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"Very good!"

Fang Yuan clenched his fist in joy, knowing that he had managed to cheat the instrument to give the result of a 30% brain development.

"Everyone can see their own achievements. The smart-brain will formulate a more reasonable plan based on where you are lacking for your last sprint! Lin Meng, come with me!"

Fang Yuan shrugged and followed Xiao Hongyue out of the cla.s.sroom.

"Total score: 264, Brain Development: 30%?" Xiao Hongyue could not hide the surprise in her tone. "All right, Lin Meng! Your score will allow you to enter a cultivation university… Their cut-off point is usually around 250. The cut-off for top cultivation universities such as Six Extremes Imperial Dragon University and Fengwu Nine Heavens Academy is around 270. You have to keep it up! And… your brain development?"

"I said before, I feel fine!" Fang Yuan shrugged again. "Perhaps the instrument in the hospital was faulty, or perhaps I'm slowly recovering after being discharged. Who knows?"

"Is that so?" Xiao Hongyue asked suspiciously, but she found nothing suspicious with her spiritual will and shook her head. "Forget it. It is indeed something good. Go back and study! I'll have some might speaking to the now that you've produced such results!"

"Thank you, Teacher!"

Fang Yuan knew that a top student with the possibility of entering a cultivation university received very different treatment from normal students.

The of Flying Rainbow High would pay great attention to him and protect him, at least before the college entrance exam.

The standing of the of such a top school was certainly no laughing matter. Jarvis would definitely not dare to mess with him.

This was also why he chose to show part of his strength.

How else would he attract others to invest in him?

It was not shameful to seek external help when you were weak. It did not mean that those who would not accept help would never excel, but the price and hard work that had to be put in was not something that normal people could handle.

"Wait… Have you decided on a target? Meditation University is the one with the lowest cut-off. Fill that in as your last choice for insurance. Your first choice must be the top universities. I recommend Fengwu Nine Heavens Academy for you! There are many beautiful women there, comparable to Ling Fei'er!"

Xiao Hongyue's eyes had a mischievous glint to them.

"Sorry… Teacher, my first choice is East Dragon University!" Fang Yuan replied determinately after some thought.

East Dragon University was the top university in the entire Human Alliance, and it gathered countless geniuses. The professors and mentors there were true masters. Neither aging nor dying, they were known as the 'Undead Immortals'! They were human-shaped nuclear bombs, the top combat power of the Alliance!

"East Dragon University?" Xiao Hongyue's eyes widened. "You really dare to dream… Do you know that the cut-off for East Dragon University has never fallen below 290?"

"I'm confident I can score that much!"

A single exam would determine it. There was nothing to doubt since normal and abnormal performances were all probabilistic events.

A shade of uncertainty appeared on Fang Yuan's face. "East Dragon University doesn't seem to accept students with 30% brain development though…"

"Almost none. The worst they accepted over the past three years had 35%!"

Xiao Hongyue eyed Fang Yuan doubtfully. "Lin Meng… you seemed to have changed after this incident! You've become more diligent and ambitious! It would have been enough for the old Lin Meng to be able to get into the cultivation university with the lowest cut-off point."

"There will always be inspirations after life-and-death situations," Fang Yuan replied nonchalantly.

"Okay…" Xiao Hongyue seemed to have thought of something interesting. "Brain development can only be enhanced through meditation and brain development drugs before you cultivate. Would you like Teacher to tutor you one-on-one? You probably haven't used these things before. The effect the first time should be pretty good. You might even be able to increase it by 5%!"

"Tutoring? But I don't have any more star dollars…"

The tuition fee for a teacher from a top school had to be astronomical. Xiao Hongyue seemed to be suggesting that she would help him with meditation and provide him with drugs. These were not things an ordinary student could afford.

"Rest a.s.sured. I'll count it as a loan to you, as long as you return it to me with interest in the future! There's no need for any burden nor pressure. A cultivator is worth investing in!" Xiao Hongyue dropped a mysterious smile.

This woman… does possess a game-like character!

Fang Yuan seemed to be struggling inwardly, but he already had an answer in his heart. He gazed at Xiao Hongyue's expectant yet suspicious eyes and felt as though he were lightning struck. Yes… funding students on a whim is just one side aspect. She has another purpose—observing me up close. She might even use various instruments to determine the truth behind my recovery! I really mustn't underestimate any cultivator!

"Then… Thank you, Teacher!"

