Side Character Transmigrations : The Final Boss is No Joke Side Character Transmigrations: The Final Boss Is No Joke Chapter 183

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s.h.i.+ Sheng uninstalled Land of Demons & G.o.ds, after which she browsed the web for a bit out of boredom.

Beep beep—

Her phone screen suddenly lit up, displaying a foreign number.

s.h.i.+ Sheng picked up the phone and answered the call, "Got no money. I have insurance. All my family members are home."

…And hung up.

5 seconds later, another call from the same number came.

"Could you not understand me? Where the h.e.l.l you from? Do you believe I'll go over to beat you up?!"

A melodious male voice spoke from the other end, "It's me… Ink Seeker."

s.h.i.+ Sheng pulled the phone away from her ear to look at the screen. 'That number does look familiar…'

Only after 3 seconds of staring did she put the phone back to her ear.

"What do you want? Not hookin' up."

"…You broke the game and forced me to delete my account as well. Shouldn't you compensate me?"

"That last batch of loot was worth at least a few tens of thousands, if not a hundred thousand. Was that not enough?"

'Other than gifting some of the stuff that the Undermoons needed, I let you have the rest! And you still think that's not enough?!'

"I would've earned more if I hadn't deleted my account."

s.h.i.+ Sheng, "…"

She simply hung up. 'Why am I even wasting my breath on him?'

Ji Yan continued calling. s.h.i.+ Sheng was annoyed to the point of switching off the phone to regain some peace in her world.

When s.h.i.+ Sheng saw Sang Yu at school, she could tell Sang Yu looked more haggard than before, with no sign of her previously clean appearance.

Although s.h.i.+ Sheng had uninstalled the game, she still knew what was happening in the game via the forums.

The game company was forced to update the version of the game. What was originally meant to be released in a year and a half was now completely released, causing much cursing among the player base.

Wind-walking The World took over Sang Yu's Alliance. At first, the two seemed to be doing okay; they'd even met up in real life apparently.

But once more and more girls appeared by Wind-walking The World's side, Sang Yu's Not Late seemed to slowly lose her importance.

Not long after, someone posted a thread saying she was now trailing after Li Suo, seemingly having regretted her decision back then. This caused Mu Li In Love to gank her to the point she was unable to continue playing.

Back in the real world, Dongfang Li naturally would no longer look at Sang Yu in a favourable light.

They had already gotten to know each other, so his sudden distance—even to the point of coldness—confused Sang Yu. She even started to chase after him of her own will.

Now, she always seemed to be in a dazed state; her grades had also begun to suffer.

"Hey Chu-girl, a senior from the Research Inst.i.tute is looking for you." A girl patted s.h.i.+ Sheng on the shoulder and pointed at the door.

s.h.i.+ Sheng looked over to where she was pointing. A boy wearing black casual wear was standing there with his head lowered. Though she couldn't see his features clearly, his figure looked a bit frail.

'Do I know this person?'

s.h.i.+ Sheng's heart fell; she had a bad feeling and quickly walked towards the exit. However, just as she was about to step out, the boy, at some point, had managed to block it off.

"Wife, where do you think you're going?" Though his voice was certainly pleasant to the ears, it also contained an inexplicably sinister tone.

'See, I knew it. Normal people can't become villains!'

"Senior, I have to go to the toilet." s.h.i.+ Sheng lifted her head to reveal her smiling face.

"I'll escort you there." Ji Yan didn't allow any room for objections as he pulled s.h.i.+ Sheng into his arms, his elegant fingers pressing against her waist. He turned his head slightly and spoke beside her ear, enunciating each word clearly, "Since you've caught my attention, don't even think about running. Otherwise… I don't mind breaking your legs."

'The f.u.c.k? Is there something wrong with you?! Which asylum did this lunatic escape from?!'

s.h.i.+ Sheng weighed the odds of her succeeding in killing Ji Yan with her sword. 'Too many people, and there're cameras over there… even if I did succeed, there'd just be more trouble. Not worth it.'

Ji Yan escorted s.h.i.+ Sheng to the toilet, "I'll be waiting for you outside. Don't think about running."

s.h.i.+ Sheng gave a rather false smile. 'What am I? Dumb? Of course I'm running!'

