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In the middle of Newtlud, on a huge snowy mountain.

A translucent magic s.h.i.+eld spread across the mountain peak and covered the palace beneath, keeping it as warm as if it were springtime despite the ice-cold snow and wind outside.

It was almost impossible to build such a palace on top of a snowy mountain, even with the current level of technology. However, with sorcery, it became possible.

This was the headquarters of the Newtlud Sorcerer Congress—White Sanctuary.

Seven out of the thirteen representatives stayed in the palace all year round. But it had much more than that. The Philosopher's Book, which sealed the root of all sorcerers, was kept here as well.

Of course, very few people knew.

But to Representative Heinze, it was nothing significant.

With a flash of light, four figures appeared on the snow-white plaza.

"We've reached the White Sanctuary!" Heinze looked at the translucent sky. "This place uses the ultimate protection magic and magic nullification barriers, and only the Thirteen Representatives have the jurisdiction to cast spells inside."

Whether unintentionally or not, he revealed the White Sanctuary's various defensive measures to Fang Yuan.

"It's nice that you still have the mood to take care of your 'good friend', Heinze!"

Parker winked at Heinze. "Prepare for the hearing! Oh right… I forgot to mention that congress pa.s.sed a motion while you were on your mission. From now on, everyone, including the representatives, is deprived of the right to cast spells inside the White Sanctuary during the hearing investigation!"

"You…" Heinze's face turned red, half-feigning his anger. "Are you planning on treating me like a prisoner?"

"Not at all. You are still one of the thirteen before the hearing, but you aren't allowed to leave the Sanctuary. You should enjoy your last moments of freedom…"

Parker laughed coldly.

This is slightly troublesome… If I'm restricted from casting spells, leaving will be difficult!

This plaza only permitted entrance but not exit, so when external sorcerers teleported to the headquarters, they could only leave via a few fixed exit points.

However, since he was unable to cast spells freely, one of the escape routes in his plan was no longer feasible.

"Since I'm still a representative, arrange a room for my Red s.h.i.+rt deacon. It must be the best!" Heinze ordered one of the sorcerers nearby and then gave Fang Yuan a look. "I'll come to find you in a while."


Although he knew that Heinze was acting, he still felt gooseb.u.mps.


Parker and Sheldon were visibly uncomfortable by Heinze's actions as well. They snorted and walked away separately.

At this point, they did not fear that Heinze would escape. On the contrary, deep down, they even wanted Heinze to do something stupid of his own accord.

They spared even less thought for a small fry Red s.h.i.+rt deacon like Fang Yuan.

"There are three days left until the hearing. I'll see you tonight! There are a few useful things in the headquarters, such as the Sorcery Library, so you can take a look."

After speaking to Fang Yuan, Heinze immediately headed down another corridor. It was obvious that he was trying to get in touch with a few acquaintances to get a read on the situation.

"The promotion of Red s.h.i.+rt deacons has always been settled at the branches. It is only when they advance to Purple Robe sorcerers that they need to go to the headquarters for 'advanced studies'…"

Fang Yuan was well aware that advanced studies merely meant remembering a few high-level spells.

As long as they were not fools, anyone would be able to accomplish it.

However, due to Heinze's merits, he had managed to enjoy the treatment of Purple Robe sorcerers before becoming one.

Before the actual trial, Heinze was still one of the Thirteen Representatives. Along with his connections and allies, he could at least manage this for Fang Yuan.

Even his opponents would not pester him over such trivial matters.

However, things could very well be different after the dust settled.

Even the most insignificant matter would become irrefutable evidence!

After Heinze had brought Fang Yuan to the palace, he had dumped him.

Fang Yuan was quite pleased with the situation. He could leisurely tour the White Sanctuary, and as long as he did not try to enter a few sensitive areas, no one would pay attention to him.

"Walls and pillars made from ice. And this pattern, this is very…"

Fang Yuan arrived at a place and scrutinized the patterns on a wall.

There was even the portrait of a man made from the convergence of snowflakes on the ice wall.

"Prague Dorif!"

Just as he was looking intently at the portrait, he heard a clear voice.

Fang Yuan turned around and saw a sorceress.

She was of average height and had a ponytail. She was holding a stack of doc.u.ments, and coupled with a pair of round black-rimmed, she had the air of an intellectual.

Fang Yuan did not respond.

The sorceress continued, "He was the first president of the Sorcerer Congress. He also established the system of the Thirteen Representatives during his time!"

"I see…" Fang Yuan nodded. "Do you know where the Sorcery Library is? I would like to check out the material on some spells…"

"Go straight ahead, take a left turn, and then take a right turn," the sorceress replied with a little more respect in her tone. "Sir, are you a Purple Robe sorcerer who is here for your promotion?"

