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Chapter 2032: Wild Imagination

‘That woman?

‘Oh, the woman who was being pursued by the group of brutes?’

This was truly a “loyal” person. Was he unable to forget that woman?

Ling Han shook his head, and replied, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Friend, are you trying to deny that you attacked my subordinates just then?” Fu Yue asked with a humph. A look of evident displeasure spread across his face.

Ling Han smiled faintly, and said, “That can’t be considered as attacking. If I’d truly attacked them, which of them would have survived?”

This was the truth. Those brutes were merely at the Severing Mundane Tier, so with Ling Han’s power as a Dividing Soul Tier cultivator, he could have easily killed them with a single thought.

“Would you have dared to?!” Fu Yue asked.

The Fu Clan… was a formidable force in United Link City. The grand elder of the Fu Clan was more so the chief alchemist of the Moon Plucking Celestial King, so who dared to provoke the Fu Clan?

“I won’t speak any nonsense with you. Hand that woman over. Otherwise, suffer the consequences!” Fu Yue’s tone was extremely tough.

Ling Han laughed, and said, “Sorry, but I don’t know about any woman or any man or whatever. I suggest you ask someone else.”

“How dare you!!” Fu Yue roared in rage. He reached over to grab at Ling Han.


Numerous symbols materialized on his hand. Golden light dazzled, and he appeared much like a divine being.

Ling Han was slightly astonished. He had truly underestimated this person. Fu Yue actually possessed an Earth Soul battle prowess! Moreover, his cultivation level was only at the Yin Soul, yet he was actually able to wield the battle prowess of an Earth Soul cultivator. He possessed the might of an emperor tier.

Ling Han reached over to grab Fu Yue’s wrist.

“How audacious!” Fu Yue said with a cold humph. Was this person r.e.t.a.r.ded?

They were both at the Dividing Soul Tier, so they could only have a rough gauge of each other’s major tier. In terms of minor level, they weren’t able to determine this with any confidence. Only those who were sensitive enough could determine whether one’s aura was stronger or weaker than their own.

If they engaged in a fight, however, they would naturally be able to determine each other’s cultivation level with ease.

One of them was at the Yin Soul, and the other was at the Yang Soul. There was only one minor level between them.

Moreover, Fu Yue was also an emperor tier, so he could rival those one minor level above him and still be invincible. In other words, he could crush those at the Earth Soul. As such, how could Ling Han rival him?

‘You’re not trying to dodge, and you’re even trying to grab my wrist instead. Just how audacious are you?’


There was a crisp crack as Fu Yue’s wrist was grabbed by Ling Han.

Ling Han’s grip was extremely solid.


Fu Yue was shocked, and his eyes were instantly filled with disbelief.

Even the elder behind him suddenly opened his piercing eyes. It was as if celestial bodies were forming and collapsing, and this was an overwhelming aura that caused almost everyone in the restaurant to groan in pain. In fact, some people even started to cough blood.

This was an Immortal Palace Tier elite. Just his aura alone was already enough to severely wound Severing Mundane Tier cultivators.

Fortunately, Xiao Gu reached over to protect the Empress and the others.

He had clearly blocked the attack of an Immortal Palace Tier elite with ease, yet his expression was still dazed, and he appeared especially muddleheaded and adorable.


The elder’s eyes widened in astonishment. Just then, he had thought that Xiao Gu was nothing more than a fool. However, this fool had actually reached the Immortal Palace Tier?

No, he had at least reached the Immortal Palace Tier!

The elder conceded that he couldn’t determine Xiao Gu’s cultivation level.

It was unfathomably profound.

Ling Han smiled faintly, and said, “Young people need to show respect. It’s not good to throw punches. We need to convince other people with reason.”

The Empress, Bewitching Maiden Rou, and the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden all smiled upon hearing this. Their husband always liked to pummel people for the smallest of conflicts. Yet, he was now encouraging someone else to convince people with reason? Wasn’t this a joke?

Only Hu Niu chimed in with a serious expression, saying, “Niu also likes to convince people with reason! Brat, let’s compete in eating. If you can’t eat as much as Niu, then crawl on the ground like a dog.”

