Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 1089 - Death of a Great Star?

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Chapter 1089: Death of a Great Star?

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Ling Han was obviously no expert at naming.

Just look at the names he had come up with before—it was practically tragic.

“It is presently G.o.dly metal, and could possibly become Divine Metal in future, so I’ll just name it the Divine G.o.dly Sword.” After Ling Han pondered for a while, he abruptly lost interest, and very carelessly came up with a name for this sword.

“However, wouldn’t Divine Demon Sword sound even more awesome?

“Then we’ll just go with Divine Demon Sword.”

Ling Han had absolutely no principles. In terms of coming up with names, he was really very bad at it.

He chuckled as he continued to slash to his heart’s content, causing the Divine Demon Sword to grow endlessly.

With every slash of the sword, the Divine Demon Sword would experience a slight boost, but the pace of improvement was extremely slow. If it was really to complete a qualitative transformation from Level One to Level Two, a huge number of G.o.dly metal would be needed.

“Thankfully, Level One G.o.dly metal is not really all that valuable for me now. So, I’ll just burn money!”

Ling Han slashed for a total of three days and nights within the Black Tower. The G.o.dly metal that he had sliced into sc.r.a.p was uncountable, and he had also exited once in this period of time to replenish his store of G.o.dly metal. Finally, after three days, the Divine Demon Sword experienced a qualitative change.

It had advanced into the same level as Level Two G.o.dly metal!

Ling Han discovered that in the process of this qualitative change, the Divine Demon Sword’s accommodation for his martial intent also reached the pinnacle. In a short instant, he actually managed to brand seven divine patterns within the sword.

This caused Ling Han incredible surprise.

It had to be known that using one’s martial intent to leave behind a brand inside one’s weapon, expressed through the form of divine patterns, was a very long process.

After all, that was stimulation through one’s willpower, and not Origin Power. Thus, nurturing a G.o.d Tool would be a matter of a few decades or centuries at least.

Yet, when the Divine Demon Sword was experiencing this qualitative change, it seemed to have turned into a piece of blank paper, allowing Ling Han to draw on it as he liked. Instantly, he had branded seven divine patterns on it. How could this possibly not make Ling Han pleased?

‘Now, the toughness of the sword’s body has reached the level of Level Two G.o.dly metal, and the power of the Divine Demon Sword is comparable to a Level One G.o.d Tool.’

This meant that if he did not awaken the Divine Sword, and merely used its own power to strike, the Divine Demon Sword would only be an ordinary Level Two G.o.dly weapon, and not a G.o.d Tool. However, if he awakened the power of the Divine Demon Sword, it could allow it to unleash battle prowess of a Level One G.o.d Tool.

‘I still have to continue improving so that it can be on the same level as my abilities.’

Otherwise, if it collided against a Level Three, or Level Four G.o.d Tool, it would very possibly snap in half, and he would have to seek out Jin Zhihui to repair it. If he recklessly joined the two halves together again, it could possibly ruin the unique trait of the Devouring Metal.

…If it had been easy, how could Jin Zhihui have gone to so much trouble and spent more than ten thousand years just to create this Divine Demon Sword?

“But… I don’t have any money left!

“I’m so poor! Ai!”

Ling Han sighed. Previously, when he had bought Level One G.o.dly metal, he had practically spent all his savings. Now, even though he still had a small number of True Origin Stones left, how many pieces of Level Two G.o.dly metal would he be able to be purchase?

No wonder Small Tower said that only theoretically was there a possibility that the Devouring Metal could complete a qualitative change into Divine Metal. By the end, he would probably have to find all the Level Twenty G.o.dly metal in the entire Immortal Realm, and only then would he be able to make the Devouring Metal complete the final leap.

“Oh, right. Couldn’t the Black Tower also produce G.o.dly metal as well?”

The Black Tower could produce a piece of G.o.dly metal every year, just like how it could produce spirit stones. However, if this piece of G.o.dly metal was not taken out, its grade would improve by a certain amount every year, and this caused Ling Han to hesitate.

That was because even a hundred low-grade pieces of G.o.dly metal could not match a single piece of high-grade G.o.dly metal.

‘Forget it. In any case, the amount of Level Two G.o.dly metal that I need would also be great, so I will not go with that idea,’ Ling Han thought. As a human, he had to set his sights further.

‘Since I’m out of money, I will have to work hard at concocting alchemical pills!’

