Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 1909 - Yan Xianlu appears

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Chapter 1909: Yan Xianlu appears

Ling Han showed a smile. By now, he had reached the fourth severance peak stage, and was only an opportunity away from advancing into the fifth severance. He had definitely cultivated the fourth severance to a completely perfect, flawless extent.

And added with the fact that he had too many trump cards—merely the two Source Powers of heaven and earth were enough to make any Celestial King blush with shame—it would be really strange if he didn’t win in a battle of equals.

However, the Empress had not refined the Heavenly Dao Jade. If she could accomplish the leap over the dragon’s gate, she would be able to push open a completely new set of doors, increasing her battle prowess to the true supreme pinnacle[1].

Such as Yan Xianlu!

The fifth severance, was there any fifth severance elite here?

Ling Han’s eyes swept over the, but though each and every prodigy’s pride skyrocketed, with them possessing astonis.h.i.+ng self-confidence, all of their auras were incredibly reserved. It was completely impossible to estimate their cultivation.

“I am Dongmen Hong. I feel an itch in my fists just from watching. Who would be willing to fight me?” A man with a tall build leaped out. He was incredibly bold, his hand already holding a purple machete that was as long as three meters as he issued a challenge to the

“I will!” A young man in yellow leaped out. He did not say much nonsense, and immediately charged into an intense battle with Dongmen Hong.

For prodigies like them, they were all maniacs of cultivation. Seeing that there were already two pairs that were engaged in fierce battle, and their skill was extremely high, not in the slightest bit inferior to their own, the others couldn’t help but feel their fighting spirit ignite.

More and more people entered the fray, launching an intense battle, which later turned into a battle royale. In the end, one’s opponents could be distinguished any longer. They simply attacked anyone they saw. It was really complete chaos.

Only a minority were not dragged into this chaotic battle, and stood farther away, watching with their arms crossed over their chests.

“Brother Lao, when Yan Xianlu comes later, he’d probably be infuriated to see this scene, right?” a spectator commented in amus.e.m.e.nt. However, when his eyes pa.s.sed over the great battle chaos, his eyes were filled with contempt.

There was a youth in purple standing next to him. He was incredibly das.h.i.+ng and handsome, and his complexion was exaggeratedly fair. He was as smooth-skinned as a woman. Not just that, his features were also delicate and pretty, and his brows thin and long, appearing to be very feminine.

If it were not for the fact that he had an Adam’s apple, others would really think that he was actually a woman pretending to be a man, and a very unsuccessful disguise at that.

The purple-robed youth smiled, revealing two rows of snow white teeth as fine as “If you make a move, you will be able to suppress all of them in a single move.” When he spoke, one could tell his voice was high-pitched and thin, as if he was a eunuch.

Normally, even if he was really a eunuch, when one had cultivated to Celestial Tier, any missing limbs could be regrown, so there would not be anything like handicap or cripple.

“Haha, that is Yan Xianlu’s business. What business is it of mine!” the first person said. He was dressed all in white, completely spotless, appearing to be very unconstrained.

The youth in purple smiled again. “Then what are you saying now?”

“I heard that you have a lot of interest in Yan Xianlu, so aren’t I just creating a chance for you so you could approach Yan Xianlu?” the young man in white said smilingly.


The youth in purple suddenly made a move. His right hand was as flexible as if it was boneless as it turned into a snake. Furthermore, it was a golden snake. The snake’s mouth opened widely, revealing two fangs as it bit at that young man in white.

A frightening aura rippled out. Boom, under the shock wave, the battle royale came to an abrupt halt. Everyone looked over.

It was too devastating. It was as if they had seen a Source Beast of heaven and earth that was suddenly showing its might towards them.

“Hahaha, Lao Song, I knew that women have poisonous hearts!” The young man in white pressed down. Boom, a white screen of light appeared in front of him. Multiple patterns of great dao bloomed on it, capable of suppressing the heavens and setting the universe.

Boom, the golden snake bit down, but could do nothing against this white screen of light.

“Shan Jitong, are you courting death?” Lao Song asked menacingly, his voice shockingly sharp and high-pitched.

“That would depend on whether you have that ability!” The young man in white, Shan Jitong laughed loudly, not the slightest bit afraid.

