Carefree Path Of Dreams 917 Red Dragon

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"Although he was decently strong and had discerning abilities, he was overconfident…"

Fang Yuan landed slowly, picked up the bronze spear from the corpse, and shook his head.


In midair, the illusion vanished. Heinze walked out and stared at the corpse on the ground, wis.h.i.+ng that he could take a bite out of it.

"This bronze spear seems to be the only Derivative that he had on him!"

Fang Yuan waved the spear in his hands and found its weight suitable for him. "What about that card?"

"Disappeared. I think it was created by the influence of a first-cla.s.s Derivative. It could only be used once and would immediately disappear afterward…"

Heinze looked furious. "d.a.m.ned Primary Color. I will never let them go!"

"Be careful. Primary Color is incomparable to the Sorcerer Congress, and you haven't spent years undercover there…" Fang Yuan kindly reminded him.

"Even so, I can't bear it any longer!" Heinze's expression suddenly turned mysterious. "After all… there are plenty of our kind in this world! Since we've already defeated the Sorcerer Congress, why not deal with them too?"

"Our kind? That must mean the other Demon G.o.ds!" Fang Yuan sighed. "If we use Derivatives as bait, then it's very likely that they'll bite. After all, a major part of why we descended to this world is for Derivatives!! However… we're facing the Primary Color headquarters. I might need to find a place and spend some time using my secret technique to recover a portion of my strength as soon as possible!"

"Great!" Heinze did not suspect a thing.

As a Demon G.o.d, it would be strange if Fang Yuan did not have a trump card or two.

"I think three months should be enough. When the time comes, we'll meet at the Primary Color headquarters, the Saint Nairlean Empire!" Fang Yuan nodded. He vanished quickly in the snowy forest with a few tumbles.

"Looks like… this Snow has a lot of secrets as well!" Heinze said, looking at where Fang Yuan had disappeared. "And… three Derivatives!"

Even he could not help but feel envious.

This Demon G.o.d had only just descended, but he seemed to be extraordinarily lucky. In particular, he had missed out on the bronze spear by a hair's breadth…

"This place again!"

Fang Yuan arrived on a beach, his gaze filled with memories.


As though to welcome his arrival, the entire island shook.

In the nearby woods, birds and various small animals scattered.

Rumble! Rumble!

The magnitude of the earthquake became greater and greater. Finally, a shadow the size of a small mountain appeared.

Upon closer inspection, it was a giant, fire-red lizard monster with a pair of slightly spread, dark-red wings that threatened to eclipse the sky.

Its claws were sharp, and its dense scales exuded scarlet brilliance akin to top-grade gems.

This was the true body of Fang Yuan's spiritual possession. Luckily, the magnetic field of this island was so messy that it prevented satellites from discovering his body.

Otherwise, a creature that looked like Western dragons would be sure to draw in the majority of biologists in this world.


The giant red dragon sneezed. Sparks and lava seemed to flow from its nostrils.

"After I allowed my strength to awaken freely, the lizard has transformed into this… Does this family of lizards possess draconic genes? Or… was it influenced by other factors?"

Fang Yuan did not understand it fully, but he accepted the way things were.

After all, a red dragon was certainly much better than a mere lizard, right?

"More importantly, the Derivative!"

The giant red dragon extended its tongue covered in backward-facing barbs and swallowed the sharp pancake and bronze spear.

"Ah… even my stomach finds it difficult to digest these things. As expected, I have to use the power of a Great Dao to help me!"

With the a.s.sistance of the stats window, Fang Yuan had broken through most of his seal. It was enough for him to unleash the true power of a Great Dao.

"Myriad Creation, Omnidirectional Armament!"

The red dragon roared, and the illusions of two Great Daos appeared behind it. They surrounded the red dragon and started releasing mysterious lights.

"As expected… the peculiarities of Derivatives are the agglomeration of rules!"

Shortly afterward, Fang Yuan had another discovery. "The rules of the Impermanence Great Dao are spread all over and seeped into ordinary objects to produce Derivatives… Both the pancake and spear were ordinary mediums, but the rules made them distinct!"

Naturally, the rules of the Impermanence Great Dao were no ordinary rules.

That was why Derivatives were so diverse.

"The pancake has the rules of 'sharpness', while the spear has the rules of 'teleportation' and 'absolute accuracy'. They can both supplement my Omnidirectional Divine Demonic Armament Dao…"

Fang Yuan's method was indeed different from that of Heinze. He did not try to absorb the Derivatives slowly, but instead digested them directly using his great strength!


