Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 1314 - Essence divine flames

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Chapter 1314 Essence divine flames

At the beginning, both Ling Han and Chi Huangji were wary of each other, fearing that the other had some terrifying fatal move hidden up his sleeve. They fought very carefully, and dared not go all out.

But as the battle continued, their temper and pride welled up.

“Fist Breaks Everlasting!” Chi Huangji roared loudly. As his fists pounded, they separated like the horns of a goat and barraged Ling Han.

Hong, pressure was as heavy as a mountain.

Ling Han humped, and no longer pretended. He used heaven’s might, which he suppressed downwards on Chi Huangji.

“Hahaha, this move is useless on me!” Chi Huangji laughed loudly, a flickering light flas.h.i.+ng in his eyes. There was a fire burning inside him, and it actually burnt the heaven’s might into nothing.

This was a black flame, and Ling Han felt cold just from looking at it.

“Essence divine flames!” the Stone Emperor and North Emperor exclaimed simultaneously. The two of them looked at each other, and both looked stunned.

“What are essence divine flames?” Cloud Maiden asked. If she did not know, she only had to ask. In any case, women had an advantage in such matters as they did not have to worry about the issue of losing face.

The Stone Emperor’s expression was solemn, and he said, “In the world, there’s a total of 99 types of divine flame. In legends, they have existed since the world was created.”

“The Immortal Realm has such flames, and so does the Netherworld!” The North Emperor nodded, and then continued, “Essence divine flames practically cannot merge with any living creature, but there are also exceptional situations. Those who obtain the essence divine flames… could become a Saint, without exception! And there’s a total of 99 different types of divine flames in the world, and they all are inextinguishable. Even if they merge with a living being, they would still return to nature upon his or her death.”

“Essence divine flames are the true precious treasure of the world. Embedded in one’s body, they could help a cultivator comprehend the great Dao of the fire of heaven and earth. If he used it, even a Saint could be burnt to nothing!” the Stone Emperor continued.

“Of course, it is limited by cultivation level. Chi Huangji could not possibly be this strong at present, but it is enough to increase his battle prowess by another one or two stars,” the North Emperor said solemnly.

The Cloud Maiden and the others all looked astonished. To further increase one or two stars of battle prowess from their kind of foundation? That was too frightening!

“This guy… could it be that he is the beloved child of heaven and earth?” The Stone Emperor gritted his teeth. Though he was the son of a Saint, he still did not have the kind of property that Chi Huangji had.

Everyone turned to look at Yang Lin. He was also a beloved son of heaven and earth, who had been recognized as master by a Saint Tool.

Yang Lin shook his head with a grimace, and said, “Compared to him, I’m practically a beggar!”

They had similarly gained a Saint Tool, and Chi Huangji’s was a complete one, while his was badly damaged. In terms of other treasures, he had only picked up some alchemical pills, but Chi Huangji? He had actually obtained the essence divine flames of the heaven and earth, which was equivalent to having a portion of the great dao of fire permanently embedded inside his body. What could compare to the effects of comprehension from that?

No wonder Chi Huangji had advanced into the Heavenly Body Tier when he was only 200 years old. With the help of essence divine flames, it was practically a piece of cake for him to acc.u.mulate comprehension of his cultivation level. He merely needed to increase the acc.u.mulation of his Origin Power.

A beloved child of heaven and earth like him could probably pick up some kind of ancient G.o.dly medicine just by walking into the mountains. Pa, pa, pa, after ingesting one, his cultivation level would probably soar.

Who could defeat a person that was so blessed with good fortune?

Everyone still did not know that Chi Huangji’s bloodline was similarly frightening—it could even influence time itself—or they would be even more stunned. How could the good fortune of heaven and earth dote on a single person so much?

“However powerful you may be, it is still not enough in front of me! That is because I am a born king!” Chi Huangji declared arrogantly. In his eyes, this heaven’s might should be Ling Han’s strongest trump card. It could weaken his opponent by two stars of battle prowess, which was too nature-defying.

