Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 994

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Published at 9th of April 2020 12:05:07 AM
Chapter 994: 994

Chapter 994: Teleportation

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The source of the aura stemmed from a group of black-armored cavalry . They were fully equipped in black armor and sitting on large horses with blood-red eyes .

The hors.e.m.e.n had a grave manner . It was clear that they were beyond ordinary Demon Spirits, but they were still far from becoming Demon Generals .

They whistled as they began their hunt in the wilderness .

Their targets were Demon Spirits that had become stronger after devouring others!

“Because they came from the same origin, they're so eager to kill each other?”

Fang Yuan flew into the sky, watched this unfold, and sighed .

Within the Mental Demon Realm, those from the same origin killed each other to obtain opportunities to ascend .

“Release the arrows!”

“Prepare the spirit net!”

These black hors.e.m.e.n looked dignified and well-trained . Furthermore, they used strange tools to kill or capture stronger Demon Spirits .

“Are they from the military?”

Fang Yuan stared at them and identified signs of strict obedience, ones similar to the military .

He thought about it for a moment before he appeared in midair and emitted the aura of a Demon General .

“Greetings, Lord!”

In front of a Demon General, the horses and hors.e.m.e.ns immediately knelt to pay their respects .

Fang Yuan landed and asked calmly, “Hmm, where's the nearest city?”

“It's to the east, not far from here . Here's a map!”

The leader of the hors.e.m.e.n was startled, but such a powerful existence could exterminate them with a wave of his hand . As such, he did not dare to have any resistance and presented a map .

Fang Yuan casually took it and saw a simple map on the rough animal skin .

Even though it was in the Mental Demon language, he did not have any trouble . “So this place is called the Myriad Spirit Pool, where Demon Spirits are born in the Black Flame Territory, and the closest city is Black Mountain City 250 kilometers away!”

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While he was thinking about it, the hors.e.m.e.n looked at him in incomprehension and reverence .

This Demon had a strong aura that they had only seen on generals, which was dreadfully terrifying .

However, why would someone this great appear in the Myriad Spirit Pool? This place was equivalent to a novice village!

“Good!” Fang Yuan rolled the map up in satisfaction and prepared to leave .

However, the black-armored captain asked, “Lord, are you going to attend the event there?”

Fang Yuan halted and asked slightly curiously, “What event?”

“What?” The black-armored horseman was shocked . “Lord, did you not come to observe the overlord battle?”

“I spent most of my days cultivating in seclusion and haven't been outside in a while . I came here by chance, and you're the first ones I've met!” Fang Yuan said .

“So that's how it is…” The black-armored horseman understood .

After asking a few more questions, he found out that Demon G.o.d Black Flame had controlled the Black Flame Territory for tens of thousands of years . However, he was still in Void Amalgamation and had not made any progress into Myriad Transformations for a long time . Naturally, many people coveted his position .

This time, Demon G.o.d Messiah had appeared out of nowhere and wanted to contest the position of overlord .

Between Demon G.o.ds, fighting over territories was not a battle but a life-and-death experience .

However, a life-and-death battle between two Demon G.o.ds was rare in the entire Mental Demon Realm, and it had attracted many Demons to observe the fight .

“I just want to hurry along my journey . Do you know if there is a large teleportation array in Black Mountain City?” Fang Yuan asked .

A teleportation array was a specialized array between cities within the Mental Demon Realm . It gave the ability to travel countless light-years in an instant, avoiding the pain of long-distance travel for Demons .

The black cavalry leader was clearly knowledgeable and explained immediately, “Black Mountain City is a small city, so it only has a small teleportation array . You can't leave the Black Flame Territory using it . Only Black Flame Capital has a large teleportation array that allows you to cross several territories!”

“In that case…” Fang Yuan released dark Qi and infused it between the leader's brows . “You may leave!”

“Thank you, Lord! Thank you!”

This dark Qi was Fang Yuan's purified Mental Demon elemental force . It was extremely pure, sufficient for his cultivation to progress to the next stage .

As for origin power? Hehe, the cavalry leader was thinking too hard . Even if he obtained origin power, he would have a miserable outcome .

“I'll head to Black Mountain City, take a small array to Black Flame Capital, and then use a large teleportation array!”

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Fang Yuan made a firm resolution and started flying in the specified direction .

After a moment, a black city entered his view .

This black city gave Fang Yuan a huge shock . The path was broad enough to accommodate ten carriages traveling side-by-side!

Although it was just a small city, the city walls extended far and tall . Furthermore, soldiers were patrolling on it, not looking any worse than human cities in the Spiritual Realm .

“These Mental Demon soldiers don't look particularly useful, but if they come across Mental Demons invading another world, they would prove useful!”