After devouring a significant number of rules, the Omnidirectional Divine Demonic Armament Dao trembled, and its brilliance grew even brighter. One could faintly see it trying to merge with the Creation Great Dao.

"Excellent, one step closer!"

Fang Yuan was quite satisfied.

Now that he was at this stage, he could advance no further if he did not put in another few decades of training at the very least.

However, the ability to devour the rules from Derivatives caused such a great change. He now knew why Demon G.o.ds preferred plundering various worlds over training.

"Just two Derivatives has caused such a great change to the Omnidirectional Divine Demonic Armament Dao. If there were more…" Fang Yuan's pupils lit up. "Looks like… I have to make a move as well!"

Snow was merely a Magical Clone and required time to grow.

However, his true body carried the power of the stats window, enabling it the quickest way to break the world's suppression. Now, he had recovered the majority of his fighting abilities.

In this purely technology-based world, he was now an invincible force that could level entire countries.

If there were no Impermanence Great Dao and Derivatives, perhaps he could be considered even more powerful, to the level of destroying stars.

"It's just that… this physique is too jarring!"

The red dragon frowned in a remarkably human-like manner.

Shortly after, a rich red light fell.

Its original mountain-sized body shrunk, and its sharp claws retracted to become soft and adorable.

It was not long before the original red dragon transformed into a red lizard of about thirty centimeters. The wings on its back had also disappeared.

"All right. Now, no matter how you look at it, it's just a rather exotic pet!"

Fang Yuan's incarnation, Snow, nodded and carried the lizard on his hand. "It's now time to visit the Saint Nairlean Empire. I wonder who Heinze has found."

Suzy was a flight attendant working for Nairlean United Airlines.

She could swear that she had not, in her entire career, seen a pa.s.senger with such 'cla.s.s'.

"Oh sh*t! Oh sh*t!"

Suzy walked up to a seat while carrying a tray. "Sir, your drink!"

"Thank you!"

A jade-white slender hand extended, and a voice expressed grat.i.tude calmly.

"You're welcome!"

Suzy quickly stole a glance at the owner of the hand. It was a gentleman in a black suit that appeared to be in his mid-twenties. He had blond hair, wine-red lips, chiseled features, and expressive eyes.

They had barely locked eyes, and her face was already flushed like she was drunk. She quickly escaped to the kitchen.

"So? So?" A group of stewardess surrounded her, chirping like a group of excited sparrows. "I was right, huh. It's temperament! Temperament!"

"Oh, that pair of eyes, it's my favorite type!"

"Did you notice his muscles?"

"Ah, and his voice, I feel drunk after merely hearing it once…"

This scene was very abnormal.

After all, stewardesses had plenty of experience with people.

However, they were all enchanted by that gentleman.

"I secretly pa.s.sed him my number!"

"I gave him my name card along with his drink!"

"How sly!"

"Ah… I forgot to ask for his name!"

The stewardesses were engrossed in their discussion, oblivious to the envious, jealous, and hateful gaze of a few male pa.s.sengers near them.

They looked at the public enemy of the men with complicated eyes and discovered his name, Arthur Charles!

At the same time, at an airport.

Fang Yuan and Heinze had changed their appearances and waited at arrivals.

"He is a Demon G.o.d, but he enjoys using human transportation immensely! What a queer fellow!"

Fang Yuan's attire was rather strange. He was wearing a scarf and a cloak, like people in a desert, and carried a red pet lizard on his hand.

"Yeah, he enjoys toying with humans and especially enjoys using his charm to conquer women. He believes that to be the ultimate enjoyment…" Heinze answered in a low voice. "Oh right… his Dao path is related to seduction. As a result, he is very good at extracting information… We can't do without his help if we are going to face Primary Color!"

"A Demon G.o.d that grasps the Seduction Dao path? Perhaps just his voice alone is enough to send an entire country into depravity…" Fang Yuan's expression was serious. "What is his t.i.tle?"

"Seduction Master… In the Mental Demon Realm, he appeared as a male, but female traits are prominent from time to time… Of course, he is known as Arthur Charles in this world!"

Heinze's eyes lit up. "He's here!"

They could see a plane landing slowly through the gla.s.s, and then a large volume of pa.s.sengers alighting from it.

One of them was surrounded by seven to eight stewardesses and had the absolute look of a winner at life. He had almost turned into the public enemy of males. Who knew how many disdainful looks had been thrown at him.

"Darlings, remember to visit me at my hotel tonight!"

He kissed the reluctant stewardesses goodbye and approached Fang Yuan and Heinze. His eyes lit up and seemed more lively all around. "Gentlemen… it's an honor!"

Carefree Path Of Dreams 917 Red Dragon

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