There was a window in the toilet for ventilation. s.h.i.+ Sheng used it to get outside, but since the toilet was located on the second floor, she didn't have any choice but to jump.

Just as she was about to land, she saw something flash past her vision, and she was caught by a certain someone.

Since there was no one out back with them, s.h.i.+ Sheng kicked at Ji Yan. She took advantage of when he turned his head to dodge to pull out her sword and level it across his neck.

"f.u.c.k your great-grandpa! You think you're so hot just because I wasn't going all out?!"

Ji Yan's eyes narrowed. He had been certain she hadn't had any weapons on her before. 'Where'd she pull this sword from?'

"Stop following me, or I'll f.u.c.king mince you!" s.h.i.+ Sheng sliced off a hair on Ji Yan's head with a lift of her hand.

She glared at Ji Yan before leaving with her sword in tow. 'f.u.c.kin' hate school. So troublesome to dispose of bodies.'

Ji Yan stared thoughtfully at s.h.i.+ Sheng's departing back as a possessive gleam flashed in his eyes.

The next time she saw Ji Yan was in her house.

That's right, her house.

He was brought in by the butler and introduced as the new a.s.sistant that Papa Chu hired for her.

'a.s.sistant your head! He's clearly harbouring impure motives! Are you sure you're my dad?!'

"Miss, do give me some pointers," Ji Yan shot her a meaningful smile.

Gooseb.u.mps popped up on s.h.i.+ Sheng's skin as the urge to kill him grew stronger.

She got up and smoothed out the wrinkles in her dress before walking over to the door and shutting it.

"What does Miss want to do to me?" Ji Yan tilted his head, a faint blush on his pale and handsome face.

"Doing what you want me to do," s.h.i.+ Sheng's lips opened in a smile to reveal a mouthful of pearly whites, only for the smile to turn nasty a second later, "Killing you!"

'This is my house. Disposing of a body will be much easier…'

s.h.i.+ Sheng s.n.a.t.c.hed the sword from where it lay on the desk and swung at Ji Yan. Ji Yan naturally had some skill in combat to have been hired as her a.s.sistant, so he managed to dodge that swing with little effort.

The blade missed and cleaved the table behind him in two.

Ji Yan c.o.c.ked his brow slightly. He used the sofa as leverage to jump behind s.h.i.+ Sheng and hug her from behind with one of his hands holding onto her sword. His breath tickled her as he spoke ambiguously, "Girls shouldn't play with such dangerous weapons."

s.h.i.+ Sheng was enraged by his actions, but her body was simply too weak. She was unable to compete with Ji Yan in physical strength, so she could only be pressed against the sofa.

"We have a long future ahead of us."

'Long future your grandpa!'

Ji Yan quickly released s.h.i.+ Sheng. Before she had time to catch her breath, he bowed and left the room.

s.h.i.+ Sheng coldly scoffed as she tossed the sword to the ground with a clang.

'Think I can't deal with you? Come on then! Let's go for mutual destruction!'

And thus, s.h.i.+ Sheng thought of all sorts of methods to kill Ji Yan. However, the latter seemed like he had cheat-mode on; he always managed to safely dodge her attacks before teasing her a bit afterwards.

s.h.i.+ Sheng didn't like Ji Yan, but he stuck to her like that annoyingly sticky plaster you could never peel off.

"Ji Yan, the f.u.c.k are you always following me around for?!"

"Because I've fallen for you!" Ji Yan spoke as if she should've known that, "And staying by your side to protect you is my job."

"Fallen for me?" s.h.i.+ Sheng laughed coldly, "What do you like about me?"

'We've only known each other for how long again? And you're telling me you've fallen for me? An utter lunatic!'

"I like how unreasonable you can be. I like…how you look when you're always plotting to kill someone."

s.h.i.+ Sheng, "…"

Author’s note:

Morning~ Lemme just ask for votes here.

Translator’s Corner:

Editor: Σ(꒪Д꒪;) I thought Ink Seeker Dashen was supposed to be aloof, quiet, and easily kept by s.h.i.+ Sheng…Where did this yandere ML come from?!?!

Side Character Transmigrations : The Final Boss is No Joke Side Character Transmigrations: The Final Boss Is No Joke Chapter 183

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