Fu Yue felt like his view of the world was collapsing.

A Yang Soul cultivator had managed to easily grab his wrist, and he couldn’t break free from his grasp no matter what. Not only that, but his foolish brother had even managed to block the attack of his guardian.

How was this group so powerful?

Perhaps this was all part of an elaborate conspiracy? Perhaps their aim was to draw him out and then capture him so that they could demand a ransom from the Fu Clan?

What audacity! They were subordinates of the Moon Plucking Celestial King, and his grandfather was more so the chief alchemist. In fact, he could be viewed as a favored subordinate of the Celestial King. To target the Fu Clan… Wasn’t this equivalent to provoking the Moon Plucking Celestial King?

“What in the world do you people want?” The more danger he was in, the more composed Fu Yue became. He possessed the demeanor of an emperor tier.

Ling Han was slightly surprised, and he said, “You targeted me first, yet you’re asking me what I want? Aren’t you twisting the facts a little?”

“Hmph! Enough with the nonsense. You’re after a ransom, aren’t you,” Fu Yue said.


Fu Yue cut Ling Han off, and immediately said, “100,000,000 Star Stones. That’s enough, right?”

“That, um…”

“This is the final offer. Otherwise, the deal is off!” Fu Yue said in a resolute voice.

Ling Han was rendered speechless. He had never even thought about becoming a kidnapper. Moreover, even though he had grabbed Fu Yue’s wrist, had that not been an act of self-defense? Why had the situation suddenly elevated to one of kidnapping and ransom? Moreover, it had taken this twist in such a smooth fas.h.i.+on.

Upon seeing Ling Han’s silence, Fu Yue took it as a sign of agreement. He turned to the elder, and said, “Uncle Yu, can you please go and bring 100,000,000 Star Stones over?”

“Young Master, then what about your safety?” the elder asked in concern. His task was to protect Fu Yue, yet not only had he failed, but he even had to temporarily leave?

What if the other party didn’t honor the deal?

“Rest a.s.sured, I’m confident that these people aren’t fools. They understand that I’m only valuable if I’m alive,” Fu Yue said in a composed voice. He appeared extremely calm and relaxed.

“Understood!” the elder replied. Without any more hesitation, he turned around to leave.

“Please wait for a moment. 100,000,000 Star Stones will take some time to gather,” Fu Yue said. His expression was as if he were in control, even though he had fallen into their hands.

Ling Han and the others exchanged confused glances, and they could all see the thought in each others’ eyes—this dumb c*nt!

“Sigh!” Ling Han loosened his grip, and said, “Say, is your imagination a bit wild?”

Fu Yue rubbed his sore wrist, and said, “Friend, you’ve already gained the upper hand, so is there any need to mock me?” He naturally wouldn’t think Ling Han was letting him go. Instead, Ling Han and the others were br.i.m.m.i.n.g with confidence. Even if they didn’t restrict him, he still wouldn’t be able to flee.

Ling Han patted Fu Yue’s shoulder, and said, “You’re definitely the most imaginative person that I’ve come across.”

Fu Yue naturally thought that Ling Han was teasing him, so he simply replied with a cold humph.

Ling Han shook his head, and said, “What if I told you that I don’t know that woman at all? Would you believe me? You don’t believe me, huh? However, this is indeed the truth. I was simply displeased with seeing so many brutes chasing a weak woman.

“Just then, you were also the one who attacked me first, so I was merely acting in self-defense. However, your imagination took flight, and you thought that I was kidnapping you for a ransom?


Fu Yue didn’t believe Ling Han at first. ‘F*ck! Do you think I’m stupid?’

He humphed, and said, “Then I’m going to leave now. You won’t stop me, will you?”

“Please,” Ling Han said as he pointed at the door.

Fu Yue was extremely suspicious as he walked over. Upon seeing that Ling Han and the others weren’t attempting to stop him, he turned around, and said, “I’m really going to leave now.”


Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 2032 - Wild Imagination

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