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Chapter 1972: Fine Details

Ling Han humphed softly before slas.h.i.+ng his sword at Ji Wuming.

Just then, he had no choice but to battle against the prodigies from the Wide Prosperity Heaven. As such, he hadn’t been able to target Ji Wuming. Now that Shu Yarong was also chasing Ji Wuming, he naturally had the freedom to also chase after him.

“Brat, it’s not your turn yet!” Ji Wuming said as he dashed aside. He was like a fish swimming against tumultuous currents. However, regardless of how violent the waves were, he could still swim through them with ease.

Ling Han still had yet to recover his full battle prowess, so he couldn’t stop Ji Wuming at all. He could only watch on as Ji Wuming opened his mouth to swallow another emperor tier from the Calm Peace Heaven.

“You have something I need,” Ji Wuming said as he stopped. He stared at Ling Han, and continued, “I have to leave this sumptuous meal until last so that I can slowly enjoy it to the fullest.”

Ji Wuming had most likely sensed the Xuanyin Source Water and the Nine Heavens Flame. However, to be able to sense these two Source Powers while still at the fifth severance… The sensitivity of his divine sense was truly astonis.h.i.+ng.

‘Just who in the world is this Ji Wuming?’

If Ling Han had heard the conversation between Ji Wuming and Tang Minglong, he would have come to a sudden realization. Ji Wuming was the reincarnation of a Ninth Heaven Celestial King, so was it strange that he possessed some abilities that exceeded his cultivation level?

In the past, he had been a supreme figure who could wantonly travel through the Celestial Realm. It would be truly strange if he didn’t possess some unique abilities or powers.

Ling Han, the Empress, Hu Niu, and Shu Yarong all chased after and attacked Ji Wuming.

By teaming up, the four of them were most likely invincible among those at the Severing Mundane Tier.

This was indeed the case. Ji Wuming didn’t stop to fight with them at all. Instead, he continued to use his movement techniques to evade them and attack others.

He was like a slippery fish, and he was able to easily avoid their attacks. Even if he couldn’t dodge their attacks, he would simply swing his bow to parry. He would then casually stroll over to attack other people.

Ling Han and the others could only follow him in vain. They couldn’t stop him at all.

Ling Han had no option but to place Bewitching Maiden Rou into the Black Tower. At the same time, he couldn’t help but feel astounded.

They were both at the fifth severance, and Ji Wuming’s battle prowess wasn’t especially strong, either. However, he could somehow manage to toy with all four of them.

They couldn’t continue like this.

Ling Han slowed down his attacks, and started to carefully observe Ji Wuming’s movements. He gradually made some discoveries.

Ji Wuming was indeed at the same cultivation level as them. However, his grasp of Regulations had already reached an incredibly refined state. He was well-versed with each fine detail, and it was because of this that he could easily dismiss all of their attacks.

However, this discovery couldn’t help Ling Han at all. After all, he had no way of emulating Ji Wuming.

The other party’s strength was built upon his profound grasp of Regulations, and this was something that could only be mastered through countless years of cultivation. Or perhaps one needed to observe the true meaning of the great dao for countless days until they completely mastered the foundations of Regulations.

Ling Han couldn’t help but feel astonished. Looking at Ji Wuming’s flame of life, his age was only in the tens of thousands of years. This was very similar to him. However, his grasp of Regulations was on a completely different level. The gulf between them was like the distance between heaven and earth.

Ling Han was unable to accept this. Were there truly such heaven-defying freaks? They could achieve in a few years what others needed hundreds of millions of years or even billions of years to achieve?

One had to realize that Ling Han was already a freak.

In any case, if Ling Han knew that Ji Wuming was the reincarnation of a Ninth Heaven Celestial King, he would definitely come to a sudden understanding.

Ninth Heaven Celestial King. Perhaps they had lived for trillions of years, or perhaps they had lived for several epochs. Thus, would it be strange that they possessed such a fine grasp over Regulations?

The number of people became fewer and fewer. Moreover, no one dared to escape. After all, if they left the protection of Ling Han and the others, they would be easily caught by Ji Wuming, upon which they would be swallowed.

