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The protection magic surrounding the White Sanctuary vanished in an instant, and large volumes of snow blew into the sanctuary.

More terrifying, the snowy peak was about to collapse into an avalanche.

Originally, the sorcerers could have left the sanctuary and then use Teleportation to escape.

However, even if the magic nullification barrier collapsed, they no longer had the power to use magic. Full of anxiety and despair, they were like ordinary people scurrying about in the sanctuary.

"The Sorcerer Congress rose from the powers of the Philosopher's Book. Now that the book is gone, its downfall will soon come."

Fang Yuan suddenly felt emotional at the scene.

As expected, powers that did not belong to oneself were unreliable.

After the magic pages in the Philosopher's Book were destroyed, everyone, from the representatives to the lowest ranking Black s.h.i.+rts, became no different from ordinary people.

"Haha… Truly… What a beautiful scene!"

Heinze did not feel a shred of sadness. On the contrary, he was feeling rather happy.


With his crazed laughter, two lumps of flesh grew from his back and exploded into a pair of wings that dripped with slime.

"Let's go!"

Fang Yuan grabbed a bat monster and flew up as well.


"Sir Heinze, save us!"

"I repent!"

"We're still allies!"

Below, they could hear many cries for help, but Heinze turned a blind eye to them. He squinted his eyes, as though he were enjoying an opera.

Fang Yuan frowned and asked, "Where is Primary Color?"

"Saint Nairlean Empire!" After all, Heinze had spent decades in this world. He had also held a high-ranking position in the Sorcerer Congress and had a wealth of experience. He answered without hesitation, "It's one of the most prosperous countries of this world. Primary Color is a gigantic Derivative organization. In comparison, the Sorcerer Congress is only a second-cla.s.s organization!

"Its structure is extremely tight. In addition to the normal combat and research personnel, there is a group called 'Terminator'. Their combat abilities are immense, and they're in possession of Derivatives!"

"I see… Then our next destination will be the Saint Nairlean Empire!"

Fang Yuan shrugged. "Also… although we didn't manage to get the Philosopher's Book, we obtained other derivatives… You promised payment earlier…"

"You will only get your payment after I obtain the Philosopher's Book!" Heinze turned around. "This is not up for discussion!"

"All right!" Fang Yuan agreed sheepishly. However, his eyes glowed with brilliance.

According to his deductions, the best way to digest Derivatives was to use the power of a Great Dao!

Of course, the Demon G.o.ds that descended into this world had their powers suppressed to the extent where it was difficult to use even half of their strength. This caused the refining process to be extremely difficult, and they had to turn to other methods.

However, with the aid of his stats window, his giant lizard body on the island progressed incredibly fast, and he would soon recover most of his strength.

At that time, refining a few Derivatives would be a piece of cake.

"The amount of strength that Demon G.o.ds can use after they descend is all up to the world itself… However, my stats window is extremely effective at breaking this kind of limitation, rivaling Netherheaven Demon G.o.ds…"

Of course, he would never mention such things to Heinze.

In fact, Fang Yuan had an ever-so-slight sense of worry.

He was not far from coming into contact with the level of his stats window. Perhaps he would figure out its secret when he promoted to the next large realm. By then, he might uncover the karma of his transmigration as well.


Suddenly, dozens of small black dots appeared in the sky.

The sound of spinning propellers roared continuously. The black dots turned into the shape of a few dozen helicopters, and seven-colored insignias were inscribed on the helicopters.

"Primary Color's direct force, Seven Color Scripture?" Heinze licked his lips menacingly. "Have they come here to help the Sorcerer Congress, or have they come here to exterminate us?"

A dozen helicopters formed a semicircle and surrounded Fang Yuan and Heinze. A clear, loud voice boomed from a megaphone. "Listen up! We have you surrounded. Surrender immediately. We promise not to harm you!"

"Sir!" In one of the helicopters, a research personnel stared at his screen. "The man with the wings is confirmed to be a former representative of the Sorcerer Congress, Heinze. We are detecting high energy reactions in his body. It's possible that he's acting as host for a Derivative… or he could be a Derivative himself! "

"In that case, I permit the use of coercive measures!" the commander said with a cold expression. He had a terrifying scar that covered his right eye.

"The technology in this world is quite interesting as well…" Heinze did not show any signs of tension after being aimed at by multiple red dots. "For example, these humans. While their bodies are weak, the power of technology enables them to exercise considerable strength… It's a pity that their research in psychology is still too lacking. Their technology is still unable to protect their souls!"

He took a deep breath and released a shriek. "Screech!"

