Carefree Path Of Dreams 947 Planet East Dragon

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"Fellow pa.s.sengers, we are about to arrive at our final destination, Planet East Dragon. Please remember to take all your belongings with you and disembark in an orderly manner. We hope to see you again!"

The captain's voice reverberated continuously during the broadcast.

"This is Planet East Dragon, humanity's number one blessed paradise?"

Huang Tianba leaned against the window, staring wide-eyed as if he had received a substantial psychological shock. "How can this be? Heavens, my dream…"

"This is Planet East Dragon?"

Fang Yuan looked out. Within the vast darkness of s.p.a.ce, a dark-red planet emerged.

Not only did it not have a single ounce of greenery, but the landscape was full of the distinct feeling of desolation and suffering. It looked like a terrible place, filled with emptiness and despair.

"Heavens… is the place where cultivation universities gathered like this? Shouldn't it be full of heaven and earth spiritual energy, and blessed paradises?" Huang Tianba mourned.

On the walkway, a bearded middle-aged man heard what he said and laughed aloud. "Haha, brat. Do you know what heaven and earth spiritual energy is? No matter how much a planet can absorb, how can it compare to the vastness of s.p.a.ce?

"According to the research done with the Scientific Cultivation Method, ancient cultivation's spiritual energy is actually radiation from the universe! Of course, it doesn't consist purely of that. It interacts with the atmosphere and the planet itself. In sum, cosmic rays go through the atmosphere and undergo a mysterious change that interacts with the planet, forming the core structure of spiritual energy!

"Now, the alliance has spent lots of resources and finally found a planet like this. It has a thin atmosphere, but its gravity is ten times that of our planet. After some calculations, the spiritual energy here, or rather, the cultivation potential here is a hundred times more than our planet!"

"Atmosphere, gravity?" Huang Tianba and Marianne exclaimed in shock.

Since they were able to make it to a cultivation university, they were top students as well. However, they realized something was not right. "Then how did we survive at first? Wear protective suits every day?"

"You're knowledgeable. I can see you've thought about this, so I'll give you a warning. If you're a new student, don't leave the safe zone!"

The bearded man picked up his suitcase. He seemed to be a researcher.

As the s.h.i.+p landed gradually, everything on the planet fell within their sights.

On the surface of the brown and dark red planet, there were glowing golden spots. Many places were bare and empty. If not, there were weirdly-shaped black plants that looked like demon arms.

Only at the places where s.h.i.+ps landed were there signs of civilization. A large protective barrier covered the entire city, ensuring that not a single dangerous organism pa.s.sed through.

"Heavens… this can't be real…" Huang Tianba nearly fell to the ground in shock. "This isn't university. It's h.e.l.l!"

"Of course. Did you think that this place was like a regular university? Since you're going to be a cultivator or Arcanist, you have to carry on the responsibility of humanity!"

The middle-aged researcher left these words before picking up his bags and heading to the exit.

Suddenly, the s.h.i.+p stopped at its landing spot and put down the walkway. He waved his hands while walking out of the door.


Huang Tianba and Marianne clenched their fists, a little shocked.

"Then I'll be leaving too!"

Fang Yuan picked up his luggage and walked out of the s.h.i.+p. In an instant, he sensed that something was different.

The sky was a multi-colored brightness, and he could even see huge stars. Bright, hot lights s.h.i.+ned down like burning fire.

On top of that, his body felt more oppressed, as if he had put on a weight vest.

"Gravity? And cosmic radiation! Even with protection, they intentionally chose not to adjust these things to a level suitable for ordinary people. Or rather, living on Planet East Dragon is a form of training too."

Fang Yuan had a realization.

After he walked out of the platform, he saw a huge landing before him. Lots of people were swarming this area, with many young men and women raising boards to pick up people.

This scene left him with a warm and familiar feeling.

He walked to East Dragon University's gathering spot.

"You are…" A girl who looked like a student did a scan with the tablet in her hand. "Planet Blue Ray, Lin Meng? Welcome, first-year. The two people before you have just arrived as well. With you, we have everyone. Let's head to the school now."

"Thank you!"

Fang Yuan bowed modestly. He sensed the aura of cultivation from this girl.

This senior of his had begun cultivation. She was a Mystic.

He stepped into a gravitating pod. He immediately spotted other young men and women in their seats. They were people like him who had a brain development of 35% and above—geniuses with practically perfect scores.

"All right, first-years. We're heading to East Dragon University now!"

The gravitating pod was st.u.r.dy with some scars on it. Evidently, Planet East Dragon was not very peaceful.

