Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 1031 - Killing Yin Yuanxiang

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Chapter 1031: Killing Yin Yuanxiang

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"Ling Han!" Shui Yanyu's fear instantly turned into delight, and she couldn't help but tightly embrace Ling Han from behind. She had truly been scared to death just then!

Jin Zhihui also breathed a sigh of relief, yet his eyes were burning with extreme fury as he glowered at Yin Yuanxiang.

Generally speaking, betrayal was what people detested the most.

They had gone through thick and thin together—battling the demonic snakes, defending against the pirate attack, and exterminating the puppets on this island. It could be said that they had formed strong bonds of camaraderie. Yet, Yin Yuanxiang suddenly betrayed them at this moment, and it felt as if a sword had been plunged into all of their backs.

"Master, let me tear this b*tch to shreds!" the Asura Demon Emperor offered.

Ling Han nodded, and said, "Fine!"

The Asura Demon Emperor growled and immediately lunged toward Yin Yuanxiang. He had been held captive for too long, and he had a strong desire to stretch and relax his body through battle. Anyhow, he was merely controlling the body of a puppet, so it didn't matter even if the puppet was destroyed. Ling Han had a ton of spares, and he could simply enter another puppet.

He was only afraid of divine sense attacks.

"You're merely a piece of tras.h.!.+" Yin Yuanxiang raised her sword and charged to attack.

She was indeed really powerful, with a cultivation level at the peak stage of the consummate level of the Mountain River Tier. Although she couldn't fight above her cultivation level, her battle prowess was still the strongest among everyone present.

As the saying went, a tigerless mountain would be ruled by monkeys. This was exactly the case right now. If Yang Tiecheng were still alive, her only option would be to lie low and continue using her disguise.

Peng! Peng! Peng! Zi!

The Asura Demon Emperor continuously retreated, and in the end, slid over to Ling Han's feet. His momentum was only halted when Ling Han raised his foot and stepped on his body.

"Are you strong enough to defeat her or what?" Ling Han said with a chuckle.

There was a bitter expression on the Asura Demon Emperor's face, and he said, "Master, she's a bit too strong!" The puppet bear was only at the late stage of the consummate level, and it was an entire sub-minor level weaker than Yin Yuanxiang. As such, he had been on the back foot the entire time.

"Hahahaha!" Yin Yuanxiang laughed loudly, and said, "Who told you to pretend to be so compa.s.sionate and kind? You clearly had two pseudo-Sun Moon Tier puppets, yet you destroyed them with your own hands. Pei! You had already used it once, so what's wrong with using it twice or thrice?"

"Engage her. I'll cover you from behind!" Ling Han kicked the Asura Demon Emperor, and the puppet bear instantly flew through the sky toward Yin Yuanxiang.

"Hundred Ghosts Sword Technique!" Yin Yuanxiang let out a soft cry, and numerous ghosts materialized in the air and swooped toward the Asura Demon Emperor as she brandished her sword.

Ling Han also moved. He was currently preparing the Crimson Ground Locking Net, and as long as he trapped Yin Yuanxiang within it, her battle prowess would immediately fall to the high extreme. At that time, it would be extremely easy to capture her.

"In your dreams!" Yin Yuanxiang's body danced around in a peculiar manner, making Ling Han unable to lock onto her.

Once someone was prepared, it was extremely difficult to utilize treasures such as the Crimson Ground Locking Net.

"Is that so?" Ling Han smiled faintly, and suddenly activated his Seven Kill Subduing Soul Technique.

Divine sense attacks were formless and intangible, and their speed was also quick beyond belief. Generally speaking, they were impossible to dodge. One could only face such an attack head on and duel to see whose divine sense was stronger and more resilient.

Yin Yuanxiang was instantly hit by the attack, causing her movements to falter and her sword to stop.

However, she was someone at the peak stage of the consummate level, after all, so she was only dazed for a mere fraction of a second. There was absolutely no time for Ling Han to absorb her into the Black Tower. In fact, there wasn't even enough time for him to release the Crimson Ground Locking Net.

However, the Asura Demon Emperor suddenly lunged over at this moment. He didn't swing his paws, instead choosing to give Yin Yuanxiang a tight bear hug.

He was only one sub-minor level weaker than Yin Yuanxiang, so her suddenly stopping for an instant was enough time for him to take advantage of it.