The shrill sound was abnormally ear-piercing and had the power to shock the soul, reminding Fang Yuan of a banshee's wail.

The terrifying sound waves swept forth, and the expressions of the Seven Color Scripture combat personnel changed. They covered their ears as blood seeped from their eyes.

"Quick, activate the barrier, noise cancellation!" the commander roared hysterically, but to no effect.

The helicopters lost control one after another, and they started swaying from side-to-side like drunkards. They eventually crashed into the snowy mountains and exploded in flames.

"How could my psychological attack be blocked by noise-canceling material!" Heinze sneered.

Within seconds, he had exterminated the elites of Seven Color Scripture. This was the true fighting strength of a Demon G.o.d that had acc.u.mulated power for years!

"Is it really a good idea to be so high-key?" Fang Yuan appeared slightly worried.

"We'll have to face them eventually. Seven Color Scripture's highest rank purple troops have yet to appear…" Heinze shook his head disdainfully. "Only when the purple troops fail will Primary Color activate the Terminators!"

"But… how did these military helicopters get here? Are the Newtlud officials blind?" Fang Yuan looked at the wreckage on the ground, feeling puzzled.

"They must have covered the helicopters with anti-radar materials. Newtlud's radars can't detect them at all…" Heinze shook his head. "Primary Color's technology is the absolute most advanced of this world. They even want to research the peculiarities of Derivatives… Unfortunately, from what I know, there hasn't even been one successful case. There isn't even a glimmer of hope!"

"That was to be expected…"

Fang Yuan nodded.

The technology of this planet was not enough to decipher Extraordinaries unless they advanced to the interstellar age.

And the power of Great Daos was the most advanced of the Extraordinaries!

He suddenly felt a s.h.i.+ver in his heart and looked in a certain direction.

On a mountain top, a man suddenly appeared!

It was a Caucasian male in leather holding a simple bronze spear in one hand, looking like a gladiator of ancient times.


He grunted fiercely as he threw the spear.

"At this distance… Even if he is…"

While Fang Yuan was still making his judgment, he suddenly saw Heinze scream. The bronze spear had pierced his chest!


Without even needing to guess, he was sure of it.

With Heinze's strength, even a precision-guided missile might not hit him. The Derivative had to have the peculiarity of making sure it hit its target!

"Idiot…" Heinze grabbed the hilt of the bronze spear and slowly pulled it out of his chest without paying any attention to the blood that was flowing out. "You can't kill me. You've merely gifted me this Derivative. Now die!"

He appeared to want to throw the bronze spear back. The Caucasian gladiator did not have the immortal body of a Demon G.o.d, so if it hit, he would suffer fatal injuries at the very least.

However, in the next moment, Heinze looked at his right hand.

There was a flash, and the spear disappeared.


The Caucasian gladiator roared again as a ray of light shot forth.


This time, the spear hit Heinze's head. Heinze's head exploded, revealing a semi-solid of red and white.

Blood flowed backward and converged into a tiny head that enlarged continuously. Heinze's angry yells resounded. "d.a.m.n! d.a.m.n! I will kill him!"

"Confirmed that the target possesses a high-speed regenerative peculiarity. Judging it to be a Derivative!"

After the Caucasian recalled the bronze spear, he ran without looking back.

He was not a fool. After confirming that Heinze had an immortality peculiarity, as well as no apparent weaknesses, he was not about to force the issue alone.

"You… Don't you dare… leave!"

Heinze pounced swiftly.

Both the grudge formed just now and the Derivative in the opponent's hands were reasons enough for him to not let him escape.

"He should be a 'Terminator' from Primary Color. Even if he's not, he's an instructor of the purple troops at the very least!"

Heinze grinned evilly. "But I will make you know what a mistake you have made!"

"Its flying speed is very fast!"

The Caucasian gladiator was expressionless as he threw out a card.

The card looked like a poker card, and there was a depiction of the ancient Roman Colosseum on it.

With a flash of light, a phantasmal round field appeared and trapped Heinze within.

"Managed to settle one. The ancient Colosseum Deck can trap it for six hours. Enough to contact the Terminators and capture it…" the Caucasian gladiator mumbled. "Who would have guessed that a former representative of the Sorcerer Congress was a human-shaped Derivative…"


An arc of light flashed.

There seemed to be a large frisbee streaking across the sky.

The Caucasian gladiator froze, and then his head simply rolled off.

"I am rather skilled at playing frisbee!" Fang Yuan extended his hand and caught the pancake. He looked at the man's body and shook his head. "Still a mortal after all…"

Carefree Path Of Dreams 916 Terminator

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