However, even if they stayed, Ling Han and the others were still unable to guarantee their safety. They could only delay their inevitable deaths.

The emperor tiers couldn’t help but feel grief and vexation.

In the outside world, which of them wasn’t a mighty and renowned being? Even if they didn’t become a Celestial King in the future, they could still at least become an Ascending Origin Tier elite. Yet, they were actually suffering such a fate!

How miserable!

Only monarch tiers like Yan Xianlu, Shan Jitong, Lao Song, and the others could survive. Without the interference of the Wide Prosperity Heaven, they were most likely strong enough to exchange a few strikes with Ji Wuming. Thus, they could hold on until Ling Han and the others rushed over to help them.

In just one hour, only seven people remained, not counting Ji Wuming. Moreover, all of them were monarch tiers.

“I urge you to give up,” Ji Wuming said in a calm voice. “You people can’t stop me. Moreover, I don’t want to waste my trump cards on you, either. Why don’t we all sit down to observe the true meaning of the great dao?”

“In your dreams!” Shu Yarong roared in fury. She continued to ferociously attack Ji Wuming.

Ling Han was also br.i.m.m.i.n.g with fighting spirit. It was far too difficult to come across such a challenging opponent. Indeed, fighting against Ji Wuming would also bring him many benefits. After all, Ji Wuming was a master in manipulating Regulations.

As long as Ling Han could grasp the fine details of Regulations, his strength would definitely see a noticeable increase.

Meanwhile, the true meaning of the great dao was a treasure that could help him grasp these fine details.

Yan Xianlu and the others also started to attack Ji Wuming. However, even with seven monarch tiers attacking him, Ji Wuming still appeared as composed and relaxed as could be. In fact, he would even pose a deadly threat to Shan Jitong and Lao Song from time to time.

These two were the weakest among the seven monarch tiers. In fact, they could barely withstand a single strike from Ji Wuming. Once they were attacked, they would be plunged into a perilous situation of life and death.

In just a short moment, the two of them were already drenched in blood. They appeared as miserable as could be.

Yan Xianlu wanted to draw the two of them into his Spatial G.o.d Tool, yet this would be a huge blow to their confidence and dignity. Moreover, this wasn’t a secure method, either. After all, what if his Spatial G.o.d Tool were s.n.a.t.c.hed by Ji Wuming? At that time, Shan Jitong and Lao Song would face certain death.

Thus, with the addition of these two monarch tiers, Ling Han and the others’ battle prowess fell by a significant amount. They were completely suppressed by Ji Wuming.

Both his battle experience and intuition were incredible, and this was most likely the result of having engaged in countless battles. His reactions were extremely natural, and he didn’t need to think about them at all. His body would reflexively choose the most suitable action.

Ling Han became increasingly puzzled, and he asked, “Who in the world are you?”

“Me? A nameless p.a.w.n,” Ji Wuming replied in a calm voice. He then glanced at Shu Yarong, and said, “This is my last time suggesting this. Why don’t you stop?”

Ling Han was the first to stop. Even though he wanted to defeat Ji Wuming, he truly couldn’t find any way to do so. Of course, if this were a one-on-one battle, he wouldn’t fear Ji Wuming at all. First of all, could Ji Wuming tear through his defenses?

At that time, he could freely unleash the might of his Nine Heavens Flame and Xuanyin Source Water.

Most importantly, his battle prowess still had yet to fully recover. At the same time, he couldn’t draw on the power of the Black Tower.

With Ling Han stopping, the Empress and Hu Niu naturally stopped as well—even though they felt extremely displeased about this. Following them, Yan Xianlu and the others also stopped. Only Shu Yarong continued to attack Ji Wuming. She was beside herself with fury.

“Beneath the azure mountains, rabbit spirits confused and fl.u.s.tered. Rivers of lightning flow aside, dragons of flood unleash their might,” Ji Wuming suddenly said.

“Y-y-y-you…” Shu Yarong stammered as her expression changed drastically. Her attacks suddenly stopped, and her slender figure started to tremble uncontrollably. She appeared as emotional as could be.

Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 1972 - Fine Details

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