With his experience, as well as Demon Supremacy Wish Fulfillment's experience, Fang Yuan had a quick look before he got a complete understanding of this city .

“Among them, it seems like there's a Demon Master guard!”

When he reached the city gates, an invisible pressure directly pushed inferior Demons aside . He entered quickly .

Those who lived inside the city were naturally high-ranking Demons . At the very least, they were past Demon Spirits' half-illusory state and had real bodies .

Within Black Flame Territory, Demons burning with black flames all over were very popular .

Occasionally, he could see octopus-heads and other strange Demons .

On the other hand, the female Demons looked human with their milky-white skin, hot bodies, and seductive eyes . They wore thin, revealing, three-point armor that left little to the imagination .

But when Fang Yuan saw this, he recalled a race from his memory—the Asura clan .

According to legend, this race's genders were also different in shape and size . Men were malevolent and ugly, while women were delicate and charming .

“Fifty Black Flame stones for a good nightmare horse!”

“Have a fresh taste of life! The best Demon Spirit Worms cost one Black Flame stone each…”

“A beautiful female slave proficient in all kinds of pleasing techniques, one hundred Black Flame stones each!”

This place was like a market . Numerous Demons set up stalls to sell various items and even slaves .

The so-called nightmare horse was the horse that Fang Yuan saw the hors.e.m.e.n ride . It had high endurance and explosive power, as well as some spirituality .

The Demon Spirit Worm was the creation of thousands of captured Demon Spirit souls . They were displayed on the stone shelves and looked like large blood-thirsty loaches . The food of these Demons was Demon Spirits sharing the same origin!

“The black-armored cavalry from before were really hunting for food…”

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This thought left one feeling nauseous .

Fang Yuan confirmed that the Mental Demon Realm was essentially a larger, more desolate, and more rotten Abyss!

“Black Flame stone?”

He looked at the currency in use . It was a small stone that was around the size of a finger with some Mental Demon elemental force and, of course, the power of flames condensed into it .

It seemed like it was because they were in Black Flame Territory that everything inclined toward fire-type Demons, and this currency was very popular .

“The Demon G.o.ds in countless territories are like warlords, and they even have different currencies . Of course, some of them are universal, such as elemental stones, which only have pure Mental Demon elemental force!”

Black Flame stones contained a little elemental force essence, and they were very useful, whether for cultivating, refining weapons, or treating injuries .

“Without question, I need to pay to take the small teleportation array . I'm sure I'll need some Black Flame stones for that!”

Fang Yuan arrived at the center of the city, in front of a tall mansion with elite Demon Soldiers and Generals surrounding it .

He went to ask . As expected, the small teleportation array was located in the center of the city, under the jurisdiction of the city lord, and it cost ten thousand Black Flame stones to use it!

“It seems like I can't get through by force!”

Fang Yuan looked at the guards . At that level, a single breath was sufficient to kill them .

Even the Demon Masters in this city were nothing more than ants to him .

However, there was still a Demon G.o.d in the back, so it was slightly troublesome .

Fang Yuan did not want to offend a Demon G.o.d he did not know right after entering the Mental Demon Realm .

As such, he had to utilize some methods .

He found a random place to rest and narrowed his eyes .

A slightly vigilant, high-level Demon stepped forward and smiled . “Dear guest, please . We've prepared the best room for you!”

The infrastructure of the Demons was rudimentary, and there were few good rooms in the lodging . They were hive-like caves formed from hollowing out a mountain .

Only the Mental Demon elemental force became denser, finally worthy of its reputation as a high-cla.s.s room .

“Leave the Black Flame stones you have behind . After you leave, continue your daily routine . After three days, you'll completely forget everything that happened here!”

He snapped his fingers, and the Demon's eyes became lost . He left a small bag behind before leaving .

When Fang Yuan opened it, he could not help muttering 'beggar' . There were only a few hundred Black Flame stones .

“Forget it . It's just some Mental Demon elemental force anyway…”

He held the stone currency in his hand and inhaled slightly .

Suddenly, the demons in the entire city furrowed their brows, sensing that the concentration of Mental Demon elemental force had fallen drastically .

Fang Yuan looked at a pure-white stone in satisfaction .

“You can call such a large piece an elemental stone mine, right? Add in fire and dark attributes…”

Suddenly, the stone transformed into the same material as Black Flame stones . Then it expanded in size .

A large piece like this was sufficient to cut into tens of thousands of Black Flame stones .

Seeing this, Fang Yuan nodded slightly and walked to the teleportation array . He tossed them to the guard while releasing a trace of Demon General aura .

“Hurry up . I have something urgent! To Black Flame Capital!”

“No problem, sir!”

The guard quickly activated the teleportation array, and Fang Yuan took the opportunity to observe the patterns on the ground .


The array shone, and he disappeared .

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Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 994

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