When it sped forth, that senior began to speak. "My name is Sun Mengmeng. I'm a second-year student. First, I would like to welcome you to the East Dragon University family. As the top cultivation university of the alliance, we have the best resources on our hands, and the responsibilities we take on are heavy. I hope that you will be able to live up to this investment. All right, now I'll talk about the most important thing. No matter what you do, do not leave the safe zone. With your current state, you will die immediately!"

A bespectacled young man raised his hand and asked, "Senior, there are dangerous places within East Dragon University too?"

"Of course… the school has a total of ten districts. For students like you, you can only stay in district one. Once you begin cultivation, you can move within the first five districts. You need to know that the gravity and cosmic radiation in each district increases each time. Once you reach district five, you will be under Planet East Dragon's original atmosphere and conditions! Of course, that goes the same for spiritual energy."

"What about the other districts?" another student asked this immediately.

"Those are the research grounds for instructors, graduate students, and professors. If you have yet to reach a certain level of cultivation, I advise you not to head there," Sun Mengmeng responded accordingly.

"… what exactly is the Scientific Cultivation Method?"

Fang Yuan gazed at the warped, uneven ground outside. The environment looked desolate. Occasionally, a lifeform would flash past the landscape.

Sun Mengmeng replied, "The so-called Scientific Cultivation Method is the use of science to direct cultivation! The ancient cultivators' understanding of heaven and earth was not as in-depth as ours. They didn't know that above the high heavens, there was the vast concept of s.p.a.ce. Furthermore, they didn't know the origins of spiritual energy. The earth constrained them. As such, they knew the nature of life but did not understand it! The Scientific Cultivation Method utilizes the power of logic to guide cultivation and the current cultivation system. The speed of cultivation is definitely ten times faster than ancient cultivation! Even a hundred times faster!"

That means that it prioritizes speed and efficiency… Fang Yuan's eyes lit up. It seems lacking compared to the Western Arcane system!

The Eastern cultivation system did not change much. However, its efficiency and techniques improved.

On the other hand, the Western Arcane system had undergone earth-changing development. As long as rational thinking is condensed, the brain would transform and obtain various abilities, and they could install arcane spell models into their minds. Furthermore, each discovery and thesis could give an Arcanist a terrifying increase in combat ability and progress.

Of course, it's possible that science has perfectly shaped Eastern cultivation, so it doesn't need any changes. On the other hand, the Western arcane spell model had flaws and had to change. Anyway, once I've obtained both, I can find the differences between the two.

Fang Yuan was deep in thought.

After numerous experiments, the Eastern cultivation system was established. Fundamentally, there was not much change. Instead, it was guided by science, which increased the efficiency of absorbing spiritual energy or improved battle techniques.

On the other hand, because the Western system had flaws, it went through multiple revamps. The new Arcanist system seemed to be a level higher than cultivation.

Blindly cheris.h.i.+ng the old isn't the way to go! However, the Eastern cultivation system did see some improvements. For instance, those Undead Immortals neither age nor die. They are real immortals, and they give me the feeling of being perfect liches!

Phylacteries limited liches, and their bodies originated from dead spirits. As long as their phylacteries were not destroyed, their bodies would never die, and they would have long lives.

On the other hand, Undead Immortals took it another step further. Not only did they have ordinary people's sensations and desires, but they also did not have the limitation of a phylactery, which was obviously a huge improvement.

However, this was nothing more than some information that Fang Yuan had found and his conjectures.

As for the truth, he still had to experiment before he would know.

"Senior, Senior!" While Fang Yuan was deep in thought, several girls lifted their hands excitedly. "When can we come into contact with the Scientific Cultivation Method?"

"If you are willing to, you can start now. However, I need to inform you of one thing!"

Sun Mengmeng's voice was solemn. "Brain development is critical to your future. After you start cultivation, you have another chance to increase it, and it might be the last! The higher your brain development, the greater your future achievements. Therefore, I advise those of you from ordinary family backgrounds and have not meditated much, or those who haven't used brain development drugs before, to hold off and wait! You should head to your public lectures and learn high-level meditation techniques first, then get the drug with a loan from the school. After you've established your foundations well, you can start your cultivation. Even if it is a 1% increase, you will thank me in the future!"

Fang Yuan nodded silently. That was the power of the top inst.i.tution. These secrets that were hidden by families were taught clearly to you. On top of that, you could buy these drugs with a loan.

However, how many people could hold themselves back? How could they watch others start cultivating while they continued meditating and expanding their brain development?

As he thought about this, he suddenly asked, "Is it possible to obtain mid-tier drugs from the school?"

"No, you can only obtain low-tier development drugs!" Sun Mengmeng shook her head. "However, the school loan is interest-free as long as you pay it off before you graduate!"

Carefree Path Of Dreams 947 Planet East Dragon

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