies!

That was the true danger of a Demon G.o.d. Even his thoughts would be far more dangerous than a common Demon Master.


A purple glow rose from the east and transformed into an illusionary image of the Celestial Thearch above the Heavenly Court.

The Realm Gates were secure once again under his palm.

"All G.o.ds in the Heavenly Court, kill the Demon Spirits and protect yourselves…" ordered the illusionary image of the Celestial Thearch directly.


The words of the Celestial Thearch were the same as an oracle.

Under his leaders.h.i.+p, many G.o.ds immediately started to take action.

Unfortunately, if Fang Yuan were here, he would know that everything they did was pointless.

The cruel demonic thoughts would leave behind sinister repercussions.

As soon as the demonic thoughts of the Lord of the Void arrived in this world, they would immediately infect the minds of all creatures in the Spiritual Realm.

From then on, he would never truly be annihilated unless all the demonic thoughts died out.

Furthermore, he could possibly directly revive from these demonic thoughts.

Such a technique was incomprehensible to Fang Yuan.

Suddenly, Heavenly Consort Yun Xiang was shocked. "Master?!"

A crimson face emerged in her sea of consciousness, turning out to be none other than Demon G.o.d Ancient Netherworld!

"It's me! I escaped from the seal, but also paid a price for it…" The crimson face continued, "Perhaps… I'm already dead. All my origin power has been plundered by Demon G.o.d Li Hen…"

"We can always start again as long as you're still around, Master!" Yun Xiang said firmly, appearing absolutely confident of Ancient Netherworld.

Indeed, existences at the Demon G.o.d level could hardly be killed unless they committed suicide.

Their vitality was so horrifying that they could even have an influence years after their death.

Ancient Netherworld was clearly in a poor state, left with only a wisp of his soul, and not much different from being dead.

"Haha… You're right. As long as I exist, I'll still have a chance! Moreover… I'm in the Spiritual Realm, a powerful world that was coveted by the Mental Demon Realm for so many years…" The b.l.o.o.d.y face laughed. "Now, I need you to continue hiding yourself and slowly prepare some materials for me… Make sure not to get caught since your life is very precious now."



As the purple meteors descended into the mortal world, they hid themselves while flying in the sky.

Fang Yuan concealed his divine light and flew in the direction opposite his initial orientation.

"The Mental Demon Realm was undoubtedly the worst loser in this battle, and it wouldn't even help if they sent over a few more Demon G.o.ds.

"Of course, I've reaped a lot of benefits!

"The other Demon Masters also had some gain. At least they leaped out of their small cage into this larger one known as the Spiritual Realm…

"Never mind the Demon Masters, the most worrying one is that Lord of the Void!"

This Demon G.o.d had infinitely many forms of existence, and this frightening technique could almost ensure that he stayed alive in any circ.u.mstance.

His arrival in the Spiritual Realm practically doomed this place.

Of course, since Fang Yuan was not from the Spiritual Realm, he did not really care about it. What worried him was how he himself would be affected by this Demon G.o.d's presence.

"In fact, besides the Lord of the Void, there's still Demon G.o.d Ancient Netherworld!"

Fang Yuan was somewhat confused by his absence from the battlefield after he had escaped from the seal.

"Maybe he hid away to contact his past subordinates? The Heavenly Consort might conceal my ident.i.ty for a while… but it won't help. I'm not going back to the Three Mountains and Five Rivers!"

Fang Yuan flew quickly, evading many existences possessing a powerful aura while hiding his own. Finally, he found a hill and landed.

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"After all, the Mental Demon Realm isn't a good place for me unless I advance to Demon G.o.d… I've devoured many drops of origin power and gathered a lot of information in the Heavenly Court, which is more than what I had expected. I should be satisfied already!" Fang Yuan had a good mentality. "Right now, I need to find a place for cultivation, comprehend the traversing technique given by Ancient Netherworld in the context of Dream Masters, and try to become a Demon G.o.d as soon as possible!"

Fang Yuan was indeed shocked by the battle between the Demon G.o.ds and Emperors.

While there were a lot of things he could not understand, he had a rough idea about what it would be like when he reached the next stage of cultivation.

"If Ancient Netherworld is alive and unsealed, he'll surely make trouble for me!

"Nevertheless, given that he's just escaped from the seal, it'd be hard for him to leave the Mental Demon Battlefield safe and sound. This is my chance."

If he had offended a Demon G.o.d in the Mental Demon Realm, he would be dead.

But things were different in the Spiritual Realm.

Since both parties were in hiding, that Demon G.o.d would be even more afraid of attracting attention with a fight.

Fang Yuan did not know that Ancient Netherworld had been defeated by Li Hen and his body had perished, leaving behind only a wisp of his soul. His situation was extremely pathetic, even worse than the situation that Fang Yuan was in.

Carefree Path Of Dreams 775 Lower Realm

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