"Master, I've caught her!" the Asura Demon Emperor shouted excitedly. She was an elite at the peak stage of the consummate level of the Mountain River Tier! Even when he had been at his strongest, he could still only kneel if he were to come across such a powerful being. He had never imagined that he would be able to hold his own against such an opponent.

Yin Yuanxiang's expression suddenly changed, and she shouted, "Let go!"

The Asura Demon Emperor couldn't hurt her, but Ling Han was already activating the Crimson Ground Locking Net!

She was stronger than the Asura Demon Emperor, and the puppet bear's arm was twisted at an unnatural angle as she tried to break free with all her might. It was clear that the puppet bear's bones had been snapped out of shape.

If it were a normal being, they would definitely howl in pain. Moreover, how much strength could one exert if they were to suffer such unbearable pain? However, the Asura Demon Emperor didn't feel sh*t. He simply maintained his tight bear hug on Yin Yuanxiang and tried to buy as much time for Ling Han as possible.


The Crimson Ground Locking Net unfurled and fell down from above them.

Yin Yuanxiang and the Asura Demon Emperor's cultivation level instantly fell by one minor level.

Yin Yuanxiang unleashed her might, and bursts of Sword Qi shot out from her body and slashed at the Asura Demon Emperor. Her strength was still considerably above the Asura Demon Emperor's, so she was naturally at an advantage when battling against him. The body of the puppet bear became so mangled that it was barely recognizable.

This was already thanks to the fact that the puppet bear had been tempered by secret techniques, causing its bones to become extremely st.u.r.dy. Otherwise, it would have already been torn to shreds by Yin Yuanxiang's ferocious and relentless attacks.

Ling Han drew his bow and activated the Ultimate Arrow.

When the arrow pointed at Yin Yuanxiang, she instantly felt a cold chill envelop her. She had a feeling that she would definitely die if Ling Han released this arrow!

At this moment, she didn't have any time to ponder what kind of arrow technique this was, nor did she have time to mull over why it was so mighty and powerful. There was only a single thought running through her mind, and that was to break free from this net and avoid being shot by the arrow.

Otherwise, death was the only thing that awaited her.

"Let go of me! Let go of me!" Yin Yuanxiang's pretty face distorted in distress, and there wasn't a single shred of charisma about her anymore. She drew on all her strength and Origin Power, and even started to draw on her Source Power as she started to flee while carrying the Asura Demon Emperor and Crimson Ground Locking Net.

Surprisingly, her speed was actually quite quick.

However, regardless of how fast she was, how could she compete against the Annihilating Dragon Star Arrow?


The sharp arrow pierced through the air and whizzed toward Yin Yuanxiang.


The arrow sped through the net and pierced into Yin Yuanxiang's chest, sending a plume of blood spurting through the air. The arrow continued to penetrate through her body, eventually exiting through her back and piercing into the puppet bear's body.


The Asura Demon Emper.or couldn't help but let go under the tremendous power of the blow, causing the human and bear to finally separate.

"Brat, I'm going to kill—"


Yin Yuanxiang was just about to shout a threat, yet her entire chest suddenly exploded. Her face was filled with shock, and as she lowered her head to look at her non-existent heart, a single thought ran through her mind. 'Isn't this the Dark Night Hall's Explosive Arrow?

'How laughable. As an of the Dark Night Hall, I actually died at the hands of a weapon forged by my own organization. Is this retribution?'

Just as she finished thinking this, her entire body fell forward, dead.

The Asura Demon Emperor transformed into his misty form, and said, "Master, another puppet has been destroyed."

First, the puppet tiger had been destroyed, and now the puppet bear had also been destroyed. A day had yet to pa.s.s, yet he had already destroyed two extremely valuable host bodies.

Ling Han casually tossed a puppet wolf toward him, and said, "No worries. Just change into another puppet."

After that, he put the Crimson Ground Locking Net away. It was an extremely useful treasure, especially before he reached the consummate level of the Mountain River Tier.

'I genuinely need to thank the Luo Clan!'

If Luo Hongdao learned of his thoughts, he would definitely seethe with rage. How could it not be useful? Did Ling Han know how many resources the Luo Clan had poured into forging this net?

"Search this place thoroughly, and don't leave any stone unturned! Make sure to take everything away!"

Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 1031 - Killing Yin Yuanxiang

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