"No! I'm just a Red s.h.i.+rt. My name is Snow!"

Fang Yuan laughed.

"A Red s.h.i.+rt that has come to the headquarters for his promotion will surely become a Purple Robe in the future!" The sorceress seemed to be encouraging Fang Yuan. "Do your best!"

Fang Yuan felt a bit dumbfounded and asked, "Speaking of which… what's your name?"

"Alwin, secretary of the Supernatural Phenomenon Department!" The sorceress adjusted her

"Alwin, why are you still here?!" A sorcerer came and looked at Fang Yuan cautiously. "Who is he?"

"Snow, a Red s.h.i.+rt who has come for his promotion!"

Alwin then introduced her boss to Fang Yuan. "This is Billy, from the Presidential Guards!"

"Snow… that name seems familiar!"

Billy stroked his chin and then flashed a weird smile. "I remember. It was mentioned to me just now. Heinze's new boyfriend?"

"What?" Alwin exclaimed. It was apparent that Heinze's strange habit was no secret at the headquarters either.

"How many times have I reminded you not to meddle with those of lower cla.s.s!"

Billy grabbed Alwin's arm and tried to pull her away.


But perhaps he had been too hasty, so the big pile of doc.u.ments scattered across the floor.

"What are you doing?" Alwin screamed. She hurriedly squatted down and started picking up the doc.u.ments.

"Kid, what are you trying to do?"

Billy looked at the Fang Yuan walking forward and said with a voice that was trying hard to sound intimidating, "This is the sanctuary. All magic is prohibited… Also, your patron, Heinze, is about to fall from power."


Fang Yuan smashed his fist into the man's right cheek and immediately felt more tranquility around his ears.

"Just dealing with a pile of trash. I'm sure you don't mind?" he said casually as he helped Alwin to her feet.

Possessing Snow did not mean that he had to inherit all of his traits.

Fang Yuan walked toward the Sorcery Library in stride, ready to check out the spells that Red s.h.i.+rts had clearance for.

He was not the least bit worried about what had just happened with Billy.

Before Heinze fell from power, he could continue to enjoy his protection.

Not to mention how embarra.s.sing it would be for a guard to be knocked out by an ordinary sorcerer. Billy might not even speak of it to others, including the representatives.

"This Snow…" Alwin stood dumbfounded, her eyes a little dazed. "What kind of person is he?"

"Definitely nothing good!"

Billy took a good while to get back onto his feet. Looking at the direction that Fang Yuan had left in, his face was full of viscousness. "Snow… just you wait!"


In the VIP lounge.

Fang Yuan sat waiting cross-legged until midnight.

A series of knocks echoed. Heinze had arrived just as arranged.

"How did it go?"

Fang Yuan knew that Heinze must have made a lot of connections and allies in his years in the congress, so he should have learned something.

"Good news and bad news!" Heinze shrugged. "The good news is that the president doesn't have any evidence against me yet! The bad news is that more than half of the representatives believe that I have ulterior motives!"

"How did that happen?" Fang Yuan asked, slightly puzzled.

"It's because of a… Derivative!" Heinze answered. "'Primary Color' lent it to us. It has marvelous effects when it comes to distinguis.h.i.+ng right from wrong. It's named 'Buns.h.i.+nsaba' and has the appearance of a normal pen. You merely need to write down two options, one right and one wrong, and it will point to the right option!"

"So… you've been caught?" Fang Yuan looked at Heinze sympathetically.

Even if they had covered all their bases, their attempts to protect their true motives would be laughable in the face of such an unreasonable Derivative.

"Yeah, when it comes to choosing between options that have clear right and wrong answers, 'Buns.h.i.+nsaba' has never been wrong. The president has never trusted me completely, so he used it to test my loyalty…"

Heinze shook his head. "I'm confident that I never left any evidence behind. In the end, I was exposed by a Derivative. How vexing! I need to attend the hearing soon, so I've decided that we'll act then! I've already summoned my subordinates nearby. As long as I issue the signal, they'll immediately attack!"

"It's just a hearing!" Fang Yuan was not feeling very tense at all. "Since they have no evidence, the most they could do is to make you take a backseat!"

"I didn't descend upon this world to enjoy retirement… I'm determined to obtain the rules in the Philosopher's Book!"

Heinze was almost roaring. Many vague, overlapping shadows appeared on his body.

This was the result of his intense emotions, causing him to be unable to suppress his Demon G.o.d aura.

"On the day of the hearing? Rest a.s.sured!" Fang Yuan nodded thoughtfully. "Even you have the confidence to start anew, so what do I have to fear?"

Carefree Path Of Dreams 913 Headquarters

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