Ling Han decided to first slow down the advancement of his cultivation level. In any case, he had the Reincarnation Tree, with which a single day was comparable to spending a year in normal meditation. He also had the Demonic Power Source—it meant there was no need for him to consider the acc.u.mulation of Origin Power before the Sun Moon Tier, so he could indeed spend some time on alchemy.

He worked hard at concocting as he waited for the Majestic Heaven Sect to accept disciples.

Shui Yanyu would frequently come to cultivate, and try to improve her cultivation level as far as possible, so she naturally had to borrow the spot at the Reincarnation Tree.

Her target was very clear, and that was to be chosen by the Majestic Heaven Sect so that she could stay with Ling Han. Otherwise, who knew how long it would be until she next saw this d.a.m.n pervert! Furthermore, this guy’s brightness could definitely not be concealed wherever he went, so she would have to keep him in her sight to avoid any other woman taking advantage of her absence.

However, her talent in martial arts was not all that high, and her tier-surpa.s.sing-battle-prowess was merely two stars as well. In the Scarlet Heaven Academy, that was considered very awesome, but the disciples that the Majestic Heaven Sect took in were definitely the cream of the crop from every great planet, and two stars 1 were definitely not enough.

Thus, if she wanted to enter into the Majestic Heaven Sect, she would have to depend on something else.

Her age and cultivation level.

Mountain River Tier cultivators were definitely not rare in the Majestic Heaven Sect. However, what about a cultivator who was in the high extreme in Mountain River Tier, or even consummate level, yet below 40 years old? Then, even if she did not have much tier surpa.s.sing battle prowess, she could fall into the category of top geniuses.

…My ability of surpa.s.sing my tier in battle prowess was not as strong as yours, but my rate of cultivation was faster than yours, and my cultivation level was superior to yours as well, so I could still dominate you.

Ling Han couldn’t help but laugh loudly as he grabbed this captivating, seductive beauty with a move, and said, “Wife, your regard has touched me very much. Come, give me a kiss.”

Shui Yanyu rolled her eyes at him, and said in annoyance, “I only want to enter the Majestic Heaven Sect to improve, so what relation has that with you?”

This woman was really easily embarra.s.sed!

Ling Han chuckled, and said, “Wife, my wife, this part of you is the only bad thing about you. You continue to be unwilling to admit that you have been conquered by my charms! But that’s all right. I like slowly teaching you, and enjoy this process!”

“Ah…” Shui Yanyu exclaimed in surprise. This guy was again groping her all over, and without doubt, the place he occupied was naturally her two b.r.e.a.s.t.s. She was both embarra.s.sed and irritated as she exclaimed, “d.a.m.n pervert, don’t be like this!”

“Don’t be like what?” Ling Han snickered. In truth, Shui Yanyu’s **** was also filled with beauty; the angle of her fullness caused his desire to be incited greatly, and he couldn’t help but stretch out his hands as he kneaded them to a different shape continuously.


A terrifying shock wave rolled over them, causing the couple to simultaneously pause, and they raised their heads to look at the sky.

The bright moon was in the middle of the sky, but a great star suddenly appeared amidst all the brightly s.h.i.+ning stars. It was releasing an incredibly majestic light.

No, it was more akin to a fountain that was spewing out brilliant light, brightening the whole sky.


Another powerful feeling of lingering fear was felt. For some reason, the couple was sure that it had to have been caused by that great star, and related to the light that it was currently spewing out.

“What star is this? Could it be that it has come to the end of its natural lifespan, and is about to release its last brilliance?”

The Immortal Realm was completely different from a small world. A small world only had a large mainland, and the stars in the sky were actually multiple meteors, which elites could easily cause to fall.

In the Immortal Realm, however, every star was a great star 1 , or could even be a sun, burning with divine flame. It could burn elites of Heavenly Body Tier to nothing, and even great elites of Eternal River Tier would not dare to barge onto them.

Every great star had its own lifespan, but it was as long as a few dozen hundred million, or even billions of years. It was difficult for even elites of the Heavenly Body Tier to see a great star come to the end of its lifespan.

It was only known that when a great star finally died, there would be a huge explosion.

It was extremely terrifying. Just imagine how many cultivators could be cultivated by a great star, yet this power would be set off in the short time of a few breaths. Probably even Heavenly Body Tier cultivators would be insta-killed.

This was power that could be world-destroying, and only Genesis Tier elites would be able to contend against power of such astronomical level.

Now, a great star in the sky suddenly shone brilliantly, so it was very possible that it had come to the end of its life.

Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 1089 - Death of a Great Star?

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