The two great elites clashed. A boundless aura rippled out, turning into a gigantic serpent behind Lao Song. It was completely golden, and there were patterns of great dao on it, but not a single one could be distinguished clearly. It was like chaos. The great serpent coiled its body. It was at least 30,000 meters tall, its aura devastating as if it was capable of shattering the heavens with a slight movement.

An image also appeared behind Shan Jitong. That was a white sword, and looked as if it was forged from a sword. It seemed capable of shattering at the slightest touch, but was completely able to resist the might of that giant serpent.

“Fifth severance!” Ling Han and the Empress exchanged a look, and spat out these two words at the same time.

The fourth severance definitely could not possibly be this strong. Only the fifth severance could reach this kind of height. Merely a ripple of aura was enough to make Severing Mundane Tiers feel as if they had fallen into an abyss as their hearts and spirits trembled.

True enough, the Gathering of Prodigies had other fifth severance elites aside from Yan Xianlu.

“That is… Source Snake of heaven and earth!” Bewitching Maiden Rou said in a shaky voice, her pretty face bearing an expression of fear, feeling an indescribable terror.

“Source Snake?”

Ling Han had heard of Source Powers of heaven and earth, like the Nine Heavens Flame and Xuanyin Source Water, and also knew of the Chaos Source Rock. It was said to be the first rock that had formed when heaven and earth were split apart. However, what the heck was a Source Snake?

“When the heaven and earth first split apart, there was initially nothing, but as heaven and earth improved, the first batch of living creatures appeared, and they are collectively called Ancestral Source,” Small Tower suddenly spoke up.

“The first dragon in the world is called the Ancestor Dragon, Source Dragon, and the first phoenix in the world is called the Ancestor Phoenix, Source Phoenix. Then, the first snake that was born in the world would be called… Source Snake!”

“The ancestor of all snakes, Source Snake. What level is it?” Ling Han asked.

“Ancestral Source creatures are definitely at Celestial King Tier. However, for different Source types, the height that they could reach in the Celestial King Tier would also be different,” Small Tower said. “The strongest is naturally the likes of Ancestor Dragon and Ancestor Phoenix. Ancestor Snake is also considerably strong. It could be Seventh Heaven, or Eighth Heaven.

“Without unique luck, there should be no hope that it could reach Ninth Heaven.”

Ling Han nodded. This Lao Song had to be an heir of the bloodline of Source Snake. However, it was unknown whether he was a snake that had taken human form, or he personally was human but had cultivated the techniques of the Source Snake.

Thinking about it, the chance of the latter being true was not very high. He should be a descendant of the Source Snake to be able to reach this kind of height.

Ling Han’s blood for battle bubbled. There was not just a single fifth severance here. Perhaps just watching these people battle would be enough to help him complete his breakthrough.

He and the Empress both watched closely. This was the first time that had really seen fifth severance elites. Merely feeling that kind of aura was enough to help them gain a sliver of a chance of breaking through.

“Hehe, Brother Lao, Brother Shan. What’s going on here? Even if my reception is not satisfactory, there is no need for the two of you to get into a fight, right?” Amidst laughter, a young man in embroidered robes was approaching, stepping on air. He was moving at a very fast speed.

There were three young people behind him, and they were two men and a woman, respectively. All had the bearing of giants among men.

“Yan Xianlu!” Both Lao Song and Shan Jitong withdrew from the clash, and turned to look at this young man in embroidered robes, revealing a strong wariness in their expressions.

A fourth severance could never imagine how strong Yan Xianlu was. Only freaks that were similarly a fifth severance like them knew just how strong this young man was. He was so strong that it would practically drive others to despair.

A Divine Fetus that had been born on the Celestial Path. By birth, he had an affinity to Dao, and could learn any celestial technique at first attempt, and gain mastery upon learning. In fact, he could even surpa.s.s the person who had invented this technique in the first place.

This really was possibly a unique child that had been born from heaven and earth, and was destined to be unmatched.

Ling Han, too, couldn’t help but feel his interest spike. He looked towards Yan Xianlu. He had heard countless times of this person. In fact, his ears were probably going to get scabs from the many times he had heard about him, but he had never had the chance to see him before.

[1] Leaping over the dragon’s gate comes from the Chinese saying of ‘a carp leaping over the dragon’s gate’. In Chinese mythology, a carp would swim upstream of a waterfall, and leap over the dragon’s gate to complete its metamorphosis into a dragon. This saying usually indicates success in an extremely difficult task or being uplifted to a higher level.

Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 1909 - Yan Xianlu appears

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