Too bad. He was a human embodiment of the Dao of Heaven and Earth, so how could he possibly be weakened?

“You blabber too much!” Ling Han had nothing against arrogant people; prodigies were naturally proud. But if he was blabbering a lot of nonsense, then that would really be too dislikable. He flicked his finger, and xiu, xiu, xiu, multiple flashes of Sword Qi shot out.

Lightning Sword Technique had fused with the true might of heavenly tribulation.

Chi Huangji laughed loudly. As he continued to deliver punches, he said, “Just obediently become subservient to me. I am an undefeatable king, and there will eventually be a day that I will rule over both the Immortal Realm and Netherworld! Ignorant fools like all of you don’t even know how short-sighted you are being. My ambition is something that you all don’t even have the right to imagine!”

Ling Han scoffed, and asked, “The Celestial Realm?”


Chi Huangji suddenly spluttered. This was the greatest secret hidden inside his heart.

He was incredibly arrogant precisely because he knew of the existence of the Celestial Realm. Putting aside the fact that he did not take to heart the king tiers of the Immortal Realm, the king tiers of the Netherworld were below his notice as well. That was because he was confident that he should belong to the Celestial Realm where he could look down on all other living beings, n.o.ble and highly positioned.

The Netherworld and the Immortal Realm were all merely his stepping stones so that he could grow and mature, and when he reached the position of Saint, he would split open the ancient path and enter into the Celestial Realm.

This was his largest secret hidden in the innermost depths of his heart, and he had never shared it with anyone else before, because not a single person was qualified to know it!

But what about now? What he thought of as his greatest secret was now being carelessly and uncaringly blurted out by another as if that wasn’t any earth-shattering secret, but rather a piece of common knowledge.

In this instant, it was as if he had fallen from the clouds. He was filled with despondence and confusion.

“You, how could you possibly know?” He was at a complete loss.

Yet Ling Han did not answer, and instead deduced, “You could influence my arrow previously; this should be the ability of your bloodline. En, I know, you should be a member of an ancient divine tribe!”

Chi Huangji’s expression twisted suddenly, veins instantly popping out on his forehead as his killing intent soared.

He was the only one left of this branch of his bloodline, and in his bloodline, there was a rule: no one could know his true ident.i.ty, and he would have to kill whoever found out that secret.

“You seek death!” he roared. The divine flame in his body flickered and suddenly surged out. It danced and swirled around him, incredibly frightening.

This was a divine flame that could burn even a Saint with a single touch!

He charged towards Ling Han, actually taking the initiative to enter into a close-quarters battle with Ling Han.

Ling Han naturally was unafraid, and began a clash of blows with him.

Peng! Peng! Peng!

Chi Huangji was indeed very strong, but his physique was obviously no match for Ling Han’s and the Stone Emperor’s. This kind of clash was too disadvantageous for him. Because Origin Power was limited, if he concentrated his Origin Power on attack, there would definitely be issues with his defense, but if he cared only about defense, his attack would be lacking, so what was the point of him charging forward?

They merely exchanged a few blows, and blood was already blooming on his fist.

Yet it was right at this moment that Chi Huangji suddenly opened his mouth and spat out a black-colored flame that was aimed directly at Ling Han’s face.

With how close they were, how could Ling Han dodge?

Pu, a mouthful of divine flame was completely spat over Ling Han’s face. As fiery flames burned brightly, Ling Han’s figure had completely vanished. This was a divine flame of heaven and earth, and could block vision and divine sense.

‘He’s finished.’ This was a divine flame that could even burn a Saint into ash. Even if this place was under restrictions, it was definitely a piece of cake to burn a living being of the same level.

Even the Stone Emperor thought that even if Ling Han had not died, he would still have been severely wounded. This was a divine flame of heaven and earth, and had appeared with the creation of the world. It was even more n.o.ble than his line of Rock Spirits.

Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 1314 - Essence divine flames

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