Fang Yuan bowed gratefully and agreed to it even though he knew Xiao Hongyue had an ulterior motive.

It would be irrational not to agree after all.

Not to mention, he did not believe that an insignificant cultivator could discover the secret of his True Spirit.

On the contrary, Xiao Hongyue's help would be a more viable explanation as a cover story when he obtained superb results in the college entrance exam. Why would he not go along with it?

In the top cla.s.s.

"Sister Fei'er, you attained 277 points in the mock exam. You are top in cla.s.s again!"

A few young girls surrounded Ling Fei'er like a group of skylarks. "So amazing! The school has already decided to send you to Fengwu Nine Heavens Academy, right?"

"I heard you went to a normal cla.s.s in the morning to look for Lin Meng?"

"A toad that wants to eat swan meat. There's no need to be bothered about him. Sister Fei'er only went to find him because she has a kind heart…"

Ling Fei'er held her chin with her right hand and gazed out the window with a smile.

She had had no impression of that Lin Meng before. His sudden confession shocked her, and then he got into an accident.

There was no need to take it to heart since she had determined that he was all right.

In all honesty, his face was now a blur to her.

"I'm using the Red Dust Meditation method. According to the teacher, it first started in Meditation University. Eliminate the troubles of the secular world, and you could advance your brain development to 90%!"

Only anomalies like the Eastern Undead Immortals and the Western Arcanists had been able to increase their brain development to 100%.

Mythics would stimulate their spiritual roots after coming in touch with the Scientific Cultivation Method, and their brain development level would have a skyrocketing. There was a real possibility of attaining 100%. It would be the ticket to becoming an Undead Immortal.

This was the path her family had prepared for her at a heavy cost.

These families from high society had prepared the most correct path for their children. There were not only very few thorns in their paths, but there was a possibility of reaching all the way to the top if they continued all the way.

In comparison, ordinary people had to put in who knew how much more effort to get there.

Inequality and social still existed even though technology had reached where it was today.

The college entrance exams were fair to all. It was the last hope for those underprivileged!

"Brother!" At this moment, a blond entered to look for Jarvis. "That Lin Meng…"

"I know. Teach him a lesson after school today…" Jarvis was tr.i.m.m.i.n.g his nails with great care. "I might have promised Xiao Hongyue, but I had a precondition…"

The sun set in no time, and the bell signifying the end of rang.

"Fei'er, Cultivator Hong Tian has a lecture tonight dedicated to the sprint for the college entrance exam. Let's go and listen together!" Jarvis followed behind Ling Fei'er. "I have two tickets."

"No…" Ling Fei'er walked toward the school gate without turning back. "I want to calm down alone!"

d.a.m.n… If it wasn't for…

Jarvis's twisted face quickly calmed down as he decided to meet with his brothers to vent it all out on Lin Meng later.

At that moment, the blond and a few cla.s.smates came over with stunned expressions. "Boss…"

"Why can't you do something so simple. He escaped?" Jarvis felt his anger grow.

"No… But Lin Meng is with a teacher. We don't dare do anything!" The blond turned around and pointed in a direction. "Look!"

"Hmm?" Jarvis turned and saw Xiao Hongyue getting on the newest model of a Red Comet Flying motorbike and throwing a helmet to Lin Meng behind her.

Lin Meng put on the helmet, got onto the motorbike behind Xiao Hongyue, and hugged her thin waist.


The engine roared, and a large amount of colorful light debris flew out from the exhaust pipe like a rainbow.

"Sit tight!"

Xiao Hongyue roared with laughter, and the motorcycle flew into the sky like a red comet, dragging colorful tail flames. A strong gust of wind pa.s.sed over everyone's head.

Whoosh whoos.h.!.+

The blond and the rest had no choice but to watch them go.

"Woah! It's Lin Meng!"

"When did he get together with Teacher Xiao Hongyue?"

"Ah… My G.o.ddess… No! Heavens, please kill him with lightning!"

The male students felt it was unbelievable at first before becoming sorrowful.

A platonic first love could never rival a s.e.xy big sister like Xiao Hongyue for many teenagers.

The number of boys who were secretly in love with Xiao Hongyue might even be more than those in love with Ling Fei'er.

Fang Yuan felt the fiery glares from behind. If looks could kill, he would have died many times over.

"It's him?"

Ling Fei'er looked up into the sky as she was about to get into a car. There was a complicated expression in her eyes…

Carefree Path Of Dreams 940 Tutoring

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